Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shame on you bad cops !

This clearly illustrates the intense bias and corruption of the Malaysian Police Force. ( read here ) and it has spoilt my day already !
Just how these idiots sleep every night baffles me ! Just six reports and already they are up on toes and in top-gear carrying out their duties "diligintly" whereas tens of hundreds of police reports have been equally lodged against so many BN ministers, MB's and all the other monkeys by us, tax-paying citizens and nothing....NOTHING constitutes an investigation or even a file opened from our boys-in-blue !! Semuanya okay ?? But when it comes to reports against the PR.....see the speed ! Damn you dirty coppers ! I am sure there are alot of decent cops out there too ! But the action of a few head-honchos only add more hatred and crap to the already low-life image of the entire force and surely no right thinking and decent rakyat would ever forgive you for what you are doing. Have you no shame ? We pay for you and your childred's well being. Do you work for US ? Surely corrupt cops will pay heavily in the after-life . What will you tell your children ? That you dutifully did you job without fear and favour ?
I am both disgusted and ashamed of this royal institution that carries a crown in it's insignia !

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mr.Prime Minister, touching !

Seems the PM and everyone in BN are very "concerned" about the so-called " serious internal rifts" in the Opposition !!! Hahahaha ! What a joke !
But I guess playing the "devil's advocate" does make the man-in-the-street think there's really bigger "problems" in PR and thus cleverly diverting the more and major pressing issues that begs answers within BN circus ! Sir, have you solved and can you please come out clean to explain to the rakyat all those on-going and unresolved "crap" within BN ??? Put your house in order Mr. Prime Minister before trying to hypnotise the masses with your "deep concerned sympathy" for the Opposition, really ! ( here )

Care to explain the missing jet engines, unsinkable submarine, PKFZ, money politics, in-fighting and finger-pointing within the now irrelevant MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan and in UMNO too , puppet judiciary, kangaroo courts and corrupt and biased police force, mat-rempit related street crimes, politician controlled media, failed 1Malaysia, Teoh Beng Hock, Altantuya, Kugan, corrupt riddled former MB Toyo's "palace", unaccounted billions of ringgits squandering by the former premier claims and of course the "kaywhy" totting Saiful ?
Well with all these aboved-mentioned mysteries still unexplained and still nagging the minds of the rakyat, money-lured "frogs" and BN "plants" in the Opposition is like a "siblings" quarrel.
Take care and clean-up the BN house first , Sir ........the Opposition surely can sort out theirs with a "broom" ( read the "thinking" rakyat ) faster and surely cleaner. It's just a matter of weeding-out the "plants" and identifying the half-baked attention-seekers !!
Hehehe....good try Mr. PM...... honestly I'm very touched by your concern !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dare to quit as MP Zahrain ?

Zahrain Mohd Hashim ...... you heard us ....... QUIT NOW an MP, you shameless politician. And see if you can still be in the rakyat's favour in a by-election anywhere, anytime !

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wishing all........

Drive safe and if you're going out drinking a "sober" relative to send you home !! Take care and ....Godbless !

Friday, February 12, 2010

go tell it to the Marines, Tan Sri !

Why did we acquire 2 submarines for, you might wanna ask, right ? I'll tell you why. To use as props in advertisements.....see here !

I cannot fathom why else we need these billions of "tax-payer ringgit" mega-purchases and instantly find out they are defective and not ready to see action !! And as the RMN chief says "teething" problems that are not common BUT not a major problem ! Hehehe, helloooo Popeye.....we're not buying this bull-shit you feed us lah ! Not when it involves RM270million of the rakyat's taxes for annual maintenance and service. And the further delay in the "battle" as to who gets what size of the cake in contracts is also public knowledge as to who would eventually get it and eat it too, lah ! Go tell it to the Marines, Tan Sri, not to us please ! (read the story here )

Would you be daft enough to buy a really expansive car and then go smash it just to see if the air-bags worked ? We are talking of billions here Tan Sri......there should be NO room for error ! No way ! Were the sub-builders credible in the first place or were they of sub-standard $2 "greasing" companies ? This is billions we are talking about......and they belong to the rakyat's blood and sweat ! Now if somebody stole the periscopes or even the, aaahem.... engines of these monstrous chunks of metal, you will surely get a thunderous standing ovation from the rakyat !

