Sunday, December 29, 2013

The year that was....erhh...still is !

The year 2013 certainly was a trying one. The many mega-scandals directly involving the rakyat's money was again on the top of my and everyone else's list ( as has been in every year since 1982.)

While the ordinary citizen is advised to brace himself and be prudent, one retarded politician's (rightgot the gall to tells us frustrated ones to get out of Malaysia if we cannot accept the government's decision to increase various forms of hike in toll, electricity, water, petrol, public transport fares and basic commodities ! ( here ). There is no mention of anyone getting a pay hike to challenge the inflated prices we are going to face, except that the Selangor state government care-takers and company have heaped upon themselves a pretty tidy sum to weather BN's unscrupulous increase in the various forms. Any change that was promised, is nowhere in sight.....sigh !

That is a story for another day. In the meantime we also read about the son of FLOM from an earlier marriage, who bought a condo in fashionable New York City for a vulgarly sum of U$D110 million ( here ). Eyebrows rise forming ageing lines between the eyelid and the hairline at the mentioned of the names that are loosely linked and lead right back to prime minister Najib ! 

And then also we hear of the racist bunch of NGO ( Indians mostly in the northern state !) who are supposedly championing the rights of Malays - Perkasa,  getting paid handsomely with tax-payers ringgits while other Malay championing morons like ISMA and PUKIMAK not getting paid to create chaos and to keep UMNO relevant to the ignorant kampung folks ( here ). These fools are still begging for hand-outs from the government. When will this free loading and "rent-seeking" behaviour ever end in UMNO ? 

Well I could go on and on, but these few instances mentioned above are very recent and still sizzling in the oven....and 2014 is not going to get any better with the Allah policing encroaches into churches and the failed 1Malaysia issue getting shittier while the crime rate is getting to dizzying proportions even as Najib's BN is at its weakest point now with unity being the last or if not at all on UMNO's agenda as everyone is busy getting fatter and fatter in corrupt practises and getting ready to split the country when the hammer falls !  

I really don't have the mood to wish anyone a "happy" New Year, but just hope you pull through like I did in this yet to end 2013. All I have had is fairly good health and I must thank MY God for that ! 

But the bitching about everything else will certainly continue throughout 2014, that's a promise. Hehehehe !

Shalom !    

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Properties are like women, according to Ku Nan

Read what a typical UMNO/BN mind ( what little there is to qualify as brains !) thinks and spews for the whole world to know what they think of our women-folk ! Ironically no women in UMNO/BN would dare to challenge this moron neither would they take him to task. That's the government you voted in for, right ? Enjoy !

Amidst the furore over having to pay higher property assessment fees in Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor used a rather off-colour analogy to justify the increase.

"If you enhance your property, it is the same as women. If you don't wear make-up, the price is cheaper, right?

"If you wear make-up, it is pricier. Isn't it the same?" said Tengku Adnan during a press conference on the assessment rates today.

During the press conference in Kuala Lumpur, Tengku Adnan revealed luxury and commercial property owners will have to pay higher fees  while fees for low and medium cost property owners will remain at status quo.

Three wives

He also announced that there will be rebates for disabled people, pensioners and those who can prove that they stay in the properties.

To a question about whether the rebate will be applied to those who own multiple properties, Tengku Adnan replied in the negative, and again used women as part of his explanation.

"We only give for one house. The owner cannot claim that they live in more than one house. Even if they have three wives, we only allow them to claim one house.

"It is impossible that he can live in three houses," he said.

UP-DATES (22-12-2013)

And here is the denial/misquote that he now claims.....not an unconditional apology, so nothing changes and he is NOT  going to step down, so how ????

Monday, December 09, 2013

Will the real Mandela, Rest in Peace !

