Friday, December 31, 2010

on the trail of the missing jet engine updates

I had to hire a car and go back for pictures again last night.
Go here for the original story...

There you go folks my last post for 2010 and to close the year that was !
Wishing one and all a Joyous and a Happy New Year 2011....remember now to go easy on the booze and drive safe !
Cheers !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

of azans, crosses and carols...

Imagine the Pope going to a mosque celebration and his aides gave instructions to the mosque officials to cover the minarets and not reciting the azans or suras while in the Pope presence.

Two things would have happened. First someone would have just shot the Pope and secondly the rest of the Muslim world would have taken to the streets in protest over the instructions.

Let me make it clear here that comparing the Pope with Najib is like comparing Gandhi with Mugabe or the former old ex-premier the Tun but I said "imagine" because in reality, firstly the Pope would have kicked the asses of his aides and secondly he would not expect anything less other then partake in the joyous celebrations of any Muslims, azan and all and would have even blessed them with his papal signature of the cross in true Christian wit.

Najib, if he sincerely is ignorant of the actions of his over-zealous morons who double as aides should kick their asses and sack the whole lot now as they seem to be "fcuking-up" his oft heard 1Malaysia crap.

One thing's for sure.....the PM is surrounded by idiots and I'm wondering if they are actually planted and paid by the Opposition for screwing things up for him and with the elections looming near. If that don't happen soon, Najib can kiss his premiership away as the rakyat especially of the Christian faith are plain pissed-off with this latest bigoted demand on churches or any other place of worship of any other faith.

And as for Archbishop Murphy Pakiam's silence on this .......hmmmmm.....I'll save my comments on this "Tan Sri" for another day.

Was Najib not a former student of St. Johns Kuala Lumpur ? Read here for the disgusted prompt for this post.

Sheeeeesh !!

on the trail of the missing jet engine....

Ahhhhhhhaa !!! I think I just might know where to buy or sell a "jet engine" or any other plane or jet spare-part from engine to nose to wing and tail parts that the Malaysian government might need in the future.

No need to go looking or shopping to far away South America. By the way what actually happened to that case huh ? Sudah tutup or "settle" ka ?

Take a good look at the picture above. I did not get a clear or direct shot but I do know what I saw. on pic. for larger view.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thoughts control .

The very foundation of our earnestness as proud Malaysians is screwed prematurely in our education system. I'm talking of the bastardisation of our history. Since when or why should Islamic history take prominence in a plural society as ours ? Were we not once a part of a Hindu empire ? Or were we not once ruled by the English ? We can deny that too, I'm sure, no ? ( here ) Fine, we don't want to live in our not too long ago colonial master's shadow nor in the distant past but to twist and screw and distort history to today's' kids in school is like verbal masturbation get a "shiok sendiri" mental ejaculation. You cannot control our thoughts or stretch a lie about what never really happened. Erasing the truth and planting seeds of lies can be compromised with hidden political agendas. Don't we all know that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses, said Goebbels, right ? History is what victors decide what you must know and believe but to feed us with half-truths and fabricated bull-shit is a crime against truth itself. It is a sin. For God's sake, tell it as it should be told ! My generation learned with interest about the early cavemen, the Indus Valley civilisation, the French revolution, the silk route, Jesus, Buddha, Hinduism,  Prophet Mohamad, the many battles of the world, about Greek Gods and the origin of the Olympics, the Roman empire, the English battles, the Russian empire, Mongolia and Temujin, the two great World Wars and also of a Hindu "runaway" prince from Palembang who founded Malacca. What chance does a Form 5 or 6 student today know or has even heard of any of the above other then a Muslim prince founding Melaka ? And in 5 parts in 1 text-book too ! Zilch I'd say. We didn't turn out so bad when it came to engaging in "worldly" conversations with anyone from anywhere in the world. We knew a little bit of a lot. Why did my generation do such a sinful wrong now ? Arrogance over ignorance ? Money over ethics ? Power over morals ? Or plain bastards ? We also know now when we were students, we were never taught to research much, for the simple lack of electronic technology then, nor were we taught to question the notes the teachers taught kids through-out their teaching careers. Once in a while a rare teacher emerged with unorthodox teaching methods. Otherwise we repeated answers during exams verbatim to what was taught by teachers to garner marks and grades. While we're on the subject of compromising teachers and for good measure........copy and paste the link below and enjoy this classic !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mikileaks- It's the season to be quiting....

Now Jeffery Kitingan is quiting PKR Sabah. So is he actually quiting PKR Sabah and heading towards Zaid's AKIM or hereafter KITA or is he going to start another "off-shoot" fraction in Sabah ala Zaid ? What happens to Baru Bian in Sarawak now ?

What is going on with our local politics ? It's pissing me off as much as BN has been pissing on us for the past 52 years. This time around, can we blame interfering PKR "semenanjong" or Peninsular Malaysia or do we blame Anwar and/or even Azmin Ali ? Don't even bother to ask Wan Azizah......she's as blur as the guy beside you right now !

A little bird also told me of the sudden increase of military presence in Sarawak. So is BN so blind they cannot even see the imminent and impending change of government come the 13 GE that even when the PM has to declare that he'd protect Putrajaya with his last drop of blood ? Is that democracy or is this another fake "jihad " ?? Is the good PM going to go back on his word on this 1Malaysia thinggy when BN looses in the next election ? No damage controls ?

