Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is MIC in BN just to hold flags ?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 15:50

Being Frank
OUR society is increasingly more intolerant and certain people are starring in their own wretched soap operas to blacken Malaysia as oppressive and regressive in race and religious ties.

Hate speech and incitement that spark reckless and confrontational actions are worrisome. Yet, people with utter disregard for harmony just won’t go away.

The conveyor belt of attention-grabbing stunts has enlarged, and incumbent political weakness is disturbing. So grave is our distress that being glued together as one is hurtling down the tracks as an accident waiting to happen.

It is not in national interest that the appetite for aggravation is allowed to fester. The way forward is quite plain: it’s not the right of paranoid individuals to determine; it’s all about how we balance rights against each other; and the right of society to protect itself against trouble rousers.

That distressing opinion in the Malay daily, Sinar Harian, by Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, a religious academic, has rained scorn on how that balance should be struck, and in the process caused damage to the Indian community.

It is a toxic article that preys on the Indians. Ridhuan is no big deal, except that his stance presumes that Indians can be easily slammed with inflammatory generalities.

So, at first when the MIC’s strategic director S. Vell Paari weighed down on the racial and religious taunts of Ridhuan and Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali — who had called for the burning of Malay language Bibles that contained the word “Allah” — it came across as just another statement from a politician.

The shock emerged when, in an open letter last Saturday Vell Paari told his party boss that he will ask Indians to vote against the Barisan Nasional (BN) if he did not push for action against both men.

He stated in his letter, a copy of which was made available to The Malay Mail, that he was prepared for the sack for his actions. The hard stance of the son of the party’s longest-serving president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu: “As MIC members we represent Indians of all faiths and a member of a race called Malaysian. I cannot remain quiet on this sort of issues any longer, which tend to crop up with increasing frequency.

If no action is taken against Ridhuan and Ibrahim, I would push forward my proposal in advising the Indians who to vote for. I would use the MIC platform to go forward with my proposal.

The only way for you (Palanivel) to stop me is to sack me. The ball is in your court.

He stated that the MIC headquarters might as well be converted into a banana leaf restaurant when it’s always a one-way street in matters involving Indian sensitivity.

If we continue to remain silent on issues (that affect the Indians) because we are afraid of antagonising certain powers-that-be, then we might as well close shop and convert the MIC headquarters into a banana leaf restaurant.

We cannot hold our heads high when our tails are between our legs.

Is the MIC in the BN just to hold BN flags, to wear free BN TShirts, fill up seats, be event managers for functions or postmen to deliver cheques from the Prime Minister’s Office? This party was born to safeguard the interest of all Indians regardless of religion in Malaysia.

For the first time we have a prime minister who is ready to engage with the community. So, we have to educate this PM on the needs of the community and not the other way around for him to say what he thinks the community needs.

We need to take charge in educating him on our hunger. If we fail to educate him to fulfil our needs, then it’s our mistake for not taking the bull by its horns.

Has Vell Paari done wrong as a BN politician? To me, he is doing the right thing as a Malaysian who is frustrated with uncaring individuals who lack ethics and are bent on intolerance.

To be sure, there has never been a stronger statement from a top MIC leader during MIC president, Datuk Seri G. Palanivel’s reign.

Palanivel will raise the matter at the Cabinet meeting this week on the premise that Ridhuan’s article was in defiance of the prime minister’s 1Malaysia concept. Surely, Ridhuan who’s employed by the government and hits out at a member of the ruling coalition is guilty of insubordination.

His take on the touchy Tamil movie Vishwaroopam was wrongly linked to Hindu-Muslim coldness. He also arched to a dreadful level of portraying the annual Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves as annoying to non-Hindus. He further spewed provocatively that the patience of Muslims has limits.

The remarks were comparable to the Perkasa president’s call to burn Christian Bibles that contained the word Allah.