So many monkeys in our country are going ape and "likening" thenselves to be a Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela of sorts. This new found craze to associate themselves to such a great man who passed away 2 days ago at age 95 has gone viral here. Have they no shame to compare themselves with such a nobleman ? A man who served 27 years of his life in prison in abject conditions for a cause he believed in-to end apartheid and racism in a country ruled by whites. The stories of Mandela will be told over and over by those who knew and  lived with him. A good man.....but a few years ago this "metallic" man from Pangkor, likened himself not just to Mandela but also to Gandhi ! ( here
And more recently our dear prime minister likened UMNO's struggle to that of Mandela's fight against apartheid in South Africa. Come on now Mr. Najib, surely you must be out of your mind to even think about it, right ? UMNO a party that reeks of racism, patronised by presidents from the time of the MahaFiruan and is corrupted to high heaven is nothing but a party of hungry wolves waiting to devour anything remotely non-Malay. A party that takes "bashing" to new heights of any race or religion not Malay or Muslim at every annual general assembly. To "liken" this party to a man like Mandela is like slapping Mandela across his face while he's lying in state in his coffin. How dare they liken UMNO to someone like the great Nelson Mandela ? The REAL statesman !( here)
And while we're in the mood to abuse the loose word "liken" and link ourselves to some great personality past and present, our pm yesterday slyly sneaked in another "wammy" by proclaiming that nobody knows what goodness his beloved wifey the FLOM did ( here ) !.......hmmmm....did he also try to add that FLOM's contribution to the Malaysian society is likened to that of Mother Teresa ??? Hahahahahaha !   

So shy lah !    

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thoughts control.

This was the same reaction we heard of, when the Malaysian government went overboard and rushed to "save" a young Malaysian girl who was a genius but went "astray" into high class prostitution in England ! We failed when she told our government mind our own business and to get lost. 

And now, this 69 year old slave, Siti Aishah, who was influenced by the Maoist political ideology and was allegedly held as a slave in London for 30 years. The Malaysian government is practically grovelling at her feet to bring her back home ( Malaysia or so they think) hoping she would "repent" her ways and return to Islam and Malaysia. ( here )

But this ex-slave would rather slap the government's generosity of an instant citizenship and to a heroine's welcome if she returned to the Islamic path ! ( here ) What a load of crap are we wasting tax-payers money on this woman for ? She is an adult and has been indoctrinated with an ideology of her choice, and its her right to think the way she wants. So why the heck does the government want to run half way round the world just to save one former Malaysian for ? Because she is Muslim ? Damn, she's a British communist now ! Opps, almost forgot....and fellow Malaysians are threatened by the top cop from writing about the double standards of who gets to be buried where and who gets to be citizens here. Even the foreign ministry is on the band wagon to determine her legal status ! This is also skimming along racial lines, no ? ( here )

Can't these morons in the government understand her rights to choice of beliefs ? Hey dumbos, she's not even a Malaysian citizen any more. She's renounced her citizenship 45 years ago. Why  the necessity to save a commie, huh ? Maybe to earn some brownie points from the kampung folks that this is a caring government ? And she practically told her "saviours" to fuck off from her face ! 

To start with, the government should "rehabilitate" and save the corrupt politicians in our parliament, past and present first without fear or favour. 

These type of stories reflects badly on the types of people we Malaysians truly are in this world....the stupid type. Time the Malaysian government learnt to respect individual's rights to thoughts and beliefs rather then make utter fools of ourselves. 

As usual I'm so shy lah !

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"...and the winder (for winner) is Vindy"

Farewell my dear friend Vivender Singh. You lived an honest life. In the few short  years of our friendship I have thoroughly enjoyed your bubbly company. Now it chokes me to think you have left us all, your friends here, in such a hurry. Why ?  Maybe you're needed elsewhere ?.....only you hold the answer to that question. In the end we'll always remember by your personalised tag-line "...and the winder (for winner) is Vindy" quote Tony G.
God bless you, Vindy my friend.....peace, wherever you are !

This blog will remain shut-down for the next 48 hours.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

to sing or not to sing.....I sudah pusing !

November 14th. 2013.
The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, for a second time this year has called on non-Muslims in the state to not refer to God as Allah. ( here )

Now consider this....

