Saturday, March 31, 2012

earth calling Najib, come in please....over !

I have had close-up conversations photo-shoots with Tok Guru and Hadi, and never felt threatened by their responses regarding Islamic religious views and unity. In fact the PAS tag-line "PAS For All" is and definitely more sincere and a safer bet compared to this 2-faced evil within us known as UMNO ! (read here ) And you were foolish enough to have thought all this while that PAS was the threat to your religious views and freedom !

But then again you are but a mere mortal who'll swallow any crap that came out of the msm, right ? Everything you read or heard about PAS in your daily newspapers and the television for decades were just plain and systematic BN propaganda ala "Goebbels" demonising an opposition party that was founded on Islamic principles. Is there anything wrong with that ?

And that
"Islamic" party still went ahead with non-Islamic parties to form a coalition to challenge the BN. Call it a "marriage of convenience " or whatever you like, but we the thinking rakyat have no fear of the Opposition together with the PR coming to power in Putrajaya. PAS has never once said they will turn Muslims against Christians or Chinese or Hindus nor have they ever said that they will rule this country as an Islamic country save for a few over zealous bigots within who have been dealt with severely or even sacked.

For those how have now conveniently forgotten, let me remind you, it was that grand-master of corruption and racism, and now irrelevant Tun Mahathir, who went on national and global tv to announce that Malaysia WAS indeed an Islamic country and not a secular one...remember ?

And Najib's 1Malaysia unity call sinks even lower into the depths of our social cesspool while he's holding his elegant silence without comments regarding this much talked about
"Christian threat" controversy in Johor. And nothing is left for guessing who the real bigots are in this here country of ours. And you still want to vote them into power the next time your elect your government ?

This is only a religious issue that affects you and me so don't let me start on other forms of mega crony corruption, police brutality, governmental irregularities, mat rempits, thuggish ministers, UMNO arrogance, Lynas and racist issues in Malaysia yet. I'd welcome PAS anytime to run my country but of course with the blessing of the PR coalition !

Have a "thinking" weekend folks !

p.s. have you checked your voter and voting station registration info recently ? Or are you very certain nothing has changed since and if you had, last voted ? Are you even registered as a voter yet but you are above age 21 now and not excerising your constitutional responsibility, ? You still have until 5.30pm TODAY to register. So hurry now to the nearest Post Office, you moron, you !
Otherwise save your family's future and your country and be a responsible citizen.
So for God's here again please and double-check !

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

give the kid an education first, not guns !

I wrote with disapproval of kids handling guns while in their NS stint at a tender age of 17 or 18 first back in 2006 here and again in 2008 here . I was and am still against the whole idea of National Service, a program devised by some aging ex-military personnel in cahoots with some crony minister to be remain vulgarly rich and relevant. A simple and devious plan to take your child away from you and at the same time dig into the nation's coffers.

Look here, this country never went to war with anyone, right ? And we don't intend to go to war with anyone of our neighbours either and surely not with our "unsinkable" submarines and jets with "missing" engines, right ?

It is bad enough that millions of tax-payers money is spent staffing and maintaining these NS camps. More millions are also spent from 'renting' these camps and even more is spent on feeding the camp caretakers and our beloved kids. Food served here surely would not be like in a Holiday Inn buffet spread but then does anyone know what it costs the tax-payer to feed a kid daily at a NS camp or salaries to those running them ? Do we know how to count ? Is having RELA ( another dubious "armed" bullshit unit funded by tax-payers ) enough to help the armed forces protect our country from foreign attack ?

Are these camps another extension of the now infamous "Nazi-styled" racists BTN camps (here ) ? All the money spent yearly in these camps could be put to the greater good of these kids like giving them a better education and more importantly nurturing them with moral education and respecting each other regardless of skin colour and religious back-grounds. The reason why I'm saying this lies in this The MalayMail article here !

So do we really need this silly National Service stint for kids when there's been so many "misadventure" deaths of innocent and "illiterate" kids, who are but kids, in camps run by incompetent buffoons with little or no experience in war first-hand ? And I most certainly won't want these kids to protect my homeland ?
Absolutely shocking !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

an idiot's guide to Lynas and Rare Earth.

