Monday, January 28, 2008

Is this Malaysia....?

I was browsing through You Tube and came upon this footage of a raid. No information on the parties involved or by which group of authorities conducting this raid. Neither is there a date, time or place mentioned nor can I authenticate .....but I'm shocked and disgusted by the display of violence involved and the recording itself...if it was for real !

You decide if you are in favor of such practises by both the couple (for khalwat) and the raiding authorities..... as for me... I'm speechless !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I made a mistake but I will not repeat !

Watching these 2 videos on rockybru's ( here) and on zorro's ( here) made me want to puke at our high-handed, brutal and tactless arrogance of our police force when only in my last post below this, I praised a couple of them for doing a good job !! (quite frankly I've decided to condone the post below now and also that I can't seem to load the videos on this here there you go !)

What the Malaysian Police Force has become is no different from the moronic thugs of old, who hide behind a uniform, armed and with the "express approval" of the government of the day and move in great numbers to bully and arrest decent and peaceful members of our civil society.....who definitely have no other avenues to voice their grouses of sky-rocketing costs in prices of essential commodities, fuel and toll !

Can you trust your "elected" representative to keep things in control ? No way man...our politicians are too corrupt and busy filling their pockets and "covering" their arses as a last minute ditch....just in case they don't get elected this time around ( which I'm pretty certain the sad looks of it !)

Our holy PM is indeed going to see a big drop in popularity for sure with the way he's mismanaging the tax-paying citizens grouses ! He can "brag and bullshit" to the "kampong folks" but in reality the "thinking" man is up to his eye-balls with frustration and now only waiting for this up-coming election to exercise and convert that anger to his favor !

Just look at the way the sham of the RCI ( sleazyball Lingam aka biggest prick-head of this country !) and PKFTZ (not to mention the untouchable "maharaja" Deros shit inter alia screw-ups !!!) episodes are heading ! The sleeping PM has boasted that everything is looking "roses" and "up" it's time for the election !.....Big mistake, my good PM, BIG MISTAKE !!

Listen to the ordinary folks please, THEY put you there and they can "UN-PUT" you as the only people who are enjoying your welcome are the parasites of BN ! They have accumulated enough.... don't ask me "how much is enough", please cos these maggots with "vested interests" seems to be rolling in the corrupt means of course....look around you, my hadari PM !!

So coming back to the videos.........people.... you decide for yourselves if a group of about 200 frustrated ordinary tax-paying citizens and with children of our civil society are denied their right to peacefully assembly and are threatened, beaten, dragged and arrested by 1,300 police personnel,(ratio 6.5 to 1 !! ) who could do better being deployed to catch the real perpetrators of the Nurin and Shalini kidnaps/murders !!

Shame on the police force !!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"Thank you and Godbless"

Last night on my way out to town around 8pm, I phoned the police department and complained to a guy at the station that it's been awhile since I actually saw any patrol car "ronda"ing in my neighbourhood, and the police personnel on the other end apologised politely that all hands are working round the clock in the "Shalini" and "Nurin" cases !

Good, I said..... but also told him while everyone was so focused on "those" cases, elsewhere other thieving opportunists and misfits were taking advantage of the situation and little petty crimes have occurred, like for the life of me I can't seem to find my new pair of "dockers" suede-loafers which I last wore 2 weeks ago, and another of my neighbour who also lost a couple of her shoes....these I told the policeman probably happened between 3 am and 6 am, and also the sudden "sightings" of a bunch of "rempits" hanging around my neighbourhood play-ground way past 1am !

So as I was returning home this morning around 4 and after muchos consumption of malts and barley and hops, I was pleasantly surprised to be tail-gated by a patrol-car ( no lights flashing!),and which I had noticed earlier, parked discreetly near the entrance to Happy Gardens off Old Kuchai Road, right to my doorstep !

As I neared my home and pressed on the remote auto-gate to open, a policeman peered out of his window, trying to get a glimpse of me and that was when I put my head out of the window and gave him the thumbs-up and waved as I drove into my porch !