November 16th. 2013
Selangor mufti Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid today said that non-Muslims in the state can sing the state anthem although it contained the word ‘Allah’.( here )

And on the same day this stupid moron from an NGO stole a few moments of the limelight by giving this toothless warning ( here ) now ? 
Hey what's going on ??? Whaahhhh.....this mufti guy really terror lah. Mohd  Tamyes is more powerful then the Sultan of Selangor ahh ? How can he over-ride the Sultan's call for the ban and tell the people its okay to sing the Selangor state anthem ahh ? 

Now if I can understand correctly, this Allah ban is only in the state of Selangor, right ? So we in KL and elsewhere can use Allah meh ?  And if the Sultan ( with all due respect to Tuanku ) is so into banning  the use of Allah by non-Muslims, I assume Negaraku will not be sung in the state of Selangor as it glorifies the infidel's Tuhan instead of Allah, no ?

And non-Muslims cannot sing the state anthem in Selangor but its ok to sing the Negaraku there while the Muslims can sing the state anthem but must hold back from singing the Negaraku, right ? Hmmmm......

All this is really confusing and I'm scratching my head for the past 2 days now. With this kind of contradicting exchanges between the sultan, the mufti and a ngo moron, I think I am more confused then the Malays themselves. Can somebody ask them to sit down together and come to a logical agreement before I go mad ? Maybe a double shot of malt will calm my jittery mind that's running on a fast track !

Wakakakakakakakaka.....enjoy what's left of the weekend, folks !  Cheers ! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stupid Indians, right ? after all the forked-tongue election promises by Najib and BN/UMNO of strengthening unity plus his 1this and 1that bullshit, UMNO under the guise of city hall have slapped the Hindu community right across their  face again ! 

What will it take for these stupid Indians to wake up from BN's bullshit ? Calling all Malaysians of Indian origins pariahs in the school text literature book Interlok insulting enough ? Was the cow-head issue not damning enough ? Again the slaughter of cows during Hari Raya Korban in schools witnessed by Hindus students not  insulting  enough ? Was the many deaths of Indians held in police custody not a strong signal enough ? Where the wanton demolition of Hindu temples here and in Selangor so frequently to make way to cash rich corporations to  build their condos and business centres not lesson enough ? Have the Indians no shame at all to be treated so lowly ? Don't they eat their food with a little pinch of salt ( there is an old Indian saying that you'd feel no shame if you ate your food without a pinch of salt...with all due respect and exception of high BP casualties ! ) ?
Now where are the deadwoods of  MIC like Samy Velu and G. Palanivelu or for that matter, that lowly servant of Muhiyuddin, Mr. Kamalanathan ? Still not letting go of the dpm's hand, issit ?  These MIC ass-licks have not the balls to defend the rights of their Hindu brethren as opposed to a likely boast after a few shots of whiskies in drinking parlours ! 

Youth  leader T. Mohan of the now considered defunct MIC, is issuing a very strong warning indeed  to Tengku Adnan ( here ) and the rest of MIC is not saying one word in support. But do you actually thinks Tg. Adnan gives a shit to this young turk's threat ? Heard it on the grapewine that the temple committee itself  is in the ride with some developer in view of pocketing a piece of this "goldmine" in the Golden Triangle. Self serving Pharisees, no ? Or is this some T. Mohan theatrics played out to earn some brownie points for his vp slot in the up-coming MIC elections ? This sounds so like a Tamil movie......the bravado part ! 

They say "you deserve the party you voted in"......and rightly so you morons, so deal with it you stupid Indians. And if and when you come to your senses or if you sober-up (whichever comes first ) from those decades old drunken stupor, kindly hand in your resignation and go to the ROS to de-register whatever shit you call MIC. 
And the same advice applies to those shit-heads in IPF, PPP, MIEF,  and some other PUKI too ! 