What happened to our democratic transfer of power ? Just another "feel good" or shiok sendiri lip-service from our PM ?Another round of "file shredding" is in the cards ? What happened to BN's "fixed deposits"....Sabah and Sarawak ? FD matured already ?? Has the "fixed deposits" lost their flavour with the ruling and corrupt BN government ?

Answers man......answers. I need answers NOW before I start "leaking"!

Sheeeeesh !

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wiki-leagues !

Wikileaks seems to be the 3 syllable word political leaders past, present and wannabes dread or fear most.....these days ! Anwar has been cited as an active participant in an act he's denied vehemently in the past and resorts to convince us as being "fixed" ! I'm not surprised nor do I believe a word he says.....he is afterall a "jaded" product of UMNO, right ? Do you think I'm going to loose sleep over that ? No way !

But before any one else says "hey !...... what about Mahathir ?"....this old and senile ex-premier comes out blasting, saying "the (opposition) political parties were pretending not to be aware of Anwar's alleged sodomy activities.".....Why.... did Mahathir know all else , meh ? ( here )

Let me tell you before you hear it from anyone else.......This Tun who thinks he has always been the saviour who saved Malaysia from the "financial crisis" and coined the 2020 "blured" vision is ,more worried his name would be dragged through the shit of this universal "wikiscandles" !........ the way..... did you mention Mongolia ?

No.....don't be too sure who's name is going to be next and become "instant breaking news".....when Wikileaks blow the cover on first, the corruption and politics in UMNO and then the corrupt Tun Mahathir Mohamad !

Just you wait and see......for any news......or has Singapore already been "kautim" by certain untouchables ??

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What took them so long ?

The title above is what has secretly been nagging on the minds of every decent, self-respecting citizen in our country for a long time now.

Yes, this "tempe" loaded former chief minister of Selangor and now ex-Opposition state leader has been plundering the state from the day he took office....and on the night he was ousted he shredded every shred of evidence and file, into the wee hours of the morning to cover his corrupt arse. And even with that obvious act of crookedness the public at large( not me.....but YOU !) especially those in UMNO had him still appointed to head the Opposition team until yesterday when he was charged in court for corruptly accepting 2 pieces of land from a crony developer. ( here )

This just goes to show how bandits are groomed and bred in UMNO. And what is more shameful is, such acts of wrong-doings are okayed by all within BN, without as much as searching their souls to admit they were lobbying for a bloody crook. If you knew such crimes of cheating of fellow citizens was wrong but yet you blindly spoke in his defense then you are no better then this crook, if not in action but in conscience.

There were very many allegations hurled against him, from misappropriation of state funds spent flying business class for his entire family, including an entourage of maids to Disneyland in the pretext of a study tour and at the expanse of the tax-payers to allegations of his wife's involvement in some RM10 million illegal transfers of association funds to private accounts to living in a palatial "malaghai" costing RM23 million and an endless list of other acts of deceit but then......arrogance ruled the day and was approved as kosher by UMNO and BN goons.

This rogue with his famous "semuanya ok" ( everything is okay ! ) phrase is finally brought to justice......but the bigger question is, will he actually be tried and charged "fairly" as civil society warrants ? "Fairly" here has nothing to do with his sudden "fair and lovely" complexion of his "tempe" face but will he pay the appropriate and just sentence for his heinous crimes against civil society without fear and favor by our "jesters" in court ?

Then again remember who is still the puppet-master of our questionable and "honourable" judiciary's strings ? Me thinks this is all a charade and this second generation son of a "pendatang" dentist will be let-off with as much as a "slap on the wrist". Wanna bet ?

Now if only this same investigations and humiliation were initiated on that old racist ex-premier...that would be something huh ?.......sigh !

Then we the tax-paying citizens in civil society can renew our faith and hope in the so-called "powers-that-be" !

Till then we have to get used to all this momentary "syok sendiri sendiwaras"

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pay attention all Sarawakians.

Today I want to direct this post to all indigenous Sarawakians most especially those who have moved to the "Semenanjung" or the Peninsular and have lost touch with the reality back home.

There is total looting taking place in Sarawak by UMNO's key depositors....the Chief Minister Taib and his family... and worst off are other basic indigenous rights being robbed in the quest of "islamisation" of Sarawak wherein kids in schools are "unconsciously" converted from either Christians or "with no-religion" to Muslims ! Did you know that ? The PR Opposition is fighting a losing battle when cries for reform falls on or "blackened-out" by the corrupted BN machinery.

Sarawak has no "official" religion and English is the official language (has anybody actually got or seen the 18 or 20 point Sarawak agreement ?)......but today all that has changed... a plunderer for the past 30 years, called Mohamad Taib together with his family have altered all that and sold all of the native Sarawakians' rights to UMNO in exchange for a "licence to rape and plunder" an entire state so rich with natural resources and beautiful native culture and traditions.

I urge you to click on the rogue's face on the side-bar and listen to this SW radio station "Radio Free Sarawak" as it spills the beans on the shameful Taib and his Empire and forward it to your families back home. There's talk of a Sarawak state election happening this month.

This station updates news automatically every few days.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

"alamak......another Samy drama ?"