Now isn't that something ? That's the way to do it,boys, yes, stop anyone(in my case, when I opened my gate, they knew I lived there, so they waited till I was inside and they drove-off quietly ! ) and demand their reason to be driving so late or early in the morning and if that they had any business to be in the neighbourhood (if they were non-residents !)

I know I've been critical of our boys in blue and am always selfishly demanding of their attention to safe-guard MY neighbourhood, yes, but.. hey!...... who wouldn't, right ?

Right now, I just want to say "thank you" to that 2 guys in that patrol-car this morning and to "keep-up the good work"....there is hope yet in this sad state of security in our country !

Godbless and cheers !

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh no ! NOT RELA ...please !

What do you get when you dress-up a "failed wannabe" cop or soldier in a real uniform, with no "professional" training, complete with handcuffs, baton or perhaps even a gun and give him powers to demand to check your personal documents and arrest if you cannot produce them ? You get RELA !

Yes... these "part-time" cops/soldiers/enforcers have gotten more power, thanks to the soon-to-be "take-over" of the management of depots housing illegal immigrants ( here) proudly initiated by our Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad (pic. above) !

RELA-loosely made up of mostly "wannabes" have had a notorious reputation of once photographing an illegal female urinating after being arrested a raid at a night-spot and after 3 hours, who couldn't hold her bladder....remember that incident ? And do you also remember the many illegals extorted of cash when rounded-up by these morons at "kongsis" and the poor illegal who drowned in a river, while being pursued by this ruthless half-baked idiots with little or no proper training who masquerade as police and enforcement officers ? To the eyes of an illegal anyone in a uniform is assumed, vested with powers to arrest him/ naturally when caught they have to beg for mercy and are in turn negotiated to either pay-up or offer "other" services (if the illegal in question here is a female , right ?) Don't pretend you do not know of these and other goings-on....sheeesh, where have you been ??

I've heard of friends who have been to "visit" some of these detainees and they've confessed that it cost a detainee RM10.00 to "borrow" a cell phone from guards to make a local call amongst others !! Can you believe it ? Of course there are other ways to "make that payment" too..... especially if you're a female detainee, and a good-looking one too ........get my drift ?? Whether in cash or kind, there's big money in these "part-time" jobs !!

It is just that if these activities were exposed these squealer's would be further victimised.....whether they are in a holding/detention camp or in prison !

And who says we're not a police state...... of course we are...when we dress everyone in uniform, why not....and more contracts to top-up the already lucrative uniform-making tailors !

And while we're on the subject of "part-time" jobs....even the most dreaded scumbags of our civil society... the infamous "mat-rempits" are soon to be "gainfully employed" by UMNO Youth........providing transport services to polling stations, during the coming elections ! Hmmmmmm.......their "passengers" would either be raped or robbed or both even before they can arrive at the polling stations, trust me !

Read my earlier posting on this RELA buggers .... here !

Why not use our National Service "kids" to do the above jobs instead ?Huh...they'd be fact for free, they've got uniforms, educated to Form 5 and they would actually be doing the nation a meaningful service ! Cost effective ? Less contracts given out ? No......? Just a loose "wicked" thought man.......hmmmmm!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Even God cried !

I read of the killing of Datuk S Krishnasamy, the MIC Johor deputy chief and Tenggaroh state assembly person in cold blood in a lift of the MIC headquarters by a suspect who's photo-fit has appeared in all the medias and dailies, and yes, I must say the shooting was insanely senseless.

And at the cremation on Sunday, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu (who was seen wiping tears from his eyes !) with other state as well as national MIC leaders attending the cremation, and when someone was to have quipped..."even the sky shed tears during the cremation of a very good father and great man and a helpful leader " ! (here) I don't mean no malice to anyone here, but this IS the rainy season all over the rains everyday man and hey... remember the floods elsewhere ???

Granted, this was a good man and is sadly grieved by his family and supporters, yes, my deepest condolence to his family BUT I also chanced to read another story today, hopefully unrelated, which raises a few curious questions and in up-north, Ipoh, Perak my home state !