Q1: What is rare earth (RE)?
Rare earth (RE) is just a metal, as ordinary as other metals like iron, silver and gold. The difference between them is we don’t encounter RE in daily life, e.g. you don’t wear RE bracelets, you don’t build the bridge with RE. It’s precious, valuable and essential for many high-tech industries.
Q2: Who is LYNAS?
LYNAS is the owner of the RE mine and Gebeng plant, incorporated and listed in Australia. LYNAS (M) Sdn. Bhd is wholly owned by LYNAS Inc.
Q3: Where does the RE come from? What is it like?
Like other metals, RE is found in ore (rock) in West Australia. The ore is mined, cleaned and crushed into sand or powder form, before being shipped to Kuantan. The journey is about 5000 km. The size of a single grain of powder can be 100 times smaller than the diameter of a strand of hair.
Q4: Why do they take the RE from Australia and process it here?
The official statement said that Australia cannot provide high-skilled manpower, and that Australia cannot supply enough water, acids and natural gas to process RE.
Q5: What do we get in terms of income?
Malaysia was offered 12 years tax break by LYNAS, which means they do not pay us anything during the first 12 years of operation. Eventually, all revenue generated here will probably be channeled back to the LYNAS Inc. share holders in Australia, and not to LYNAS (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Q6: What do we get in terms of job opportunities?
Only a total of 350 employees are needed, including expatriate, skilled and unskilled workers. The number of employees in a mid-size supermarket is greater than this.
Q7: What do we get in terms of new, world-class technology?
Malaysia is not a traditional, major RE-producing county. Transferring RE processing knowledge to Malaysia does not benefit the country and its people considerably.
Q8: So, what actually do we get?
Save the “jobs created, new technology and sales revenue of chemicals, water and natural gas”, strictly speaking, in the first 12 years – nothing! Except large quantities of waste. To be more precise, 500 cubic meters/hour of waste water, 100,000 cubic meters/hour of waste gas and 280,000 tonnes/year of solid waste.
Q9: Is RE dangerous?
Most RE metals are harmless, but in natural ore RE is normally mixed with the radioactive substances. During the separation process, valuable RE is extracted and exported to US, Europe and Japan, leaving behind harmful substances in Kuantan.
Q10: How dangerous is it?
The radioactive substances release radiation and two major toxic materials – radon gas and lead. Radon is a colorless, odorless toxic gas. When it gets into the human body through inhalation, it can damage cells and cause cancer. As for lead, many years ago petrol gas been changed from leaded to unleaded, as we didn’t want lead to be released to the air through our car exhaust. Lead can harm the nervous system, and cause brain and blood diseases. In short, two key hazards can be found in Gebeng RE plant – the radiation and the toxic materials.
Q11: Where and when can the radiation, radon and lead be found?
The RE raw material (in powder or sand form) arrives at the Kuantan port, then gets transported to Gebeng by truck, where it is unloaded, transferred and processed. Waste gas from chimneys, the waste water disposed into the Balok River, the solid wastes that are stored in Gebeng – possibly in all of the above we can find the radioactive substances, which can emit radiation, radon and lead, wherever and whenever they are present.
Q12: Mr. A lives in Balok, 3km from Gebeng. Mr. B lives in Kuantan, 30km from Gebeng. Mr. C lives in KL, 300km from Gebeng. Can the radioactive materials endanger them?
In short, the answer is NO for all of them if they stay more than 100 metres away from radioactive materials. But, the answer is YES for all three if they consumed these harmful substances, even if they stay hundreds of kilometres away. WHY? The radiation emitted in Gebeng doesn’t travel long distance to harm us, hence if you stand a short distance away from the materials without consuming it, all you will get is a slight radiation. Radon gas and lead in general do not affect our body externally, as we are protected by our skin. However, if these radioactive materials contaminate the solid waste, waste water and waste gas, they will be released to the atmosphere, water streams and eventually the food chain. Once the radioactive materials enter the human body via inhalation, ingestion and wound penetration, the radiation, radon and lead will be released inside the body and these can cause very serious consequences.
Q13: Why did they say that it is safe? Why did they say that the radioactivity is low? Who should I listen to?
You decide who you should listen to! It’s your life, it’s your family, it’s your home. See above to understand why they said the radioactivity is low. The media, authorities and LYNAS have failed to report the consequences of consuming radioactive materials.

The questions were answered by
Dr. Lee Chee Hong, Chemical Engineering Expert on Metals.

p.s. a quick search on the good doctor resulted in 2 persons with the same name.One a
Paediatrician was in the Pantai Group and the other a Physician in the Columbia Asia website.
Now will the real Dr. Lee stand up !

Friday, March 16, 2012

In Malaysia, we are world famous, as No1.

