Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Rogue's Gallery (Pt.II)

 I can honestly say this is the BEST political joke for the year 2021! 

The face of the world's greatest kleptocrat Najib and his band of brigands in modern times are asking you to join them in their fight against corruption! 

Surely they have absolutely no shame or self worth even though they are known to be not mere millionaires BUT billionaires through corrupt acquirement and who have got the entire judiciary and enforcement in the country their pockets. Its also ironic these same thieves always begin their speech in any ceremah, reciting phrases from the Holy book as if all they have  done is quiet halal. 

Perhaps in their own interpretation whatever they have done is considered kosher only because they've been led to believe by their partner in crime, a green-robed towelhead named Hadi, the "spiritual" leader of the Islamic party PAS. 

Its about time the 2 thieves in the middle Najib and Zahid (both with numerous criminal charges for corruption and embezzlement already passed by a court of law - whatever that means in Malaysia!)  be thrown in jail to rot for the rest of their pathetic lives instead of parading themselves like peacocks in heat!