Sunday, April 27, 2014

Is it judgement day oredi ?

Time and again I have subtly signalled fair warnings by ending my posts with the phrase......"the world is watching". 

Today at about an hour's time @ 3:15pm that "world" I was referring to then is going to bitch-slap or if you prefer ''crocodile slap", our government for its much publicised "liberal and transparent" policies when the 'big buana' has a private, one-on-one meeting with about 10 NGO's namely Ambiga of Bersih, Marina Chin Abdullah, Sisters in Islam, Council of Christian churches and the Bar Council.

All too soon, the 'eye' in the sky will know first-hand as each one of these chosen ones will whisper into the ears of the president of a super-power. The nation will be waiting with bated breathe as to know what will transpire in this closed door meetings between Obama and the select few.

And most anxious for answers will of course be pm Najib, de facto Anwar and the ever irrelevant but still super corrupted and frustrated MahaFiruan Tun, no ? Constitutional rights were compromised/hijacked by that MahaFiruan Tun and BN/ UMNO in the name of religion for too long. But the recalcitrant brownie will suddenly be overwhelmed with his selective "amnesia attack" escape clause, right ? 

For too long, since 1982 onwards, this systemic implementation of policies ran foul against the basic rights of its citizens as in a right to peaceful assembly, human rights issues, religious freedom for minorities and the usage of the word Allah by Christians.

Now is also a good time for those UMNO inspired Perkasa and Isma to stage protest against this infidel pm of the US of A. Would they have the balls to do it ? Today Najib will also have to honestly address the likes and issues of Perkasa and Isma and a whole lot of shit that he thought would be kept a safe and privileged secret in Bolehland !

Long live Malaysia and all Malaysians everywhere !
Shalom !

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What it means to be a Malaysian today.

We're certainly looking at deranged minds at work in the last 6 days or so. Minds that have lost all decency and logic. What IS the pm of this country doing about it, is the question on every level headed member of civil society's head.

Never has in the history of our country, so many fucking retards aka "fucktards" emerged out of the wood-work all at the same time. 

I remember the Al Akram cult that was banned and locked up for deviating from the "real" teachings of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and also the Al Mua'ana  sect that "waged war", after stealing a cache of  weapons, against a toilet in a beer factory and took to the jungles of Perak to hide out only to be enticed back to reality with KFC drumsticks and sad melodious P.Ramlee songs. The bottom line is they taught, interpreted and preached  the Holy book to their shallow understanding and looked up to even shallower Arabian preachermen.

The Fatwa Council of Malaysia is the butt of all jokes. Their tag-line goes like that MC Hammer song....."can't touch this, can't eat that, can't say this, can't see that, can't friend them, can't smell that".... ! 

Wtf are these fellows doing to Malaysians and in particular the Muslim Malays ? It started with simple greetings of each other's religious and cultural celebrations in multi-ethnic Malaysians. Along comes these so-called defenders of Islam to stop Malays from greeting other races citing  "fear of religious conversion and national security". Should not Najib arrest all these fellows and close down the Fatwa Council for causing disunity and going on a collission course with his own pet "1Malaysia" project ? 

And the latest is the "mother-of-all-fuck-ups" (here.) I simply cannot see the logic in our English as a spoken language in this country run by "arab-wannabes" dishing out Fatwas (definition- a non-binding judgement on a point of Islamic law "given" by a recognised religious authority ) for using the non-religious and universal R.I.P. !

Have they so soon forgotten we are a permanent member of the Commonwealth and once ruled by the Queen of England ? Perhaps these young half-baked turks actually did not learn that in schools ? Again I squarely blame Anwar and our stupid education system. They have amended, modified and even deleted so much of our once rich history to suit a Arabised-flavoured history and thump their chests with shouts of this "ketuanan" crap. And so now we see at who's expense it has all been ! 

The MahaFiruan Mahathir and El Anwar ibni Ibrahim together have systematically "shackled and imprisoned" the once free Malay minds with a new set of education and history.    

Here is one such product of their combined "indoctrination" effort....this one ugly idiot named Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman from Isma here who says all infidels ( yours truly included ) will go to hell. ( here )  

And another for your reading pleasure read  all about the one who took pleasure in another's grief ( here ) .....the despicable Zul Noordin of Perkasa ! And if these mullahs had their wish and if by some unlucky chance they get to implement their hudud laws...we'd also be the first nation with the highest number of armless and fingerless citizenry. ( starting with about 80% of our police, immigration and customs departments and 100% mat rempits would have their arms chopped for various offences) ......but hey, wait a minute, corruption and bribery is never addressed as a sin for these mutt-heads. Only speaking English and being Zionist is their "hate-attack" plan....all subtly engineered by Arab muftis and ustads brain-washing, right ?  