Only 1% of the 100,000 in the police force are taking bribes Mr. IGP ?? This means only 1,000 of your boys-in-blue are corrupt, issit ?? And that is a "small" number for the head honcho of the police force of Malaysia ? Read the 1joke here !

As far as the rakyat is concerned any number more then 1 is not small anymore. And now with the increase of RELA under his wings the percentage will still be a "small 1%" to him, no ?

Hello Mr. IGP, wake up lah and be honest ....what crap are we hearing from you, the top-cop of the country ? Maybe he thought he can pin the balance 99 % of corruption on UMNO and help Malaysia move up 3 notches of this recent news to fulfill PMNajib's No.1pet dream !

I'll give this man top points for effort and like his sense of humour in keeping in line with the PM's fetish for the numeral 1 !

But then is it not the same old same old of the "semuanya wokay lah" drama...... as life goes on in Malaysia daily ?..........hahahahaha !
Kudos sir.....nice one lah......woot woot !

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 ?.........sure ornot ??

"....Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is also the Finance minister, has nothing to show for his time in office, despite having taken over the top job in April 2009...."

That's running contradictory of all we hear in the news daily, right ?

Sigh...when are we going to wake up to the fact that enough is enough and we gotta have a say in this totally mismanaged country we love so much ? When are we going to say, "stop this corruption and and give us a clean government that has the tax-paying citizens upper-most in their list of "to-do" ?"

Just read about the hundreds and hundreds of misappropriation and embezzlement going on at every level of the government in our society on a daily basis. These mind-boggling figures that run into so many zeros, being siphoned out is your money, yours and my tax ringgits...happily being helped upon by an elite few. Most of us earn about 4 zeros...and only dream of hitting 5...but that too with sheer hard work and with a lot of shit in the process, but these people have it on a platter to squander.

If these monies were actually managed well and with good governance ( by rakyat-serving representatives ) we won't have such high rising costs in every commodity from your daily plate of rice to that bowl of noodles in our school canteens. We are also a petroleum producing country, but what do we get ??

Fish always rots from the head down, I when the head starts to rot you cannot save the just have to throw it away and get a fresh new fish, no ? The entire system of the government is in rot. What do we do ?

I'm surprised we're 4th most corrupted country....when we have always prided ourselves as No:1 ! Ask that old former premier....Tun Mahather. He started everything that we now are in.
Sheeesh !

Friday, March 09, 2012

aka Mahather bin Mohammad

I happen to come across this letter produced in the Malaysian Chronicle written by a blogger Tulang Besi and I surely am not comfortable with a few "facts" claimed therein. First of all is, that this so called letter was supposedly written my that former premier and now irrelevant Tun who's also known to have selective "loss" of memory ( quite understandable at his age and which he freely exercises to his advantage as an "escape clause" to avoid future prosecution in a court of law !) on the part of "I am more afraid if Government starts to lose control over the armed forces. Once this happens, thing will never be the same again...." ( remember this was way back in 17th. June 1969 )

Now why would Tunku even listen or take advice from a young up-start like Mahathir on matters of the "armed forces" knowing well that this young doctor from Kerala or Pakistan had no right meddling in affairs of the Malays. Or is Mahathir ignorant to the fact that the "armed forces" do not take their orders from the political leader of the day but the King who is equivalent to a Field Marshal in a time internal chaos or an emergency in a country, no ?

What was this "Pakistani" doctor's position then in UMNO anyway ? If this Mahathir was that brashful as he sounds in the letter, would he have not corrected Tunku ( if at all this letter is genuine ) earlier that this that he was not from Pakistan but was from Kerala, India, or at least Kedah, instead of putting it in writing in a letter ? Sounds like a deliberate point to stress in desperation.

And that he would have signed off as Mahathir bin Mohammad and not as Dr Mahather bin Muhammad (see letter below) as he is now "finally" known after renouncing/denying his roots openly in his rise to power, politics, corruption and hatred of all things non-Malay ( from even back then in 1969 !) within UMNO ? You don't make mistakes with the spelling of your own name, do you ?

Or perhaps this letter is a sick "hoax" cooked-up now in his twilight years and in his haste to give his son pole-position as the next premier quickly before retiring permanently in hell ?

You be the judge.

p.s. this post was inspired by Doreen. Thanks dear.


Batu 6, Titi Gajah,

Alor Star,

17hb. Jun 1969

Y.T.M. Tunku,

I am deeply saddened because my intention in making a press statement was misunderstood by you. In fact, my intention is the same as yours, to save this country from harm that threatens it.

