Saturday, July 31, 2010

of 1vultures and 1hyenas !

This can only happen in PR.....that's why every time the septic tank emits a foul smell "desluge" it and the more often this practise is strictly adhered to, the cleaner and healthier the environment gets and the happier the rakyat be. There should be, under no circumstances, an accumulation of "shit" !

But you never heard this happening in BN, did you, right ?......not in over 50 years !.....
"you scratch my arse and I'll scratch yours....shit and all !" That was the cardinal rule amongst the "adik- beradik in the BN family", yes ? ( here's why ?)

For over 5 decades, BN politicians have so assumed that we, the tax-paying citizenry are but cattles. With this assumption they also think we the rakyat are a bunch of peoples with a herd mentality and that
"semuanya should be okay.....the BN way "! And they did just that as they governed us with their utter pompous arrogance and ignorance to pacify our everyday frustrations while they happily continued to "rape and plunder" while enriching themselves and their parasitic cronies surrounding them....still to them, everything was thought as "semuanya okay lah" !....They thought only they knew what was good for the you and me ! Wrong !....think again !( here )

So why did it take this man so long to figure this out and now daringly come out to say it ! Better late then never, you might want to say......but we the ordinary everyday people from all walks of life and as Malaysians, have know this for far too long, but unlike him, we being simple and "suckers to buggerers", were too timid plus the "fear-factor" to voice out, but instead, bottled it all up inside us in disgusted frustration....sometimes only whispering into the ears of known and close compadres' guardedly, lest some under-cover cop eaves-drops your bickerings and "haul" you up, yes ?

But all that has changed ! Changed with the last GE of 8th. March 2008 ! Today we can speak out or even shout out loud ! Today PR politicians are no more "shielded" or can expect
"immunity" or mercy. If politicians screw around with the rakyat, they get screwed and get screwed faster and demanded of a resignation or even brought to court...... and that's the change we demanded of our PR government when the first 5 states fell to better governance by the voters (but alas, my state, Perak, was "usurped" by cunning monetary means !) and that's what we want to see as tax-paying citizens ! And we will continue to this "change" come the next GE !

No one is a
"protected" specie in PR. Transparency, sincerity and accountability must be held with the highest honour and certainly with pride.

And a final word of consolation..... to all PR politicians and wannabes,......if you want
"protection" and "cover-ups"......go join the BN family !
There it is "
1apapun boleh" !
Cheers !

Thursday, July 29, 2010

seriously.....I'm lost for words !

While the nation is still reeling in utter disgust of the horrified news of a child who was raped in full view of other kids in a school bus and in broad daylight too, by a mathar-fcuking piece of shit ( here) who doubles as a bus-driver, elsewhere a "wayang" is played out for us to actually think Tun Ling is going to be brought to book on 2 counts of cheating in the other "rape" of the PKFZ scandal. (here )

Is Tun Ling Liong Sek a
"fall guy" for the other Tuns ? Surely one other Tun and ex-premier must be getting real scared and nervous now......for still bitching of pet projects shelved or grounded by his "miscalculated" and "mistake" of a successor and his son-in-law, yes ? That is another story for another day.

But seriously, do you actually think justice is going to see the light of day in OUR courts ? You must be kidding ! This is all a diversion. Trust me. I am a reliable source. Even you are ! Drama for the kampung folks to be kept busy at their
"teh-tarik warongs", a diversion away from that DPP being "bonked" by that guy who never took a crap for 3 days, "arseman" Saifool issue.
We are the only country which named the High Court as "Palace"......why ? A right royal scam of justice is more appropiate ! And lets not start about our corrupt police force.

And to think that other hopeful Tun-in-waiting Samy won't need a Tunship now....if he's not getting any immunity from our courts. Why do you think he's hanging on to his presidency of a dummy party for so long ?..... Samy's not
"plugged all the holes" fool-proof yet unlike the ex-premier and Maha Tun who'd like to think, has ! Samy also knows if he leaves now the entire country will swoop down on him and his family like vultures and hyenas to tear apart what little respect he's got left. And so does the ex-premier Tun's called strategy "adik-beradik mah" !

Oh....the corruption that's reeking through the very crust of this BN government that's been covering each other's arse for so so loooong ! There's an old Roman saying ....corruption starts with the guard at the walls of Rome and goes all the way up to the Ceasar...hmmmm ! Then there's the other level of Napoleons below this Toyo and Taibs and Chuas and Myrandies.

Or as one lovely lady friend from Sabah countered...
"the FD has matured.....time to withdraw !" get back to reality and think of how many ways you'd like to torture that low-life scum who robbed a little child's future forever.....sigh !