For these village idiots, it's written in the Quran in Surah Al-Nisa Verse 145...
"Surely, the hypocrites will be in the lowest depths (grade) of the Fire.” (Quran 4:145)
And as for that last picture above, well what can I say....I was just thinking of our "national" bomohs, that's all ! 

Hahahaha.....Shalom and Happy Easter everyone !

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

of hard-ons and women in red....

Seems we have politicians of the lowest of calibre and quality when it comes to carrying themselves with dignity and class. The last thing they ever do is in serving the very people who voted in their favour prior to their election to the august house. And then again when we have such low lifes as members of parliament can we still call the parliament the "august" house ? A whore house would  be a better choice in describing our parliament. Some of its crass members talk as if they are in brothels seeking the mamasan's advice.   

Take for example this idiotic member of parliament who goes by an equally crass name of Bung Moktar, representing the rural voters of remote Kinabatangan. This dung must surely be walking around with a perpetual hard-on to comment on the length and colour of dress donned by a female member of the Opposition ? Read here !

Not that I'm a sexist, but I'm saying Teresa Kok is not anything to make "heads" turn, and for this member of parliament to pick on an issue such as her choice of dress colour and length of dress goes to show how petty and stupid this fellow sounds in the so-called "undignified" august house ! What were his promises to his constituency ? When was the last time he went to see his people in Kinabatangan ? Has he no shame to harp on such trivial matters ?

Such shameful utterance with sexual under-tones is cheap street talk. Such talk is not for the "august" house. But then again you cannot make race-horses out of asses, can you. That's the lecherous Dung Bung Moktar for you folks....the lowest of life forms who also happens to "crawl" on the corridors of power ! 

Read some of my past posts about this critter here and here to get the picture !

The pictures below are just for Dung Bung, since we now know his peculiar fetish for women dressed in RED.....feast on it moron and go jerk-off !
Damn !

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Perlis mufti advises Muslims to avoid ceremonies of other religions – Bernama

APRIL 03, 2014
Perlis Mufti, Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya (pic) has advised Muslims not to be directly involved in the ceremonies of other religions, including the Songkran festival.
He said giving a present or extending good wishes to a non-Muslim in conjunction with that person's religious celebration was not an issue, but they should not be attending the religious ceremonies.
"The Songkran festival is clearly a religious occasion as during the ceremony, the statue of Buddha will be given a bath and the bath water will then be distributed to the attendees for them to receive blessings," he explained.
Because of that, he said, Muslims should not be attending such ceremonies.
It is understood that Perlis will be holding a Songkran festival in Kuala Perlis this Saturday and the festival is included in the state's tourism calendar.
Juanda also reminded Muslim traders who display the photograph of the 25th Sultan of Kedah, the late Sultan Abdul Hamid, at their premises with the aim of bringing luck to their business, to remove the photo immediately as this is contrary to Islamic teachings.
He said the traders' belief that the long tail feathers of the burung cenderawasih (bird of paradise) on the sultan's 'tengkolok' (headdress) as seen in the photograph could give them good luck in business, smacked of polytheism and such a belief must cease.
"The Perlis Fatwa Council had decided five years ago that the practice was wrong in religion and the notice on the fatwa (edict) was distributed through the local authorities two years ago. However, there are still traders who hold on to the belief," he said.
On the fatwa that deemed the drinking of ketum water as haram (forbidden), Juanda said the Perlis Fatwa Council was waiting for the Home Ministry's response to its suggestion of placing the offence of drinking ketum water under the Dangerous Drugs Act and not under the Poisons Act as practised now. – Bernama, April 3, 2014.
Hahahahaha ! Najib has absolutely ZERO control of his 1Malaysia shit with fucktards like this village idiot pictured above !  The damage they do to the national security of this country ! Lock these shit-stirrers away in Kamunting please.
Way to go UMNO/BN !

Friday, April 04, 2014

R.I.P. my 1st. and only guest blogger-Bernard Khoo (4th. April 2014)

In Loving Memory of Bernard Khoo Teng Swee

I'm not one who's good at curry-flavouring or giving public speeches. Today I'm writing a special post about someone I came to care about a lot. Someone who's close to my families ( in both the 2 parts of my life....hmmm.) in the short time we've engaged and interacted in and out of the blogging world. 

Friend to many, foe to some, brother to more then a select few, buddy to a lot, father to 2 and husband to one and slave to none !

Bernard Khoo Teng Swee and I hail from the same town, Taiping. Of course, him being a decade older then me, we never knew each other there or then. But we share the same love for our alma mater and hometown. I met Bernard around 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, the year Malaysia was going through a political "Renaissance" of sorts under the Pak Lah administration, with the emergence of a then tightly knitted band of political irritants/misfits called bloggers ! (The then home minister Syed Albar even defined bloggers as jobless housewives (burp) who tell a great many lies and had nothing better to do !)

