Friday, May 24, 2013

Peace and security, my foot !

24th. May 2013 @ 3.20pm
And now for some good news...all 3 detainees, Haris, Tian Chua and Tamrin, from yesterday's arrests were released today when the Remand Order Application was denied by the magistrate. Cheers ! 

 Free Malaysia Today Sedition dragnet: Cops do not rule out more arrests  

G Lavendran | May 23, 2013 

KL police chief Mohammad Salleh says that in order to protect peace and security, there could be more arrests coming.

KUALA LUMPUR: The police have not ruled out the possibility of more arrests under its Sedition Act dragnet. Speaking at a press conference here, city police chief Mohammad Salleh said the priority was to ensure peace and security. 

Peace and security my foot ! Go and sort out the Sulu invaders and drive them out of Sabah Mr. city police chief. They are happily still on Malaysian soil armed  for over a month now and have murdered 18 of  your comrades and our citizens so far. And Sabah is peaceful and secured now ? You opt for "peaceful negotiations" with fully armed murdering aliens from Sulu but ready to arrest unarmed tax-paying citizens gathered peacefully in silence with only a lighted candle. How dangerous can fellow citizens be as compared to the foreign Suluks who killed our 18 men ?   

The police have so far arrested four  people under the Act. These are student leader Adam Adli, Anything But Umno (ABU) leader Haris Ibrahim, PKR vice-president Tian Chua and PAS’ Thamrin Ghaffar.

There are also rumours that PKR leader and Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) founder Badrul Hisham Shaharin has been arrested as well but this could not be confirmed. SAMM issued a statement at 6pm to state that Badrul Hisham was “still free”. Adam was charged this morning and freed on bail.
If only our police were this enthusiastic in catching the hundreds of snatch thieves, mat rempits roaming the streets daily and doing an honest days work to serve the citizens instead of terrorising them. Sigh ! 
Mohammad said the others were also expected to be charged under the Sedition Act with regard to their call to topple the government through a massive street protest. 
And I was fooled by your "deal -or-no-deal" master into thinking that the Sedition Act was repealed all this time, damn !
“We have 24 hours to gather all the statements from them but we will extend the remand if time does not suffice.
“We have also not ruled out more arrests on those linked to the May 13 ceramah. We will only find out after thorough investigations have been completed,” he added.
Jeng ! jeng ! jeng !!.......memories of Ops Lallang bolts through my mind !   
Mohammad also said that the forum on May 13 was unlawful and uncalled for.
“It was wrong for them to gather as they did on May 13 and since the Sedition Act is still enforceable by law, we have to charge them under it,” he said.
“After all our first priority is to maintain peace and order,” he added.
Again I want to remind you Mr. city police chief....see my first para above lah. 
Mohammad also said the 18 people arrested under Section 143 of the Penal Code outside the Jinjang detention centre last night have been released on police bail.
“We have recorded statements from them, but investigations are ongoing and until then all 18 have been released on police bail,” he said.
“That assembly was unlawful, they could be jailed up to six months [if found guilty],” he added.
Holding candles in solidarity with a young fellow Malaysian in your lock-up was unlawful ? Gimme a break lah !
The 18 were part of the crowd who had gathered in support of Adam who was held at the Jinjang police detention centre.
So is the invasion of Sabah by heavily armed foreign aliens, sir. Why are the aliens still on our soil ?   
The police chief also warned the public not to get involved in such gatherings in the future, including the one scheduled to take place on May 25 at a field near Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya.
“Please obey the existing laws and do not behave otherwise, we don’t want any trouble and the people should work together with us instead of against us,” he said.
“However, if the rally does take place this weekend, we are ready to take action. We have enough manpower and will do what is necessary to maintain peace and order,” he added.
When it comes to dealing with the Opposition there's plenty of manpower...but when it comes to combating crimes, snatch thefts and corruption....shortage of manpower. Same old silly story.
Why don't you use you "manpower" to eliminate those armed and illegal aliens still in Sabah ? They are a bigger threat to peace and security, no ? Get your priorities in order Mat. 
Not in blind submission to your ruling political master's bidding but to the Agong.  

Happy Vesak Day to all celebrants !