The second picture above is so typically comical ( of Zul Nordin who insulted Hindus saying their Hindu deities did not protecting their businesses during the great floods of KL ! ) and is just for laughs.  I too am a Malaysian of remote Indian origins and I squirm and shudder at the thought of being in place of that damn bald idiot in blue, kissing Zul with a stranglehold ! 
Yikes ! 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

In total denial of the truth.

A failed education system is what we have in place for the many morons this country is churning out yearly and tosses them out to deal in the real world. What we have is an entire generation of stoooopid idiots holding a fantastic certificate but in actual fact are plain morons. Read the shameful STAR story, aptly titled "How low can you go"  !!!
The BN government needs this many idiots to stay in power...That's why we have so many "government servants"  with such low knowledge in attending and addressing to the public in so many new departments specially created to accommodate these morons ! Politicians are to take the blame for the rot in our failed education system.....right from the time of Anwar during his tenure as Education Minister in collaboration with the MahaRacist Tun, up till now ! They prided themselves with quantity and not quality, hence the birth of morons that surrounds us all daily.   
Shocking is the "below mid-teens to 20% passing mark", but what saddens me most with this STAR story is it is only now this shitty confession is emerging from school teachers, invigilators and those marking exam papers conveniently  just before or upon their retirement. Have these educators no sense of responsibility earlier ? Were they afraid they'd loose their pension if they spoke up sooner ? Shame on these "whistle-blowers" as they ARE the reason this has been going on for so long. They have to live with this guilt the same way these morons have to deal with the daily struggles in the real world.  
I'm still shaking my head in disbelief as a story of that former crook Samy Velu comes to mind. How he proudly remarked in moronic glee at a school prize giving ceremony that it was all Yindians students' names and not the other races' names that were being called out to receive the various prizes for all which his equally stupid PA turned to him and whispered ...."YB, this is a Tamil school event, sir.......that's why all the recipients have Yindian names, sir "
Even Allah cannot help us ! We are stuck with stupid for life in our own country. How much lower we go now ? 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Deepavali !

Wish you and your near and dear ones a meaningful Deepavali. 

Try and go easy on the "sugar" stuff as advised by your very concerned prime minister. And more importantly be responsible when you hold that glass of drink in your hand. Drink as much water  as you possibly can. 

Me.....I'll just take my whiskey with some ale !  Thanks. 

Cheers to all of you. Drive safe. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jekyll and Hyde

If you like to watch fire-works, Malaysia is the place to be. Come to my country where everyday is fire-works day. Most nights during the run-up to so many colourful festivals, the skies are lit up with sparkling colours bursting in sparkles of fire as people look in resounding awe at the splendour of the fireworks display.  

And in the day, you get fire-works in the form of faces being blown-off or trigger happy assassins ticking off targets on their to-do hit list quiet often. Yes, we have a very sick society here in our country. Foreigners with fake ID's issued gun license and given employment in high-risk place of work. The recent shooting cum robbery of a bank officer is testimony of an intense lack of responsibility by the authorities. They show no duty of care as to who they employ in their company. As long as they keep the cost low, anyone is "gainfully" employed in some company.

In this premise, we are at a total loss as to who might turn out to be that serial rapist, or that innocent murdering fb "friend", or a nice bank security officer turned murderer  and robber or a nice young man turn "jihadist" targeting victims with a "Allahhu Akbar" war-cry before stabbing and killing them or  a good cop turned crooked and looses his gun in a toilet. 

It has become so hard to trust the person standing next to you. I have been a victim once and since then I still view any stranger near me, a little suspiciously. Our failed education system is the result of this very sick and fearful society we live in. And those responsibly have to bear the full responsibility of creating such monsters within our society.   

Compared to all this unpredictable characters roaming our streets, I might be a saint ! And  the next time you are in a crowded place and you get ugly stares from a person standing next to you, don't stare back. He just might kill you !  

I am not linking this post to any news source today. You already know of  the above related gory tragedies of this past week and what I'm talking about, right ? 

