Monday, August 29, 2011 all my Muslim friends....

* Have a blessed Aidilfitri and always be safe !
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Muslims and Infidels

Religious tensions have escalated to a very critical level with some fanatics who have shit in place of brains on their shoulders, running wild trying to make the sensitive thin-line situation reach a breaking point ! But then again Malaysians generally are a decent lot who will not resort to buying these idiotic stories and can see clearly that this is the work of a few village idiots paid to carry out the bigots' agenda ! Of course UMNO strikes as desperately guilty with the help of racist media Utusan Malaysia and Perkasa with Najib having absolutely NO control over the situation as every goon in UMNO enacts his own drama to steal a few dubious minutes as champion of Islam !

Seriously when you look at the way PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz's posters around Shah Alam area being defaced with a cross markings or even the Muslim apostasy roll ( and we the tax-paying citizens are still reeling from the SPR or Election Commission's screwed electoral roll !) has been "buggered" by someone within by the inserting names of persons leaving the Muslim faith for Christianity or that political failure Hassan Ali forms a "faith-rescue unit" for Muslims who seek aid from Christians !!

Are Muslims that weak in their faith ? I don't think so but going by the way this moron Hassan Ali is going seems Muslims in Selangor are not steadfast in their belief and can be easily converted to Christianity ! What a mentally retarded simpleton this Hassan Ali is as
"his office was concerned about the issue of proselytising as troubled Muslims could resort to help from other groups that might lead them away from Islam !" in a quick rebut to influential cleric Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin, who said yesterday that Muslims should take care of their own poor instead of accusing Christians of proselytism when churches helped poor Muslims.

Next time you non-Muslims or
"infidels" see an injured Muslim laying by the road-side do you want to help him or be charged for proselytism ? I on the other hand will stop to help any injured person.....not because he's Muslim or Hindu or Buddist or a Communist but because he's a fellow human being in need of help ! Period.

Damn these bloody religious zealots !

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

stampede in the gorge !

When was the last time you had the misfortune to visit a government office ? I did today and boy was I shocked at the "laziness" these government offices permeated. Well I can understand that this IS the holy month of Ramadan and can also try and forgive the pace the staff got this going at 3pm, but that is not what I'm entirely concerned about.

My concern is the lack of the 1Malaysia bullshit from Najib ! Where is the many colours of the different races in these government offices ?? All I saw was just 1ONE race of what Najib has been harping the past 2 years or so ! Where are the
"mata sepits" and the "pariahs" ? Are they not Malaysians too ? Is there still a quota in every government job ? Why are the various races that are supposed to reflect Najib's 1Malaysia, not reflected in equal numbers in every government office so that when times like Ramadan, the Malays can relax a bit while the other races can keep the government machinery well oiled and in top performance to serve the tax-paying public, no ? And the same will be so too when the other races have their various festivities. "People first....Performance now".......ayie....Mr. Prime Minister ?

I don't know how it is with Opposition run states. I really hope the situation there is different with the state government employing all races at all levels and not keep the lowly positions like gardeners, drivers and toilet cleaners for a certain race and the better positions for others. Can somebody tell me if Selangor and Penang gives every race, I mean every race must include all races, not just Malays, Chinese and Indians... a level playing field equally without being biased and prejudiced as seen in Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur ?? I really want to know if indeed the Opposition is practising what it has been preaching i.e. equality for all and employment based on merit and not on quota of race and religion.

Going by what the Home Ministry reports ( here ) today, it'll be easier for an Indonesian or Bangladeshi to find employment with this government here then the 2nd. class citizens or
"pendatangs" and the indigenous natives (the true bumiputeras) of Malaysia can ever dream off !

Sunday, August 21, 2011

shameless Koh Tsu Koon !

For 18 bloody years Koh Tsu Koon did nothing and before him going back to the early days of Gerakan ruling Penang, development and foreign investment were mediocre. For a long time when you took the ferry from Butterworth, before the Penang bridge was constructed by the Koreans, Komtar was the only building sticking out like a sore thumb on a rather flat piece of pre-war and colonial buildings on this island then know as "The Pearl of the Orient" !

In less then 3 years since the
"tsunami" of March 8, 2008, ( here ) Unesco listed Penang as a World Heritage Site, just four months after Lim Guan Eng took over. Penang topped total capital investments in manufacturing projects in 2010 by attracting RM12.24 billion, up nearly five times compared to RM2.17 billion in 2009. And this shameless Koh Tsu Koon said Penang would have been similarly successful even if BN was retained in 2008.