The last time the government went "shopping" for their procurement purchases, one "illegal" Mongolian lass (bless her soul !) was blown to "kingdom come" in the fringes of a secondary jungle by 2 "masked" men ! Now that would be a nice "touching" scene if they had included in that ad above.....yes ??
Sheeeesh !

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Perak mourns !

Latest: Datuk Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir is the valid Perak Menteri Besar, the Federal Court rules....unanimous decision from a 5-men bench :-read the rest here )

I am not at all surprised with the decision......but what a shame.......the rakyat have once again been "shanghaied" by the Pangkor "thamby " ! If the BN state government is so confident that the rakyat "loves" them, why not let the rakyat or the peoples of Perak decide once and for all ? After all what would 5 men sitting on a bench know what's good for the people of Perak ? Dissolve the state government and call for a state-wide election ? That way we can put to rest who the people want to govern them !

It is indeed a day of mourning for all true-blue-blooded Perakians !! Sigh.....

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Funeral rites for BN in Perak ?

I am anxiously awaiting for the Federal Court's decision this Tuesday, 9th February, on the illegal power- grab by that BN's "thamby" verses PR's "abang" in Perak about a year ago.....remember the "Democracy Tree" debacle? ( read here )
We also now know of the 3 PR's frogs that "brokered a-leaping" that lead to the humiliating and disgraceful "man-handling" fiasco displayed by BN's finest mongrels in the state assembly last year that the rest of the world too, witnessed, yes ?
Now comes the sticky part. What IF, (indeed I'm a sucker for "divine interventions" !) the Federal Court's ( read "wholly owned by UMNO Inc." ) jester....oppps sorry...judge, in a fit of insanity and anger against his/her paymasters gentle advice, decrees Nizar as the rightful MB ? Will the Pangkor thamby, now with a 3 "friendly frogs" but 2 majority party call for a vote of "no confidence " against Perak's favourite abang again and repeat that shameful power-grabbing Round II ? Has the PR a plan B and to bury the Perak state BN once and for all ?
Of course Nizar is the confident and rightful MB and still is most Perakians' champion but the legal process in the country is, as we know.... "suspect" and an unfavorable decision against the BN means BN will be ousted out of Perak, and so will be the presiding judge, right ? And the one thing this current and "illegal" Perak state government won't tolerate is a level playing field.....or with PR coming out victorious ! There's just too much at stake for BN and Najib's UMNO, right ?
Until this Tuesday 9th. Feburary's and the Federal Court's "shocking" on the look-out for frustrated and paid "shit-stirrers" and the lesser-paid trouble-making "rempits" !
Take heart all ye decent and fellow Perakians, okay ?

Friday, February 05, 2010

this article sums it up best !

Brand Malaysia reeling from a thousand cuts


Feb 4,Thursday 2010

Over the years, scandal corruption and mismanagement, as well as misguided policies have tarnished our country's name.

LIKE it or not, every country has a brand name. When a country comes to mind, people often think of it in a certain way, much like Coca-Cola or Mercedes-Benz. A brand name is more than an image; it is the essence of what a brand represents.

Needless to say, a brand name is a valuable commodity and both countries and companies jealously protect their brand name. What takes years to build can be tarnished almost overnight.

Sometimes a single incident can set back a country’s image by many years. At other times, a country’s image can suffer death by a thousand cuts - a series of unfortunate events or incidents over a period of time that, taken together, paints an unhappy picture.