Have a pleasant weekend and avoid all eye contact with strangers. 

Shalom !  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PR lied to its voters in Ulu Klang.

I have written 4 times since 2011 regarding this very special "community" field which has been fondly cared for by this man Andrew Gopal, as president and his "merry" men of Ulu Klang Recreation  Club or more popularly known as UKRC  for as long as I've known Andrew. I've been there many times and so have my other blogging buddies like Rocky and Bernard and also Yushaimi of the Malay Mail. One thing all of us readily agree on is the camaraderie amongst the residents there. Its what you'd call a close-knit sporting family.
After years and years of much "fighting" with the then Toyo government for "residents' ownership" of the UKRC field and clubhouse, PR looked like a welcome and promising change. That was just before the 2008 GE. The PR guys were all over the place promising to move heaven closer to earth with their g-strings, et cetera et cetera.

But sadly all that changed. Selangor under Khalid Ibrahim was not just bad but looks worse now, then BN's Toyo. What two-forked tongue speak is this Khalid, damnit ? And pictures of the MPAJ mongrels' invasion of the UKRC field  made me sick and spurred me to write this post.    

For a refresher read here,  here here and here. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, so listen up all you fucking PR morons in Selangor, fuck this up for the UKRC residents now and PR will be butt-fucked in Ulu Klang come the GE14 !

Tomorrow members of UKRC will be staging a protest against this blatant coup' of the residents field especially targeting mb Khalid , Shaari Sungib ( sounds like a cousin of Toyo !) and MPAJ itself for its gangster-like manner when handling this take-over. 

Andrew invites all friends, supporters and concerned citizens to join in at the clubhouse. He also promises dinner....but who actually cares for food, right ?
Something is not right. We the citizens have a choice to kick out anyone who behaves like or worse then the ones we last kicked out  ! Kapish ?  

Take note and be there :  
Date :Wednesday 23rd. October 2013 at 6.30pm

Monday, October 14, 2013

I command you to stand in attention !

Now this is going to be a double edged sword for Malaysians. 

With Putrajaya banning Catholics and The Herald (the Catholic church's news publication)  from using the word Allah, I am very curious why nobody thought about also banning or rewriting our Negaraku ? (with all due respect to our King !)

Our National anthem refers to Allah/God as Tuhan ! Pray tell me how are our Muslim brethren  then going to stand in attention and sing this anthem henceforth without praising Allah BUT Tuhan the infidel's God, not once but twice 

The "learned" judges have again screwed it up for all Malaysian Muslims. My apologies !

Now will you please stand up in attention before you click on the link.... here !

Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all my Muslim friends ! 
Shalom ! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

News goes viral....

Its amazing how fast news travel these days. Its all at the touch of a keyboard button and the internet instantly carries a story almost in  real time. 
Take for instance last week's bloopers (  here ) and ( here ) and ( here ) which were whoppers for netizens around the world. You just cannot hide secrets any more. We can only cover-up so much. Then again how much of what we read over the net is doctored and how much of it is for real ? 

You decide how you want to interpret the news in your own way.
Shalom ! 

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

CAUTION: Not for the weak hearted.

When  read this news  here  my thoughts immediately went back to the phrase " jump, I'll jump too....." from that one time hit movie The Titantic.

But coming from the IGP's mouth that "missing guns could have fallen into the sea" is indeed a very hilarious statement for a man of his credibility. Of the 37 of the 44 missing firearms none were used by criminals, he claims. Now how would he know if any has actually been used in robberies ? Are our ballistics guys so good as to guess which bullet came out of which "missing" gun ?

I paste here the Auditor-General's 2012 Report, but must warn you, its lengthy and in 3 segments namely Federal, States and Federal Statutory Bodies and you may face the risk of your BP shooting up and/or an imminent heart attack. Health Ministry is another joke as you may encounter along your way too. 

The Auditor-General's 2012 report is one report that will have a very short live span and before you can say will be filed under NFA gathering cobwebs !

