Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am a marginalised Malaysian !

5 generations on my father's side and 3 generations from my mother's side...surely I am a proud Malaysian with remote roots in India. But even here in Malaysia I've been marginalised, yes, I'm not pissed, but disappointed.... and that's sad !

See, HINDRAF has marginalised me because I am a Catholic and not a Hindu...and the entire march on the 25-11-07 was only to highlight, whether rightly or wrong, the plight and grievances of only the Hindus. Hey, I'm not being a bigot here and I've got many "brudders" who are Hindus , yes and some of my best friends are Hindus too, BUT support and walked I did, on that faithful day with all my Indian brethren of Malaysian origin NOT because of their demands BUT on the constitutional right of every "neglected" citizen to peacefully gather, march or be heard ! Even when the "call" was for all Malaysians of Indians origin !
So you see I have, whether intentionally or otherwise, been side-lined by the very people of my remote origin.......and that hurts !
Perhaps if the organisers of HINDRAF and their leaders had not been so religiously clannish....and had represented all Malaysians of Indian origin, as the "call" had been, be they Hindus, Muslims, Christian, Sikhs and even Zoroaster's in all sincerity and without hidden agendas.....than this posting might not be necessary !

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Democracy-ala Malaysia....

Latest up-date:the following 6 photographs are courtesy of Reuters. Reuters pic 1 Reuters pic 2 Reuters pic 3
Reuters pic 4
Reuters pic 5
Reuters pic 6

elsewhere.....a section of the multitude at Jalan Ampang...
looking for divine intervention? the eye in the sky !
clenched fists....for reform !
their champion, P. Uthayakumar, waves to the crowd.
we want justice...
P. Uthayakumar accompanied by his lawyer M. Manoharan being interviewed by foreign press.
another angle of the interview.....
anywhere to get a better view....
more speeches by the organisers..
calling Gandhi ?.....
some atop the monorail to look at the bigger picture...
free supply of water for the marchers...courtesy of an ardent supporter...
the crowd dispersing peacefully towards Jalan Sultan Ismail.
picture taken from atop the monorail station, Jalan Sultan Ismail/Jalan Ampang.
hoisting their champion on their shoulders amid cheers from all around..
peaceful dispersal of the crowd..
close-up of their champion being carried on the crowds shoulders !

Yes, this was indeed a very peaceful gathering of thousands and thousands...( here I would like to keep the figures to myself, cos if I said, say 100 thousand then you'd probably read in the main-stream dailies tomorrow as 2,000 ! ....and I had tele-contacts with witnesses in all 4 points in the city centre ! ) of smiling and happy ethnic Malaysians of Indian origin, who were refused permission as usual, by our faithful men in blue, to hand over any document to the British High Commission of their plight !

I could only be at the Jalan Ampang area where earlier the crowd were fired upon with tear-gas and showered with "stinging" water canons at the junction at KLCC which was out of bounds for all...but the multitude was relentless and over on Astro channel in Al Jazeera(Ch. 513-on going through-out today and read here !) I saw images of arrests and people running helter-skelter from the showers and gas ! That about sums-up the violence for the day........NOT from the marchers but the high-handed and violent behavior on the part of the government claiming "open defiance of the law" !!
A tele-interview by Al Jazeera with SK Devamany (another MIC moron) claimed on the same programme about this country being totally democratic and the ballot box was the answer for all issues....BUT protesting is NOT the Malaysian way...heheheh !!!

My friend Anu aka Galadriel was almost arrested as she made her way from Ampang Hilir, but was released with a tongue-lashing by the cops. She said the crowd on her side was around 10 thousand.....!
Don't take my word for it....cos what you'd read tomorrow will be something else....!
To HINDRAF and all who who took part in this march I say....there is hope yet and peace !
And to be in a democracy means, having the right to peacefully march anywhere in our country !
Cheers to democracy- Malaysian style !

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Truth and justice are no longer Malaysian way- by Michael Backman

I was surfing the blogs on this lazy Saturday afternoon by Tony Yew's blog and this link (read here ) has got me very upset !

Here we have this foreigner's observation/opinion of this once great country of ours ! Sheeesh !

Where did we go wrong ? Can we all sit back and let all and sundry discuss us like we were a doomed nation without a defense or like we don't exist ?

Do we have a defense, in the first place ? What ills brought us to this "low" and by whom ?

Why... pray, tell me and how dare they talk about us in this manner ? Have we all been too arrogant and continued living in a "comfort zone"...what "comfort zone" are we talking about here ? Are we all afraid of CHANGE ??

It's really, really depressing.....this state of affairs in our country !....guess I'll just resign myself to pasture in Taiping in my twilight years soon !
*picture of Tasmanian devils -rumour has it, says the malay-male, they are extinct....but I hope and beg to differ !

Thursday, November 22, 2007

the rape of Pedra Branca !

#above 4 'Worth' photos-forwarded with courtesy of my cousin, Benny in Dublin

*photo courtesy of Screenshots(read here)

What's so frightfully chilling about the above pictures ??? Of the first 4 from the don't want to be the subject in question...hell.... nooooo !!!

