Saturday, January 12, 2013

KL #112-in pictures.

There you go folks, the mega gathering ( I dare not say how many ) of peaceful Malaysians all gathered inside and outside the historical Merdeka Stadium. 

One point interest I must stress is the total absence of water canons and tear gas carrying Light Strike Force or FRU and any arrest of the rakyat. With the presence of about 5,000 Unit Amal boys you can rest assured there will be order. Another happy point to declare is that the police have suddenly "matured" or have come to realise that they have been wrongly addressing earlier gatherings with unwarranted use of force. This is the way to go PDRM. Let the citizens meet at any designated place, say their piece and just as soon disperse.

I was also certainly on the look-out for Perkasa or UMNO youth or even suspicious looking Bangladeshis and I must confess there were none. Actually no one dare ! I pity Perkasa if they had even toyed with the idea of being agent provocateurs. This crowd would have swallowed them whole.

 Now enjoy what was the most uneventful and peaceful yet damn encouraging "peoples" rally in pictures below. 

Cheers and have a great weekend !

p.s. somehow I got all the photographs in the opposite sequence. Start from the last photo and work your way up please.

boy oh boy.......what an afternoon....simply great folks. The massive crowd inside the stadium with the boys from PAS, the Unit Amal. Kudos guys !

 It was like one big party... 

 The pertinent statement.

 I was awe-struck....

....inside the stadium....
 This was in the car-park area, the spill-over crowd.

 And of course Datuk Ambiga couldn't resist this bunch.....almost like old times.  

 ...even Ironman made an appearance.....

 And this said it all...Game Over BN !

 The crowd inside the stadium were more interested with what was happening in the car-park area  outside.

 Now this is certainly a suspicious looking "Singh"....didn't quite gel with the rest, no ? 

 meeting of old compardes. Haris and Anteras of "Magick River" fame.  

......flying high on change

 faces of the rakyat who want to take their country back.

ohhh....lookey....what crawled out of the wood work....the Carpetbeggar himself !

 most likely to be PM....say what ?

 ...taking time out to perform their daily prayers....and facing Mecca too.

 and business was brisk.....

 did someone say protests and rallies are bad for business ?

 more stall doing roaring sales....only the lazy one will complain of poor business. Screw them. 

 ...look at all the heavy equipment, but first a hearty meal, okay ? 

the crowd building up as I made my way from the Chinese Assembly Hall....

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