Posted on the front door of the state MIC headquarters in Medan Kidd and on surrounding buildings and stalls, was a notice written in Bahasa Malaysia by a "Rakyat Malaysia", alleging a MIC power-conspiracy and elimination within !

Is this "nasty" notice, the work of a credible person ? Is there more then meets the eye......afterall only yesterday the party President was "seen in tears" at the funeral ! What "devious mind" would have hatched this theory ? Will the police investigate the "nasty" notice...when they have their hands full with the recent arrests of the highly publicised Nurin/Kampung Baru murderers /abductors /perpetrators ?? Is there any truth in this "nasty" piece of notice at all ?? Pray...give me answers !

With all due respect to the grieving family of the late Datuk S Krishnasamy, I hope the above questions and much more, have got relevent and immediate answers and not just heresay by a frustrated party member !

Over to you..... Sam !

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Land of the living dead !

The chairman of the Election Commission, Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman is confident that the electoral roll is now free of dubious voters.( read here first ).... clap ! sybas!!...clap ! kudos!!...clap! bijak !!

So why is it that I have my reservations about this man, who's overstayed his welcome and challenged he'd quit his post if anyone can provide proof of vote-rigging !

Well that's why when someone suggested I do a random search on the Election Commission Roll Check -
I was shocked to meet both Malaysia's youngest voter and/or Malaysia's oldest voter (if the records below are not erased as of this moment), as claimed by the Commissioner Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman!

random search.....below...

IC Number (without "-" or "space")

Checking to :

Kad Pengenalan : 981231081137 / 1207648
Jantina : LELAKI
Lokaliti : 092 / 02 / 11 / 008 - PARIT 8 TIMOR
Daerah Mengundi : 092 / 02 / 11 - TEBUK KENCHONG
DUN : 092 / 02 - SABAK
Parlimen : 092 - SABAK BERNAM
Sebarang pertanyaan :

picture this:

If Haji Abd Wahab b Md Saman was born in 1898 he'd be 109+ years old today......clearly making him the oldest voter alive, but on the other hand if there really had been a screw-up...which I'm pretty sure, then we have a little 9+ year old child- voter with a title of Haji to boot too ! How's that folks ?

Now looking back in shock at what another blogger who have been harping of, on these "phantom-voter"'t it downright scary to know that you ARE not who you are ! You've been either "cloned", "erased" or are "non-existent" ??

A blessed Maal Hijrah 1429 to all Malaysians !

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

...but who's watching the cops... ? good PM's finally aroused from his deep slumber.....and he's angry !Hhmmmm....yes that is good news to all men of goodwill !! But wait....he also expressed deep concern over the "high" crime situation in the country !( read here )

Thus he has ordered the police to direct all buildings in areas of high crime rate in all major cities and states to be installed with CCTV immediately ! Nice move Mr. Prime Minister !

But why city buildings only, what about the streets, the alleys, housing estates as this is the most worrying area ! Yes housing estates are the perfect place for snatch thieves, kidnappings and molesters apart from house break-ins ! This is where almost everything happens !

What will be a welcome sight now, will be police personnel on foot-patrol, bicycles or even on motorbikes patrolling all housing odd hours and in twos ! Yes and now that would be just great, right ?......not CCTV's on buildings....remember the Nurin case, there was a footage caught on camera, but what came of it ??? Just a waste of tax-payers money squandered...that's all !

What about CCTV cameras installed on the dashboard of all patrol cars ? That way every time the police pull-over anyone suspicious, all proceedings there-on can automatically be recorded, provided the police park behind the suspects....heh! heh ! And while we're on the subject on CCTV's maybe the developer can be instructed to install these cameras at all "mamak" stalls in and around all housing estates.....that way we can also monitor the time spent by our "honest-to-goodness-men-in-blue" eating and "lepaking" instead of catching the likes of Nurin's killers, petty thieves/junkies who'd leap over the fence to steal a pair of shoes or wet jeans on the cloths-line or snatch thieves on wheels targeting lone persons who are either walking towards the neighbourhood shops/market or the bus-stop to and from work ...otherwise known as "mat rempits" !