Take care.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today a child's life was taken away.

Time and time again I have protested that the so called National Service Programme for kids here in Malaysia is there only to fatten a few cronnies and keep some over weight ex-servicemen gainfully employed. Millions of tax-ringgits are spent annually from transport to  food to clothes to rental of camps. All run by some  who's got "friends" in high places. The programme itself is a scam ! 

We are never going to war with anyone. Not in the near future or in this millinium. History has proven that this country is rid of communist with the death of Chin Peng. We have no colonial masters to wage war against, as history clearly says  that Chin Peng took care of that too. The undeclared war between Chin Peng and our then colonial masters in pre-Merdeka days ended with the colonial masters inviting us, as 3 major races, to England to accept our independence. 

Little skirmishes with some rag-tag out-fit known as Suluks from the Philippines  too has ended with some warm hand-shakes and smiles all around re-affirming the Suluks rightful claim of Sabah with our acknowledgement of that annual "rental" fee our government pays to the Sultan of Sulu for the occupancy of Sabah. So there !

Why do we need this silly NS program ? Has any good come out of this 3 month stint a child has to undergo ? All we can see is the children of the lesser people ( read you and me !) has to spend 3 months of their lives at around the age of 17 or 18 and hope to "inter-grate"( a word mostly used by politicians to make them sound intellegent and astute, perhaps ? ) with children of other races when for a given fact, from a very tender age of 5 to 17 years, these same children are segregated in schools by way of the education system, religious systems, at home and in neighbourhoods either by parents or teachers who'd pass of as racists and/or bigots. 

What can these kids achieve in 3 months when we grant them 17 years of a flawed education system ? There's been 22 deaths since December 2003 in these NS camps. Most were by drowning. In 2004 there was a rape of a teenage girl by a guardian of the camp.

Today we read in the news how a child's life was brutally taken away from him for simply jumping a queue during breakfast last Sunday. A murder.

Who wants to tell that child's parents that their son died defending the country ?  Read here .

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The shit we put up with daily !

Here in our country, we have ministers who spew venom/rubbish on a daily basis. The standard reply for any BN minister is "if you don't like/not happy/have issues/think its not fair/want to put a stop/ are against"........ choose any answer in the picture above ! 

Thank you BN and particularly Mr. PMNajib for awarding us with your "scintillating" personalities whom you call your cabinet. 

Shalom !

(for English translation..... ask a friend who speaks Bahasa Malaysia.)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

This one's for you, Sir !

For all you Pink Floyd fans.....understandably this classic will bring back a tsunami of beautiful memories. Certainly one of my favourites. But more importantly, today I want to dedicate this masterpiece to one man. 

- one man many would wish will wake-up to see the mess that's happening all around him. 
- one man who has lost touch with reality. 
- one man who has lost control of his own men.
- one man who has refused to comment on all that shit that's hitting the fans on a daily basis. 
- one man who's very fate and future lies in the hands of his so-called "friends".
- one man who just might be ousted by the many who have daggers drawn before the next election.
- one man with much excess baggage.
- one man who's got a crazy fetish for the number 1 ! 

To you Mr. Prime Minister I dedicate this soothing it befits your "inaction" to a country gone mad ! 

Turn up the volume to the max, sit back and enjoy this sensation Mr. Najib Razak ! 

This one's on me, for you Sir.  

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pushers and junkies !

A man lost 2 of his fingers and prayed in silence asking, "Why, God, why ? Why did this happen to me ? And now I've lost 2 fingers"... and after some time a voice silently screamed in his puny head..... "because it was not meant to be there in the first place, you moron !!" 

In my younger days (now its like half a century ago !) we too had many fancy friends who offered "magic" pills to stay awake and alert during the run-up  days that led up to the LCE and MCE examinations. Pills like roche' and  mx (mandrax) kept you awake with a "high" yes, but never helped you grow extra brains all of a sudden. There were others who turned to marijuana, and strange as it may sound, turned out to be even better today after all. But we were warned from our young and foolish days ( we were about 15 years old !) to never resort to short-cuts. That any thing that went against the order of reality was false. Enhancing  and empowering drugs are against the laws of nature .....hmmm.... unless it was a natural plant in itself. Ok !

