Wednesday, January 07, 2009


"Boycott" seems to be the selective catch-word these days ! Just what and why they do it, baffles me ! Most especially when the livelihood of the ordinary citizens are involved....people who have to feed their families, send kids to school and have mortgages to pay seem to be the last one considered ! Read Malay Mail's story here !

Sure, it is okay to boycott products which are for the very rich and certainly beyond the means of purchase by the average joe, but please think of the many people's very livelihood that depends on the sale of products we are asked to boycott !

So we are told to boycott all things "american" and "jewish"....hmmmmm.... just because America is a major ally of Isreal who is the "evil" bombarder of Gaza and Palestinians ! Good !

For crying out loud and for God's sake, if you want to start anything, you can start by bringing back all those hundreds of our students studying in the US first ! Then burn all your Levi's and Hush-Puppies products. Then cut yourself off of all internet services provided by the US, give a miss to Hollywood programs aired on the telly and cinemas, blow-up all KFC's and McDonalds out-lets, forget holidays and medical treatment visits to America and burn all fancy DMG's and Mustangs parked in your garage, cut your "American Express" cards !

Sheeesh ! It is so typical just what these morons are thinking ? Getting some cheap publicity and some political mileage too ! Coco Cola, Colgate and Starbucks ? Yeah right !.....maybe they don't have any of their kids, while waiting for their exam results, working part-time in any of the above-mentioned out-lets, yes ? So let's switch to EU ! Think there are no "jews" involved in anything European ? Think again, fools !

My bleeding heart cries for the hundreds of civilians caught in the cross-fire in Gaza or anywhere else in the world where there is civil unrest, yes ! But if these champions from the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association or PPIM and NGO's donning Arafat's head-gear on their shoulders, really want to do something that requires genuine guts and balls..... just go to Palestine and pick up a gun or stone and fight the Zionist Isrealies face to face ! Get real man, stop this hocus-pocus !

Otherwise think of the hundreds of Malaysians whose very exsistance is relied upon, on the money these work places and products bring !

There, I said my piece and will forever hold my peace !


Melaka Cheng Boy said...

Really don't understand why blame and boycott USA just because they're keeping quiet & not doing anything ?

Certain Muslim countries surrounding Palentine itself like Saudi Arabia is also keeping quiet and not doing anything then why not blame them and boycott them as well ?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I could relate to all you wrote here. Really good points which needed to be highlighted!!!!

nstman said...

Talking about boycott. I think I am going to stop patronising mamak shops for the simple reason they think all customers are beholden to them by raising prices at their whims and fancies. These mamaks think they are god's gift to good food. Mamak, watch out, you may think you are smart by boycotting american goods , but I am smarter than you. I urge all Malaysians to boycott these blood sucking mamaks.

shanghaistephen said...

melaka chengboy,
It is safer to blame the US then hurt a fellow brethren in OIC, right ? Like it or not these "jews" have had this phobia of "ketuanan" since long before the holocaust and have positioned themselves directly or indirectly in every trade and commerce in every part of the world . it is shrewed business accumen for them . So, do we "boikot" the world ?

Thank you and see you next Sunday, dear.

"an eye for an eye, makes half the world blind"- Ghandhi ji.

Joel said...

well said,

if only everyone could think this way. boycott is such a childish behaviour. if they want to boycott this few certain products, my as well they boycott everything got to do with the states.

Just look PPIM website for example, the article states to urges us to boycott colgate, but above the article they have some cheap publicity stunts by promoting malaysian made tooth paste.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

Hey Shanghai,
Someone once any war, its not who is right, but who is left..not what is right but what is left...all lose la. And this boikot thing, anything la but don't touch the booze. cheers!

nstman said...

I will declare jihad on any bastard who calls for a boycott of beer. My body is now strapped with bombs that can kill a platoon. Dont main main, you idiotic boikoteks.

nstman said...

Stupid boikoteks, stop your nonsense! Just drink beer and everything will be all right. Bodoh. Dont make me mad. Right now I am enjoying cool beer at Tanjong Rambutan Pub. Cheers.

nstman said...

Mamaks, I will be increasing my intake of coca-cola from today. I will be patronising more Starbuck joints. I will be patronising more KFC joints. Any objections? And of course, I will be boycotting Mamak joints. Why? Because they think they are god's gift to food. Mamaks, be smart, stick to your food, don't worry about the Palestines. Don't indulge in your piece of political theatre. Don't play games.

shanghaistephen said...

whoa.....whoa......nstman, chill bro.
Forgive them for they know not what they do. They are only expressing what will please their masters. otherwise they are only drawing alot of negative attention to themselves.
Cheers !

GobloKing said...

clap clap clap fishy! You pointed out the "thought process" of this boycott better than some other dimwits!

And sweetie pie, U dont even know 1/2 the story of the MORE than thousands upon thousands of students sent to USA to study by the Gomen since 1980!

They sent so many non-English speaking students to USA that, be4 they can attend regular unis, they must first attend English courses!

NOW Do the maths
In yr 1980 if 5000 students x US15,000 (fees,living expenses, insurance, books,fares etc)=
(then + a conservative 5% to all the figures & you will see that our Gomen has been happily paying USA close to US$300mil for the past 28yrs

In reality, US unis advises students to budget +10% every yr - which would hv made the amount closer to US$1bil.

So, haven't we known all along that US is & has been backing Isreal ? USA has never changed their policies about their ties with Isreal. At least they are consistent!

But didn't we know THEN & NOW that we are helping USA's economy for close to 30yrs now?

COME ON ! Pull the other leg!

Dwi Muhtaman said...


When the west thinks about forest destrcution, they imposed many eco-labelling standards or boycott forest products from malaysia, Indonesia and all tropical countries. Boycott now is civil movement.

Dealing with the bastard and satanic behaviour of Israel and American, boycott is really really makes sense. Boycott all american/Israel products..