Saturday, April 28, 2007

Politics, Politricks..and Policetricks !

Well, today, Ijok seems to be on the tip of everyones tongue with all politicians and wannabe politicians, hangers-on, parasites and poor rural and ordinary citizens making it a circus of sorts. (read here ) It is amazing how poeple who have had no clue about mainstream politics would be dragged into this game of promise, deceit, bribery, money, name calling, corrupt wheeling and dealing, 'washing dirty linen' in the open thinggy called POLITICS !

I for one, am a minute observer of politics but am absolutely vary of the tricks of politicians and other orchestrated police's tricks ! Of course when you have the money (enough of it to be vulgarly satisfied ) politics would be the ultimate goal for any man who thinks he's popular's just an ego trip to test his popularity and boy its a mile long !!......and if he admits, he not got what it takes or clout...naturally plan B would be to back (financially and physically ) a certain 'popular horse' to do the winning for you ! This 'horse' is the pawn !

Coming back to Ijok....smells rotten already, both for the 2 candidates and the simple locals or "orang kampong" who have for so long been ignored and have lived life within their means and along comes this by-election... some say ..about time too ! Ooohhh... the promises that is spewing out of mouths of politicians and supporters coupled with the presence of political parasites doing strange things they'd never do in their wildest dreams hugging sick and under-nourished children, pretending to be attentively "listening" to an old man's problem, visiting old folks homes, building suraus, promising to "rebuild a CHURCH" ? eating in road-side stalls, hugging all who happen to pass by, riding motor-cycles (without helmets!) , even 'rowing a boat' and engaging in small talk with mutes ! New roads, pot-holes levelled, fresh coat of paint for all old buildings and street-lights that were never in the bigger plans in the first place ! By the way did you notice the presence of our mounted police ? Yes.... we have seen the monkeys already... but what horse-shit is this ??? what shallow hippocrisy ! After tomorrow it's back to their fast cars, fancy restuarants and suits and high powered cocktail functions !!

And that is the sad part of being dragged (whether knowingly or unknowingly) into this thing called "politics". The victor will continue to lie about his promises for awhile (citing lack of funds...remember all those millions 'used' for his campagaine ?) and the loser will lick his wounds and claim the whole damn thing was "fixed" and the rest of us morons will MUST pray for another politician to DIE !( I like the package that comes with a by-election !)

It is a vicious circle, folks (in this case I hope...the lesser evil ! ) so live and let live ....from me its... Cheeeeers !

Saturday, April 21, 2007

monkey see monkey do.....

Aiyooyoo Samy...... look-la Samy look-laaah...... wall ahwer boys are growing up just like us-lah...veeeery nice diss Yindian boys-lah !

*photos courtesy of obwique-flickr (more photos- here ) Ijok by-election Barisan National campaign stand-off !18th. April 2007 onwards....*

....and oneday they wall wil be doughwing deh same thinnng in Pawlimen aso-lah like huss-lah...heheheheheheh.....good boys-lah, disss Yam I Seee boys....!!

(blessings and encouragement from the 'Kris'hamudin and Sammy camps !!)

(this posting best read with 'ala Samy' accent !)

Highway Trash !!

How safe are our highways ? That's the question I want to pose today. And who is duty-bound to ensure that the highways, lay-bys are properly lit, manned by police (NOT "foreigners" dressed in security uniforms please !) and are fully operated by CCTV at strategic points at ALL rest areas ?? Of course we the tax-paying "morons"( to coin a fellow blogger !) have diligently tolerated the numerous toll hikes which our good 'Minister of Toll' YAB Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, had soooooo always justified on behalf of the toll concessionaries...(wonder why he's ever ready to 'justify' those blood sucking companies, rather then looking out for the welfare of the honest voting and tax-paying citizens... perhaps he has vested interest or it is not election time yet ???.... just thinking out loud !) With all that money collected from the rakyat, should not the toll concessionaries be liable in securing the ride of users safe ? Maybe the toll concessionaries are harbouring these "highway fiends " within their fenced property and are in cahoots with this bandits ? Or why not the government... hey ! you (the government ) do get a cut (percentage) from the money I pay at the toll-booths ...... right, so...?? Questions after questions cramp my head but with no obvious answer....sigh....