Indeed Samy Vellu prevented a "political conspiracy" within MIC ?? Hahaha....this is diverting the issue too far from the obvious truth. Samy was the "conspiracy" himself ! ( see here )

I am still not convinced this Neanderthal will actually leave on the appointed date he has promised or ever leave MIC in peace....even if MIC is but an empty coconut or
"tenggah", an expression known to Malaysians of remote Indian origins. He is going to come out suddenly saying "thar peeeple waan me to stayy....hask demm lah" and continue his unwelcome stay as the saviour of the "Yindians" for yet another decade ! Wanna bet ?

Have we not heard this man say that so many times before ? You think he's going to leave MIC with so many
"unfinished" business involving both him and leave his favorite son Vel Pari in the den of wolves ? Outside the vultures are also circling.....waiting when "papa" would be put out to the pastures, dethroned from his almighty position he has assumed much longer then that 22 year reigned ex-premier and laid bare and a sitting duck with nothing but his billions ! Samy has learned well from his corrupt "guruji'...."aneh" MahaFiruan himself how not to leave the safety and comfort of his "castle" without first plugging all the holes....I mean...every hole.......and boy there are many !

He is not expected to hand over the reins to G. Palanivel, another
"tenggah" anytime soon....that's why this one last drama is stirred....and that part he says about many Indians from the Opposition parties KEEN to join MIC......well...all I can say is............ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...choke......choke....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Good night Samy....pleasant dreams !

Monday, November 29, 2010

a 1trick pony called PERKASA !

Perkasa: Banish "political whores" Wan Azizah, Azmin

By Teoh El Sen

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa has launched a vitriolic attack on PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her newly minted deputy Azmin Ali for allegedly turning their backs on the concept of Malay supremacy to lure Chinese and Indian votes.

In Perkasa's limited vocabulary "whore" is anyone who is not a Malay.

The hardline Malay group's Youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah had labelled the opposition duo as “political prostitutes” and demanded that such individuals be banished.

Another moron trying his hand to draw a little cheap attention and hoping to score some brownie-points within a band of bigots !

He was responding to Wan Azizah's speech at the PKR national congress yesterday, which was backed by Azmin.

Calling them “traitors” to the Malay race, Arman said: “They are successful because of 'ketuananMelayu' (Malay supremacy) but now, they have forgotten their roots.”

All "malay supremacy" leads back to their roots in Indonesia , Kerala, India and Yunan in China. So it is good to know one's roots.....never forget that all you Perkasa goons.

After achieving success, he said, these individuals had become “arrogant and crazy” and were prime examples of “Melayu mudah lupa” (Malays forgetting easily).

Ask the senile Indian doctor from Kerala......he coined this phrase......only now he's also forgotten his roots and what message he was actually trying to convey....hahahaha !

“They are political prostitutes who will do anything just to get Indian and Chinese support," he added during a press conference here this afternoon.

And what's wrong in getting Chinese and Indian support, you idiot ? Who actually contributes the major chunk in terms of taxes for BN to run this country....huh ? Think this country was for only Malays ? We never had this kind of talk from our founding fathers. If they had spoken then...we'd have the indigenious peoples of this country ruling us. Perkasa actually thinks this is only a country ruled for and by Malays. If that was the what these "juara kampung" thinks.....then living in a tree-houses and walking half naked with a blow-pipe will still be the norm.

Stressing that Perkasa was neither a racist nor right-wing outfit, Arman called on the Malay rulers to banish those who went against “ketuanan Melayu”.

My arse !....neither racists nor right-winged ? Then what's with the "hate" all who suck-up to non-Malays ? Perkasa reeks with racism shit....and spells big trouble for Najib's 1this and 1that crap !

He also described the PKR president's speech as deriding the Malay rulers, whose sovereignty was protected under “ketuanan Melayu”.

Nobody's denying the constitution. Remember Tunku was accompanied by 2 non-Malays to go and recieve our Independance in England. Did anyone cared or bothered to mention that we were already 1ONE back in 1957 ? Or have they altered/erased that part of history too ? This little ass-hole was not even swimming in his daddy's scrotum then. Why do we allow now the constitution to be misinterpretated to suit these Perkasa whores ?

Arman claimed that the concept of “ketuanan Melayu” had been misconstrued as the subjugation of other races.

More misinterpretation and injecting of "ketuanan Melayu" !

“We want other races to respect the social contract and know the country's history,” he said, adding that Perkasa upheld the Federal Constitution and wanted to ensure that Malay rights were respected.

I know the country's history and also know what to "up-hold". The constitution clearly states every race is to be respected and are protected to have freedom of worship. Nowhere in the constitution is there any mention of "pendatangs".......because all of us Malays, Chinese and Indians ARE the indigenious peoples of Peninsular Malaya and Sabah and Sarawak ! Gettit it, you stupid excuse of a "suspect" Malay ?

Not sparing Wan Azizah's husband, PKR supremo Anwar Ibrahim, Arman said that the latter was the cause of Malay disunity and was not fit to be prime minister.

That's your personel opinion mutt...not interested.

"If he wants to lead the country, he should resolve his personal problems first... he has yet to resolve this (the sodomy trial) but he wants to lead," he added.

There he goes again with his 1trick stunt to divert from the issue.

Wan Azizah: It's about the goodness in a person

In an immediate reaction, Wan Azizah expressed shock over Arman's statement.