But the rather innocent 5th. photograph is of more interest to me, as it shamefully smacks right here closer to the heart.....and home ! Yes, we are in the understanding all the above photographs are "doctored"......yes,'s fun, right ?... but to use that last photograph, much worst, created by a very suspect blogger, and presented by our government as evidence to prove "nearness to our land" and to stake a claim of ownership over this much debated light-house on a rock and in the International Court of Justice in The Hague too... is pushing it ! And the "little red dot" below us has made fools of us out there in The Hague and I also suspect everyone is rolling on their bellies with laughter and choking at our stupidity !

Why did our "legal-boys" in the Pak Lah Administration suddenly give so much credit and dependence to a suspect blogger and his "work" to a point of even using his "materials" as evidence in an International Court to argue a crucial case such as this ? Does this not smack with hypocrisy on the government's stand against bloggers ? Did someone within do this deliberately to "fix" the Pak Lah administration ?

In the meantime I'll avoid meeting any Singaporean for the next year or two and reel with shame at the thought of living in a fools paradise !

For what it is "Worth" least enjoy the top 4 photos....and clearly only one word comes to my lips if I was caught in any of those above situations.........fcuk...I'm screwed !!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Datuk Bad Rude Din part 2 !

Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai)

*cartoon courtesy of reggie lee

He's at it again...this moron should be sacked for remarks uttered through his filthy hole on his face and what we also call a poor excuse for a "mouth" ! Only recently I wrote about this Member of Parliament from Jerai Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) (read here)

Is everyone in UMNO and the Barisan National, especially the womenfolk and the "puteris" going to put up with this kind of talk-uttered in the UMNO General Assembly recently ? Have the female members of UMNO no diginity and can stomach this stench ?.....or maybe they should all take to the streets for such sexist remarks and call for his immediate expulsion from UMNO ! Hellooo....this is 2007, folks !

At the recent UMNO General Assembly this moron was
reported to have said
"Yes, we can see a "terowong"(tunnel) in her
after another UMNO delegate complained that Air Asia's
stewardesses' skirts were too short !

Can you beat that ?? and all you ladies out there...are you going to take this kind of filthy sexists remarks from an elected representative, lying down?
This clown is doomed even if he claims to have apologised (here) and have the rest of the goons in the audience in stitches with his derogatory remarks at the expense of women and physically challenged persons ! over to you ladies.....!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You want answers...ask God !

(this is a "cut&paste" post ! photo-before(inset) and after.)

“I am shocked and I want answers,” said a furious Samy Vellu..... in response to the collapse of a two-storey building on a hillslope at the edge of Tasik Banding in Gerik. (read here and here )
The incident is the latest and the most serious involving government buildings, which have been hit by flooding from burst pipes, collapsed ceilings, power outages and cracked walls.
The complex has remained vacant since its completion in 2004, as the small number of rooms made it uneconomical to manage. It was to have been the last stop for tourists visiting the Belum-Temenggor forest.
There were signs of massive erosion on the slopes, with muddy water still running into the lake.
The collapsed structure – the first of a two-phase project under the Perak State Park Corporation – consisted of 14 rooms, an office block, a showroom to sell orang asli goods, and a car park. Completed in 2004, it was built at a cost of RM4.5mil with an allocation from the Tourism Ministry. The second phase consists of 26 more rooms at the same site; the project costing RM5mil is also funded by the Tourism Ministry.
Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Tajol Rosli said the state government would appoint a professional body to determine the cause of the collapse.
Samy Vellu said the project was not under Public Works Department (PWD) supervision, but since PWD is the technical arm of the Government, he has ordered the Perak PWD to conduct an investigation.
Act of God ?......of course !
Case closed !

*I draw your attention to the bold tax-paying worries too !

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yellow fever marches on in London !

While we were resting our tired bones from the long cold march here in Kuala Lumpur, a small but patriotic group of Malaysians began theirs around 2pm. (London time), near Bayswater. ( read more from dear Ija's- malaysianminxinlondon blog ).And with a police permit too !

It is even more humbling to see that Malaysians the world over want to see change and are demanding change......surely all those who took part and supported this cause can't be that asking for too much ???

Daulat Tuanku !...and to Ija and all Malaysians in London.. and elsewhere...we salute you....... Cheers !!!
13-11-07-The Asian Times Online report- here .

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Daulat Tuanku -10-11-07

scenes of 10eleven....
the following 4 pictures below are courtesy of kickdefella's
water canon's in action.....
spraying the already wet marchers...
above picture- courtesy of haraka
Latest updates @5pm. Pictures by rocky, wee choo keong and stephen.

where's everyone ???
behind the forces.....
the popular yellow head bands...
street justice ?
the people have walked the talk... of many !
another arrest......

in arms and ready !

they walked today to meet the King !
sea of yellow.... and the eye in the sky !
rocky's bru ....
walk of the disgrunted citizens...
another angle ....
ahhh....the monitors from the bar....with rocky !

Time 1.30pm.-10-11-07- Heavy presence of FRU and "heavy" machinery parked around the Bank Rakyat/Bank Negara vicinity...heavy downpour earlier from 12 noon...
More presence of the FRU having their lunch-break,along the corridors of the Ekran Building in Jalan Tangsi...and the weather is gloomy with threatening more rain clouds...........
Hey, these guys need to eat too and they happily invited me to join them, which I graciously declined with a "thank you"... one of them also told me he wished the rains will continue till late he was tired and he'd love to go back to his family with a clear conscience.........