Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it's pay-back time !

I'm no big fan of Anwar myself but I am very curious and itching to know what terrible dramas would unfold IF and WHEN Anwar becomes prime minister. 

And Anwar will have his day soon too if the current air of funky hopelessness that is sweeping through UMNO prevails. Everyone in UMNO is so jittery if Anwar gets the prospect to appear before the Royal Commission of Inquiry board to testify the recent confession by the EVIL one Tun Mahathir. Anwar is his arch nemesis. Anwar will sing like a canary and Mahathir will squirm like a worm.

Mahathir the evil manipulator  is caught in a faux pas by opening his own filthy mouth regarding the "neutralising" of Filipinos and Indonesians as Malaysian citizens and to vote in the state of Sabah when he was still prime minister. By his own admission he said it was okay and legal to grant citizenship status to foreigners and fumbled to justify his corrupted act by claiming that Tunku  Abdul Rahman had granted 1 million citizenships to Malayan residents of Indian and Chinese origins before Malaya got its independence from the British. This was also a mandatory condition the British crown had issued  to the Rulers if Malaya wanted get her independence anyways. 

The blunder this corrupt Mahathir  did was that his "citizenship"operation took place just 2 weeks before the 1994 Sabah state election as opposed to what Tunku Abdul Rahman had to do, to qualify for independence from the British back in the late 50's.

Mahathir will now exercise his lame escape claus of  "erhhh....apanama dia...tak ingat lah" and slither like a snake to escape from his illegal act. In the meantime Mahathir is pulling out all the stops in his arsenal to discredit the entire PR Opposition and he has also unleash his rabid dogs of war like that racist Ibrahim Ali et al to create chaos, hate and diversions. Now that is what's happening today here in Malaysia, no ? 

And so IF and WHEN Anwar does come into power as prime minister, he will rekindle himself, remembering the long years as an ISA detainee in Kamunting. He may even kid us to believe its all water under the bridge now, but heck.....this man may say he has forgiven Mahathir BUT we know as humans, he'll never forget that 6 lost years of his life in jail, right ? For Anwar it will be "pay back time" ! And pay you will Mahathir, you will pay dearly for all the dirty actions and crimes you committed for 22 long bleeding years !

The world will watch the best "showtime"  unfolding then ! 

editor's note : I was "taught" to hate not everything or everyone but certain individuals....because I had the best teacher for 22 long years. Thank you Tun Mahathir sir, thank you !


Anonymous said...

Pay back with intrests that is!
In trests will be san miguel,skpetro and all the holdings through nominees.
Aaaaathuuuuuu !

Anonymous said...

The DR MUST go to jail to payback.
I thought he was a good PM but
when I knew that he played dirty
with Sabahans, he was actually a
corrupt leader. Today, he is
still a corrupt man and not respected by many. I hope to see
him punished like other countrys'
leaders who abused their power.

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Anonymous said...

rubbing my hands with glee.
take back all the ill-gotten assets and wealth and redistribute to the needy.
he will wish his name is still kutty then.

Anonymous said...

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