Sunday, June 27, 2010

Copycat II

This is hilarious. The PM it seems, recently bought a "Persian" cat for RM650 in a "Buy Malaysian" fair ! Why would they be selling Persian cats in a "Buy Malaysian" campaign, beats me ! Hahaha ! (here )

So now is it okay to sell a foreign make car in a similar fair ? Or apples, oranges, pears and grapes in a 1Malaysia this and 1Malaysia that, local fruit fair, huh ?

What would they think of next ? And I still insist "Copycat" is the name most apt for this now famous "1kuching" !

UPDATES ( 2.30 am Monday)

And if that is not entertainment enough for you, yet another dubious record is in the making ! 14,718 Malaysians comprising from government agencies, public and private higher learning institutions, gathered in the Lake Gardens in Shah Alam to get their "awesome feat" of, dig this.... reading a book, outdoors for 1 hour on "Knowledge Day" and in the hope of getting into the Malaysian Book of "idiotic" Records ! Looks like reading a book is solely reserved for "Knowledge Day" and every other day is spent texting smses in broken or corruptly "murdered" English on their cell phones !

Now that's what we are famous for......doing the most stupid things to earn a name in some record book. If only these 14 thousand plus fools could go "gotong-royong" and help build houses or repair some bridges in some kampung and giving the hundreds of less fortunate fellows living in the rural areas a better quality of life. Now that would not be less noble wouldn't it, yes ?

Hahahaha.........good Sunday jokes though as we're never short for jesters !
1Malaysia Boleh !

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Look carefully at the photo above. Was this the photograph that gave away the "secret" and the reason for this "cold" woman to be stripped-off her datukship by the Sultan of Johore along with 3 others recently ? (here )

Back in 2006 I had written about this darling's
"daring" attempts (and now ex-Datin Paduka ) of "heroic and solo" trips to the 2 poles. ( read here ) Even back then I've had my suspicions, knowing very well the depths we ( not you or me but...) Malaysians would sink to get their names in the record books of "dubious" achievements. It was a time when we had to show-off our prowess as "towering" Malaysians and show the world of what we were capable of, even if it meant we had to do the "unthinkable" because we had the blessings of the head honcho himself to leave a mark of our little known existence outside of our little kingdom, yes ? And you do remember who the PM was then, right ? And that Proton car (sans engine and road-tax lah...hahaha !) that's buried deep in snow in the North Pole ? Do you ?...hmmm.... that's funny now when you think of "missing engines" what comes to mind, huh ???

So the ghost of 2006 is back to haunt this poor gutsy lady who was then set on a pedestal and glorified by all. Like you, I too, can only speculate.

Sigh......who else is going to be haunted by past misdeeds I wonder......we'll just have to wait and see...! and by the way have you thought of a name for the good Prime Minister's
"puddy tat" (pussy cat) ? And in true "White House" fashion too......only they ( the Yanks ) had dogs to be named by the people.
So this is what I'd call......a COPYCAT !
.....and that's the name I suggest Mr. PM sir !

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm here to stay ! you hear me ?

Very confident man, I'd say, this top cop we have ! Like he's got the whole government's dark secrets in his pocket and everyone else by their balls ! Did anyone tell him his shelf-life expired months ago or public confidence in him has completely eroded or that nobody is indispensable ? ( here )

Laced heavily with wanton arrogance when the facts of rising crime such as snatch thefts, mat rempits,
"trigger-happy-boys-in-blue" within his force and corruption and abuse of power in his and other government agencies, gangland related crimes, rapes and kidnappings are everyday occurrence here in our "fair and lovely" country and in his "over-stayed welcomed" tour of duty too. And this man insists he's the best and only person for the job !

If elected politicians spoke like that I'd understand......they are a different kettle of fish altogether and the rotten fish can be gotten rid-off, say like in a general election (unless you are a tyrant or a dictator-instantly a couple of
"dinosaurs" come to mind !) but no, this chap is a government servant who is appointed by the Agong on the advise of the PM of the day and who's duty is to protect the rakyat of their rights, property and neighbourhood and certainly lives off a salary, paid by us, tax-paying citizens, and has failed us miserably on all counts. Yet he goes on to tell you (zounds more like a warning to me...)
"For now, I can say that whatever has been said, is being said or will be said about my future in the mainstream media or blogs should not be taken seriously unless it is revealed directly from a reliable source,"
Pray tell us, ordinary tax-paying citizens of this country, Mr. IGP, who IS a reliable source then, when we have flip-flops by the scores, starting at the security post of the Parliament right up to the head-honcho of Parliament ! Pray tell us !

Sheeeeesh Mr. Moses !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

who's lying now....??

It's the season to be jolly......yeah, baby, with 1 month of crazy football nights and with illegal bookies still gleefully clasping their palms to the profits they would amass from "footie-bettings", albeit Ascot Sports unofficially seem to be claiming the official rights, but then denied by the government. ( here )

Yes, as this old classic song goes ( guess very few would remember ! ) and the rakyat anxiously waiting with bated breath to know who's really sorry for lying through his teeth and opening his big mouth !

It's the Vinnie verses Jibbie match that is taking the daytime centre stage when we're not downing our pints and wearing our favorite national colours at night ! And I am placing my bets on Vinnie. He's still the one with the "muscles"....

p.s. I take this opportunity to convey my deepest condolences to all England fans ! wakakaka !

Sunday, June 06, 2010

why Palestinians and not......??

Take a "good" look at the first 4 pictures of Palestinians below and tell me what you see.......( also read this link ( here ) for an entirely different story, from what we have been led to understand !! )

......and closer to home and elsewhere in the world.......some images which the whole world has also seen. What do you think....?

Think hard and have a pleasant Sunday folks !