Thursday, November 10, 2011

the price of a pariah's vote......!

The "Interlok" book is still in the syllabus of secondary schools and the label of "pariah" and "pendatangs" is still validly stuck on me and all other Malaysians of remote Indian origins. That being the adamant view of the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the price of a pariah's vote is worth a bottle of whisky....not even a Black Label but the not so famous Famous Grouse ! ( read here )

Bribing is second nature in BN. Corruption is a way of life in BN. And government servants who are paid with the rakyat's tax ringgits are but pawns in the BN game plan, can be bought with a bottle of whisky ? Great smoking thunders roll as it's raining Deepavali hampers in Batu Pahat as UMNO desperately tries to win the hearts of an "outcast" minority for their votes to stay in power and continue buggering us for the next 50 years !

These gifts are first bought with tax-payers money and secondly any form of bribery is a sin in God/Allah's eyes. So what is the Muslim DPM trying to convey here ? It's not a sin to offer or receive bribes as long as it is seen to be coming from their "masters" in UMNO ? And the bribing of a very noble profession like teachers is the moral thing to do, Mr. Muhyiddin Yassin ? And this other village simpleton from Batu Pahat MP Mohd Puad Zarkashi thinks he's got the "pariahs" by their balls to vote for them ? Can you think of anything cheaper then this stunt ?

Damn will these "pendatangs" be if they can be insulted as cheap drunkards and still suck-up to these bigots and vote them in, in the next general elections ! Damn too will they be if they cannot see through the corrupt laden manoeuvrings of UMNO and demand that totally discriminating "Interlok" crap they call literature to be removed immediately !

Wake up bloody Malaysians of remote Indian is the time to hit back. Hit these racists hard and what better way then to out-vote and kick them out of Putrajaya for good and maybe......just maybe you'd get your place in the sun, as equals with dignity and respect as you stand amongst all Malaysians, proudly as Malaysians !

As for me....I like my 12 year old single malt straight with one cube of ice please......

Cheeers !


Tiger said...

Been meaning to meet up with Bernard for a drink.
Why don't you join too?
It'll be strange for a Tiger to drink with 2 Georgians, but what the heck?
United in our cause.

shanghaistephen said...

say when brother....anytime. Gimme a call.Taiping is the uniting factor.