Thursday, July 26, 2012

sigh...what a sorry excuse for a human being.

I cannot understand what drives this moron to do the things he does so often and again yesterday morning ! Such vile behavior is certainly not becoming of Malaysians in general but more so for a Muslim in this holy "fasting" month of Ramadhan. Read here and here .

I also cannot understand why this utterly frustrated village idiot is continuously making such disgusting dramas over and over claiming his few minutes of "shitty" fame with cakes with "shit" toppings, ladies undies, a coffin, rowdy protests and even enacted a funeral rite ceremony in front of his "favorite" chief minister he so envies. Is he mentally challenged or is it plain anger for losing out on the "bumiputera" contract "gravy-train" which the former Gerakan government (now history ) dish-out to him and his cronies occasionally ? We will never know what's ticking inside his empty, cracked cranium for his feverish attacks on Lim Guan Eng, will we ?

This shit-head, seen above in dark glasses on the right is known as Mohamed Ghani Abd Jiman or Ghani "Kulit" ( kulit meaning "hide" or "skin" perhaps referring to the thickness of it !) is as foul as the "gifts" he bears to his chief minister Lim Guan Eng at his office in Komtar, Penang !

The simple Malays folks have a term for this type of person and it's called "kurang ajar" and "biadap"..... meaning uneducated or uncouth and barbaric. He certainly fits all of the above translations. I have written more then once before about the desperate attention this vermin likes to draw to himself so here's a sampler for you.

I am choked for adjectives describing this mutt....thus you are allowed to add your take on this scum-bag as you please.

Good night !

Sunday, July 22, 2012

make streets safe first !

A special committee to look into battered wives, a special committee to look into police corruption, a special committee to monitor food prices, a special committee to study environmental impact of a radioactive plant in Kuantan and even a special committee to look at who was more violent during Bersih 3 and the list goes on and on....! And yet the crime rate (mostly snatch thefts and mugging on the streets) is soaring to dizzying heights daily with criminals getting ever bolder and more violent.(read here )

What's with this government ?? Everything the tax-paying and voting citizens complain/report at the police stations, ends up with some minister coming out to say the government is forming some special committee to look into that matter ! Whatever happened to the direct approach by that particular minister or representative to take absolute responsibility of crimes or complaints in his constituency ?

The forming of these "loose and temporary" committees ( temporary because once the issue fizzles-down a bit, usually with the exposure of a new and "hotter" scandal in another ministry ! ) are an added burden to tax-payers coffers ! What are the police actually doing if everything has to be with the cooperation of the public ? Is not a police report ever investigated or is it selective probing only depending on how "important" that victim is ?

If you ask me, we should all demand our aduns/representatives to walk into their respective police station and check all the police reports by the local residents and that the adun/representative demand from the station chief what action, if any, had been taken to each and every report in the book ! Have our aduns/representatives the balls for it ? That way the adun/representative will be accounted for during election time and the police will be accountable for slacking on their jobs. Is that asking too much from your representative ?

Just by this action alone, this adun/representative whom we voted-in will be seemed to be doing his job as our representative and at the same time telling the authorities who's the boss !

And stop saying you're forming a committee just to sound intelligent when it's plainly giving false hopes to the citizens. Just go kick some high-ranking butts and let's see some heads roll !

As far as the criminal is concerned, there are no favorites for targets.....everyone IS a target.....irrespective of political, religious, racial or cultural backgrounds and leanings !

So be very afraid. You could be the criminal's next target !

Shalom and peace be with you this holy month of Ramadhan !

Sunday, July 15, 2012

pariah vs. pariah

Well well what do you Malaysia, being a Malaysian of remote Indian origins aka "pariahs" ( me included but I'm getting sick of this word !) in politics and one who knows how to sucks up to Barisan National means you get to own or be the main financier to run your own daily newspaper. That alone is enough to pump up the juices of these buggers with bloated egos.

So there's another new newspaper in town. So what ? That too by a short-assed ex-chauffeur to a tycoon who had a fairy tale ending by marrying the tycoon's divorced daughter and who went on to inherit his entire estate. Good for him but not for that ugly no-good son of an ex-minister, Vel Pari, CEO of Tamil Nesan, one of the current 4 Tamil dailies, from bitching about it.

This is the reason why Malaysians of remote Indian origins aka pariahs, are treated the way they are treated by the UMNO led BN. But I'd ask here, is not the BN government arming every school going child with a lap-top and iPad already ? Where the pariahs' children denied a lap-top or iPad each ? And isn't a newspaper an obsolete form of media already when every one is on the net already ? And we already have 4 UMNO suck-up newspapers in Tamil, owned by MIC pariahs to spin lies to these pariahs in the rural areas already so why another ?

