Friday, September 25, 2020

Anwar ohh.... Anwar!

Only a liar and a bloody hypocrite will ever say "I forgive" to the one who screwed up your life, sent you to prison and erased so many years of your life with jail sentences and tormented your entire family. Can you ever forgive or even forget someone who did that much harm and pain to you and your family? I say bullshit!

Anwar Ibrahim...(here).....was one such man who was side-lined for so long and even imprisoned for charges he insists that were trumped-up by his then "master" the MahaFiraun. A man who once as recently as 2017, said he had forgiven the corrupt MahaFiraun for throwing him into jail. And all that time NOT once did that old racist MahaFiraun even asked Anwar and his family to forgive him, if indeed as insisted by Anwar, he was innocent! So there you go. Anwar the man who's waiting for his day of glory as premier of Malaysia, is but still waiting. 

He loves the game of numbers. Not the 3 times a week numbers game played in KTM (Kuda, Toto and Magnum) but with numbers of politicians enough to form a new government. The latest being yesterday when he called for a press conference to yet again announce he has those numbers. An announcement of a phone call made the night before to the King, that sent our poor Agong to the heart hospital. But he won't reveal any figures but insists he's finally got some really big numbers. But in that press conference he made a damning blunder. He said he's got a solid Malay-Muslim majority support to his claims. And he goes on to say he's got politicians EVEN from UMNO! What the fuck was Anwar thinking off? What is your stand with the voters? Are you with UMNO or are you with Warisan and DAP and Amanah? Can you be a man, for once? Was he afraid the rakyat may favour Shafie Apdal over him for pm, so he wanted to be one-up and fast with his numbers? Prison life must have really screwed his brains, perhaps.  

Here we are a few days ago in Sabah, where Anwar was campaigning vehemently with his Warisan partners to kick UMNO out of Sabah and be rid of race-based parties parroting Shafie Apdal's clarion call about "building a nation and not building  any one race or religion" and like the hypocrite he is, back in the peninsula, Anwar's back as champion for Malays and Islam! Hey Anwar, tell me if there ever was a non-Malay majority party ever running this government in our entire history? How dumb do you think we are? But we wait lah....tunggu, sabar  lahhh...until we see those numbers okay? Can you give any forecast numbers to "pau" for tomorrow's race ah? 

With your new brag about UMNO members joining you, do you think your partners in DAP, Amanah, Warisan and even from your own PKR will sit back and welcome these frogs from UMNO with corrupt track records to be a part of the PH coalition? Do you think we, the voters will vote for you or anyone going along with you on this? We will punish you when the time comes. We will punish you in GE15. We will make sure you never become a pm. We will crush your pm dream forever! That we the voters WILL vow to do just that!

While we are on the subject of UMNO, even if they are kicked out of Sabah after tomorrow or from Anwar's fairy-tale press conference revelations, I for one will stand for fair-play and for truth. Of course cyber-troopers on both sides of the divide are in over-drive mode dragging their respective opposition with their gutter politics in Sabah today. But I want to set the record straight for one "fitnah" that's in circulation these past few days, and that is as below:
This UMNO guy Ir. Shahelmey Yahya never vowed to tear down any church. Its a dirty lie by some under-paid, shit-stirring amateurish cyber-trooper. This is so wrong on so many levels. And I'm against all and any posting like this. Give him a fair chance in his campaign, please, even if he is an UMNO man. 

Happy casting your votes tomorrow, Sabahans and vote wisely with your head for change as change IS good while we in the "Semenanjung" will wait and wait and wait and wait and wait......aiiyooo...for Anwar lah!   

Friday, September 18, 2020

Ode to MAJU!

Thursday, September 17, 2020



Dear pastor/father/community leaders, 

Free Air-tickets for Sabahan Voters to Fly Back to Sabah to Cast Votes

Sabah snap election polling date falls on 26 September 2020 (Saturday). In view that voting is the responsibility of every citizen/voter, BorneoCare managed to get some sponsors to support Sabahan voters (particularly students & lower income workers) in peninsula Malaysia to fly back to Sabah to cast their votes. 

Please encourage Sabahan who can’t afford to buy air-tickets to Sabah to send  their particulars to: * * 

The particulars we require to purchase air-tickets for them are: 
1.  Name as in IC;
2.  IC number;
3.  AirAsia Flight schedule the applicant wishes to fly to Sabah; 
4.  Returning AirAsia Flight schedule; 
5.  The constituency of the applicant; 
6.  Email of applicant;
7.  Mobile No. of applicant.   

