Sunday, October 31, 2010

the BN circus comes to town !

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today announced the provision of a RM5 million government allocation for building a new mosque in Batu Sapi near Sandakan. ( here )

Deal No. 1: Here we go again ! A deal is being brokered. And if BN looses in Batu Sapi..... you can forget the mosque and everything below !

He said with the building of the new mosque, Muslims in Batu Sapi could perform their mosque obligations in comfort.

Yeah righhhht Mr. DPM of now the Muslims in Batu Sapi cannot perform their mosque obligations in "comfort" huh ? Why ? Are they praying in open spaces as in the deserts of the Middle East ? In any religion, prayers are to be performed with an pure heart.....not necessarily in "comfort". Remember millions pray every minute agonising war-torn and famine conditions too....but imploring with sincerity to God/Allah for mercy and retributions....not in comfort !

"We (government) are approving this allocation because there are thousands of Muslims here (Batu Sapi). We are able to do so because we have the authority and capability," he said when performing the ground-breaking ceremony for a People's Housing Project in Lupak Meluas.

Why , you did not know there were thousands of Muslims in Batu Sapi before ? Nobody told you ? And yes, of course we know you have the authority and capability Mr. Yassin, sir. Like we don't know who holds the purse-strings ? And who the main contractor will be and sub-contracting crumbs to the local contractors ? Deal No. 1 will take off whoever is in power, right ? But why only now, sir ?

The project involves the building of 500 units of houses costing between RM80,000 and RM100,000 a unit and is scheduled to be completed in two years.

Deal No.2: Again who gets the main contract and what do the locals actually get ? Of course it's good for the locals to be gainfully employed and being a part of the economic pie and all.....but the ones who profit without breaking a sweat are the cronies, right ?

Having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room besides electricity and water supply, the houses are meant for squatters in the area and will be rented out for RM124 a month.

A luxury sir, compared to that "semua-nya okay, dentist" who lives in a RM25 million mansion or the late "gate-keeper" who's family still live in a government issued land and built a "malaghai" but given a NFA (no further action) clearance by your MACC ? Check ?

According to Muhyiddin, only the BN government could deliver the goods unlike Opposition parties like PKR and the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) which he said were only good at "promising the moon and the stars".

Again how can lah ??? I'd like to remind you Mr. keep forgetting that we do REALLY know who holds the purse-strings.

As such, he urged the people to continue backing the BN so as to ensure a bright future for themselves and their children.

This is a 52 year old parody Mr. Muhiyuddin Yassin. Try something new. Won't work in today's instant communication access to the various electronic media. And people cannot be fooled anymore, sir. Remember PM Najib's "deal or no deal" in Sibu ?

Deal No.3:
RM40 mil secondary school Later, when speaking at function with civil servants here, Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, announced that the federal government had agreed to approve a request from the Sabah government for an allocation to build another secondary school in Batu Sapi. He said cost of building the school, Sekolah Menengah Batu Sapi 2, estimated to be between RM30 million and RM40 million had been included in the 10th Malaysia Plan and that the project was in line with Sandakan becoming an education hub in Sabah.

But sir, every town has been promised to be some "hub" of something, come every "buy-election", no ? Hahahaha ! Now is the right time for this theatrics isit, Mr. Education Minister ?

"Besides this, RM2.5 million has also been allocated to assist schools in Batu Sapi to purchase needed equipment and upgrade their facilities," he said.

We also know of recent government purchases of bloated prices for equipment and yada...yada...yada.....blah...blah...blah....... Yabadabadooooo !

So Deal or No deal Batu Sapians ??

....or as one commentor puts it "the FD has matured...time to withdraw"

**: parenthesis in red....mine.
- Bernama

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"El Pulpo Paul"

Paul the octopus died yesterday. This infamous invertebrate that brought cheers and tears to many the world over is gone and boy I wished I had made lime laced calamari dipped in mustard and mayo sauce out of him earlier. I hated this tentacled monster from the deep who never did my team Brazil any favours. So there .....the bookies are happier now and I am I !
And you Paul...R.I.P. !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

from the pages of our History books.

In his winding-up speech at the UMNO general assembly, Education Minister Muhyiddin said that history would be made a must pass subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination starting 2013 and made a core subject for primary schools. ( here )

If today you asked a Form 5 student, when, where and what prompted the 1st World War or who the Sun King was or who the Aryans or Dravidians were or what is the current name of the Golden Chersonese ! They'd give your a blur and dumb look that say.."errhh....never heard". Don't believe me, go ahead and ask any kid.

History is what the government of the day decides what you should know only even if it means twisting and bastardising the facts to suit and mold young and uncorrupted minds to take a "perverted view" of people and their cultures. So the DPM wants to start the indoctrination as early as possible and even make it a compulsory subject in schools.

For example, we all know killing is a mortal crime in any religion and should be condemned and never glorified. I learn in history back in the late 60's and early 70's, JWW Birch, who outlawed slave trade in Perak, was speared in the back and killed by a Dato Maharajalela while having a bath in a river. Maharajalela was found guilty of the crime and later hanged. For a long time in Malaysia there were roads in almost every town called Jalan Birch. Today all roads named after the British Resident are changed to the very man who assassinated him. What crap ....and that is the bastardisation of history for you !