But this hobbit Eswaran is crafty as a fox with a hemorrhoid. He's said to be close to Najib and insists his paper "Naam Naadu" (Our Nation) is going to be the mouth-piece of the BN government ! That's big talk for a little hobbit, right ? He's selling his paper at RM1 as compared to the other 4, priced at RM1.30 and this has got that idiot Vel Pari son of Samy Vellu fuming. The idiot wants to monopolise the propaganda arm of Najib. But most of all he wants to maintain as "top suck-up" to UMNO and he cannot afford competition. He prides himself as best ass-licker.....up till now.....until Frodo Baggins has made a move for that position.

Will this new newspaper make any difference ? Nothing except that the already vocally dead political parties that own these newspapers and claim to champion the pariahs will do nothing to lift up the current conditions of the rural folks in estates or elsewhere who live below poverty line and in squalor. News on new Tamil pictures, movie stars and politics of India are what fills the current 6 to 8 pages of all 4 broad-sheets dailies and that's all that keep these complaisant pariahs happy.

UMNO and BN has no worries about losing the undying loyalty of these cheap pariahs. These are the men who lead but with no dignity or pride. These pariahs are fighting amongst themselves over pricing of newspapers but not one of them dares to question UMNO or Najib for the use of the word "pariah" printed in the school text book "Interlok", which is used for literature in our schools for students in Form 4 or 5 wherein the author has claimed in the book that all Indians who originated from India but came to Malaysia (then Malaya) were of the pariah caste or the lowly untouchables !! Thus my loose use of the word to term all Malaysians of remote Indian origins, including yours truly ! Will this new paper dare to tackle that and the other cow-head, temple and pendatang issues ? Naah !

Ahhh...but there was one very cunning and devious pariah who was a step ahead of the rest. He was of Indian origins with an "a/l" ("anak lelaki" meaning "son of so-and-so"...) on his identity card and a Muslim and rising in power....voila...he became an instant Malay and happily went on to be prime minister for 22 years whilst giving corruption and racism a new meaning and a way of life in Malaysia. Today even he would sit back and watch these pariah fools fight it out to be top ass-licker and clap when they literally kill each other off, while doing their master's (read UMNO) dirty work for scraps !

Senator T. Ananthan aka "taukeleh-man" of MIC....where the fcuk are you again !

Thursday, July 12, 2012

erhh....what petrol subsidy ?

John D sent me this above chart with the tariff of our petrol prices in Malaysia and posed me this question, "why is the cheaper and lower grade RON95 pegged at RM3. 35 as actual price as compared to the higher grade RON97 at RM 2.90 as actual price ?"

Given the fact that our wonderful and "rakyat-at-heart" BN government has given a "huge
" subsidy and waived taxes of RM1.45 to bring the RON95 to a selling price of RM1.90 and with no relief for the better/higher grade RON97 users, a question begs an answer as to why a lower grade petrol (RON95) is actually priced higher then the better/higher grade RON97, no ??

It is a conspiracy by the inner circle "think-tank" members of the 1Najib administration to hood-wink the masses into thinking we have a caring government who'd put the ordinary folks who drive ordinary cars, yours truly included, when all this time we've been buggered blind !

By right the actual cost of RON95 which is supposed to be of lower grade, should also be lower then the actual cost of RON97 which is RM2.90. Then the actual price of RON95 should be, say RM2.50 or RM2.60 and minus the "rakyat-at-heart" BN government's generous subsidy of RM1.45 we should actually be paying say about RM1.05 or RM1.15 per litre, right ??

So all you ordinary Malaysians out there who have been buggered blind for so long, (me included) wake up from this "action now, people first" hollow sloganeering. We have never been given any subsidy in the first place. The government has taken us all on a long and over 50 years "ride" as John puts it, and it's time we slam the emergency brakes on these so-called cleverly disguised generosity dished out by the government of the day and lets all engage into over-drive and cruise into a new era where a subsidy IS a subsidy and not mere political voter garnering lip-service.

We'll teach them a lesson they won't forget for generations to come and tell them never to think us Malaysians are fools. We'll teach that lesson with our votes in the ballot boxes on election day, okay folks ?

Vote for change....change is always good !

**click of pic/chart above for bigger view.

Sunday, July 08, 2012

the RM20 Indian question.

Everyone has a price, but the RM20 question is how low will you go ?
RM 20 paid to some "altered natives" to buy their precious vote by MIC and once confirmed as a potential "sold" vote an reward of RM30 is given and after voting for BN come polling day a "huge" bonus of RM50. How about that ? ( read here )

MIC is cheap. So cheap that till today they have allowed this BN government to call them
"pariahs". So cheap that BN (actually BN and UNMO are one and the same. All other component parties like MIC, MCA, PPP and Gerakan are but mere lap-dogs of BN who in reality is UMNO ! ) knows what little scraps to give them and these pariah dogs will roll over and do their master UMNO's bidding. So cheap that MIC politicians are directed by their top dog leader to "buy" all votes from every Malaysians of remote Indian origins for RM20 ! This is not being cheap but downright disgracefully hard-up with no dignity whatsoever.