Applicants can contact the following persons if they have any query: 
1. Alice  012-2929839 
2. Maria  011 26135788 
3. Gwen Ng  012 200 6243
4. Joel Jalleh  016 2212 088
5. Edmund  011-1208 1030 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,

Spencer Klumai 

*Posting as received-courtesy of PK.

If I may add my 2sens to this brilliant FREE OFFER sponsorship by some generous soul who is serious about "change" in the poorest rich state which has been ruled for so long  by greedy thieves of UMNO disguised as "leaders" over 57 years, NOW is your chance to kick them all out of your shores and later to bring these rogues to justice in a proper court of law  (and NOT some bullshit court as conjured up by that "nyanok" old racist MahaFiraun and his dubious 'rule-of-law' translation).
And while you are at it, you can also teach that idiot minister of PAS not to ridicule the Bible and refused to apologise with his zilch knowledge on the subject to all Christians in Malaysia and in Sabah where they are a majority! Not one minister in PN or PAS or BN even once told Moo to sack that bigot. That's their brand of arrogance or so they think. Now is your chance to return that "favour" Sabahans!

So guys when you vote come 26th. September 2020, your one single VOTE can kill 2 "mocking" birds! 
Go for the jugular and Godspeed!

Friday, September 11, 2020

To the movies we go today!

Well, its Friday again and its time for some light entertainment. For starters this poster below in Sabah is a winner in so many ways to the ordinary man or voter. And I'm guessing nobody in the peninsular has the balls to so boldly declare his promise in a billboard and in English too! But then Sabah (...and/or Sarawak) is a different kettle of fish to fry unlike the peninsular, no? Well we'll just have to wait and see if this proclamation will indeed ring true when the State elections are over later this month OR if this is mere lip-service from politicians and their "politikus-speak" rhetoric we have heard once too often before! 
Then as I promised you entertainment, here the latest mishmash movie of some really funny "actors" who'd bring so much laughter, you just might pee in your pant...ies! But I must warn you this movie is Rated 18+  and can be quite graphic. Oh....and its in ENGLISH okay! Enjoy the 1st. movie offering of the day.

And as you cannot stop with one for the day, this 2nd. movie below is a VINTAGE CLASSIC! Nominated for Best Lead Actor, Best Director, Best Story-Writer and Best Everything in the World lah... so many, many times since 1982! And still the lead actor ended up a FAILURE. That's the showbiz news from UMNOWOOD today! But keep chanting the old mantra - Yukenduit, Dongibap and Kipidap!  
I must say a big "terima kasih" to the independent producers of both the clips above. They have my utmost respect and I give them a "tabik" (salute) for their artful editing and presentation. 
Enjoy the clips as I'm going offline now. All this laughter made me very thirsty too lah. 
Cheers to the weekend!

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

The "creme de la creme" in our parliament, today.

What is wrong with this PN government and their ministers today and in the past the BN government huh? Every business idea that is from some small and hard-working entrepreneur in some company becomes eye-candy for them. Going back further during the corrupt BN era was the forced and coerced payment for "halal" logo. Who were the ones who had to fork out more and loose from their profits but none other then the individuals of small enterprises and who profited from this?....the BN of course! The BN government with its bloated agencies reaped in millions from the sweat and curses of many who had no reason to pay for "koshering" their products in the first place. It still baffles me to this day why mineral water bottles carry that halal logo. Why ?? Even gathering rainwater in jars will one day need an approval seal from this dubious government agency created by none other then that old racist and corrupt MahaFiraun himself!   

Then there was Uber which started out here and that too the BN government eyed it like green-eyed monsters for being a good business entity and immediately launched in with crony-related Grab and health-checks and guide-lines to claim a percentage for their participation as they threw in their brand of lazy and spoon-fed taxi drivers for good measure to be absorbed by Grab. 

Now, today in the news, I read some idiot minister in PN wants to impose a fee (I don't care even if it 5sens or 50sens) on an online shopping idea that is indeed great! Why?? Have they no bloody brains to be more creative then "parasiting" on someone elses' idea all the time? Typical "rent-seeking" leeches in Muhiyuddin's cabinet of lying and lazy politicians, no? Why go and tax on a workable idea that, in the past 6 months, has been the most ideal way to shop while staying home and away from crowded supermarkets and in compliance with the advice of the Health DG's SOP? Why, why, tell me why??? 

Below I've randomly uploaded some "not-so-bright-sparks" who hold top positions in the Moo government line-up. I don't need to name any of them. One thing they all have in common is that they may all have an IQ that's on par with my golf handicap, perhaps. If you're Malaysian and in touch with today's politics, you'll know what I'm talking about.....and that frog-in-red-beret lower down has nothing to do with this post and is simply thrown in here for personality comparison sake!