“Oh my goodness! I think Arman mistook what I have said, and he should read the text of my entire speech. (Before I delivered the speech), we (PKR leaders) sat and debated it (the content).

Hope that text was in Bahasa.....otherwise this dick-head won't have a clue of what he reads.

“You're not born of race; if you are a Muslim, the most important thing is your faith and it is the goodness in a person which is the differentiating factor regardless of whether you are a Malay, Chinese or Indian,” she told FMT.

Same words every prophet had uttered in different languages.....but alas.....can anyone actually "live" those words ?

Quoting Prophet Muhammad, she said that the prophet himself had stressed that a good person was defined by the manner he or she led their life.

And before Mohamad, it was Jesus, and Buddha and Lord Krishna and a host of other great men of the universe.

Meanwhile, PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi also condemned Arman over his stinging remarks.

“Calling them 'political prostitutes' is crude and harsh. I believe the PKR president did not mean to sideline Malay rights, but called on us Malays not to be racist,” he said.

That's putting it mildly......I've got a string of explicite adjectives to describe this uncouth worm !

Nasrudin said while it was not wrong to fight for one's race, it should however not be at the expense of other races.

Be a leader of mankind.....not a false champion for a religion. At the end of the day, it's for political mileage and for rewards of monetary acquisition. How shallow and fake.

“I am worried that Perkasa is only fighting for the Malays, we should not do this. We should fight for justice for all races. However, I am not against ketuanan Melayu,” he added.

Hear.....hear !

'This are not Malay values'

Nasrudin's DAP counterpart Anthony Loke was not surprised by Arman's tongue-lashing, given that it had come from a Perkasa leader.

What's new from Perkasa ? Same shit churned out by a different "toilet".....that's all !

"Of course, coming from Perkasa it is not surprising. I feel it is too much for anyone to use such a word to label your political opponent, especially a woman. This is highly insensitive, derogatory and unbecoming of a Malaysian citizen," he told FMT.

As the master-corrupted and ex-premier of 22 years would say...."biadap"!

"I am sure the Malay culture does not condone such an act as the Malay culture values politeness and respect. It is these so-called protectors of Malay values who are saying such things," he added.

Going back to history.....cultural values, respect and politness left behind in their country of origin !

On the same note, Loke praised Wan Azizah and other PKR leaders for raising the subject, knowing that they would come under attack from the likes of Perkasa.

“Saying that we are against 'ketuanan Melayu' does not mean we are questioning the position of the Malay rulers, the royal institution is there. This is in Pakatan Rakyat's common policy, we uphold the constitution. Pakatan has no problem with the institution of constitutional monarchy.

Hear......hear again !

"The very reason we question 'ketuanan Melayu' is because we question Barisan Nasional's approach to formulating policies based on racial interests and approaches,” he told FTM.

Tell me, is not BN's agenda but that of UMNO and UMNO's only ?

In a related development, Selangor Umno deputy liaison chief Noh Omar also slammed PKR for raising the “ketuanan Melayu” issue and giving the impression that Malays wanted to lord over the rest.

Is that not the issue here ?

Calling it a wrong impression, he said that it was done with the intention of seeking political mileage.

“'Ketuanan Melayu' does not mean that we want to become 'tuan'. It means safeguarding the rights enshrined in the constitution with regard to the Malays,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

There seem to be much insecurity from these buggers !

According to him, PKR leaders themselves do not understand the concept and had failed to protect it as witnessed in several issues such as Selangor excos not using the national language in their official letterheads and allowing non-Muslims to enter mosque grounds to the point that the sultan had to interfere.

Perkasa fails to realise it is but Malaysians ( read you and me and all honest tax-paying citizens of this country) at large who will decide. By the way, are not all houses of worship opened to all men of peace and goodwill ?

“In this context, the 'ketuanan Melayu' which we want to defend, is the sanctity of Islam as the official religion and Bahasa Melayu as the national language. This is what is meant by defending 'ketuanan Melayu' and PKR has failed to do so,” he said.

That is what is meant to be Malaysians.......not Malays. Perkasa wants to champion Islam or UMNO ? The answer is anybody's guess and with the right derogative title/label bestowed on all non-UMNO or non-Malay !

Friday, November 26, 2010

I swear I never paid a bribe ! do you believe me ?

About 10 years ago, after a month long holiday in Europe I arrived with my family and a cousin (an ex-Malaysian and now a foreign citizen) at the KLIA airport. All went smoothly from the time we landed till we collected our bags and as we've been away for so long, naturally we had a lot of baggage. We proceeded to Immigrations and when it was my turn, I unzipped our luggage one by one and proceeded to show the Officer the contents explaining that these were merely our clothing's and little gifts and souvenirs from our visits here and there...without batting an eyelid the Officer looked me straight in the face and said "okay....tak paya buka semua....semuanya bagi RM100/= cukup !" (" need to open all the bags...just give me RM100 for all taxable items within !") I immediately protested in shocked disbelieve and said they were not taxable items but in fact personal effects and that I was not going to pay a cent. My cousin looking flustered took out his wallet to end this argument and I told him flatly not to pay anything as there was nothing that warranted a tax in our procession. The Officer, looking tired and bored knew he was up with one loud-mouthed local, quickly just waived us through in a "fed-up"" fashion. That was our "welcome back home to Malaysia" greeting !

My point in all this is in what I read here today. I am shocked and amused but not naive to the choice of the "participants" in such dialogs too.