Your opinions are based on stories that were told to you by the people around you,who will only tell you things that they felt you like or should know. Let me tell you matters that concern the situation, opinion and ideas of the public so as to give you a better understanding on why I made that statement.

It was you yourself who told me that in order to avoid riots, you stopped the execution of 11 Chinese subversives. In fact your action in stopping the execution caused the riots and multiple deaths that have occurred since May 13.

You always “give and take”, that is to give the Chinese what they want. This was the reason for stopping the execution. This also caused the rise of anger among the Malays.

The Chinese labelled you and the Perikatan government as cowards and weak, which can be pushed around. That is the reason why the Chinese are not afraid to deny Perikatan, and the Malays do not want Perikatan anymore. That is why the Chinese and Indians were rude to the Malays on May 12. If you have been spat at in the face or been humiliated, then maybe you understand how the Malays feel.

The Malays whom you think will never revolt now have become mad and run amok , to the extent of losing their own lives and killing those that they hate because you accidentally gave face. The responsibility of the deaths, Muslim and non-Muslims, must be placed on the shoulder of the leader who made the wrong stand.

I apologize but I wanted to tell you the feelings of the Malays. In fact, the Malays now, be it PAS or UMNO, really hate you especially those who were humiliated by the Chinese, and those who lost their homes, families, children and relatives because of your give-and-take policy.

They said that you just wanted to be known as the Happy Prime minister despite the fact that the people are suffering.They know that even during the Emergency, you were still engrossed in poker games with your Chinese friends. The policemen told of how you used their cars and escorts to look for poker partners.

On the contrary, the Chinese have no respect for you.They said you are naïve and of no calibre. There is more of what they said but I cannot say it here. These words came from Chinese from all walks of life, from intellectuals and also the rickshaw man.

Lately, some development has arisen. The Malays in civil service, from Permanent Secretary and below, army officers and policemen have lost trust and respect in you. I knew that most of them supported PAS through postal votes. Officers from the police and army still follow orders at the moment since the orders are in line with their wishes.If you ever do anything that they do not want you to, I believe they will not obey your words anymore.

I know that you are afraid that the Communists will take advantage of the unstable situation in the country. I am more afraid if Government starts to lose control over the armed forces. Once this happens, thing will never be the same again. The civil government then must follow orders from the military. Your title may be Happy Prime Minister, but those who replace you will not feel any happiness at all.

I hope that you will not lie to yourself that one day people will be grateful with what you are doing now. It can never be that only one person is correct and the rest of us are wrong. I want to tell you the opinion of the people that it is about time for you to step down as PM and UMNO chief.

I understand the power that you have and I remember what happened to Aziz Ishak. But I cannot call myself a responsible person if I did not clarify what I meant. If I were to be imprisoned, I will still uphold what I needed to say.

I was told that you called me a Pakistani. I didn’t believe what people said because I know you would never say such thing. I always defended you when PAS said you were Siamese, had no rights to lead the Malays. So, will you also defend me even if there is Pakistani blood in my body.

I wish to reiterate that the statement I made was to prevent the incidents that will increase animosity and hatred among the Malays towards the Government and encouraging the Chinese to further humiliate the pride of the Malays. Bigger riots can take place if this is not controlled. Even the army might not be able to control it. And further more, if TH Tan and the Chinese Chambers can issue a statement, why can't UMNO leaders?

I wrote this in sincerity and that hope that you will read this letter yourself. I pray to Allah to open your heart to accept the actual facts even though the facts are bitter.

Yours sincerely

(Dr Mahather bin Muhammad)


Malaysia Chronicle prints the above article in good faith for readers to gauge for themselves the veracity and truth of the document. It is taken from the Malaysia Waves blog and the original text is in Malay.

Peristiwa 13 Mei - Surat Dr Mahathir pada Tunku Abdul Rahman

NOTA EDITOR: Dari surat Dr Mahathir kepada Tunku ini, jelas yang dipersalahkan oleh Dr Mahathir kerana terjadinya 13 Mei adalah Tunku Abdul Rahman sendiri. Jadi, hairan saya kenapa Berahim PERKASA nak salahkan orang Cina pula. Selamat membaca.

Bila baca surat ni teringat saya minit-minit mesyuarat Agung PAS yang arwah bapa saya simpan dari tahun 60an dan 70an. Ejaan dan jalan bahasanya adalah serupa.