Hey Koh Tsu Koon, you lost by popular vote, you were deemed hopeless and even with all your political manipulation the people gave the then Opposition a landslide victory through the ballot box loud and clear that you had not served them at all and that they cannot tolerate the rubbish you called
"government" and have had enough of your "chingay" drama ! By the way what happened to the annual "chingay" parade, huh ? Was that too deemed "haram" by KIMMA or Perkasa and UMNO ??

Would Koh Tsu Koon sing this same tune and take the blame IF suppose Penang and Lim Guan Eng and his DAP had failed miserably ? Would he not now admit that Penang under his charge for 18 fcuking years did not even make 10% of what Lim Guan Eng has acheived in just under 3 short years ? Has this moron Koh no shame at all ? He was rejected out-right by the people of Penang in 2008, and is now on a short leash in the PM's stable as a rabid and frothing mongrel to do Najib's dirty work in Penang. Does he not know when to shut up ? He's a washed out political, an irrelevant has-been and from the same cess-pool as the likes of Mahathir, Toyo and Samy.

In its latest issue dated August 13, international weekly The Economist dubbed Penang
“the first custom-made city of globalisation” and credited Lim for boosting the port city’s revival by axing a racially-biased economic policy in the state to create a more level-playing field that appealed to foreign investors.

These business reports in various magazines sings praises by the volumes of the current administration as can be clearly seen and understood by the man in the street. You don't have to be an economist to understand the language nor the statistics. Maybe even Nicol owes her world champion titles to this green-eyed mongrel and ex-chief minister, no ? Or so he would claim !

Need I say more ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.....what happened my son ?

A friend of my friend dug this from the archives of a library in Ohio University , USA. It is a program/souvenir booklet of KGMMB (Kesatuan Guru-Guru Melayu Malaysia Barat)'s AGM 1968, and this Guinness advertisement appeared on pg.2, side by side with a message from the then Deputy Prime Minister the Sr. Razak on pg. 3.

Can you picture this in today's landscape ? What hypocrites our people have become ! Nobody kicked-up a fuss then. Mind you, this was a teachers union
souvenir, okay ! Everything was as it was then......plain and accepted, without brainless morons like Ibrahim Ali protesting and waving his "ketuanan keris" and crap and making a fool of the entire populace every time , but not a single word is uttered from his filthy mouth of the daily blind rape of the citizens with corruption being the order of the day in every strata of our government that is to be of service to civil society !

And this was hidden in a library on the other side of the world ! A special thanks to my friend Vis and his keen eye for details ! Muchas gracias mi amigo !

**click on each image for a larger view of the text.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I am in a state of shock now !

Guidelines For Muslims Celebrating Religious Festivals Of Non-Muslims

The 68th muzakarah of the National Fatwa Committee for Islamic Religious Affairs on April 12, 2005 discussed the Guidelines For Muslims Celebrating Religious Festivals Of Non-Muslims. The muzakarah has decided that:

In determining the non-Muslim celebrations that can be attended by Muslims, several main criteria should serve as guidelines so as not to contradict the teachings of Islam. The criteria are as follows:

  1. The event is not accompanied by ceremonies that are against the Islamic faith (aqidah).

The meaning of “against the Islamic faith (aqidah)” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will lead to tarnishing the faith (aqidah) of Muslims.

For example:

  1. to include religious symbols such as the cross, installing lights, candles, Christmas tree and so forth;
  2. to sing religious songs;
  3. to put any religious markings on the forehead, or other markings onto parts of the body;
  4. to deliver speech or gestures in the form of a praise to the non-Muslim religion;
  5. to bow or conduct acts of honour to the religious ceremony of non-Muslims.
  1. The event is not accompanied by acts against the Islamic law.
The meaning of “against the Islamic law” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will contradict the Islamic teachings practised by the Muslim community.

For example:

  1. Wearing red costumes like Santa Claus or other garments that reflect religion;
  2. Serving intoxicating food or beverages and the likes;
  3. Having sounds or ornaments like church bells, Christmas tree, temple or breaking of coconuts;
  4. Having ceremonies with elements of gaming, worship, cult, superstitions and the likes.
  1. The event is not accompanied by “acts that contradict with moral and cultural development of Muslim society” in this country.
The meaning of “acts that contradict with moral and cultural development of Muslim society” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will contradict the values and norms of the Muslim society of this country which adheres to the Islamic teachings based on Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jamaah.
For example:
  1. Mixing freely without any limit or manners;
  2. Wearing conspicuous clothing;
  3. Singing songs that contain lyrics of obscenity and worship;
  4. Organising programmes such as beauty pageants, cock fighting and such.
  1. The event is not accompanied by acts that can “stir the sensitivity of Muslim community”.
The meaning of “stir the sensitivity of Muslim community” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will offend the feelings of Muslims about their beliefs and practices.
For Example:
  1. Speeches or songs in the form of non-Muslim religious propaganda;
  2. Speeches that insult the Muslims;
  3. Speeches that insult Islam;
  4. Presentations with the aim to ridicule the religious belief of Muslims.
  1. The organisers and the public are asked to get the views of religious authorities before organising or attending celebrations of non-Muslims.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting "stoned" on live tv !