This MACC chief must be a moron as to think we the ordinary tax-paying citizens would come out to confess to our wrong-doings not matter how innocently you coax us to, to admit. It would be suicide to admit to the cops or the MACC itself of one's wrong-doings no matter how trivial.

Why should I even tell him that at almost every road-block along highways, IF you'd care to notice, a Malay cop would deal with a non-Malay "offender" and a non-Malay cop would deal with a Malay "offender" ??? Why ? Because it would be easier to "negotiate" with one not of the same race as there won't be any "abang-adik" sympathetic and/or sob stories to evade a "forced" payment for settlement for an offence committed earlier before the road-block, other words ....a BRIBE, yes ??

Lets not kid ourselves....okay ? We have a system that is corrupt to the core....ask the 22 years reigned "Mahafiruan" who with his 2020 sloganeering ( some say it was 20%me and 20% I ) to almost perfect the art of corruption and it was all in the name of the game then ! Fish does rot from the head down, right ?

Coming back to our MACC head-honcho Abu Kassim and his "simple" test of asking a bunch of 20 bloggers to conclude a blanket innocence of his personnel and blame us as corruptors because only 1 guy admitted to paying a bribe ?? If you can believe that "test" then you're a monkey's uncle ! What an idiot he is who actually thinks we are such morons too.

It is always the little fish who are "put" to the test by the little officers while the big boys sip "lattes" with their crooked bosses !

Sheeesh !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

can you take the UMNO out of PKR ?

It seems PKR has certainly stolen the lime-light throughout the past 2 weeks. Talk is rife of the party elections in shambles and vote rigging is the order of the day. We also find Zaid throwing in the towel and election commissioner Molly calling for a re-vote in some places.

What sickens me most is the deafening silence of the party president, Wan Azizah. Has she been told by her husband to play the "submissive wife" role ? For heaven's sake....she IS the president of PKR.....the party that has earned the wrath of almost all of civil society as nothing more then UMNO in a different packaging. And what happened to her daughter who also came out in a huff of contesting the No. 2 post ? Has she too been reprimanded by daddy for going against his chosen "horse", Azmin Ali ? Looks like it is "line-clear" now for this young, ambitious and perhaps "ruthless" up-start who has Anwar eating out of his hands literally !

You might want to ask..."what's so special about him", yes ? Zaid has lost his flavour with everyone with his resignation and his so called "attack" on Anwar and the "nyanuk" Syed Husin. And I don't see anything wrong in pointing out flaws that should be taken as constructive criticism. Only in UMNO and MIC and in general BN, such "attacks" are forbidden, but this is PKR....or is it still UMNO in a sheep's clothing ?

That folks is what has led many a blogger from the "civil society side" to steer clear off PKR and focus on more pressing issues that needs urgent addressing...... not re-runs of UMNO. We've seen plenty and stomached it for the past 53 years.

Very shameful state of affairs in the Opposition I would like to say, but hey, I am quickly reminded and won't forget the bigger "shit" of corrupt politics that is fast becoming a "biasa lah" thinggy in BN. That is what we must focus on even with all this distractions and still go for change........with or withour PKR. Can or not ?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

diamonds on the soles of her shoes....

For your weekend listening pleasure....taken from Paul Simon's best selling album ever .......Graceland.
I'll try and post one song clip each week. I love it and hope you do too.....Pump-up the volume and........ Enjoy !!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

these days, you can't have your cake and eat it too,Teh Chee Seng ?

A check with Teh's Facebook page an hour after the interview found he had taken down the message. The 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower Facebook group is celebrating its one-month anniversary today, and is calling on its supporters to have a blind date with a cake in various places throughout the country.

Congratulations guys !

However, one such proposed 'Cake Party' in Kampar has rung alarm bells with the authorities of the MCA-founded Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar), which have warned its students against attending.

And why not ? Anything wrong in attending a 1month anniversary party ? Those who have new-born kids, especially the Chinese who celebrate 1 month or "full moon" of their child.....please stop it ! MCA goons like Teh Chee Seng thinks you are breaking the law !

Utar vice-president Teh Chee Seng (above) claimed on his Facebook page today that the party set for 8pm at Kampar's McDonald's tonight is an “illegal gathering”.

This moron must have only 2 friends and when they meet, it's "semuanya" okay ya....not an illegal gathering.

“Please note that this is an illegal gathering and the police will bring anyone gathered there to the station for questioning,” he said.

From now on anyone of you readers with 3 kids or more seen in a public place like KFC or McDonalds or even having home-cooked food in a public park would be brought to the police station for questioning. Getit ???

Teh also claimed that he has tried to contact the organiser but failed, and hence urged readers of the posting to inform the organiser to contact him.

Pressure from your bosses, you village idiot ??

In reply to comments from students, Teh explained that “a gathering of more than five persons in a public area with a 'specific' intention is illegal.”

Fcuk you Teh Chee Seng ! We all have a "specific" intention when we go to a KFC or a McDonald......idiot we go there to eat lah !

He also warned: “Don't even go there. The police will be there.”

Yeah right ! The police are there and everywhere.....only if it is NOT a MCA or BN organised gathering. Where the fcuk have you been all this while. Had your head stuck deep up your bosses' arse ??