Today all you parents too will surely be drumming the same advice to your kids to never go popping unprescribed pills and more so, if its from strangers. Today we also know that stupid is as stupid is ! That is why hundreds of ringgits are spent yearly on extra revision materials and tuition fees. That was then.

Just wtf is going on in our primary schools today ?? Just what was our education ministry thinking, when they decided  a short-cut to passing exams is by allowing little 12 year old (Standard 6 students) kids to pop pills ? And that too endorsed by the Malaysian Federation of the Council of Headmasters and approved by the Health and Education ministries !! Our education ministries are making junkies of our children at age 12 ! And at 17 they give them a gun in national service. Nice ! And that is okay with you ? 

What happened to our "smart schools" then ? Can't find  enough smart kids to fill the schools, eh ? I have said this before and I will say it again. We have a FAILED education system and we have been  living in DENIAL for a very long time now. The sooner we wake up, the better you buggers ! Read the disgraceful blooping story here 

Maybe they should recommend this "magic" pill to parliamentarians in our august house to help them utter some intelligence then the usual garbage that's coming out of their mouths everyday. Or alternatively allow them to smoke ganja in hookahs at the parliament lobby. I'm very sure more will prefer the latter.    

Let me tell you this folks and take it from someone who hardly studied school text books. There is no short-cut to excellence, but sheer hard work. No two ways about it. Kapish ? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living in 1denial...

Yet again we are NEWS in BBC News. And all for the wrong reasons too ! 

How to woo tourists here ? Hmmmmm.....I know, get special assistance in the form of your kin ! Well it works for the Tourism minister and the Cow-gate minister, so why not ? 

Cheers and goodnight Malaysia......wherever you are ! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

If you did not vote BN..........Allah/God help you !

It has to be the disgraceful and dubious BN's FT and Urban Well-being minister Tengku Adnan, who is supposedly responsible for ALL constituents irrespective to their political leanings to utter such a claim that the federal government, as in this case, will not help homeless victims who have lost everything in a fire recently. Read here !
That too,  by being geographically, in an Opposition held area, and some who may or may not have voted against the ruling government in the last election. So what who they voted for. Is that not their right to vote who they so desire ? And how would one know who one voted for, unless.........
And these are the types of person Najib has in his cabinet ? We send ships load of aid worth millions of tax-payers ringgits to faraway places in the Middle East from food to medicine and ignore our own people right here at our backyard. Why ? 

The poor victims who were housed in a community hall (dewan) were also told to vacate the  "dewan"  yesterday. It is cruel to throw them out in the streets as they have nowhere else to go. They are families and children just like you and me. What kind of minister will come up with such a cruel decision ? 

Hey Tengku Adnan, can these people also be exempted from paying all forms of taxes and  income-tax henceforth ?
Humane and unity government, you say Mr. Prime Minister ? What a sorry joke !

Saturday, August 03, 2013

My 1st. and only guest blogger- Bernard Khoo

I'm not one who's good at curry-flavouring or giving public speeches. Today I'm writing a special post about someone I came to care about a lot. Someone who's close to my families ( in both the 2 parts of my life....hmmm.) in the short time we've engaged and interacted in and out of the blogging world. 

Friend to many, foe to some, brother to more then a select few, buddy to a lot, father to 2 and husband to one and slave to none !

Bernard Khoo Teng Siew and I hail from the same town, Taiping. Of course, him being a decade older then me, we never knew each other there or then. But we share the same love for our alma mater and hometown. I met Bernard around 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, the year Malaysia was going through a political "Renaissance" of sorts under the Pak Lah administration, with the emergence of a then tightly knitted band of political irritants/misfits called bloggers ! (The then home minister Syed Albar even defined bloggers as jobless housewives (burp) who tell a great many lies and had nothing better to do !)

