Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodness NPC Gracious!!

Yes , the National Press Club's AGM was held last night and boy am I still nursing a heavy head, 'hic', from all that guzzling !
This is an exciting motley of seasoned journalists who will serve as the EXCO for a term of 2 years ending in March 2009 !
And yes the out-going President, Rocky( who had served 2 terms or 4 years) was indeed pleased with the selection of the EXCO members under the new leadership of Mokhtar as President.
All members present had a great time merry-making before and after the free and transparent voting was over and for the benefit of my blog readers (you deserve that privilege... actually !) I list below the new Honorary line-up.
1. President- Mokhtar Hussain of Bernama
2. Deputy President- M. Veera Pandiyan of The Star
3. Vice President- Joe Fernando of The Star
4. Secretary- Jugjet Singh Randhawa of the NST
5. Assistant Secretary- Jane Ritikos of The Star
6. Treasurer- SP Manivasagam of Movie News
7. Assistant Treasurer-Lum Chih Feng of the Oriental Daily
and the 8 Executive Councillors (in no particular order) are 1) T. Ananthan of Bernama 2) Anthea De Lima of Mediate Publication 3) Farrah Naz Karim of the NST 4) Ghazemy Mahmud of ADJ 5) Jaiarajo Letchuman of Bernama 6) B. Kaderas of Malaysian Nanban 7) Krishna Rao of Malaysian Progress and last but not least 8) Shamini Darshni of the NST.
And looking at this list.... hmmmm.... 4 ladies in the midst...that has never happened before ! Me thinks this is going to be a year full of changes and rearrangements..and excitment... power to the women !
Congratulations to all for your new appointment in the National Press Club !!
And the music plays softly as I quietly continue to sip my beer 'hic' in one cosy corner at my favorite drinking 'hic' hole.........cheeeeers !!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mat Dohfus Pt. 2

"Focus on training and ignore the critics.." UMNO Youth Chief Datuk Seri Krishammuddin Tun Hussain advices the 10 selected "rempit-sympathizers" of UMNO Youth (here) who will jump from 6,000 ft above sea level over the Artic in -35 degrees Celsius temperatures between April 15-20, 2007.

Why is the minister so vehemently trying to prove these 10 youths' credibility? In my earlier post
(read here ) UMNO Putera Youth Bureau Chairman a certain Datuk AAAR (se) said something similiar and now our good minister is 'lip-syncing' like a canary that same tune ? Does the future of UMNO Putera rests on the "sucess" of this jump ? Surely this minister's got his expectations of our youth in a confused 'mode for success'!

So excuse me Mr. UMNO Youth Chief, don't you ever say this 'expedition' is not funded by me, you( hmm... you..I'm not so sure !!) and all tax-paying citizens of this country ! Every thing UMNO does IS with public funds, so stop saying we have no right to know how "wisely" our taxed ringgits are being used ! And how much is all this going to put us back with... huh...1 million, 2 million or is this running into the billion ?? (these days the word million has become 'loose change' and billion is the norm!)
Is it, also true the team leader 'broke' his leg recently during 'practise ' jumps ? And that he won't be leaving or leading his charges to the North Pole ? How much will these choosen 'princely kids' be paid after the expedition ? Who's paying them ? Or will they all be given branch chairman positions in UMNO Putera ? Is our honorable Datuk AAAR also a part of the contigent...?( of course meh.... there should only be 10 youths plus a couple of extras following the expedition but then you know... this is Bolehland lah must take 150 supporters, sympathizers, hangers-on, pachiks, machiks, ketua kampongs, leeches, machais, cameramen and not forgetting the make-up artists and stunt- doubles for comfort..heh...heh! )
Questions, questions, questions... and I need answers babe... you think I have no right to ask ? Now go on, you tell me..!
*(masterpiece- courtesy of Mob1900)*

Sunday, March 18, 2007

" Oie... Jangan buat lagi tahuuu...?"

Ahhh...yes , the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) is 'stealing' the limelight in the Malay Mail again( here ) and it's got me all worked up pray, tell me, are we going to be detoxed of this highly lethal and poisionous 'cancer' that has grown so comfortable in our midst, dressed in dark blue uniforms, walking shamelessly as enforcement and up-keepers of laws/regulations ?

Laws created first, in the parliament ,then translated/misconstrued at state councils and modified/misconstrued/misunderstood further at the local councils and enforced upon tax-payers.....these laws (if you may want to call it that !) at local councils are nothing more then rules and regulations, translated and modified from council to council, state to state and applicable and revokable at the whims and fancies, and by the pleasures of the top dog in the council and /or state !

This is the ROT !

So 19 MPAJ government servants (I use the term government servants always,because they are, whether directly or indirectly, are paid by you and me, as rate/tax payers and who should be doing what we expect of them to be doing in their respective capacity as government servants !) were issued show-cause letters over negligence for not carrying out their duties in closing down a theme park which operated without a license for 8 bloody years !!

After "some" investigations from within the council "which deliberated for 3 hours on the fate of the 19 government servants", each government servant was issued a 'warning' and the whole controversy was concluded and considered closed ! Now how about that ???

Oh yes keep your focus as we have such a transparent government and we are governed by a Islam Hadari PM... and Datuk Ramli Mahmud, Selangor State Secretary, "thinks" the decision was okay ,when asked to comment on the out-come of the 19 corrupt government servants ! And yet another moron hopes that the 19 will be more careful the...errhh... next time !! ( oops ...did I say 'corrupt' ?...I am not supposed to say such things as they were not proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt !!)

Just goes to show how deep-rooted this corruption has set in the system whilst the government preaches about openess, democracy, transprency and all that bloody bullshit !! Surely this decision of a 'warning' is a joke and yes, I'm pissed off !!
Syabas UMNO, Syabas Barisan National and Syabas to our beloved and holy PM !

