Thursday, August 03, 2006

MY favorite watering-hole...!

Do you have a favourite watering-hole or joint you'd love to be, on any given day?
I have, and yes, these past 12 years or more, it's been The National Press Club or NPC for short !

I'm sure, if you are a blogger, by now you would have heard of this little club for journalist on the end of Jalan Tangsi, near the rear entrance to Bukit Aman.

It is a members' club and there are rules to abide to, and this place has seen many changes in the form of caterers, renovations and landscape.
But most of all, this place has seen it's fair share of 'regulars' who would come here to unwind and meet up with friends of other media, be it electronic or print,for a few pints, shoot some pool, throw some darts or croak a few songs on the karaoke machine, late in the evenings .

This place is also used by big corporations to hold 'media-nites' in appreciation for the good working relationship between them.

As for me I like this place because of its people who actually make-up to be decent friends over time. No pretence required!!
Now you know why I call it MY favourite watering-hole !

Let me hear of yours!


Anonymous said...

the press club. the place is too hot. enemies of the rock have marked the place so many people don't go. scared of jais and roadblocks. putrajaya's has been told that the press club is one of the markas dr maahthir mohamad. not wrong but not spot on, either. everyone not just at the press club but also in bangsar or sri hartamas or jalan sultan ismail are pro-dr mahathir.

the real bernard khoo said...

Mine too SteveShang. Everything is juicy..from drinks to food to teats to newsy tit-bits. Can do a favor ah, since you are 12 year veteran of NPC. Who is the clown who unmasked zorro as bernard khoo. I always enjoyed my beer-bust at NPC but now I discover that there is a snivelling rat amongst us who hides in his little hole and pisses malice and secretes venom on all my jounalist friends. U know this demon?

shanghaistephen said...

The real bernard khoo
Who is this demon you are talking about? Of course when one gains a certain reputation as zorro, everyone wants to unmask him...right? But the best advice I know is.."IGNORE THE IDIOT" and the next time you're at the NPC, unmask yourself and we'll have a pint together... in the meantime sir,....Cheers !!!

mojo said...

hey, stephen. i heard this place called the big fish in damansara intan is also good. check it out.

toniXe said...

got gro or not otherwise cannot drink lah !

shanghaistephen said...

Velly solly blo, no gro, just beer only flo... !