Thursday, July 30, 2009

help...we're surrounded by scavengers !!

Oh no !'s started already !
I shudder to know what damage 700,000 "village idiots" armed and in uniform are going to do to the existing 96,000 police forces' already bloody and filth stained image ! (read here )

Our PM has even come to their defence, dismissing
protests and the hundreds of reports of high-handed human-rights violations, crimes, assaults, rapes, thefts and video-taping victims in "compromising" positions committed by these over-zealous and half-baked goons nation-wide and mostly against defenceless locals and foreign workers ! Can these goons be reformed ?... have they ?...will they ??? Hmmm....I'll still stick to the old adage "you can't make race-horses out of donkeys" !!! And cheap too ? If we needed cheap....get the Gurkhas ! At least they are decent and trust-worthy ! Hmmmm....see "when you pay peanuts you get monkeys", yes ?

Good luck to you Mr.PM ! With these fellows roaming the streets of Malaysia, you'll most need it sir, to keep the scales of your popularity from tipping ! Or could they even be "planted" there to conspire and give your 1Malaysia a bad name eventually ! I would be very suspicious of them! You too should be, sir !

Read my earlier posts of how I've always felt of these morons here and here more then a year ago !

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time-out !..... enjoy a classic !

In relation to the recent about-turns and flip-flops ! ENJOY !

Friday, July 24, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock....this one's for you doc !

Although the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock is a week old and is in the good hands of the Royal Commission of Inquiries now, a couple of very glaring "telling" instances have been bugging me for awhile. All kinds of conspiracy theories have surfaced now. From under-world contract killing, to suicide to defenestration (remember...defenestration......the new word I learnt ?)

One is the picture of his body lying face down on the roof of the 5th.'s just my 2 cents worth opinion, okay !

Well.....chatting with a good doctor friend this morning while taking my bp check, (who explained patiently to me in lay-man's terms, knowing very well I was already flustered ...and my pressure rising !!.... and not being able to comprehend all the medical jargon he was throwing at me !!), if a person jumps out or is thrown out of a window , he'd have a good full 5 pints of fresh blood in his body before he takes that leap and makes contact with the ground (or in this case 5th. floor roof or balcony, yes ?). So upon his body hitting or smashing the ground all 5 pints of his fresh blood would have seeped out of his busted body, over a period of hours, yes....and we'd probably see a much bigger pool of blood flowing out on the ground then what is shown in the many photographs we've seen ! My good doctor only scoffed at the sight of such little blood seen in the photographs ! Hmmmmm....not right, he speculated, unless he had died a couple of hours earlier ! And according to him...any "feeling suicidal" victim would definitely have left behind some form of a "good-bye" note or clue to someone he really cared there was none and by golly, he WAS getting registered to be married that very morning, yes ?

The other thing is more disturbing....if the MACC had said Teoh was released or free to go back at 3:45am, why was his hand-phone and identity card still in the procession of the MACC when his body was discovered around 1 in the afternoon ?? He should have had his hand phone and identity card in his procession, yes ? And does one have to surrender one's hand-phone and identity card to MACC even if one had come voluntarily to answer questions as a WITNESS ?

Like I said before, theories abound and are only what they seem.....mere speculations. But it bothers me still and until this mysteries are probed and answered by the supposedly RCI's "no nonsense" good people, I'll continue to speculate doc !
Cheers !

Thursday, July 23, 2009 the first to cast the stone.!

As one commentor aptly puts it " let the one who has not sinned, be the first to cast the stone " ....hmmmm that's my bemused opinion on this unwarranted decree of 6 strokes of the whip and a whooping RM5,000.00 fine, ruling by the Syariah for consuming "a mug of beer by a woman" !! Gimme a break, please ! Now all women from both divides are coming together to express shock and anger... ( go here to read more !)

We'll probably have to flog, castrate, amputate limbs and even behead the entire "populace-in-power" for more sinful and blatant atrocities committed to the rakyat that has gone unpunished. From embezzlement of public funds to siphoning of tax-payers coffers.....we have the greatest con artists masquerading as politicians and "holier-then-thou" spiritual leaders preaching what and how we should talk, walk, wear, eat, sleep and shit !