Surat Terbuka Dr Mahathir kepada PM Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra

bertarikh 17 Jun 1969

Batu 6, Titi Gajah,
Alor Star,
17hb. Jun 1969

Y.T.M. Tunku,

Patek berasa dukachita kerana tujuan patek membuat kenyataan kepada akhbar telah di-salah faham oleh Y.T.M. Tunku. Sa-benar-nya tujuan patek sama-lah juga dengan tujuan Tunku, ia-itu untok menyelamatkan negara ini daripada bahaya yang menganchamkan-nya.

Pendapat-pendapat Tunku berasaskan kepada cherita-cherita yang di-bawa kepada telinga Tunku oleh orang-orang yang mengelilingi Tunku yang chuma suka mencherita kepada Tunku perkara2 yang mereka fikir Tunku suka atau patut dengar sahaja. Benarkan-lah patek bercherita berkenaan dengan keadaan, fikiran dan pendapat2 rakyat yang sa-benar-nya supaya Tunku dapat faham tujuan patek membuat kenyataan yang di-tegor itu.

Tunku biasa cherita kepada patek sendiri ia-itu Tunku mengelakkan rusohan dengan menahan hukum bunoh yang di-jatohkan kepada 11 orang subversif China. Sabenar-nya tindakan Tunku ini-lah yang mengakibatkan rusohan dan kematian yang berpuloh kali banyak yang terjadi semenjak 13 Mei.

Tunku selalu "bertolak-ansor," ia-itu memberi kepada orang2 China apa yang mereka tuntut. Punchak tolak-ansur ini ia-lah pembatalan hukum bunoh tadi. Pembatalan ini menimbulkan kemarahan yang besar oleh orang2 Melayu.

Orang2 China pula menganggap Tunku dan Kerajaan Perikatan sebagai pengechut dan lemah dan boleh di-tolak ke-sana ke-mari. Sebab itu orang2 China tidak takut lagi menolak Perikatan dan orang2 Melayu pula tidak ingin kepada Perikatan. Sebab itu orang2 China dan India membuat kurang ajar pada 12 Mei kepada orang Melayu. Kalau Tunku biasa di-ludah di-muka, di-maki dan di-tunjok kemaluan, boleh-lah Tunku faham perasaan orang Melayu.

Orang2 Melayu yang Tunku fikir tidak memberontak telah-pun menjadi gila dan mengamok sehingga mengorbankan nyawa mereka dan membunoh orang yang mereka benchi kerana Tunku terlangsong bagi muka. Tanggong-jawab tentang mati-nya orang2 ini, Islam dan kafir, terpaksa di-letak di-atas bahu pemimpin yang salah pendapat.

Patek mohon ma’af tetapi patek ingin sampaikan perasaan orang-orang Melayu kepada Y.T.M. Tunku. Sabenar-nya, orang2 Melayu sekarang, baik PAS baik Umno, betul2 benchi pada Tunku, terutama orang2 yang di-hina-kan oleh orang China dan yang kehilangan rumah-tangga, anak-pinak, saudara-mara kerana tolak ansur Tunku.

Mereka kata Tunku chuma ingin di-kenal-kan sebagai "The Happy Prime Minister" walau-pun ra’ayat menderita. Mereka tahu bahawa dalam keadaan dharurat-pun Tunku ashek bermain poker dengan kawan2 China Tunku. Budak2 polis mencherita yang Tunku mengguna-kan kenderaan dan eskot Polis untuk menchari kaki poker.

Sa-balek-nya pula orang2 China tidak ada sedikit-pun hormat kepada Tunku. Mereka berkata Tunku "naïve" dan tidak ada kaliber. Ada lagi yang mereka kata yang tak dapat patek sebut-kan. Kata2 itu datang dari semua golongan orang China, dari intelek sa-hinggga China becha.

Pada masa lewat2 ini lagi satu kesan burok telah timbul. Orang2 Melayu dalam Civil Servis, dari Perm. Sec. ka-bawah, pegawai2 tentera dan polis Melayu tidak ada lagi kepercayaan dan respect kepada Tunku. Patek tahu kebanyakan mereka sokong PAS dalam undi pos. Pegawai Melayu dari
Polis, tentera dan askar biasa maseh patoh kepada kerajaan oleh kerana arahan sekarang sesuai dengan kehendak mereka sendiri. Kalau Tunku membuat apa2 yang tidak di-ingini oleh mereka, patek perchaya mereka tidak akan menurut kata Tunku.