Anyone with an ounce of self respect when approached by these MIC
political mongrels called party heads, would throw that RM20 right back on the face of the party representative ! As my grandma would say..."no geography" or one is nothing but a "soreneh katteh nayee" (literally translated as "a mangy mongrel with no shame or feelings"), but of course the Indians have a lot more respect for dogs then fellow Indians, but I guess it sounded more pronounced or rhymed better when spoken in the Tamil dialect.

Ahhh....the sad part is, these cheap pariahs who head MIC also know how much cheaper their local branch heads are. They think that a cost of a Malaysian of remote Indian origin's vote is worth only RM20 ! And these cheap hand-outs are especially for any or all Malaysians of remote Indian origin aka
"pariahs" concentrated mainly in 3 particular states that BN lost terribily in the last GE....i.e. Selangor, Perak and Kedah.

So who do you think gave the orders ?

If you thought it was that wimp G. Palanivel (president of MIC) you're wrong. Surely by now you would also know who
"owns" G.Palanivol, right ? UMNO ! And who owns UMNO ? If you said Najib...triiing, wrong again ! Everything points to a greater evil mongrel now conveniently masquerading as a Malay ( I don't know what that means ) and goes by the name of Tun Mahathir ! Bingo !!! Will the MACC investigate this $$$ politics ? No waaaay Jose' !

And to think these MIC lapdogs have the gall to dish out RM20 to each member makes my pariah blood boil. ( yes, I too am a pariah as labelled by this BN education system via "
Interlok" !) Ask yourself sincerely, all you bloody Malaysians of remote Indian origins and having membership in MIC.....are you worth only RM20 to these Barisan Nasional government ?? Have you no self pride then to accept such a paltry sum ? Even a beggar collects/begs more than that amount daily but at least he's not ashamed to call himself a beggar. Can you ? Have your bloody Malaysians of remote Indian origins gone cheaper then a beggar ??

Wake up you bloody Malaysians of remote Indian origins and those who have actually collected that dastardly RM20 already. Take the bloody money as you have already done a grave mistake already BUT come election day make them ( BN and UMNO ) pay for thinking you are that cheap that they can buy you out for RM20 !

Even Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver....or in today's silver value (here) will give Judas of about USD4,200 x RM3.5 =RM 14,700 to betray Jesus ! And you bloody cheap Malaysians of remote Indian origins only took RM20 to sell your souls ? You MIC guys are worst then Judas !
Go hang yourselves or drink some pesticide or herbicide or whateverlah damnit !

Shame on you MIC !!

T.Ananthan aka Kajang Ananthan aka "taukelehman" of MIC....where are you ??

Saturday, July 07, 2012

RIP Paul......!

....the wizard on 6 stings passes on.....sigh !
I'll raise a glass of the your memory bro !

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

head-spin or "kepala pusing" !

There is chaos within UMNO. ( here )

Prime Minister Najib surely is in a situation nobody wants to be as the 13th. General Elections is looming round the bend. Perhaps his biggest thorn is that racist and corrupt Tun with the aid of his "paid" cyber-troopers, who won't stop at nothing before he "croaks" to see his beloved and weak son crawling up the UMNO political ladder.

Then there are the mongrels (Perkasa and Kimma United) within his own UMNO to screw up that utopian 1Malaysia crap. Out of the stupid antics from these mutts grew another greater threat Najib never anticipated.......Ambiga ! Yes, the PM's stupid mongrels created a personality who over-shadows both him and his 1st. lady put together. Today Ambiga is the most famous and sought after person in Malaysia. But you won't hear of that from the main stream media, no ?

Like it or not, being as stupid is as stupid is, these UMNO types have unknowingly brought the entire civil society in this country ignoring race, religion and political leanings together in support of her, over the recent death threats and labeling her a traitor to king and country. Big mistake Mr. Prime Minister !

With all these head-aches during his tour of duty, this Prime Minister is still seen putting on a good "deal or no deal" show for rural folks nation-wide so far......but wait....what IF the (very much played down or totally "blackened" news in BN controlled msm) story of the submarines suddenly "surfaced" ( pun intended: remember when these new subs could not dive down because hydraulics on the periscope refused to work !! ) in a French court and our dear prime minister is implicated in some way or the other ? What then ? Can our 1PMNajib with his team of cyber-troopers repair his image then ?

Well, that croaking old Tun will rub his hands in glee and let his dogs out to cause mayhem and chaos, while Perkasa will still rave about soaking the "keris" with Chinese blood and most shockingly unity will have a new meaning amongst the citizenry.....and perhaps Ambiga goes on to becomes the first female and non-Muslim prime minister. Can ah ?
Hahahahaha !