Would these same "religious policemen" dare go into say a VIP's function and try to accost or let alone arrest anyone ? I will give them my highest respect if they would dare ! Otherwise they are nothing but plain bullying thugs in disguise pretending to be effective as an agency. Bet there could be plenty of skeletons in their own cupboards only waiting to be pried opened. Of course we've heard of the many irregularities that has happened in this department, yes ?

We most certainly are heading the "taliban" way with such hyprocisy.....and if you think I should not be treading on the syriah....think again ! We as 1Malaysians are all allowed to comment or have an opinion of the syriah ruling amid the on-going case banning the usage of the word Allah by Christians and Sikhs in their place of worship.

How else can we be all 1Malaysia if we are not allowed to probe, question and learn ( without mischief or malice) on rulings and behaviour affecting all religions of fellow Malaysians....huh ?

This calls for a time to ponder seriously and to shed this pretense and hypocrisy and heck.......and maybe I need to have a "drink" too !
Sheeeesh.....and cheers !!

Sunday, July 19, 2009 help me God !

Last night at a dinner, I learnt a new word from the my friend and the first blogger in Parliament, Jeff Ooi : defenestration .

And I would like to add this to the other big words like noctambulism and somnambulism or even suicide to justify the tragically "snuffed-out" life of healthy Teoh Beng Hock who was last seen asleep in the premises of the MACC hq in Shah Alam, 3 days ago.

I knelt down in silent prayer this morning in church, thinking of young Teoh, and asking God/Allah to give strength to the family and prayed there was no foul-play to his "sudden" death, and if there so was any, the perpetrators be swiftly brought to justice.... but heck, I realised I should not be praying to God/Allah IF there so was any foul-play !!

I would make a pact with the devil himself to punish the perpetrators (if there so was any foul-play) to suffer and rot in misery on earth and re-live the hell on a daily basis for the evil deed till the day they die ( if there so was any foul-play ) help me God ! Hey....afterall I'm sinfully a mortal, right ?

Try as they may, the majority of right-thinking citizens in Malaysia won't buy the dubious "story" the director of investigations Datuk Mohd Shukri Abdul is offering ! Teoh Beng Hock, a witness, died in your premise Datuk, after questioning till unearthly hours and you must take full responsibility for his death ! In other words....I just don't buy your "spin" ! It just doesn't gel man. Period !!

After all, I am made to understand, your MACC is made up of plenty of frustrated PDRM rejects, yes ? So Mr. MACC Director
( if there so was any foul-play )....come clean now or suspend yourself and your team immediately and let Mr. PM to appoint a Royal Commission of Inquiry pronto, to take over with immediate effect !!

Or do I have to make another pact and summon Satan again ?? Damn !

Ahoy there Capt' Yusof !

It is indeed a sad day since I heard the passing of a dear blogger friend Capt' Yusof aka Ancient Mariner.
We first met during the "heydays" of the Malaysian blogging community in late 2007 and we clicked and bonded well....him telling us of his sea-faring days and as the Superintendent of the Klang Ports and later as the GM of Westports. He was a seasoned old "sea-dog" and had always some juicy gossip to share ! In fact he was instrumental and a "thorn" in the on-going PKFZ expose that is still being deliberated.....speaking of which, I'm sure there will be some who will even heave a sigh of relief !

Ahoy there Captain, may Allah sail with you for the rest of your blessed life in the here-after and keep you in his loving care henceforth !

I'll raise a mug of good cheer for you, dear friend Capt'...... for the many good times !
Cheers !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

in Malaysia, we're world famous !

Police in Malaysia have said they will release nine Christians mistakenly accused of trying to convert Muslim university students to Christianity.

A university security guard wrongly thought they were handing Christian pamphlets to Muslims, police said.....( read the whole story in BBC NEWS here ! )

Somebody...please tell me what's happening to this morons-in-blue who have to take the word of a village idiot manning the gates ! Why this shit had to happen in the first place, huh ? We have become so famous world-wide for being the most stupid and idiotic nation in a first world infrastructure ! Shame on you morons. And is anyone's head rolling ???

And in the case of the 2 Muslim journos who went to receive "holy communion" in a Catholic church, have they converted to Catholicism already ?? .....I cannot be more insulted if these 2 are allowed to sleep easy or the paper they represent to still be in publication !