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"thank you papa Taib "

Meet Ottawa's golden couple.....and salivate while they splash YOUR money like it was their own......and "Thanks to you" papa Taib ! ( read all about it, here )

Can we freeze or confiscate all of Taib's family investments the world over and return them to the rightful owners.... indigenous peoples of Sarawak ? Surely anyone can tell you how much a Chief Minister earns a month, no ? Is everyone in this country so blind to this man and his family's extraordinary and lavish investments ?

Do you think MACC's got the balls to do it ? Does the PM pretends not to know about these million dollar investments ? Or is everyone else minding their own businesses because they too have similar investments they cannot account for ? This is a blatant rape of Sarawak ! Or is there nothing anyone can do ? Are these all just lies that are written in the Sarawak Report ?....or as Taib recently said...... "then the Bumi remain poor and in this way they can be relied upon to stay humble and continue to vote for BN"......oh... the arrogance of this man !

Can a daring native take a class action suit against this plunderer of natives rights and resources still hailed as the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud. I'm sure an awful lot of fellow natives would feel the same and come out in support, yes ? Or do we ( yes.... read you and me too ) all just sit on our arses and bitch about it till kingdom come ?

Yes.....that will certainly be the easier way, right ? where are the religious teachers who wasted precious time talking of "devils" and "t's" and "crosses" instead of condemning these corrupt sinners and showing them the right path to heaven ?
Turning the other way, of course.....bloody hypocrites all of them !

1Malaysia ?? ....joke la !

Saturday, July 24, 2010

1Malaysia ??....Happy birthday Mr. 1Prime Minister !

And here's another 1Malaysia birthday wish, Mr. 1Prime Minister. Many happy returns on turning 57 ! (read the happy news here )
Cheers !

* click on image for larger view.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

stupid is as stupid was !

The Star
Monday July 19, 2010

KOSMO! carried a report about Muslims who wittingly or unwittingly wear football jerseys which display images of crosses, liquor brands and devils.

Ya...big deal of course ! There are millions and millions in branding spent and what would these morons know about economics ?

Johor Religious Council adviser Datuk Nooh Gadot said wearing such jerseys were forbidden in Islam.

Should we all wear what this moron wears on his head ? Looking more Arabic then the Arabs themselves ! Surely his kids at sometime or if studying overseas would be ashamed of him, yes ? Cos they'd be in their Levis jeans and drinking coke in Starbucks and speaking with a twang, right ?

“It is as if Muslims are worshipping and exalting the symbols of other religions. Islam does not compromise on this matter, regardless of whether it is worn for fun, fashion or sport,” he said.

And while we're on this subject, this moron is translating the Holy book to his own personal whims and fancy. He is in dire need for attention....any kind, just to be in the news. So next he's going to suggest to the Education Ministry to change all the + (plus) sign in all school arithmetic books to a replaced with a crescent, ya ? Then we become truly champions of Islam.No more plus sighs....everything is either minus or over the moon ! Wooohooo !

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria agreed with Nooh and said although Islam did not forbid its followers from participating in sports or dressing up, it has to be done within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Then here comes another entertainer whose worse then this clown and giving his two sens and getting his shot to fame by opening and adding more crap, that he actually thinks he's sounding intelligent. Why must everything be associated to religion ? Politics and religion is's just the "players" who are giving it a bad name. Let sports be sports. Remember the first sports were held in Athens, bozos....not Arabia. And even if it was in Arabia....what have these "crosses and devils" got to do with multi-national 1Malaysia ? Are we actually paying these fellows with tax-payers' money ? Damn !

Among the football teams whose crests carry images of the cross are Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, Barcelona and Norway, while Manchester United carries the “Red Devil” slogan on its team crest.

So now we cannot display these flags (minus Barcelona and MU ) in our country anymore, huh ? Do we have embassies and consulates there ? Close them all down and bring our boys back. Who needs to associate with crosses, anyway ? And to all my Muslims friends, pay attention according to these morons, their next decree will be, to those who carry/have US dollars....must burn them to ashes .....cos it's written "In God We Trust" and no mention of the word "Allah" on their dollar bills. Can meh ?

Seriously....where DO these idiots come from ? We are certainly the most stupid nation on the face of this earth.....IF we allow a few idiotic "retards" like these to rule our lives ! And the whole world knows about these jokers now already !

Damn their logic ! Simply cannot understand the way their "little heads" work ! shy la !

Saturday, July 17, 2010

and now the other "sotong" speakth !

What bullshit is this stupid government trying to crap on us ? A price hike is a price hike....a big pinch for some , for others a nightmare.....when you have only this much to feed the kids ! I am hopping mad now!