Below are just a few random comments I want to highlight from some ordinary folks here and around the world on religious sensitivities which some in Malaysia would have made a mountain of an issue, enough for Ibrahim Ali to warrant a "jihad" ! But I guess nobody, nowhere in the world is as idiotic as Ib and his merry morons, right ? Go read the full article at the end of these selected comments ;

I'm a muslim woman and fasting at the moment, but it certainly doesn't 'offend' me if other people continue their normal activities around me such as having tea or snacking, that's their prerogative! Maybe I wouldn't go out for a lunch and sit through others eating a full meal. but the onus is definitely on me to decline. Also if the pastry was on the same plate and hence perhaps cooked with the pork sausage, Tamsin, as a muslim shouldn't be parting in this - so really even within muslims there are many who differ in observing the rules.

A lot of fuss over very little I think. A fellow teacher was a Hindu, in a predominantly white school, but the pupils all wished him Merry Christmas, sent him cards and asked what his children were getting. He didn't take offense, he smiled and said thank you, if questioned about his plans for the break, he might explain his beliefs, but he was never upset. The same seems to have applied to this man. Too much of the racial trouble is stirred by other people taking offense on behalf of someone else!

What a stupid article, Adrian realised his mistake and made a joke out of it which was quite funny. No one seemed offended in the slightest!

I'm a Muslim and I don't take any offense if someone offers me pork or anything that my faith forbids me to consume. I'll just say thank you but I can't take that. It's the same if you're a vegetarian, I wouldn't know if you don't tell me. Names doesn't indicate so much of anything these days. You can be called Dylan and be a Muslim or you can be called Ahmad and be a non-Muslim. People need to chill a bit.

Oh so what, it is his choice to do Ramadan, he can't expect everyone else to say no or expect the programme producers to change the format, just because of one guy!! I am sure he wasn't offended or bothered by it, it may have made him feel a bit peckish but hey, it isn't the end of the world, get over it already. We cannot mollycoddle everyone with a different religious belief, they didn't belittle him or force him to eat it - so no harm done. Our general religion in England isn't one where we have ramadan, so it isn't really our problem.

you making something about nothing, stop stirring. - ni, london, 12/8/2011 10:26 Exactly. Adrian offered the sausage to be polite. Dhafer said he couldn't eat it, explained why and wasn't offended. End of.

Does this mean under Sharia Law he gets to be stoned live on TV ?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011 laws vs criminals

1.Riot :
a noisy, violent public disorder caused by a group or crowd of persons, as by a crowd protesting against another group, a government policy, etc., in the streets.

manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc
come together for common action or effort
expression or declaration of objection, disapproval, or dissent, often in opposition to something a person is powerless to prevent or avoid
Now which part of the 4 verbs and definitions above do simpletons not understand ? To compare and justify the riots in England (here) and the Malaysian BERSIH rally/protest/demonstration (here) in the same vein is utterly stupid. To say that there was violence by the protesters here in Malaysia is a blatant lie. I was there ( at least in one part of the city as you can see from the photos in the link which I snapped with my own camera !) so show me if the faces in the pictures looked thuggish or threatening in any way in any of the photographs.

The only aggression apparent here in Malaysia was the brute force of our police who for no reason and without provocation fired rounds and rounds of tear gas into peaceful marchers from all walks of life and jetted down on unarmed citizens chemical-laced water, charging into crowds to even kick, punch and beat many before arresting 1,600 in under 4 hours for being there to express and exercise their fundamental rights for a common stand as in Nos.2, 3 and 4 of the definition above and which so many arm-chair critics who were nowhere near the rally failed to understand but condemn the rally participants by reading what the government controlled media fed them.

Looking now at the scenes in London, me thinks our "trigger-happy" cops would have a field day mowing-down the unruly and wild mob of opportunistic looters with their guns and maybe would have even confiscated the "bounty" from the looters for themselves. Because English law prohibits the street cops from carrying arms but truncheons, many gangsters and looters there took advantage of the "1st world soft" approach of the bobbies and only when the situation now gets to an extremely high and dangerous level.....out comes the water-canons ! Can the same be said of our "thugs"-in-blue back home ? Here they conduct "preemptive" road-blocks and arrests days before a rally is due and frustrate the masses into believing the worst and then expect the non-participants to lay the blame on the rally-goers !