Damn the man who does nothing to one who insults another's religion........Sybas 1Malaysia !!!

Way to go !

my personal observation of the MU results.....

In response to a commentor's (reproduced below) reply yesterday, with regards to the dismal win by PAS at the Manik Urai by-election, I have up-loaded some "suspect" photographs . Here is my personal and "disturbing" observation while making my rounds to the polling stations in MU....surely I'd leave you to draw your own conclusions......

I'd like to direct your focus on the guys and girls in "orange" colored t-shirts and orange caps.....

....that and the lure of money that's spread around, I guess....hmmmm !

**click on picture for larger view.

From the Land of Hang Tuah said...

But the results really sucks as 65 votes is nothing to be proud of in fact!

PAS almost got defeated, after being overly confident claiming it could win by 2000 votes earlier. How can this happened ? Hope Shanghai can give us an analysis of what really happened or could have happened there based on the ground observation that resulted in this 'nothing to shout about' victory.

This slim margin victory or near defeat should be a wake call for PR. Instead of the internal bickering now happening rampantly here and there, time for PR to strategize themselves to ensure they don't fall out of popularity soon that will eventually result in BN becoming more popular to take over fully back all states in the coming PRU-13.

7/15/2009 09:29:00 AM....loitering around the streets far from the polling stations.... the back-ground there...when I needed to take a leak, there were about 8-9 guys positioned at corners around the school, directing me to the ?
.....I shot this photograph near the Lata Rek waterfalls @3pm. about 1.5 km from the polling station....hmmm...
...that guy in the middle looking straight at me...
outside a polling station...
....and taking a the cool of the shade....
....saw these 3 walking in to a polling station ...from I don't know where....
......same polling station top and below...
Cheers !

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

moon over MU....

This was the "eruptive " breakfast of "cilli padi"- loaded nasi kerabu I had with Duke and Haji at 7:00 on the way to MU...

I'm just going to show shots of the entire by-election from the various polling stations in MU, and the 1st. stop was at Manik Urai Baru....eager and expectant faces to last the soon-to-be gruelling polling day......

our boys in blue.....marking the boundaries to separate the already noisy opposing supporters.....nope, this did not help at all as you'd soon see.....

...tempers flared when the supporters of UMNO decided to block the PAS front-line.....that's when as an "Italian" disguised as a PAS supporter pinch this UMNO woman's ass !!! ... hmptfpp....!!!! Can you spot the Italian ? anyone is a suspect.....I couldn't ! a point that the police had to actually beg with clasped hands to appeal to this group of ladies to get back to their demarcated site.....

as in any by-election....a show-off.....adorned with medals of valour ?

..and surely I couldn't resist this lovely reason for this photo is necessary, yes ?

more accusations and arguments with the cops.......who's the boss ahhh and who's side are you on, huh ?

.... another show-off here.....parading new fashion designs for the adopt, perhaps !

...ahhh....the young 'uns.....such innocence....

....this was the UMNO "promised" bridge too far linking Manik Urai Baru and Lama......guess it will STILL be a bridge too far now !

....and of the 2, apart from me in Manik Urai Lama....Malaysian of remote Indian origins......yes we exchanged a few pleasantries, even if he was a member of the Light Strike Force...."makkal sakthi" !!

and the few Chinese I saw the entire day......beaming from ear-to-ear at the attention they're getting.....crucial votes ? naaawh !

....angry and worked-up supporter pleading with the opposition to change sides and see the light "before it's too late"....

....while the other side prays for the opponents to repent and change their life-style "before its too late".....

...this pic. don't need any words...!

...she was the subject of the above pic. Perhaps one knows the dark secrets of the other ?.....

....and while the children climb on walls to get a better view of the ruckus below...oblivious of the danger......even cops turn the other way from the precarious situation the kids have posed themselves in !

.....more jeering and ridiculing match continues......

.....and everyone with a "kopiah"....say cheese !.....and a V sign too.....

...aahhhhh...the fishing pole bait trick appears here too ( I last saw this in Bukit Gantang)......enticing the other with a pole, line and bait...hmmm....only that the "bait" is a RM10, 5 and a dollar notes clipped together !..... so cheap ah ? Hey....try RM 50's 100's please !