What of brand Malaysia? For years Malaysia promoted itself as a sensible and stable democracy characterised, above all else, by religious and racial tolerance.

Indeed, we often sold ourselves as a model of inter-faith and interracial harmony and went around inviting others to learn from us.

To many in the Third World, we were the template for successful economic development based on political stability, sound economic strategy and respect for the rule of law.

On the business side, we were considered a safe and exciting place to do business with and invest in.

Investors were assured of strong government support, an efficient bureaucracy and a business environment free of corruption, red tape and political interference. Our English-educated workforce was a decided advantage.

Regrettably, we have not been zealous in protecting our brand name.

Over the years, scandal, corruption and mismanagement, as well as misguided policies, have seriously left brand Malaysia reeling from a thousand cuts.

The Kugan case, the death in custody of Teoh Beng Hock and other high profile cases brought us a great deal of unsavoury international attention. This, together with equally sensational scandals involving our judiciary, seems to convey the view that our whole justice system is in crisis.

As well, the massive PKFZ fiasco, the brazen theft of RMAF jet engines and other outrageous public sector corruption scandals have convinced many foreign observers and businessmen that corruption is now out of hand in Malaysia.

It is not for no reason that Transparency International recently gave Malay­sia its worst corruption ranking ever.

Increasingly, visitors to Malaysia (as well as many Malaysians themselves) routinely complain of demands for bribes and kickbacks at many levels. Are we now destined to become a chronically corrupt state?

Though we tend to play down the extent of corruption in Malaysia, it is negatively impacting our image in more ways than one and may well be related to the declining levels of foreign direct investment.

On the political front, the continued use of detention without trial and limitations on fundamental freedoms have undoubtedly diminished our democratic credentials in the eyes of the world.

At the same time, the attentiongrabbing headlines concerning the caning sentence imposed on Kartika Dewi by the Syariah court, high profile Jakim raids on popular nightspots, the controversy over the use of the word “Allah,” the recent attacks on churches and the desecration of mosques have left many foreigners wondering whether we are heading down the slippery road towards intolerance and extremism.

Of course there are those who will argue that some of these actions are religious imperatives and must not be questioned. The point is we cannot have it both ways: we cannot act in this manner and still hope to cling to the “moderate” label we are so proud of.

Cases of unfair treatment of migrants and foreign workers in Malaysia have not helped either. The United States Senate issued a damning report last year that even implicated some government officials in human trafficking!

This, together with the abuse of migrant workers by their Malaysian employers, has brought shame to our nation and invoked the ire of some of our neighbours.

And then there is the exodus of Malaysians, more than 300,000 in 2008/09, in search of a better life abroad. What does it say to the rest of the world about brand Malaysia when many, including some of our best and brightest, are leaving?

It is clear to those of us who closely monitor Malaysia’s image abroad that brand Malaysia is in trouble. One commentator even went so far as to call us a “failed rich state!” It is nonsense of course, but it is a sign of the shifting perception of Malaysia.

Unfortunately, there are no Band-Aid solutions. Mere slogans or clever publicity campaigns won’t cut it. The scandals, the worsening corruption, the political dysfunction, the decay of national institutions, etc., are symptomatic of a much deeper malaise affecting our nation.

At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves some hard questions about where we, as a nation, are headed. Foreign observers are certainly asking the question and reaching their own less than flattering conclusions about brand Malaysia.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak issued a clarion call last week for Malaysia to do “something extraordinary.” The most extraordinary thing we can do is to halt the sad decline of our nation and somehow find a way to spark a national renewal.

go get some "adjukayshen" here !

Calling all who are in Ipoh and especially in Taiping and heck....all you Perakians, have you registered for this totally educational, frank and earnest "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia" effort ? MAKE A SMALL SACRIFICE tomorrow for the future of your kids, can meh ?
CALL now to register on the numbers listed or forever remain in denial ! (Click on visual above for larger view ) Long live Perakians !

p.s. and kudos to the "core team" ( you guys know who you are !) for making this road-show a reality ! Cheers !