Here's the real mccoy......

Today the kids are told that this Maharajalela was a symbol of Malay resistance against Colonialism, fine but damn it, this Maharajalela was a slave trader of the Orang Asli of Perak. In other words he was capturing and selling the Orang Asli as slaves and making a huge profit and when Birch outlawed slavery...this Dato lost his lucrative business and plots to kill the very man who decides to do the right thing.

And now we are taught in history that killing is to be immortalised with road names ? Nothing to do with being unpatriotic or treacherous....just distort history to make a wrong look right to please the ignorant masses with a "shiok sendiri" trip. Wonder what happened to Hang Tu Wah and Hang Jee Bah from our history books on Melaka or if anyone knows who Rajendrachola of Kedahram is. I'm sure you would have heard of the many other changes from our old history being blocked-out in school text books or has been distorted.

If you go to Wikipedia and looked up "History of Malaya" today...chances are you will be redirected to a page called "History of Malaysia". Why ? Someone way up there have even gone to the extend to "erase" the old history as it was then to this carefully modified page as will bring doubts and questions from young and fragile minds, right ?

Have a good Sunday. Cheers !

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

can we have 26 million, millionaires, sir ?

The ego of a man can be measured by the foolhardy ideas he presents. One such stoopid idea was the barging ahead amid tremendous protests by the citizenry of this 100 storey 1Wawasan Merdeka tower by the PM, Najib.(pic here is only an illustration)

The last time was when that deranged dictator, MahaTun who forced everyone to remember his "reign of terror" by leaving us with not one but two towers - the Petronas Twin Towers and a mega city in a lifeless ghost-town called Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. And that caused us tax-payers as we now know it as spiralling costs of everything in domino fashion....and brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy in the mid-eighties. So we survived that and are still stuck with the nagging frustration of traffic jams and costly parking fees, not to mention higher cost for everything in the surrounding areas from food to rentals around the twin-towers. Who benefited from it all ? The ordinary citizens ? Of course not.....the mighty cronies of course !

And now, this PM....sigh....knowing the foreseen fate of his short tenure quickly wants to leave his mark too. And of course he cannot build "twins" but to keep-up with his APCO generated and stoooopid 1 this and 1 we have a 1oo storey tower of 1Tower to remind us of his 1ONE thinggy ! That's pure EGO for a man who has betrayed the rakyat's hopes for "people first...action now" sloganeering, terribly !

Come to think of it, now I understand the sneaky reason for the hurried and "bull-dozed" idea to re-locate the "nothing-is-wrong-with-it" old King's palace.Seems that this has been planned a long time ago, the compulsory acquisition of all lands stretching from the Merdeka or Independence stadium to the Sungei Besi AirForce base was all along there including the old Palace. Sneaky and crafty right ? Hmmm.....and the PNB boss says here it will generate 5,000 jobs ! My arse ! Yes you can soon see 5,000 new Indons and Myamarese converging in this area and later be issued with "conditional identity cards" to vote for BN, no ?

When the rest of the world is in the thick of down-sizing and belt-tightening, we still want to show-off to the world we are "minting money". What percentage is RM26 million of RM5,000,000,000.00 ? I say give every Malaysian RM1million, then show-off to the world that we have the most number of millionaires in the world, and that sure will score more "brownie" points for Najib come the next GE, okay ?

When in so many parts in East Malaysia and rural parts of West Malaysia, have no electricity or clean water to drink, schools with no chairs or desks for children to study on or improper toilet facilities for older children in schools and medical aid is scarce, we march on like dukes showing-off with monstrous towers to the world. And the most stupid equation came from that Tourism Minister Ng Yen Yen....comparing Shanghai and Taiwan's skyscrapers to justify this 1Tower ! What an idiot for a Minister.....where do these vermins crawl out from ?

And to Najib....what happened to your "people first" tag-line, sir ?
Sheeeeesh !!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

When we were 1one !

This posting was prompted by these 2 and here. This has nothing to do with Najib's
1crap but I have to say something...just so the voting readers and the good people out there commenting know what happened.

Way back in late 2006 and early 2007, when I was the manager of The National Press Club of Malaysia and long before the emergence of the hundreds if not thousands of so-called "socio-political" bloggers today,( then you could actually count the handful of such blogs or portals with the sticky stubs of your hands.) I know of the many instances when a carefully chosen bunch of bloggers who used to meet in strict confidence at the NPCS's meeting room upstairs in secrecy. That was when the plan to form an alliance of bloggers was hatched. AllBlogs was the end product but was never registered with the ROS. (I wonder what happened to the "accounts" of the now "defunct" AllBlogs went, we did collect a sizable amount of money from so many well-wishers and from "dutch auctions".....hmmmm....can anyone care to "account" or explain ?)

The "players" in these meetings came together as 1one and calculated and deliberated carefully on plans A or B or C to oust BN and all of Pak Lah's BN... (he was a "saint" compared to that Mahafiruan and this baggage-laden current one.) The master-plan to "change" the Malaysian political scene and oust Pak Lah's BN was also put in "fast-forward" mode. It started with this and that lead to this and the rest is history...