Patek tahu Tunku takut kominis mengambil kesempatan kalau timbul kekachauan dalam negeri. Patek lebih takut kalau kerajaan mula "lose control over the armed forces". Sa-kali ini terjadi, keadaan tidak akan puleh semula. Sampai bila-pun kerajaan civil mesti tundok kepada tentera. Tunku biasa jadi "Happy Prime Minister" tetapi orang yang akan turut ganti tak akan merasai "happiness" apa2.

Patek harap Y.T.M. Tunku jangan-lah menipu diri dengan berkata "satu hari mereka akan bershukor dengan perbuatan saya". Ta’akan yang sa-orang itu selalu betul dan yang banyak selalu salah. Patek ingin sampaikan kepada Tunku fikiran ra’ayat yang sa-benar, ia-itu masa telah lampau untuk Tunku bersara dari menjadi perdana menteri dan Ketua Umno.

Patek faham betul2 kuasa yang ada pada Tunku dan patek masih ingat nasib Aziz Ishak. Tapi patek tak akan jadi sa-orang yang bertanggong-jawab kalau patek tidak terangkan apa yang patek sebut-kan. Kalau di-penjara sa-kali-pun patek terpaksa kata apa yang patek telah kata-kan.

Patek di-beritahu ia-itu Tunku berkata patek Pakistani. Patek tidak perchaya kata2 orang kerana patek tahu Y.T.M. Tunku tidak akan berkata begitu. Patek-lah yang selalu mempertahan-kan Tunku apabila orang2 PAS kata yang Tunku anak Siam yang ta’ berhak memimpin orang Melayu. Jadi Tunku juga akan mempertahan-kan patek walau-pun maseh ada dua sudu darah Pakistani dalam tubuh badan patek.

Patek sa-kali lagi mengulangkan ia-itu kenyataan yang patek buat itu ia-lah menchegah kejadian yang akan menambah perasaan benchi orang2 Melayu terhadap kerajaan dan menggalak-kan orang2 China menjatohkan lagi maruah orang2 Melayu. Rusohan yang lebeh besar akan berlaku jika ini di-
biarkan. Tentera sendiri tidak akan dapat di-kawal. Dan lagi kalau T.H. Tan dan dewan orang China boleh membuat kenyataan, kenapa ketua2 Umno tidak boleh?

Patek menulis surat ini dengan hati yang ikhlas dan harapan bahawa Y.T.M. Tunku akan bacha surat ini dengan sa-penoh-nya sendiri. Patek berdo’a ke-hadhrat Allah subhanahuwataala supaya di-buka hati Tunku untok menerima kenyataan yang sa-benar ini walau-pun pahit dan pedas.

Patek Yang Ikhlas,

(Dr. Mahather bin Muhammad)

Sunday, March 04, 2012

...take me to your leader !

So first PM Najib confeses that BN has made many mistakes and asked the people forgiveness for being arrogant, adding that only BN can provide the best for the people ! Then DPM Muhyiddin comes on and agrees with what the PM says BUT goes on to say “there is no need to list out our weaknesses; that is in the past”. UMNO arrogance at its best !

Now is the DPM trying to usurp Najib again ? What arrogance this UMNO ! Do these people in UMNO really think we the rakyat have so easily forgotten your ignorance of electoral reforms via Bersih, Lynas, ISA, Sharizat, cow-head issue, Tajuddin-MAS shares, church torchings, TBH's death, PKFZ, and all the other mega scandals that involved billions of the rakyat's money to just forget it did not happen and that we should not bring it up, just so that BN can still stay in power ? Enough is enough !

BN is history and Najib is at the tail-end of the RAHMAN prophecy and is running scared knowing very well what the out-come of the next GE is going to be. So he's let the dogs of chaos out to disrupt every Opposition function to re-instill in the minds of the citizens of that
"fear-factor" orchestrated by that crooked and corrupt Mahathir who unleashed it with great success for all those years to stay in power. But not anymore, sir. Your people have wised up to such obsolete tactics.

Being sorry is not enough Mr. PM. What have you done to bring to book all those scandals ?? Can you honestly say you did anything to save UMNO from certain death ? Why is that irrelevant and senile Tun still spewing hate and disunity amongst the peoples and you do nothing about it ? It runs contrary to all your 1Malaysia crap, no ? And those mongrels who go around disrupting Opposition functions, have you no control over them ?

Now tell us honestly Mr. PM sir, are you actually holding the highest office in this country ? If the answer is yes, then don't just ask for forgiveness from us, but first bring to book all the scandals of the past starting with the Tun immediately and.........and if the answer is no.....hey, why bother, you have played your part rather weakly in fulfilling a great prophesy !