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

of begging Indians and Chinese prostitutes....

Ohhhh.....the arrogance of the "ketuanan Melayu" is once again rearing it's ugly head straight out from the PM department. Take the case of this simpleton Nasir Safar ( surname sure sounds like an Indonesian immigrant's... ) at a Rapat 1Malaysia seminar in Malacca....where he was supposed to have uttered derogatory racist "pendatang" remarks ! Sheeeesh ! ( read here )

Where did this bigot crawl out from ?.....oppps , sorry, we know..... yes, he is the PM's special officer, so there, he's from Najib's office...another saboteur, perhaps ? (and here )

The sheer insolence of this idiot is perhaps shared but by a few, and the very foundations ( if there was any to start with ? ) of Najib's 1Malaysia is nothing more then "shiok-sendiri" lip-service ! It sounds so hypocritical when the very people within can go around accusing fellow Malaysians especially the Chinese women-folk as coming here to the shores of then Malaya, to prostitute themselves and the begging Indians.......errh...the Indians huhhh.....(just a quick flash of Samy Velu's image crossed my mind and distracted my train of thought and focus).

time-out:wakakakakakakakakakaka !

Yes, well, the Malaysians of remote Indian origins did not come here abegging either. They are even today (talk about the recent "acquisition/ recruitment" of 300 IT cyber-troopers when Najib was in India last week ) sought after for the many varied fields of expertise, by in the 1800's by the British to build roads and manage the colonial masters plantations when this entire uncharted country was nothing but the world's oldest rain-forest. And they were as important now as the man next to you in developing this country to what it is today ! So there !

Sacking this moron is not going to solve the has to come from within our hearts to treat and respect all regardless of race, religion or EQUALS....not uniquely labelling us as in bumi/non-bumi classification which then creates the likes of these arrogant fools, like Nasir, who think they can spit and spew on anyone they please ! Then again we also now have the unspoken UMNO bumi and Non-UMNO bumi to add to this stupid equation, yes ?

Just go and listen to the SABM road-shows that are currently making waves and changing attitudes of every section of society, and learn history as it should have been written, not distorted......then maybe we can be rid of such despicable retards !
Sheeeesh !

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

All rise......court is now in session ! we go again tomorrow with part II of Anwar's sodomy trial ! I am not expecting a miracle and nothing this court is going to dish out is gonna take me by surprise......!
Hmmmm.......apa nak di kato ? Read the full text here and for all that it's worth here !

Monday, February 01, 2010

the RM2 company goon !

Darn, isn't not strange that this latest outburst by this "politically frustrated" PKR fellow has got something to do with that earlier moron from Bandar Baru Kulim, called Zul ? Somehow I get the feeling that this is all part of a hurriedly arranged negative chain of events, badly orchestrated to discredit any good change that's on-going in the Opposition held strong-holds, systematically and one at a time. Only that it is somehow is back-firing up their own arse, yes ?
And now we also know why this "contract seeking" Zahrain Hashim is behaving like he is on "heat" ! ( read here ). I must admit Anwar has erred many times in his choice of "champions" ! When there is nothing to rape or rob, they turn on each other like mongrels scavenging for what little there is left over. Fellows who have once "helped themselves" to "easy money".
Why am I saying this ?......remember PKR is en bloc..... once UMNO, right ? And now after so long from that cess-pool, these maggots who have "missed" or have been "by-passed" their chance to be turned into "butterflies" are demanding their so called long-overdue dues ! Maybe there are "hidden hands" pulling the strings to stir chaos and sensationalise in the media and you know from where that is coming from too, right ?
Sorry mate, you are "planted" in the wrong camp ! No can do !
Like I said before...the time is now right for DAP and PAS to stay focused and hand over their ultimatum to leave Anwar and leave PR . ( here )
Just my 2 sens worth.