Thursday, October 01, 2009

So how now, brown cow ?

Now let's take a look at the PAS candidate for the N.31 Bagan Pinang state seat. A virtually unknown man ( as far as I'm concerned !) Zulkefly Mohamad Omar is taking on the might and power of the BN and also the PM's choice , the tainted and former MB of Negeri Sembilan Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Samad.

Looking at this Zul guy's impressive credentials and past records, what chance does he have against Isa ? Although this state commissioner for PAS holds a Masters degree in Science and an unblemished "corruption" record, this fellow had contested and lost in the Lenggeng seat to UMNO's Mustapha Salim in the last election. And this time he has to be absolutely convincing to the voters there against the BN's cash filled war-chest ( add the head-spinning "lucky draws" every week to it too !) coupled with the already 5,000 odd "in-hand" postal or better known as "army" votes as a "given" advantage to Isa, yes ? Then there is even a proposed promise of a name-change to one of the last colonial town-name from Port Dickson to "Bandar Askar", perhaps, if BN won ?

Yes, for now this Zul bloke comes-up squeaky clean.....but what IF he won and then start to do a shit-stirring ala "Hassan Ali" or a "Zulkifly Nordin" ? Many may jump to his defence but PAS and PKR has a lot of house-cleaning to do as yet ! I'm still dissappointed of the inaction of both and am watching their every move !

His blogspot has not been up-dated since 8-8-2009 save to say he's running for the state seat on the side-bar recently....hmmm !!

But people of civil society demand representatives who are accountable, intelligent, fair ( not the color of the skin !) trust-worthy and with morals, yes ?

Here we're dealing with a good fraction of enlisted men who I'm afraid have no access or power to think/decide for themselves as has been pointed out in comment boxes in other blogs by some very high ranking ex-servicemen who have themselves watched from the side-lines unable to do a thing themselves before ! And yet another percentage of the non-Malay voters ( Makkal Sakthi ) whose leaders have suddenly pledged allegiance/bartered/traded/sold themselves to the powers-that-be ! Now taking the above into consideration, what percentage is left of the 14,000 odd eligible voters to eat out of this Zulkefly's hands ?

A "tough" decision indeed awaits the simple and ordinary but crucial voting citizens of Bagan Pinang between an intelligent and clean "green-horn" against a rich, powerful and seasoned rogue !

So how now, brown cow ! (opps... no, not that "no-no" word again !)


Anonymous said...

it's ok, cow ,can...kepala ? cannot !

JULIAN said...

my wish is that PR will be able to control him when he wins and not let him be a frog, the other candidate from PKR must have been bought over(over a couple of beers?)to go against the directive by his party.

Anonymous said...

it's 'pas Vs umno' & not 'PR Vs BN' !

shanghaistephen said...

anon 1:34 am,
A win for Pas means an extra seat in for PR, similarly a loss for UMNO means 1 less seat for BN. Look at the big picture friend...always ! where are you coming from ?
Sheeeeesh !

Anonymous said...

ok, let's anti-Isa ...but anti-ISA
after the $$$$-election, ok ?

Anonymous said...

the fat mamak claimed the pas people hantamed him & he could really count '9' instantly among the big crowd !!

The Simple Man said...


Go to Bernrrd's blog posting today that would probably change your view over Zul.


The Simple Man

From the Land of Hang Tuah said...

Mr Shanghai,

Will you be doing the ground zero reporting for N31 like usual ?

Any pre-analysis about what is expected ? BN is very confident of crushing PAS like peanuts this time with a double if not tripple majority it seems (of coz with the help of the 'handicap advantage' given to them on the postal votes).

But can PAS turn a surprise ? Can this election be a referendum for PR as many say if PAS wins this even against the disadvantage of postal votes against it, then PR is heading home coming PRU-13 ?

What say you Mr Shanghai (after both ur articles below on the candidates on a one to one basis) ?

shanghaistephen said...

From the Land of Hang Tuah,
Well, I can safely say from the events and from the word on the ground in Port Dickson, UMNO will be the one who have an uphill task of winning a bigger majority sans postal votes. The daily doses of re-buttals and that "gag" order is damaging ISA even further.Isa has a lot of excess baggage and unfinished "projects" laying bare for all to see and this 3 time loser (is all ISA can work with !) Zulkefly has the younger generation's support and people closer to his heart as he is potrayed and as seen in that video clip on the Broga issue in zorro's blog. This Zul guy is relying heavily on Isa's misdeeds to win and Isa is still searching for an dark issue on Zul. So back to postal votes (30%) and the $$$$$ machinery for Isa to win....if at all he doesn't get caught like the last time. He can only rely on the postal votes if at all he does win as a general rule the others are much divided in choice of favorite especially in the various non-malay races (40%). so there....anything goes in politics so we wait for this Sunday and God willing I can find a way to be there in person and report.

cheers !

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