Sinar Harian has since apologised for carrying the article. Ridhuan is yet to say sorry for his subverted attack on Indians.

Most of us believe in a free society, but freedom of speech and the right to one’s opinion is one thing. Outright disrespect and being insulting is another.

The growing incidence of hate and agitating speeches in this pre-election season when passions on both sides of the political divide are inevitably high summons restrain.

One can argue that Vell Paari is taking advantage of GE13 to look good in the eyes of the Indians. But critics have to realise that this is a matter of the heart that syncs with electoral repercussions, especially with claims that the ruling coalition has recaptured the hearts and minds of Indian voters, who dumped it in the 2008 polls.

The MIC has been a political class in paralysis and it’s nice to have someone speak up distinctively about an issue that is derogatory and insensitive to the community. Still, I don’t think that would translate into huge votes because the failures of the party are ever-present.

My point is simple: The soulless behaviour of certain violators of national unity is detrimental to the nation. We must ensure the psycho-drama is not stacked against us.

Don’t Malaysians feel proud of our nation? I think there’s an enormous amount to be proud of in what Malaysia is and what the people stand for.

The people with no shame must get this message — and go!

MULTI-AWARD-WINNING journalist and editor-at-large of The Malay Mail FRANKIE D’CRUZ is the National Press Club-Scomi Journalist of the Year 2012. He can be reached at

Thursday, February 21, 2013

tell the truth, nothing but the truth

"I am as good as a schoolboy"......replied the 87 years old bungling ex-premier Tun Mahathir mocking deputy public prosecutor Tun Majid when questioned about the words cash price, contract price and special price yesterday, in the on-going PKFZ scandal hearing. Read the full text here
Schoolboys don't manipulate society or speak with a forked tongue Mr. Apanama erh...ex-premier. So don't try and think you are funny. Millions if not billions of tax-payers money went missing. And you were in the thick of things then, yes, you and your "adik" Ling Liong Sik. You both had your fun in the sun then. You had your time to really fcuk-up the Judiciary then. Even the Malaysian Law Journal was discreetly (for fear of arrest...) known as Mahathir's Law Journal during your long suffering 22 years of dictatorial rule. 

Now stop making silly schoolboy remarks at your old age to try and snake your way out, of this testimony. We the rakyat want to hear the truth as you have placed your corrupt and filthy hand on the Koran and uttered to solemnly tell the truth, nothing but the truth and not some stupid and childish line like....."I am as good as a schoolboy" shit.

We are not amused with your blabbering rubbish anymore. Next you will resort to your ever famous "escape" clause of....."sudah lupah lah" crap. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

enemy of the state ?

EXCLUSIVE: Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is being detained under police guard and awaiting deportation from Malaysia as an "enemy of the state", over a series of planned meetings with pro-democracy MPs in Kuala Lumpur.(read the rest of the story here )

Again we have drawn international attention by some bumbling buffoon in the government. Who ordered Nick's deportation ? Quickly someone will come with a new theory that the reason was Nick's life was in danger in Malaysia so they had to send him back to "protect" him from being assassinated. Just watch when the morons from all quarters grope for reasons to counter this stupid mistake.  

Hahahaha....alamak !......what a joke. The real "enemy" of the state and king  is a traitor like Mahathir or Perkasa and they are living in happy luxury here. Nothing is done about that and Najib is on a witch-hunt. Soon he will issue orders to arrest his own shadow for following/stalking him everywhere. 

And the world watches us in "unbelievable" awe !

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Be the agent of CHANGE !

Be the agent of CHANGE this Lunar year of the water snake. Like the snake that sheds its skin annually, be the messenger of CHANGE in your home tonight during your reunion dinner. A familiar old story about who you'd kill if you saw a snake in the grass and an ex-Indian, slithers through my slippery mind. (hehehe.....I know what you're thinking......that Kutty bugger isn't ? Jahat lah you ! )

 Give me back the Malaysia gone. Give me back the Malaysia I once knew. If not for me then at least for your fore-fathers' and ancestors' sake.

