Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some guys have all the luck.....

Who would spend RM 15 million for his marriage and yet have his face blurred on his wedding pictures ? The bride in question is none other then Syella Kamaruddin, a little know singer but has made the big time now with her marriage to this elusive VVIP recently. She became the second wife to this amorous retired civil servant, who also showered her with a RM5 million bungalow and an Audi R8 amongst others as goodies to seal the deal. ( follow the rest of the story in Bahasa Malaysia here )

But I am stumped numb understanding that if he was a high ranking and retired civil servant living off of the tax-payers generosity and on a retiree's pension, how could he afford such an excessively grandiose second marriage that's got all the trimmings of an English wedding ?

....ooopps....somehow this last picture seemed to have escaped the orders of the censorship board so here it is folks......hmmm....but does he not remind you of someone very (un)popular until recently ?? No prizes for guessing who,okay ?

I'm humming to Rod Stewart's............ "some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain, some guys get all the breaks some guys do nothing but complain....." I do this post !
Sigh !

Monday, November 28, 2011

Double-speak !

Take a good look at Satan in the picture above.Focus on tongue is encouraged. (don't get any other ideas apart from what's written below.)

This is the tongue of a politician. With this tongue a politician will promise you mostly heaven and make all your problems look like they would be solved the minute you voted him in. With this tongue he would tell you the sweetest things you want to hear more so if he's got everything to lose if he lost an election. More so if his loss is blamed, in domino effect, the fall of the entire party and history, re-written. This is the double-speak tongue a politician of the BN will use at will. For nearly 54 years the lies and the double-speak has been churned out continuously that I want to puke everytime I hear one of them speak now.

BN a party that thrived on lies, nepotism, cronyism, corruption and savagery and even unleashed fear into the hearts of it's citizens should they vote otherwise. A party that thinks they have brain-washed the mind-sets of the rural folks into think they are the "saviors" to this country. This party is nearing extinction with it's crass behavior of its uncouth members, hundreds of scandals from robbing or siphoning public coffers of billions of tax-payers ringgits, absolute corruption to abuse of power by the authorities, raping the Judiciary and Police and spreading racism and to even murder. And we the rakyat are to be blamed time and again for being "sold" by this double-speak party.

Now take a look of just a few examples in the clips below.
Somehow I notice most of the video clips featuring Najib and that old racist , the Tun, have been "spammed" by cyber-troopers. Very timely too !

The buck stops here !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Penguin Walk re-visited .

Today I want to refresh your memory of that first Penguin Walk back on 26th. September 2007 !
Click here and have a read, but more ironically read the comments !

Now be prepared for the 2nd. walk this Tuesday @ 11:30am as the "penguins" come out in force again on the 29th. November 2011 ! A force to be reckoned with !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

of vultures and hyenas.

Try as I want to write something "nice" about our police force I come to a blank ! Never has the Malaysian police department been up to their nose in shitty and dirty corruption then at the present time !

These guardians of our lives and protectors of our neighbourhood and streets are the very crooks we tax-paying citizens have to fear most ! They have tarnished the good name of law and order they so solemnly swore to up-hold without fear or favour ! Of course you might argue there are some good cops still and I'm not being fair to paint them all in one brush, no ? But the facts and there's just too many of them, far out-weighs whatever good a few cops can do or have done. There is no redemption in sight and all credibility is eroded. Finito !

Police brutality and deaths in the once very sacred hollow of their stations are common occurrence. Bribes and threats go hand-in-hand. Laziness and greed are qualities bred with years of service. Serving and sucking-up to the affluent is business as usual. Denying the lowly educated and poor is also okay in a days work. Cover-ups and
"fixing" a wrong can also be bargained for the right price. In fact I could go on and on but then again is there anything I know you don't know yourself already ?

Famous and over-used line is.....
"we are investigating, so don't speculate or you could be charged for spreading rumours" or "we have set up a special committee to look into that" is bullshit meant for kampung folks ! Sorry we don't buy that shit anymore !

Such is the SOP of our officers-in-blue and the rakyat is pissed off beyond belief and have not one thing nice to say of them. Poor excuse for human beings, that's what they are. A police force that will immediately spring into action when their political masters say
'go'... a force that is like a blood-hound chained in a cage without food and water for a month. A well fed force that will deploy hundreds and use their mighty water cannon and tear-gas to arrest at will once their political masters say 'arrest them' ! A force that has no respect for the very hand ( read you and me-as tax-payers ) that feeds them monthly with a fat salary from our blood and sweat earned ringgits.

I am so damn angry, so bloody pissed off with these morons-in-blue after I read this ( here ) ! Talk about making a police report about a robbery in a police station by a policeman who was guarding evidence taken from another bunch of bandits, the MACC of Malaysia by his fellow policemen thieves....ptuii !!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This just about sums it up !

The 2-storey out-house
thanks JW !

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the price of a pariah's vote......!

The "Interlok" book is still in the syllabus of secondary schools and the label of "pariah" and "pendatangs" is still validly stuck on me and all other Malaysians of remote Indian origins. That being the adamant view of the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the price of a pariah's vote is worth a bottle of whisky....not even a Black Label but the not so famous Famous Grouse ! ( read here )

Bribing is second nature in BN. Corruption is a way of life in BN. And government servants who are paid with the rakyat's tax ringgits are but pawns in the BN game plan, can be bought with a bottle of whisky ? Great smoking thunders roll as it's raining Deepavali hampers in Batu Pahat as UMNO desperately tries to win the hearts of an "outcast" minority for their votes to stay in power and continue buggering us for the next 50 years !

These gifts are first bought with tax-payers money and secondly any form of bribery is a sin in God/Allah's eyes. So what is the Muslim DPM trying to convey here ? It's not a sin to offer or receive bribes as long as it is seen to be coming from their "masters" in UMNO ? And the bribing of a very noble profession like teachers is the moral thing to do, Mr. Muhyiddin Yassin ? And this other village simpleton from Batu Pahat MP Mohd Puad Zarkashi thinks he's got the "pariahs" by their balls to vote for them ? Can you think of anything cheaper then this stunt ?

Damn will these "pendatangs" be if they can be insulted as cheap drunkards and still suck-up to these bigots and vote them in, in the next general elections ! Damn too will they be if they cannot see through the corrupt laden manoeuvrings of UMNO and demand that totally discriminating "Interlok" crap they call literature to be removed immediately !

Wake up bloody Malaysians of remote Indian is the time to hit back. Hit these racists hard and what better way then to out-vote and kick them out of Putrajaya for good and maybe......just maybe you'd get your place in the sun, as equals with dignity and respect as you stand amongst all Malaysians, proudly as Malaysians !

As for me....I like my 12 year old single malt straight with one cube of ice please......

Cheeers !