Meeting with cake party organiser
Meanwhile, the university has sent three staff members to meet 'Kampar Cake Party' organiser Edward Chin to express their “concern”.

Only 3 staff members.......and making it as legal as possible.

Sources claimed that the Utar staff members went to Chin's house at around 3pm and spoke with the latter for about half-an-hour.

The staff members reminded Chin that his action may go against the Universities and University Colleges Act (AUKU), which prohibits university students from taking part in political activities.

Listen to these guys la ! Just like all that the BN government stands for ! Can't do this and can't do that !

“They told him that calling for such a 'blind date with a cake' is wrong and may break the law,” the sources said.

Now a cake has become a dangerous weapon huh ? First it was candles......sigh ! All those who are buying cakes for any function from now on....please take it straight to the nearest police station to register it before proceeding to cut and eat it ! Don't forget to also submit your guest list of 4 ONLY !

They also questioned Chin as to why he had chosen this particular date and time to organise the party, and about the 'hidden agenda' related to the 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower Facebook group.

That they should have choosen May 13th. to celebrate, issit ?.... you nincompoo !

The three Utar representatives also said they were “humanitarianly concerned” about the party.

They were more concerned about their "master's" wish. Sick arse-licking mother-fcukers running UTAR !

The sources revealed further that Chin, however, is not deterred by such “concern”, and he will definitely be going to the cake party at 8pm at Kampar McDonald's.

Yesssss, that's the spirit Chin !

'Students should know what to do'

When contacted, Teh told Malaysiakini that he found out about the cake party in Kampar through Facebook, and had concluded that it is a gathering with a political motive.

As usual "ASS U ME" ! Surely this bungling fool does not know what he's talking about. A mental retard Teh Chee Seng surely is !

He claimed that Utar had requested him to warn the students, but he did not issue a circular as “the students should know what to do”.

If this MCA's lapdog thought "the students should know what to do" then why is he bitching here ? They know they are doing the right thing !

“We posted the rules and regulations on the student portal, they should know,” said Teh. Asked whether the warning went against freedom of expression, Teh replied that, “According to the Police Act, a gathering consisting of more than five people shows the intention of it not being legal”.

Fcuk you again......wait till you go out with your wife and 3 kids to any public place !!!

Asked whether the university will take action against students who insisted on attending the cake party, Teh did not give a direct answer, but just said they will look into the rules and regulations of the university.

No straight answer huh ?....just like a wannabe politician already !

At about 6.30pm, Teh contacted Malaysiakini again to say that he was told that the gathering would be an actual birthday party and not a protest.

And the winning rationale is .......

"I also want people to be responsible and considerate in organising a birthday party. I don't want a lot of people to swarm McDonald's because of a birthday party," he said.

Tell that to the BN cronies and share-holders of such establishments you retard....Teh Chee'll get your arse kicked in !

**courtesy of Malaysiakini (without permission)

Monday, November 15, 2010

of Catholic "institutions" and "haram" logos.....

Should Muslims be discouraged from enrolling into "missionary" schools ? That is what I'm asking after reading the article about a 10 year old non-Muslim boy named Basil Baginda who was canned 10 strokes by school's assistant headmaster earlier this month in Sarawak for bringing pork sausages and fried rice for his recess/lunch meal. ( read full story here and here )

Many of our so called leaders in every capacity have been products of some
"missionary" school. Schools run and administered by Christians and in then Malaya and now Malaysia mostly by the Order after the "Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools". Even Najib is one such former student of St. John's Institution in Kuala Lumpur or in short a Johanian. See they don't also call them schools but Institutions and are always named after a Catholic saint and which was founded by a Catholic priest and reformer, St. John Baptiste De LaSalle in the 17th. century ( see Wikipedia's take here ) A name so revered to all "educated" and noble men of goodwill !

I remember in the sixties and seventies every such Institution ( you might be tempted to translate that in Bahasa !) throughout Malaysia had a chapel and a dormitory for the
"teaching" Brothers. I don't know if these chapels still exist today or have been converted to suraus, but more prominently displayed was the crucifix which adorned the apex of the roof signifying the ownership of such great institutions. I am a proud product of one such school or if you prefer,.... institution. (see my school insignia on my side-bar below ?)...... St. George's Institution in Taiping.

Why am I saying all this ? I find it very disturbing if not pissed, to know today the kind of stooopid rulings from the Education Ministry ( of course they are denying any knowledge of this !) of interfering into the personal eating habits of individual students especially non-Muslims. What is wrong if this 10 year old non-Muslim boy ate pork ? Must it always be
" be sensitive to Muslim students" only ? ....don't Muslims have be sensitive to the sensitivities of other races at all ? Does Muslim sensitivities override respect for non-Muslims ? I know Islam does not teach this !

There's always an idiot one after another, doing some damn bloody stupid act or pulling a cheap stunt to gain some attention no matter how infamous he/she becomes thereafter. And once gone public and starts getting whacked by the angry rakyat, he/she will grope for pathetic excuses and try to justify their stooopid actions with more stupidity.

And all this happened in a school called St. Thomas' Institution in Sarawak ! The very fabric of our society is in tatters and Najib's 1crap seem to be going bonkers by saboteurs running helter-skelter, pretending to be championing the Islamic religion. And Sarawak is the "fixed-deposit"BN, did you say ? Hmmmmm......there goes the votes now, Mr. 1PM !