It is not important how we became good friends or even brothers, but there certainly was a special bonding amongst the elder bloggers of that time. Bernard who before then didn't even own a blog but used to frequently comment as zorro on many blogs, was encouraged to start his own blog by someone close in the blogging fraternity. The rest as you all know is history. 

Bernard is a kind gentleman, a generous teacher, a passionate friend and a Malaysian. Politics and politicians who screw-up hurt him most but many a politician seek him out for supper or drinks in faraway places that he had covered during by-elections. He's mad about all sports from cricket to hockey  but I still wonder why he supports soccer losers like MU ! (guess he's susceptible to bad judgement !)

Taken into custody for attending an illegal gathering in Ipoh during the "Perak-power-grab" debacle once, always in the fore-front covering almost all of the by-elections since 2008, numerous candle-light vigils for ISA, RPK or championing any protests to elevate the less fortunate and attending all protests marches.Bernard is hated by some and admired by many for his tireless feed of postings you'd want to think when this old man is going to stop and go play with his 3 grandsons in Bahamas.  

We've shared rooms before when covering by-elections with what little donations we got from well-wishes and agents of change and if you had room-mates in the likes Bernard or Haris you'd never get any sleep at all. These 2 can actually orchestrate a symphony with their snoring. We've shared more then just rooms. We knocked chilled ones on far too many occasions. We shared stories and and gossips and even agreed to  disagree on opinions but most of all we shared unconditionally, respect for each other. Bernard's trade-mark pipe and an occasional ciggy with his single malt with one cube of ice constituted his water intake for the day. And its been quite awhile since we clinked glasses too, my friend.

Bernard, today I hear you had a face-off with Mr. big C at the hospital ! 
I'm frightened with that piece of news, bro. I don't know what to do or how to help you. Is there anything I can do for you Bernard ? I don't know how to be brave for you.

So I'll tell  to your face only once Bernard. I love you  my brother. 
And Cheers to all the happy memories you and I shared in these short beautiful years of friendship and will continue to do so.  I dedicate the pictures below to you.   

Below I share some pictures, in no particular order, of Bernard Khoo with people close to his heart from my private collection. 
You, my readers may add captions where ever you deem fit.

 In Tenang by-election....the morning after...guess nobody saw Bernard this early huh ?

A young and cute 'Unker" Zorro follower ......

Always a kind word to these guys who are doing their job.

 Now this certainly is the Rogue's Gallery !
 With Jarod and yours truly !
 KLCC yellow take-over with Johnny Ong and Mary McGuire in the background !
Ahhhh......The Special Bunch !

  Anteras with 2 thumbs-up after Bersih2 !
             Me 2 mateys

  (l-r) Raman Kukerji,Tony Gee,Bernard, Darren, Errol, GAB Host Francis Yew and Bala Lawrence at the Tavern.

 Bernard, Rodi behind the lens and Boom nursing his wound from the last street fight.....civil disobedience !
 Bernard's favorite Bhai'a friends from the NPC (l-r) Kesh, Ajitpal,Vivinder, NaSTy Bob, Aftar and Raman, who then taught him his favorite swear word...."Pudhi Dia"


With Colin Fernandez the cool guitarman at Jerry's farm in Tangkak

 there's Azmi Sharom and Haris and...

(l-r) Alex Loh, Yusri,Shirley,SB Loy, Bernard and Jason Yew

 With Mama Madagascar Penny.

 (l-r) Patrick Teoh, yours truly, Bernard, Rocky and "whathismamacallhim" friend.
Bernard with Estrellita or Lita ( with a halo ?) 

 in Tenang with a young PAS supporter

Bernard's other favorite room-mate Arif Jon.

..... with that Special Bunch again in Taiping- Bukit Gantang by-election

and finally but not least, I surprised him with a visit at UH....tired, drugged and asleep but hand still on the mouse.........sleeping on the job !