Well what can I say of the London rioters but it's a crying shame as the looters there were damn lucky we didn't dispatch our boys-in-blue immediately on Day 1 to merry old England to quell the situation sooner !

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Payback time !

Now here's a good challenge for all you raping, plundering and corrupt politicians who have stashed away all your millions in some foreign bank for a "rainy day" and when your "political time" is up in Malaysia. It is because of these dedicated and brave few that you managed to amass your wealth today by corrupt means. Now here is your chance to make up to them and their families and for the sins you have committed.

Read this story here and tell me if you can actually sleep every night without guilt ? Do you really give a damn for your fellowmen ?? Then do something now and give them what you owe them. Some paid with their lives while others lived way below poverty lines and in dire straits and that's sickening to hear. But most of all give them back their dignity they so rightfully deserve !

This post is directed to the Chief Minister, BN politicians and "wannabe" politicians of Sarawak !

Sheeesh !!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Who is Ms. Mah ...and other follies !

Two important issues that happened in the last 2 days need the rakyat's immediate attention and demand for answers. Of course lah I'm exaggerating here ! 2 is just what comes to mind right now from the hundreds of other issues that begs for answers actually and with no solution in sight !

First is the shocking Mismah-gate expose' ( as it is fast being known as !) wherein a Permanent Resident named Mismah, in 4 hours becomes from a foreigner to a citizen first and immediately an eligible voter. All in four hours! Can you believe that ?? A voter immediately ? No cooling-off period ? Citizenship with a "vote for BN or else......." deal ? When highlighted by an online news portal, a quick change to plan B by the EC. Clever ?

The Election Commission is regrettable the biggest servile outfit and you should hear the EC head and "suck-up" artist extraordinaire Abdul Aziz Yusof's (pictured above) rebuttal with lies during this holy month of Ramadan, akin to a little kid who was caught jerking-off, fumbled trying to cover-up by pointing his filthy finger to the National Registration Department's "technical negligence" and so on and so pathetic.

The electoral roll has been tainted, compromised and manipulated. No excuses ! The future of this country's ruling party is in the hands of this one moron, and he's playing to the UMNO master's gallery with much debauchery ! This guy actually believes we, the rakyat or citizens are plain stooopid !! ( here )
If I had my way........he'd be lynched by only one of his testicles from a durian tree.

I believe that this Ms.Mah ( notice there's no second name or address, but of course some will defend with a
"it's in the "micro-chip" lah bodoh !" reply. ) expose' was the reasons and the answer to the hundreds and thousands who braved the tear-gas and water-canons in the city on July 9th. See, this was just one of the many irregularities in the EC apart from being the ruling party's subservient lap-dog that gave rise to the many frustrated tax-paying citizens demanding for reforms, never mind about politicians hijacking the original intentions of the BERSIH organisers. These ARE issues and the EC needs reforms, period ! And anyone who still want to blame the politicians and labelling the 709 as wrongful and unnecessary are nothing but unprincipled weasels themselves not worthy of their citizenship as Malaysians. Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali jolt my mind in an instant ! How can one condone corrupt malpractices that are so glaringly staring like in your face and still shrug and say "semuanya okay lah ", huh ?

And second, the raid on the Christian church by a bunch of
"holier-than-thou" watch-dog committee called JAIS ( Islamic Affairs Department of Selangor) and the PDRM (police department of Malaysia- by and large the most corrupt and brutal force to face-off with !)

The current Selangor government and the Chief Minister Khalid are duty-bound to answer to the rakyat why this happened. Khalid must start with the sacking of the state executive councillor and moron Hasan Ali. ( here and here ) This will also go to show the watch-dogs in JAIS who's in charge and if this Islamic department has abused it's position and behaved in a manner most unbecoming of their master Najib's 1Malaysia crap so soon after his visit to Rome to see the Pontiff then I say scrap the damn department itself. Do we need so many unnecessary departments and worst is they being paid with the rakyat's hard-earned tax monies ? Over-zealous and half baked morons act as if they have a God-given right to barge into any place of worship without even a warrant. And even as I write this post, some jack-ass bigot will be planning another "jihad" against another religion and making Najib's
"no control" in situations against his Utopian 1Malaysia Unity tag making his tenure as short as possible. Or the Sultan has to also say something as all matters of the Islamic religion are under is purview yes ? As for the moron Hassan Ali....he too must be hung by his other testicle !

Yes now I'd like to ask where are all the champions of the Christian faith who'd run and make police reports for lesser sins ? Should they not protest and report this unlawful raid against Christians that seriously threatens the peace, stability and national unity as it rocks the very foundations of this great country of ours ?

Peace !