People Progressive Party (PPP) jumped on the Bersih bashing bandwagon today accusing the youths involved for “herd mentality” and not being able to think for themselves.

and I didn't hear a single word of protest from these slaves of UMNO as the BN government continues to label them as "pariahs" in school text books. A term I will use at will and frequently on all Malaysians of Indian origins, yours truly included. As far as I'm concerned, not a single "pariah" majority party like PPP or Hindraf or MIC took to the streets demanding the BN government to apologise and immediately remove the school text book used by upper forms in literature. Not a single Indian dared question BN or Najib. Kaveas included. Now you were saying about "herd" mentality.....?

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During PPP Federal Territories convention today, party president M Kayveas claimed that many youths who took part in the mammoth rally for clean and fair elections on April 28 did not understand the rally’s cause.

"If you ask them why they went, they will say they don't know, they just followed their friends.
...and these youths had more balls then all PPP combined. After all PPP and MIC are history today, no ?

"This is the kind of society we have now. We don't think," he said.

Speak for yourself K.V. Subramaniam, you village idiot and of you ilk in PPP, !

Kayveas blamed this kind of thinking on Pakatan Rakyat, accusing them of instigating the nation's youths.

And just what is BN rowdies instigating at all Opposition ceremahs, please ? Care to explain Kaveas ?

He said that previously, students would dutifully play their roles, such as being students. But nowadays, he alleged that they are more likely to be engaging in an online smear campaign.

"They wake up, open laptop and slander people... 40 percent of (the country's population) is using social media, but much information they receive on the internet are not true," he told some 1,000 delegates.

surely you got kids doing that too right Kayveas ?

Meanwhile, PPP Federal Territories chairman A Chandrakumanan condemned the Bersih movement for dividing the Malaysians "which have been living in peace for 54 years".

yes A. peace and in fear of losing your share of goodies, right ?

"We saw how the demonstrators overturned a police car, set fire to a motorcycle and how they kicked and beat up a policeman in uniform.

hey idiot, the police car that rammed into innocent people was over-turned because someone shouted there were people stuck underneath the car. How else can you remove victims if stuck underneath a car ? Sheeesh !

"The opposition is teaching the people how to be violent," he said.

yeah right moron ! Have you seen how Perkasa operates ?

'Indelible ink stone aged'

On the clamouring for electoral reforms, both Kayveas and Chandrakumanan parroted the common excuse that Pakatan's victory in five states during in 2008 allegedly proved that the electoral system was fair.

Kayveas took it a step further to denounce the indelible ink introduced lately as something that will "bring us back to stone age".
But we are in the "stone ages" here in BN controlled Malaysia, moron ! Just take a good look at our parliamentarians in debate. You included !

He said indelible ink is only used in countries where a proper voter registration system and identification card are found wanting.
What ?? You really think we live in a first world society Kayveas ? We have a corrupt government with 3rd. world mentality and the youths of today want to put that right.

Poking fun at the common method of preventing double voting, he said the ink will prevent beauty-conscious women from coming out to vote.
cheap pot-shots of insecurity.

"For the ladies who do their fingernails, I don't think they would want to dirty their fingers to vote.
this is the most idiotic comment I ever heard. Otherwise I really refuse to comment.

"After you vote, how are you going to hide one of your fingers from your boyfriend?" he quipped.
maybe Kaveas would be better-off sticking his finger up Saifool's arse, yeah ?

The former Taiping parliamentarian who lost his seat in 2008, added that the campaigning period was unnecessary as the opposition party is already campaigning everyday.
and this "pariah" was in charge of MY town ! Damn !

"I think we can just go to vote a day after we nominate the candidate," he said.

...and surely you're NOT on that list of candidates, you loser !