...and in Kg. Karangan, even the ewes came out to vote......

......and this guy came on a mean ! is always exchange for a vote, perhaps ?

.....and at Lata Rek......everyone took advantage of the public holiday to come out to vote and end up in this lovely cascading falls......what with the blistering heat too....a welcome I wished to dive-in too.......sigh..!

and back to Sg. Peria.....the sight of so many orange-garbed SPR workers dug at my curiosity....why are there so many of them.....a new meaning to the "phantoms",....perhaps ?

....and lastly, this guy on the right, who only wanted to be known as "Yiah" (maybe short for Zakariah) was kind enough to spend the entire day taking me around on his trusty "kap-chai"....and I must say a big "thank you" to him for the patience and assistance he gave me.
As for the other older guy on the left....erh....he was just a "sibok" and was just happy to be photographed.....
......and that was my day here, folks when the moon rose over MU !

Cheers to all Malaysians.....where ever you are !
Goodnite and Godbless !

Monday, July 13, 2009

anyone for a "fisherman's friend" ?

What can I say after all the numerous ceremahs I've attended in previous by-elections.....guess this is the best looking stage I've seen so far....hmmmm ! most times the speakers had to climb on different levelled stacked chairs and bottle crates that substitute a stair-case to the back of a lorry to speak...amid the noisy drone of an old diesel generator......hmmm....! Can't they just have it in a posh hotel or a "dewan" everyone else ?
....and the heavy-weights of the PR coalition were there to add some "ooomph !" to the so-called "mother-of-all-ceremahs"...the ceremah perdana......
...a section of the eager and curious crowd that settled themselves on mats and slippers on a damp ground...... hear Abe (pronounced Ahh Beh-in kelante'-speak) the "fisherman" who's got his heart in the right place.....close to the community he grew up with ! This big and gentle fella' spoke and kept his speech short....and did not mince his the loud approving chants of "Takbir...takbir...takbir" and left the stage to meet the shaking-hands with the people on the the already warmed-up crowd took up positions to listen to the much awaited speakers to come on.....

another section of the crowd.....see that little kid asleep on mummy's lap ? Has he got to go to school tomorrow ? What does the future holds for him or is it her ?

and then the newly "Abe-bestowed" 'datuk', Uncle Kit took to the mike and the fiery speeches on national issues began.....1Malaysia's, 11:11am "goodies" and of course his pet rib, the PKFZ mega-scandal ! The crowd by now was wanting more and more juicy and illicit some adventurous individuals were hollering and punctuating favorite words, echoing him.....

every now and then I had to zoom in on the crowd to break the monotony to see the expression on the faces of the crowd.....only to be greeted by a sea of "kopias".....

hmmm...what's this and whose feet do you think these are ?......surely you'd expect some imported brand like Bally or Ferrogamo....but plain sandals for a PM-in-waiting, yes ?

... but this section of the crowd were even better dressed in batik and suits...almost in their "Sunday" best !

...and the rest of the sandled-feet.....Anwar came on with his ever eloquent speech, starting with some "kelante' jokes ( it still sounded greek to me anyways !) that had the crowd cheering with thunderous claps and ....hungrily demanding for more. He spoke longest as the spell-bound crowd refused to budge.....eating out of his hands on issues from UMNO's "khianat orang melayu' to corruption and oil royalties of the simple Kelantanese people with the crowd responding by interjecting with jeers of "UMNO jahat", "Takbir"...and "Allahu Akhbar".

by the time this frail and turbaned man came on......Manik Urai was won ! The star of the evening....spiritual leader of PAS, Nik Aziz....calm and collected at first, under a zinc-roof and on a make-shift stage, was slowly building up the momentum in his speech to an almost crazy frenzy as he got louder and more vocal to the urging appreciation of a cheerful crowd.... I slowly snaked in darkness, trying desperately to avoid stepping on people's feet or mats apologising, but only got friendly "no problem" waves and smiles from these simple folks.

and by the time I reached the road after 25 minutes from the stage area, I was greeted with more "kopiad" people on the road, I was soaked in sweat and clutching to my sling-bag, the crowd still refused to was a hot July night around midnight.....and I was certain the crowd here in Kampong Sg. Peria had endorsed their choice of candidate !
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