Striped and in 3-piece suited "decision-makers" up there in the ivory tower including the PM, would never known the price of fish or vegetable ( cos the ma'am sends the gardener and with the driver too to buy groceries and sundries) can say any shit to justify the hike but the bottom line my dear PM Najib, has screwed the rakyat once again ! Words like "up-ward price adjustment" and "subsidy rationalisation" just won't gel with the man in the street la dumbo ! ( here ) A nation cannot boasts of having "economic growth" when the citizenry is starving, man ! I just hope the PM has got the guts to call for the GE anytime now ! We the rakyat will teach him a costly lesson !

In plain language the price of essential goods have gone through the roof and all the government mutts and media mouth-piece can parrot after the PM is ( or is it the "first lady" who's in charge and also on a sugarless diet to stay in shape ?) comparing us against 3rd. world countries like Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia to justify their rash actions ! Damn.....try Singapore for starters morons !

With the way this damn government is diverting our attention on a daily basis by whacking on the Selangor state government over and over on the sand mining issue instead of bringing that tempe' faced rogue dentist and "ex-MB" Toyol for his dirty and corrupt dealings and all other shitty malpractices in this country to book ( this list is so long , I had to borrowed from zorro's posting here ) ....... sand is what we poor folks would have to soon eat, that is...... if it is not illegal !

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fatimah Palaney Bt. Abdullah, age 55

This is Fatimah Palaney Bt. Abdullah 55, and if you've been around the Lucky Gardens area in Bangsar, I'm sure you would have seen this midget-sized and physically challenged but determined little lady zooming silently in her electrically charged, battery operated wheelchair donated by some good Samaritans who pooled their resources together with what little Fatimah had saved, and helped purchase this "motorised" wheel-chair about 2 years ago. For that kind gesture she's still very grateful to all those who chipped-in.
Today she's not asking for hand-outs, as she's has a decent but meager income selling tissues, pens and even "nasi lemak" to supplement her livelihood. The Welfare Department does not give her any financial aid even though she's applied and approached them several times. Neither has her Assemblywoman ! I repeat.....neither has her Assemblywoman !
Pusat Zakat pays for her RM400 -a- month rented room in Jalan
Cenderai. And that's the ONLY help she gets.

Today she's short of RM1,300. She needs this money to safe-guard herself daily from the many "near misses" she's escaped from reckless motorists who hardly notice her little self crouching in her noiseless wheelchair whizzing by. She needs to add a new battery with 2 front and rear lights, a rear-view mirror and a collapsible tray for her to place her wares of trade and an extra basket behind the seat for the spare battery and charging cables. She can even give you the break-down of how much each item costs. Go ask her yourself.

Contact Fatimah directly on her cell phone @ no: 013-2254 574 and talk to her.
You don't have to sail a thousand miles to save the world. Save your fellow Malaysians first and when you've done enough here.... (which incidentally never ends.... !).... give yourself a pat on the back for doing your share of "humanitarian" work right here in your own backyard. You are the hero ! Contact her H/p no: 013-2254 574......she's praying and hoping someone call and help her !

Godbless !

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

and the sotong has spoken......

One commenter wrote:

Anonymous 7/13/2010 12:12:00 AM
Can we get the Sotong to pick the winner of the next election. I say! no need lah. It is a forgone conclusion.

I guess this answers your question, yes ? Hahahahaha !

Sunday, July 11, 2010

come on lah Samy......just go lah !

Finally someone is making some sense in the now irrelevant MIC ! Obviously a little too late, but nevertheless, now is as good as any if not better to demand for such proposals or the whole of Najib's "1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that" crap will fall flat on his face when the so called "partners" of the coalition feel as outcasts ! Read here !

And to think this dinosaur ( pictured above) who for 32 god-forsaken years had been sucking-up to his political masters from the time of the other now irrelevant ex-premier and had no balls to demand this simple benefit for the community he brags to have led. ( here )

This proposal by N. Thevar of MIC Teluk Intan and seconded by one fellow Taipingite, S.K. Devamany of Najib's department seems timely and long overdue. And I believe this former student from the school across the drain and then known as a
"red tiger" ( that's an old slang for Edwardians and us, Georgians were known as "green dragons"....but I doubt to-days kids will even remember or associate with those terms....hahaha !) can lead with a better agenda for his community then most others within MIC can, yes ?

Because he's from Taiping and as I've met and spoken with him personally once at the NPC, I'll go a little easy on him ! And I won't forget he's associated with a corrupt and abusive coalition that needs to be surely replaced come the next GE ! So that's the only saving grace and a plus sign for this chappie ! And he better not screw up in his quest to lead an
"empty stable" as you can see, of marginalised Malaysians of remote Indian origins or I'll strike him like a thunder-bolt in a place where the sun don't shine !

Have a good week-end and don't forget to catch the very last game cos it'll be another 4 years....before you get to see the World Cup again ! Cheers !