Yes I was there and I know all the "players" at such meetings and as these meetings were kept secret upstairs while downstairs the regular crowd did not suspect anything amiss. News of what transpired at meetings were also not leaked out then and like all major coup or revolutions these meetings were held in humble and unassuming surroundings right beside "Peace-Hill"! We were like brothers.......all the bloggers resisted all attacks targeting bloggers by the MSM in true brother-hood fashion. (remember also that, that was the time Kali and Khairy ruled ! ) Here was a true band of brothers ! We were a force to be reckoned with. And BN knew they were heading to certain and sudden death and these bloggers were the "untouchables". About this time was also the slow birth of the hundreds or thousands of what you have now as "cyber-trooper" blogs who are operated on "auto-pilot" mode. BN's unexpected "tsunami" was the "awed" result of these meetings.

Then something happened. The appearance of the "devil's advocate". The monumental task by UMNO of systematically "splitting" this tight-knitted "family". And boy were they good ! Some went over to the "dark-side" (this depends which side each wanted to consider the "dark-side" while some became "friendly" to whomsoever they favoured.) Ask Pete, he'll tell you a classic story of one such "offer" that happened right there in NPC itself and without my knowledge too ! Damn !

And today some of these "freshie" post 8th. March 2008 so-called "socio-political" bloggers are questioning the integrity of other seasoned bloggers who have been blogging way before they can even utter their first "mama" word ? What a disgusting bunch. Even now if anyone of these bloggers from the "dark-side" (again refer definition as stated above) from both sides of the divide were to face prosecution by the powers that be, I, like many others, will surely walk with them in protest !

As zorro says...." Yes, we bloggers are a funny breed" !

*note there are no pics accompanying this post. All pics are in the links.(hehehe !)

Friday, October 08, 2010

PKR.......damn it !

If this "doctor ayam" or "chicken" Dr. Lee Chong Meng is allowed to be a member of PKR......then Anwar would be confirmed as the worst judge of character and my respect will be wearing thin as it already is now !! ( read here )

This "bapa ayam" is a reject of the MCA and BN and now if allowed into PKR then PKR will definitely be the dump-site for all scums and rotting carcasses who have failed terribly as leaders. "Leader" is a too big a word to be used on this puny moron.....because this ass-hole of a politician did not even win by popular vote in an election but sneaked in by default of yet another DAP reject who has now leap-frogged out of PKR claiming to be a BN friendly "independent". Nice !

Funny how many rode on the 8th. March 2008 ticket masquerading as politicians when in actual fact were mere opportunists riding easy on sympathetic votes just to oust and shake BN ! As a matter of fact you could have nominated even a monkey and the monkey would have won hands-down against anyone, anywhere that BN stood ! That was how pissed-off the rakyat were with over 50 years of corrupt and incorrigible BN rule ! And now this "piece of chicken shit" wants to do the same thing and Anwar would dare permit his admission into PKR ??? I'm watching every move Anwar makes including the screw-ups and mess in the UMNO-type party elections.......very closely. Will Anwar ever learn anything ?

My next posting will tell you what I think of Anwar.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

"wang ikhlas, wang halal"

I'm anxiously waiting to hear the DPM's reply to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang's challenge to return all monies paid to all the Muslim YB's and Ministers as salaries all these years. ( here )

What a bunch of hypocrites these UMNO morons are ? Every ringgit that has entered into anyone's pocket has somehow been passed on from someone who had either consumed or handled cannot touch any ringgits la.....right ? Money as taxes, from UMNO issued licenses for casinos or 4D outlets or even from sale of alcohol, tobacco and liquor taxes that the BN government collects and pay the government servants as salaries every month.

If you want to be so petty and down-right stupid as only these frustrated Penang UMNO goons can be, then we should have millions and billions of ringgits returned. And we will be the richest nation in the whole wide world. These
"anak mamis" and former "a/l " who masquerade as Malays and spearhead UMNO in Penang are bitching because, in Penang they have lost out on contracts (once fed with measly scraps by that "tail-between-the-legs" Gerakan and who has the cheek now to plead for more time with the rakyat ( after 5 decades) to reach the same level of efficiency as the Guan Eng administration) and cannot compete on a level playing field are suffering in plain jealousy of the now marvelously run state government both in foreign investments and tourism sectors (remember this state receives zilch from the Federal government as funding for thanks to the lessie and ex-tourism minister !)

And now our allegedly wise DPM is wishing these loose-canons had kept the big stupid mouths shut in the first place and not put him on the spot !! So how now Mr. DPM ?

But collecting money via bribes, greased palms and kick-backs are all
"ikhlas" and "halal" in this here Bodohland, yes ?

Just out of curiosity, if I ate pork and consumed alcoholic beverages, is my blood
"haram" and can I donate an occasionally pint to the National Blood Bank ? That's the only thing that's "fresh" in my body and is all MINE and moreover I want to do my bit as a Malaysian to the call of the "national service". Can meh ?

What a joke ! Hahahaha !!!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

retro...lost for words !

Photos courtesy of Google search.