Drive safe. Don't drink and drive but if you feel like you really needed that drink, drink anyway and let someone else take the wheel, okay ! As for me I'm gonna be getting sloshed by a beach hotel nearest to me tonight ! 

Maaf, Zahir and Batin ! .....there you go ! any dialect of your choice !

Cheers !

Thursday, February 07, 2013

13 good reasons to forgive !

This photo-shopped picture that's been making its round on face-book tells us exactly what a former prime minister turned dictator, turned racist, turned Malay and turned traitor-to-the-country, the dishonorable Tun Mahafiruan did for 22 long years and counting, to our beloved country.  
And he will still not shut up !

Can anyone give me 13 good reasons why I should ever forgive this totally corrupt-to-the-core excuse for a man ?

Friday, February 01, 2013

Swindler's list.

Noticed this ad on the back of one of our "notoriously infamous" taxis in town, "Human Trafficking is an offense punishable by jail" and "Harboring Illegals is an equally punishable offense". A "wicked" story comes to mind !

Back in the 90's there was this award-winning Spielberg movie based on true accounts, filmed in black and white to capture the nostalgic essence of the era during WWII, called Schindler's list. The story revolves around the lives of Polish-Jews refugees in ghettos, bound for "termination" detention camps during the holocaust and how a kindhearted Nazi "war-profiteer" businessman "creates" employment for the hundreds who would have nearly become part of the systematic state-sponsored murder of  6 million Holocaust victims.
Around the time this Hollywood film was made, we too had our very own "Schindler" of the Asean region and this too is was based on real life accounts. Let's call our own Schindler (with a local flavour lah)...errh.....Mahathir. Yes, this man saved the lives of  hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from being caught, jailed ( some killed in custody perhaps ) and deported. He was one up on that Nazi fellow by further granting citizenships to all these illegals. In fact he prides himself by boasting of saving close to a million lives,certainly a monumental  achievement compared to that pale thousand  Jewish lives saved by that Nazi-(ayoyoo....Nazri comes to mind !)

Mahathir had but only 1condition to these lucky illegals. You had to be Muslim with a strong view to vote BN in every time a general election occurred in the state of  Sabah ( whatever that meant to an illegal alien !) That's all ! Just one condition to any illegal foreigner who would like to realise his/her "fortunes" here in Malaysia, the land of milk (ouchh !!...Sharizat comes to mind !) and money ! Aliens who hailed from Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar or Bangladesh but not African Muslims, that's drawing too much attention to Mahathir as some might dare to cry foul-play. But female Bosnian Muslims are okay. Aliens who were maybe Abu Sayyaf  or Jemayah Islamiya "terrorists", hit-men, con-man or ultramen  back in their own country, anyone who wanted to be a Malaysian was granted instant citizenship BUT remember that 1condition (sighhh...Jibby flashes by every time the No. 1 is mentioned !!!) and vote for BN view remained !  It was that easy. Only illegal Muslim foreigners from Asian countries need apply ! And this "instant citizenship" exercise was by no little means a systematically engineered federal government sponsored  project in a predominantly Christian state !     

There are thousands born and bred in this here country and who can trace their fore-fathers too being born here today, with a "persona non Grata" status to their name. Maybe illiteracy and ignorance was their pleadings but remained a non-Malaysian ! You have to be a) a foreigner and b) a Muslim. Most of these "stateless" beings born in Malaysia are neither a) nor b), but from the greater ancestry like yours and mine.... a non-Muslim or if you INFIDEL !     

Now if only that 9/11 late Al-Qaeda terrorist who was captured on CCTV passing through Malaysia, in KLIA had stayed a few extra days in Malaysia, this bumbling old "statesman" Mahathir would have granted him a citizenship and voting rights too and saved one of the twin towers of the WTC !

Sheeesh !