Tuesday, October 27, 2009

when oh when...do we ever learn !

Here we go again...another "quick-fix" project awarded by the state education department to some crony company to a build suspension bridge that collapsed with the weight of about 30 playful children !

Now don't go blaming the kids for playing on a suspension bridge ok ? Kids being kids are by nature boisterous and playful....otherwise something's not right with that kid.

But why should this happen ? What kind of contractor was given the project ? How many more kids must die before we STOP playing with their innocent lives ? How many deaths has the NS program claimed ? And that too with 18 year old kids. Do we ever learn ? Noooooo....! The whole NS and all other "projects" is only created to satisfy some crony's thirst for money. Shoddy and hurried workmanship is the result of these ever on-going tragedies, always !

But these are 12 year olds, for God's sake ! Why do they have to attend these camps in the first place ? Fostering unity must come naturally in house-holds by parents, teachers in schools and the media, from the time the kids attain schooling age. I say NO ! to this stupid 1Malaysia and NS unity-camps ! It's a total waste of young lives and not to mention tax-payers money !!! No way is this government taking my kid for any "unity" camp......comprendo ? I'd gladly see them in court !

Somebody's "hare-brain" idea to make more money ? Surely somebody must have whispered of this "great money-making" idea into the minister's ears, for him to have initiated this program, yes ? Now who's hands are tainted bloody with this death of yet another child ? Who's going to tell the parents of that child that RM 10,000.00 is the price of her life and that everything's going to be okay soon and that their lives will return to normal soon, huh ? The Education Minister, the Chief Minister or the Prime Minister ???

Just looking at the above picture of that suspension bridge and I, as a layman, can tell you how shallow the foundations are. Is the contractor, the contractee and all involved in awarding the bridge contract arrested yet ? And the finger pointing begins....of course so....just point a finger sky-ward and say "act of God" yes ?

I stop here cos I'm "pissed-off"..... in the meantime you listen very carefully to the lyrics with Katie Melua singing the Dylan classic.....again ! Sheeeeesh !


wong said...

20% for umbo. 10 % for district officier, 30% profit u get 40% bridge..that is malaysia boleh ..am wondering was the umno or d o daughter or son one of the dead ?

Anonymous said...

Calling Dr. Pornthip. Come in please.

Anonymous said...

ONE-tragedy of pm's ONE-malaysia
project ...SIGH !

Anonymous said...

Bro I m very sad to hear this. I got nothing else to say. Lets change the government asap

rastaman kelang

nstman said...

Contract probably awarded to somebody with connections. And contract was subsequently subcontracted to some china apek. china apek probably cut costs by using cheap materials from china or Taiwan. The end result - tragedy.

Anonymous said...

the bridge was a donation from a private company , ...so...so...jangan blame the ONE-malaysia gomen, ok ?

Anonymous said...

I not a racist but a few pertinent questions begs answers. How come so many Indians only? Can we have a full list of the 296 kids names? Only Indian kids have to be rehabilitated and indoctrined to graps 1Malysia? Why are the malay and chinese kids exempted? 25 teachers to supervise 296 Indian kids, and how many teachers were present as supervisors during the accident? Shocking to only indian kids needed 1Mlaysia indoctrination. Never heard chinese and malay schools participating, why? Thet are neautralised? They are more patriotic? Please learn from Haris' SABM movement and stop this crony camps. Illegal mamak MB of Berak must resign immediately. Very sad for the families of the 3little indian girls! Stupid Education Minister!

shang of shang

Anonymous said...

why Tamils school kids chosen for the camp because gods knows and not malay school kids go and figure out and ask MIC MSMP IPF and all pro BN parties. Get rid of them when young so they will be of no trouble when then can not grow up as adults and cause BN problems