Saturday, July 10, 2010

"In Paul the Sotong We Trust !"

Yes, today more people around the world, are willing to trust Paul the octopus anytime to lay a wager then to any of the bullshit one hears from the mouths of our politicians and the police.

What's with our PM, the IGP and the Home Ministry these days, huh ? Have they all got so much baggage and skeletons in their respective closets that they have to make such threatening remarks of arrest if Altantuya, C4 or Scorpean subs are mentioned in private and personal blogs ? What is there to fear if one walks in the path of righteousness and with only God to fear or of their own shadows ?

Chegu Bard whom I had the pleasure of meeting once before March 8th 2008 was arrested last night for having assumingly writing about the royalty in his blog last month( here ). Can't a man pen an opinion ? Why must everything be taken as negative criticism and not as a constructive suggestion ? After all if one feels there is something wrong with the system or a certain
"individual" can't one even express one's displeasure in writing ?

Remember we are but mere mortals, royals included, in this world and we are not in control of human weaknesses, just like that man sitting beside you right now, so how can anyone be better or worse off then you for having a
"right" to an opinion ? Just goes to show how shallow and corrupted our "freedom of expression" is, when nobody is brought to book for the pile of rubbish and hate a certain Malay daily, enjoys, yes ? ( here )
Sheeesh !

Sunday, July 04, 2010

what "moral" obligation, sir ?

It amuses me to read the last para of this story ( here ) in the Star today, and got me obviously curious.
...............He said the Government was still clueless as to how Raja Petra was able to sneak out the country with his international passport compounded, while there was no Immigration record of him exiting the country.
And yes, we have also heard of a "non-existing" Mongolian model who came into this country and was blown to smithereens by C4 and NOBODY has any entry records either ? So why must we be scratching our heads in wonder how RPK left this country ? So what's the beef here, Sir ?
Mr. Home Minister at every level of government authority, corruption rules.....go figure !

And as to your nagging question of
"who's funding Pete" will you also get cracking on "who's funding that PI Bala" and you already also know that his counsel has given an official statement, can you do your "moral obligation" to us, Sir ? ( here )

No "musical" chairs for PPP ?

Here we go again.......looks like a looser, talks like one and is certainly one too ! And the Malaysians of Indian origins and belonging to so many different parties "friendly" to BN seem to piss me off much today ! The reason for my foul mood began with the demise of Brazil from the World Cup ! ( now read the other reason )

Of course Mr. President of PPP, Datuk Kayveas.......can't demand a seat from the BN government. He has to beg and ass-lick ! Why would anyone give them a seat ? What has he in terms of hanging-on to his briefly held seat in Taiping, done for the community there ? He didn't even fit in a
"gambling" town like Taiping by popular votes and he never had the interest of the locals close to his heart. A little bird told me he had to practically beg on his knees and pay huge amounts of bribes to the local Napoleons for securing the votes there too ! Can anyone verify this ?

Even the PM recently, couldn't decide his position when asked to intervene, after this arrogant President of PPP, had sacked 6 of his own trusted generals including that ding-bat in the PM's department,T. Murugiah, yes ?

He thinks like that dinosaur Samy who heads another irrelevant party called MIC, and wields his position just like Samy.......sack this fellow or sack that fellow for the slightest reasons. Has the MACC investigated the numerous reports against the corruption and abuse of power within PPP ?
Surely not....all because his party is a
"non-essential" but "friendly" party to BN.

The late Seenivasagam brothers who were also the founding brothers of the once popular PPP in Perak will surely be rocking & rolling in their graves today. ( read here )

And for goodness sake......get rid of that ugly
"clowns attire" which they wear to all their official functions. Really ugghs !!!

Friday, July 02, 2010

How to kill a Malaysian of remote Indian origins !

As for the title above.....easy.....just tell them not to talk ! And at 5 pm. on July 4th. expect a hall full of Malaysians of remote Indian origins, attending the GAS or Anti-Samy Vellu campaign in Klang.... dead ! (read the rest of the story here )

Just what are these fellow trying to prove, at a forum to discuss "Indian woes" by keeping their mouths shut ? Fasting by individuals in protest is fine, but "praying for the PM's good health and not blaming the police for not issuing a permit to meet in a hall" is so bloody lame and reeks of hypocrisy !

Dei thamby, I walhso know wallllh about your game plan la ! Stop this crap and stop sucking-up to MIC....and UMNO. That you think, is so relevant to you mutts, yes ?

And don't even think of jumping camps now.....if BN and UMNO cannot help try and snake your way into the PR camp, huh ?
PR can well do without the likes of you morons who come in with a bitter personal agenda and a BN mentality !

Anwar better take note of this or he too will be "history" !