*parenthesis mine.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Haris detained for sedition by cops.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Batu MP Chua Tian Chang and activist Haris Ibrahim were today held for sedition and taken to the Jinjang police station here for questioning and detention, according to reports.
It is understood both were detained separately in a police crackdown today. This is the third police investigation into sedition since the May 5 general election.
The first was student activist Adam Adli Abdul Halim, who was charged with sedition in the Jalan Duta court complex this morning.
“I’ve been arrested at LCCT about 5min ago, just b4 the security check. Now in police vehicle being transported to Balai Polis Jinjang,” Chua posted on his Twitter account, ‏@tianchua at about 12.24pm today.
“According to ASP Buba, I’m detained under Section 4(1) Sedition Act,” he added.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wakakakakaka....simply hilarious !

I would certainly say this was the best clip ever produced by little known Low Calow, reflecting UMNO/Barisan's best "actors and actresses"

So good that if someone can fine-tune this clip, and enter this as Malaysia's contribution in the short film category, I think we stand a good chance to win accolades for best short film in next year's Cannes festival. 

Simply hilarious ! 
Pump up the volume and enjoy !    

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gimme back my country !

If it is not Chinese bashing its Christian bashing, one caption read. Another was to boycott all things pro-PR and not kosher. Wow..what country do we live in ? Corruption is certainly very alive and in the pink of health in Malaysia. 

And to think that we are so diversified in our customs, cultures, religions and races was what made us uniquely "Malaysia" once, I say now we are a totally fucked-up society. A fucked-up society created by the government of the day. A government who has over-stayed its shelf-life. A government that has, instead of unite, divided us and systematically planted seeds of pure hatred to a point that we have to regard anyone we meet and who is discovered to not be of your favoured political party as an instant enemy. What happened to us ? Yes, us from any side of the divide. Or must we ask that damn old bleeding Tun ?

To say we are all putting on a facade in our business meetings and in our personal life, is a fact ! To say we'd be more comfortable with "like-minded" people actually means we'd rather be with those who support the same political party, right ? What hypocrisy is that ? 

But then you'd argue, this government is built on "hypocrisy", no ? The government rides on slogans saying in forked tongues a big  "NO" to corruption, cronyism, racism, nepotism and religious bigotry at the same time "assassinate" the characters of  the opponents with malicious lies, false accusations and claims via doctored video clips  or give out cash in the guise of BR1M, FR1M and all those other shit to induce a person to support the government as in the recently fraud-riddled  GE13. The results of the GE is still not wholly accepted by a majority of the citizens, as when you actually consider the popularity poll percentages of over 54% of Malaysians. 

As to the point of "boycotting" product or to claim "haram" to certain products by some BN friendly NGO's is so stupid. Remember every employee in those companies has got a family to care for and feed. Can you support these families before you ask anyone to boycott such companies ? If you cannot then just shut the fuck up ! Haram indeed but okay to receive like beggars, money the government steals from the rakyat's coffers to bribe you to vote for the government in return. Shame on you morons.

If you ask me, every ringgit that's in circulation has somehow passed through the hands of one who has handled or has eaten pork at some point in time. Does that not mean it is haram to even touch money ?? Get real you fucking hypocrites. Stop this shit now !
Gimme back my country !

Friday, May 10, 2013

It's the season to be hopping.....

I knew this would happen. I even saw this coming a day after the GE13. I've watched this thing before back in 2008. This crazy hunger for power. Even before the GE13 I had said that the government who had ruled us for over 5 decades know how to play the game really really well. They are champions. And they would have made the perfect Opposition for accountability and transparency. They were masters of the game....and they have 57 years of experience to bank on.  For them its the numbers game and they desperately need the numbers !

They can smell the weakness of a person who is not in the limelight but who has found a new position and  power.  In other words they can smell a weasel or a rat 3 and a half kilometers away. They know what makes this rat weak at the knees. They know his excesses and will go straight to exploit that weakness. They go for the jugular....and they won't miss.

So out comes the cheque books and the negotiations cum offer is hastily "up-ed and up-ed" to dizzying zeros to 'own' that sellout's soul. The rest is irrelevant. In the meantime excuses are conjured up to justify the turn-coat's shameful action. Tell all and shame all is the name of the game. And the turn-coat comes out smelling like roses to the owners. 

You might want to ask who suffers most in all this numbers game ? You, of course my dear friend, you who had supported and cast your vote and even went on to defend this now turn-coat's integrity in some political argument  in a pub swearing he would not sell you out. You might even have wagered to cut off your ears and jump in an aeration pond in your neighbour-hood trying to defend his credibility.  You stupid sod ! You've been had ! 

And I've never had anything nice to say about this weasel ever in all my postings. Call it "gut" feeling.
So how now my friend ? Hahahahaha !