First get that moron of a teacher out of that "Catholic
" Institution......and transfer him to a madrassah then. All this is getting way to moronic already.

Next they'll demand all
"bak kut teh" sellers to display the "haram" logo and and eventually create a certification department especially for that.

Sheeeeeeeesh !!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Members don't make a politician when it comes to the General Elections. Yes, it's the voting rakyat that decides who rules. ( here )

Wan Azizah can issue a gag order to her party members now but at the end of the day it is that silent but well informed and non-aligned voter ( read you and me ) who will decide who he'd/she'd want representing him/her in Parliament.

So go ahead and issue the order, but it's a bit too late now ma'am. Wan Azizah is maybe 4 weeks too late herself to open her mouth now and even then there is no solution but a slim possibility of an investigation. Well if she wants to investigate, sure I can help her as she can start with this clip here first, followed closely of her husband and his protege' Azmin. And by the way, why is Dr. Molly Cheah not flexing her "absolute" power, you might also want to ask, no ? The key word used here is "ethics". Have they ?

I keep repeating that PKR IS in fact UMNO in disguise but hey, who gives a damn anyway, huh ? Me, like so many other non-card carrying members of any party are but in the eyes of these political up-starts "mere voters". So....we don't count, yes ?

So to make a long story short, I'm re-thinking and juggling with the many choices I have to make before I cast that crucial and deciding vote come the next GE.
.......check-mate Anwar.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can I be the "i" in Malaysia ??

Can we fashion our 3rd. Force after this great idea ? For better understanding and effect translate "India" wherever heard to "Malaysia" ! Can meh ? Nothing shameful or wrong in adopting a damn GOOD idea especially if 1 billion people can univocally agree on the 1thinggy !

And I believe you and I know how "shittilly" dirty and corrupted our politicians on both sides of the divide are today, yes ?

**Thank you Anu for forwarding me this clip.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

PKR IS UMNO, yes ?

What has Azmin Ali got that Anwar and all the top guns in PKR so scared shit off ? Is it some dark secret of Anwar or Mrs. Anwar nee Wan Azizah that they have to so blindly push him to the fore, like some kind of "black-mail" ? Don't they ever listen to us, the rakyat, anymore ? This only happened in UMNO ! Surely and clearly PKR is UMNO all over again but hey, afterall they WERE once UMNO en-bloc, right ? And this has pissed me off terribly !

If ballots papers are being printed like Zimbabwean dollars and distributed to all and sundry and IF nothing is done by Wan Azizah to void and nullify the current party elections, then PKR is shit and Anwar a damn hypocrite. Just a word of caution to Wan Azizah.....remember thou art mortal and answerable to the rakyat, and just like the way we the rakyat put your husband there in Permatang Pauh, we the rakyat will take him, you and PKR OUT !

This has gone on to for too long and even if there were problems in PAS and in DAP at least I can safely say they have integrity to a fair extend that is tolerable. What's happening in PKR is unforgivable ! PKR right now is not only the weak link in Pakatan Rakyat but the "betrayer" of the rakyat, in the coalition. It is PKR who will forever dash the hopes of the rakyat from PR ever realising Putrajaya.

Just see how the DAP run state of Penang is. It must be a role model to all Opposition wannabe parties. Like it or not, even from all the ruckus created by jealous and frustrated Gerakan and UMNO cronies, they must agree Penang is absolutely organised and the hundreds if not thousands of foreign tourists is testimony of a booming tourist destination even without any funding for tourism from the BN federal government just because they are an Opposition-run state. I am pleasantly impressed.

Coming back to PKR.....okay, okay.....I'd say if Mrs. Anwar is going to pretend she has not heard of the shit that's happening from Haris' blog ( here ), then PKR is UNMO personified and the rakyat will see to it that they are rejected like the shit they have become come the next GE.

Do I dare to hope for change in PKR ? Do you ? I dunno !

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Deepavali present from 1Najib..... all Malaysians of remote Indian origins. Can't say much now of the 2 "disgracefully" conducted "buy-elections" today. In the meantime I'm out of here to get sloshed ! That's what Malaysian politics and politicians drive you to do !!!

Drive safe where ever you're going to and Godbless ! You don't have to take my advice but please go easy on the booze and the pedal !

Monday, November 01, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

the BN circus comes to town !

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin today announced the provision of a RM5 million government allocation for building a new mosque in Batu Sapi near Sandakan. ( here )

Deal No. 1: Here we go again ! A deal is being brokered. And if BN looses in Batu Sapi..... you can forget the mosque and everything below !

He said with the building of the new mosque, Muslims in Batu Sapi could perform their mosque obligations in comfort.

Yeah righhhht Mr. DPM of now the Muslims in Batu Sapi cannot perform their mosque obligations in "comfort" huh ? Why ? Are they praying in open spaces as in the deserts of the Middle East ? In any religion, prayers are to be performed with an pure heart.....not necessarily in "comfort". Remember millions pray every minute agonising war-torn and famine conditions too....but imploring with sincerity to God/Allah for mercy and retributions....not in comfort !

"We (government) are approving this allocation because there are thousands of Muslims here (Batu Sapi). We are able to do so because we have the authority and capability," he said when performing the ground-breaking ceremony for a People's Housing Project in Lupak Meluas.