Saturday, March 17, 2007

"..from cockles to mussels to "!!

To all the people of Ireland from Donegal to Galway to Cork, and all things Irish, or anyone who's had the good fortune to visit Ireland or have had any contact/association with the Irish people or Ireland and have been adventurous enough to part-take in their customs, rituals or habits or even drink in an Irish pub outside of Ireland( like here in Malaysia) or even lift a glass of Guinness's goodness in a coffeeshop 'hic' and to all Irish persons living outside of Ireland ..."Thanks for the memories"...'hic'...and "Happy St. Patrick's Day"..!! Cheeeers !!!
Cheers to Benny, Deirdra, Antoine, Greg, Diendra, Martin, Bernie, Sophie, Charlie and Grace...'hic' .........from Stephen and family- Malaysia.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My Apologies to all Lady Bloggers !

I want to apologise to all lady bloggers here in Malaysia and the world over! Please do not include/associate the rest of us bloggers/and males, with that moron who's chauvinistic remark has riled all lady a royal politician, Tengku Adnan should exercise tact and good manners and not take a cheap-blow at bloggers - we are not liars... men or women bloggers ! Our Mr. Tourism Minister spoke like a true Malaysian UMNO politician.... through his arse !

Now I demand a public apology from this dimwit ! In fact only in this "bodohland" can a Minister of Tourism, get away with such stupid, disrespectful and biased statement against the many women whose very votes put him where he is today ! What a poor excuse for a minister !! Shame on you...Tengku ! (did I say.....Tengku ??) Can anyone in Parliament demand a public apology from this Tengku ? eerh... Mr. Prime Minister.....sir..?

And Tengku, you're calling my 13 year old god-child a liar too ? She is a responsible blogger and she writes about things the way a 13 year old sees (
here) and I believe every word she prints (even if they are misspelt...! ) as opposed to the lies you spew from your mouth ! Shame on you...NOW apologise !

I wonder where this joker gets his facts from ? ( from PAS..huh..?) I wonder what he thinks of his family members especially girls ...if they ever blogged ! He might even have told them it is "haram" for girls to blog !! This cave-man attitude is what's making us (the rest of us-decent Malaysians !) the brunt of jokes all over the world...for our visitors to take back to their home-lands.

This clowns never cease to astound me time after time .....!
*Photo-courtesy of Sheih "Kickdefella"-

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"tell" - News Unglossed !

Today was the launch of the latest magazine "tell", and boy what a splash it least for it's dear publisher, Wahti Mahidin of "Waht's up" fame.

Yes darlings, I did have a great time at the party and I want to say "Thank You" to all at 'tell' (funny I cannot even use a capital letter to spell this mag!!) And I'm not telling you why !
Good and glossy and this mag's got some real 'heavies' at the helm with Sharifah Sakinah, Dina Zaman, Adam Lee, Michelle Gunaselan... just to name a few.
Targeting readers above 30 and 'thinking', I'd say this mags' got attitude !
Once again "Congra..ku..ku..lationss" to the whole gang and thanks for the invite !

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers !!!

I'm not "tell"ing anything more.. 'hic'...go get one for yourself 'hic' when it hits the news-stand tomorrow ! Good night .......hic!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Happy Chap Goh Meh"

Well looks like the Chinese New Year celebrations (if you can call it that because I cannot tell by this 'deafening silence'...less the fire-crackers !) are finally over and tomorrow it will be back to the humdrum called work, for most of us.

Overheard at a gaming outlet, this afternoon that there was a van being driven around the Happy Garden housing area, off Old Klang Road in Kuala Lumpur, with four to six men in mufti, looking out-for any persons, gambling in the privacy of their homes...How much more sneakier will these authorities get ? If they really are from the government enforcement agency( and not some bogus crooks posing as such..) going after illegal gamblers, why do these morons peep into peoples homes to make arrests when all they have to do is plant themselves near the many licensed gaming outlets and arrest all those Muslims going in and out of these outlets ! Gambling for Muslims is wrong but to sneak around private homes of Malaysians of Chinese descent is ridiculous. Gambling during the Chinese New Year season is an integral part of the celebrations.....just as fire-crackers is as to wading off "evil spirits" !

Notice how this 2 major activities/customs have been slowing phased out in our society... and don't forget the "lion dancers" and the throwing of this actions ( whatever reasons given by the authorities) they are just an excuse, from a bigger master plan, to further eradicate cultures and practices of other fellow races in this country ! And I am neither a racist nor a religious bigot, in all honesty ! I am a Malaysian, period !

Shouldn't the practice of all 3 major races of this country be encouraged and put in full gear to enhance unity and respect most especially during this "Visit Malaysia Year 2007" ? Why do all foreign visitors think we (as in Malaysians) are UNIQUE ?? Why do you think foreigners come to our shores ? To see the millions of illegal Banglas and Indons living in harmony here in Malaysia ? Of course not, it has everything to do with the different way we (as in Malaysians) practice our 3 different major races, religions and cultures in harmony..... that's why !!!

Next year will see the banning of "Yee Sang" during Chinese New Year ...and eerhh...the drinking of whiskey by Hindus during Deepavali..... mark my word ! And the government spends millions in all those cockamanie projects thus creating instant millionaires in the pretext of good governance under the guise of promoting racial harmony, tolerance and respect !

My family and I wish all a "Happy Chap Goh Meh " and to Rocky "Congratulations " on being cited in Wikipedia...another first, man...and..YOUUUU have arrived and here to stay !

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dracula Sucks ... Part ll

This one's courtesy of Mob's Crib.

Blood-y Awesome, man.