But my good and holy PM has finally watch out all you robbers.....and cops !

Saturday, January 05, 2008

of egos and failures !

Like I said in my earlier post..."these are exciting times " and yes... siree ! these sure are those times !

Just look at our City Hall walls at night in our fair city.....we have our PM's face digitally illuminated and glaringly pasted on one side of the entire building ! (read rocky's Leningrad story here ) Why this wastage of public funds to show-off a face that is fast losing public confidence... eh ? Is this an inflated ego trip of another dictator-in-waiting or is this another way to say "thank you" by some grateful crony for the contracts awarded ? Can anyone tell me how much it cost per night to light-up an entire side of a 30+ storey building ? And who was awarded this "projection" contract ? Was there an open tender ? Hmmmmm........I cannot fathom the incredible plans hatched by this government/mayor coming up with next
to "suck" this country dry, !

And elsewhere at the PM's office in Putra Jaya, we have a group calling themselves Young Malaysians Action Secretariat (
Sekretariat Bertindak Anak-Anak Muda Malaysia) "presenting" for real a pillow and a bolster to our dear Prime here ! Now are these times not exciting enough ? If this is not the "writing on the wall" of really disappointed citizens and even now the sleeping PM doesn't wake up to what's really happening around him....them I have nothing more to say of of this man who "promised" us change, transparency, honesty, and morality from the previous administration when he took over barely 4 years ! We have all been taken for a ride and it bothers me to have had faith in his promises ! Wake up Mr. Prime Minister.....wake up please !

The rising and daring crimes do not bother these "elitists" anymore ! Hundreds of police personnel and vehicles are deployed to "stop" peaceful marchers but you cannot find a single policeman patrolling the highways where everyday there are reported car-jackings, kidnappings, rapes and robberies along every part of the city and the out-skirts ! Oh...yes you can find them alright....anytime of the day or night, sitting at corner "mamak" stalls having their "teh-tariks" and "roti canais"!!!

God save Malaysia !

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A birthday gift for Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek

What a way to start the year 2008 !....and this Health Minister practically "unwrapped" his birthday present in full view ( meaning the personal friend in the recording !) of his constituency and in a cheap hotel too (just look at the bed and room settings !) and bravely so admitted to his "unhealthy" wrong-doings !

But I must admit this doctor has the guts and decency to own-up like a man, unlike those other buffoons in BN who have been "screwing" you and me blind every other day and yet preach about morality and values like angels !

My other point is our "immaculate" IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan's warning.... that it was an offence to possess and distribute copies of the DVDs and that those found guilty would be charged under Section 292 of the Penal Code which carries a three-year jail term or fine or both.

What baloney is he talking about here ? Who cares a damn, who's got a copy ? Isn't he supposed to go after the owners of the hotel, check from which angle the recording was made and if it was from the adjoining room, check the register for names of occupants of that room on that faithful day and then take them to task....tsk,tsk !! That's who he's got to go after ! Do I have to teach him everything ?? Sheeesh ! And the IGP has not seen the video ???Hmmm...that's strange... when it has already been shown on national TV....he's the last to know nor see for me.....No siree.....I have not seen it either !

So the doctor's family have forgiven him and are standing by him..... sure, that's good for him and now his "punishment" begins at home ! Remember he represents the people and not just his ?? Resign, don't wait for the holy PM to make a decision, okay ? That will be a "morally" right thing to do ! And NO... I'm not making any judgement here as I'm no saint !.... after all he's just a man....a mortal with blood running through "all" his veins !

Now let's see if there are any more brave "men" in the BN who'd be daring enough to own-up to the hundreds of sins they have committed and are continuously committing, even as I write this post !

Welcoming 2008 with a "bang" ! These are interesting times ....for now, what a start, folks...what a start !!