It is not important how we became good friends or even brothers, but there certainly was a special bonding amongst the elder bloggers of that time. Bernard who before then didn't even own a blog but used to frequently comment as "zorro" on many blogs, was encouraged to start his own blog by someone close in the blogging fraternity. The rest, as you all know is history. 

Bernard is a kind gentleman, a generous teacher, a passionate friend and a Malaysian. Politics and politicians who screw-up hurt him most but many a politician seek him out for supper or drinks in faraway places that he had covered during by-elections. He's mad about all sports from cricket to hockey  but I still wonder why he supports soccer losers like MU ! (guess he's susceptible to bad judgement !)

Taken into custody for attending an illegal gathering in Ipoh during the "Perak-power-grab" debacle once, always in the fore-front covering almost all of the by-elections since 2008, numerous candle-light vigils for ISA, RPK or championing any protests to elevate the less fortunate and attending all protests marches. Bernard is hated by some and admired by many for his tireless feed of postings you'd want to think when this old man is going to stop and go play with his 3 grandsons in the Bahamas.  

We've shared rooms before when covering by-elections with what little donations we collectively got from well-wishes and agents of change and if you had room-mates in the likes Bernard or Haris you'd never get any sleep at all. These 2 can actually orchestrate a symphony with their snoring. We've shared more then just rooms. We knocked chilled ones back on far too many occasions. We shared stories and gossips and even agreed to  disagree on opinions but most of all we shared unconditionally, respect for each other. Bernard's trade-mark pipe and an occasional ciggy with his single malt with one cube of ice constituted his water intake for the day. And its been quite awhile since we clinked glasses too, my friend.

Bernard, today I hear you had a face-off with Mr. big C at the hospital ! 
I'm frightened with that piece of news, bro. I don't know what to do or how to help you. Is there anything I can do for you Bernard ? I don't know how to be brave for you.

So I'll tell it to your face only once Bernard. I love you  my brother. 
And Cheers to all the happy memories you and I shared in these short beautiful years of friendship and will continue to do so.  I dedicate the pictures below to you.   

Below I share some pictures, in no particular order, of Bernard Khoo with people close to his heart from my private collection. 
You, my readers may add captions where ever you deem fit.

 In Tenang by-election....the morning after...guess nobody saw Bernard this early huh ?

A young and cute 'Unker" Zorro follower ......

Always a kind word to these guys who are doing their job.

 Now this certainly is the Rogue's Gallery !
 With Jarod and yours truly !
 KLCC yellow take-over with Johnny Ong and Mary McGuire in the background !
Ahhhh......The Special Bunch !

  Anteras with 2 thumbs-up after Bersih2 !
             Me 2 mateys

  (l-r) Raman Kukreja, Tony Gee, Bernard, Darren, Errol, GAB host Francis Yew and Bala Lawrence at the Tavern.

 Bernard, Rodi behind the lens and Boom nursing his wound from the last street fight.....civil disobedience !
 Bernard's favorite Bhai'a friends from the NPC (l-r) Kesh, Ajitpal, Vivinder, NaSTy Bob, Aftar and Raman, who then taught him his favorite swear word...."Pudhi Dia" comments.

With Colin Fernandez the cool guitarman at Jerry's farm in Tangkak

 there's Azmi Sharom and Haris and...

(l-r) Alex Loh, Yusri, Shirley, SB Loy, Bernard and Jason Yew

 With Mama Madagascar Penny.

 (l-r) Patrick Teoh, yours truly, Bernard, Rocky and "whathismamacallhim" friend.
Bernard with Estrellita or Lita ( with a halo ?) 

 in Tenang with a young PAS supporter

Bernard's other favorite room-mate Arif Jon.

home coming..... with that Special Bunch again in Taiping- Bukit Gantang by-election

and finally but not least, I surprised him with a visit at UH....tired, drugged and asleep but hand still on the mouse.........sleeping on the job !

Today I heard he passed away after a long and tiresome fight.....alright, goodnight and sleep well my dear comrade/brother/buddy and fellow being. Henceforth I shall raise my glass high in your honour, brother ! 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

1April Fool Joker !

I am very curious as to how our dear pm Najib chooses his deputies ? Do they  really have to be intelligent or do they have to swear to lay down their lives for him ? Does he also check if they are better qualified then him  (btw I know pm Najib's well educated and all from not a school but from an institution, just like yours truly, but pray tell me, what is the main criteria to be selected to be his deputy ? A position that may one day lead up to being a prime minister himself ? 

Suffice to say, one has to be in the upper echelon of UMNO for starters. One has to pocess good oratory skills and influencing the village masses. A a certain degree of charm and charisma is a plus. Looks ?....surely yes. Humbleness ?.... Hmmmm, no, not necessarily required in UMNO....but arrogance is a must. Apple polishing ass-licks ? Hmmmm.......not sure lah !

Now take a good look at the pictures of this chap below. 


Now read this story ( here )

Ahhhha ! The answer is somewhere thereabouts ! 
Hehehehehe !