Why , you did not know there were thousands of Muslims in Batu Sapi before ? Nobody told you ? And yes, of course we know you have the authority and capability Mr. Yassin, sir. Like we don't know who holds the purse-strings ? And who the main contractor will be and sub-contracting crumbs to the local contractors ? Deal No. 1 will take off whoever is in power, right ? But why only now, sir ?

The project involves the building of 500 units of houses costing between RM80,000 and RM100,000 a unit and is scheduled to be completed in two years.

Deal No.2: Again who gets the main contract and what do the locals actually get ? Of course it's good for the locals to be gainfully employed and being a part of the economic pie and all.....but the ones who profit without breaking a sweat are the cronies, right ?

Having three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and living room besides electricity and water supply, the houses are meant for squatters in the area and will be rented out for RM124 a month.

A luxury sir, compared to that "semua-nya okay, dentist" who lives in a RM25 million mansion or the late "gate-keeper" who's family still live in a government issued land and built a "malaghai" but given a NFA (no further action) clearance by your MACC ? Check ?

According to Muhyiddin, only the BN government could deliver the goods unlike Opposition parties like PKR and the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) which he said were only good at "promising the moon and the stars".

Again how can lah ??? I'd like to remind you Mr. keep forgetting that we do REALLY know who holds the purse-strings.

As such, he urged the people to continue backing the BN so as to ensure a bright future for themselves and their children.

This is a 52 year old parody Mr. Muhiyuddin Yassin. Try something new. Won't work in today's instant communication access to the various electronic media. And people cannot be fooled anymore, sir. Remember PM Najib's "deal or no deal" in Sibu ?

Deal No.3:
RM40 mil secondary school Later, when speaking at function with civil servants here, Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, announced that the federal government had agreed to approve a request from the Sabah government for an allocation to build another secondary school in Batu Sapi. He said cost of building the school, Sekolah Menengah Batu Sapi 2, estimated to be between RM30 million and RM40 million had been included in the 10th Malaysia Plan and that the project was in line with Sandakan becoming an education hub in Sabah.

But sir, every town has been promised to be some "hub" of something, come every "buy-election", no ? Hahahaha ! Now is the right time for this theatrics isit, Mr. Education Minister ?

"Besides this, RM2.5 million has also been allocated to assist schools in Batu Sapi to purchase needed equipment and upgrade their facilities," he said.

We also know of recent government purchases of bloated prices for equipment and yada...yada...yada.....blah...blah...blah....... Yabadabadooooo !

So Deal or No deal Batu Sapians ??

....or as one commentor puts it "the FD has matured...time to withdraw"

**: parenthesis in red....mine.
- Bernama

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"El Pulpo Paul"

Paul the octopus died yesterday. This infamous invertebrate that brought cheers and tears to many the world over is gone and boy I wished I had made lime laced calamari dipped in mustard and mayo sauce out of him earlier. I hated this tentacled monster from the deep who never did my team Brazil any favours. So there .....the bookies are happier now and I am I !
And you Paul...R.I.P. !

Sunday, October 24, 2010

from the pages of our History books.

In his winding-up speech at the UMNO general assembly, Education Minister Muhyiddin said that history would be made a must pass subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination starting 2013 and made a core subject for primary schools. ( here )

If today you asked a Form 5 student, when, where and what prompted the 1st World War or who the Sun King was or who the Aryans or Dravidians were or what is the current name of the Golden Chersonese ! They'd give your a blur and dumb look that say.."errhh....never heard". Don't believe me, go ahead and ask any kid.

History is what the government of the day decides what you should know only even if it means twisting and bastardising the facts to suit and mold young and uncorrupted minds to take a "perverted view" of people and their cultures. So the DPM wants to start the indoctrination as early as possible and even make it a compulsory subject in schools.

For example, we all know killing is a mortal crime in any religion and should be condemned and never glorified. I learn in history back in the late 60's and early 70's, JWW Birch, who outlawed slave trade in Perak, was speared in the back and killed by a Dato Maharajalela while having a bath in a river. Maharajalela was found guilty of the crime and later hanged. For a long time in Malaysia there were roads in almost every town called Jalan Birch. Today all roads named after the British Resident are changed to the very man who assassinated him. What crap ....and that is the bastardisation of history for you !

Here's the real mccoy......

Today the kids are told that this Maharajalela was a symbol of Malay resistance against Colonialism, fine but damn it, this Maharajalela was a slave trader of the Orang Asli of Perak. In other words he was capturing and selling the Orang Asli as slaves and making a huge profit and when Birch outlawed slavery...this Dato lost his lucrative business and plots to kill the very man who decides to do the right thing.

And now we are taught in history that killing is to be immortalised with road names ? Nothing to do with being unpatriotic or treacherous....just distort history to make a wrong look right to please the ignorant masses with a "shiok sendiri" trip. Wonder what happened to Hang Tu Wah and Hang Jee Bah from our history books on Melaka or if anyone knows who Rajendrachola of Kedahram is. I'm sure you would have heard of the many other changes from our old history being blocked-out in school text books or has been distorted.

If you go to Wikipedia and looked up "History of Malaya" today...chances are you will be redirected to a page called "History of Malaysia". Why ? Someone way up there have even gone to the extend to "erase" the old history as it was then to this carefully modified page as will bring doubts and questions from young and fragile minds, right ?

Have a good Sunday. Cheers !