Below is a long list of "happenings" on our 'never' safe highways dating back from 1991...( the list is even longer, but for now 'happy reading' the highway blues !)

MOTORISTS using the highways and expressways have become easy targets for
criminals. In recent years, there have been many reports of robberies,
kidnappings, assaults and even murders, especially at deserted rest areas.
Since 1991, numerous cases have been highlighted in The Malay Mail andNew
Straits Times . One of the most recent cases is the killing of a
Customs officer who was travelling with his family along the North-South
Expressway. He was killed when the family stopped for a break at the
Ladang Bikam lay-by near Bidor in Perak on May 26. Many travellers, aware
of such dangers on the highways, are not taking any chances. They have a
good sleep the previous night, make sure their cars are roadworthy, fill-up the
fuel tank to the brim and off they go on a non-stop drive so as to avoid having
to stop at the rest areas (especially the lay-bys). But will a non-stop
journey reduce the risk of being robbed? Authorities, especially the
police and highway operators, have been urged to provide adequate safety
measures, such as police beat bases along the expressways and regular patrolling
(which can also deter speedfiends). Many motorists feel that once they
collect their tickets at the toll plazas and enter a fenced-up property of the
highway concessionaire, theoperators should be responsible for their
security. Except for one or two ruthless criminal gangs, who do not just
operate along the highways, there seem to be many criminals - either
individually or working in a group - who use the highways as their turf. And why
not? There are no police stations along the highways other than the
beatbases at the toll plazas and the small towns along the highways. Some
motorists using the highways, especially the North-South Expressway, carry lots
of cash and valuables, and drive expensive cars. The criminals adopt
various modus operandi, such as: (*) waiting at rest areas, picking the
victim(s) and tailing them when they resume their journeys. * driving
alongside them and flashing a fake Police/Road
TransportDepartment/Customs/Anti-smuggling unit or any other authority card so theywill pull over. (* wearing fake uniforms). The crooks carry guns and
handcuffs to appear even more authentic. The highway lay-bys, where there
are not many shops and people, are convenient hold-up areas for these
criminals.Like a spider after spinning its web, crooks needed only to wait
for a tired motorist to drive up for a break before making their move.
Sunset will make the job easier, although some times the crimes take place in
broad daylight. Better security needed, say motorists, several motorists
interviewed by the Sunday Mail have expressed their concern over the lack of
police patrol and the absence of police beatbases along highways. Many
agreed that the creation of police beat bases at various parts of the highways,
including rest areas and lay-bys, would help reduce or curb criminal
activities. Lai Yee Keong, a 30-year-old executive from Kuala Lumpur, used
to stop two or three times whenever he drives back to his hometown in Alor
Star,Kedah. His first stop would be somewhere close to Ipoh, where he
would either use the toilet or his wife and two small daughters would buy food
and drinks at the rest areas. The next toilet stop would be somewhere after
Juru, Seberang Prai. "However, now, my wife and I carry food in the car.
We will only stop at the toll plazas if we have to go to the toilet. I don't mind
paying toll and then, making U-turns to collect tickets and enter the highway
again." Nik Razman Zaini, who works in Johor Baru, frequently uses the
North-South Expressway to go back to his hometown in Pasir Mas, Kelantan.
The 27-year-old factory worker will exit at Kuala Kangsar, Perak, to get to the
East-West Highway from Grik. "I prefer the West Coast roads as I will stop
by my uncle's house in Ipoh, Perak. The East Coast roads are not proper highways
and fatal accidents are frequent. "Still, from Johor Baru, I have to make
one or two stops along the way before reaching Ipoh. It is a long journey.
"In my car, there is a one-metre-long thick rotan, a pepper spray, a list of
telephone numbers of the highway company, police, relatives,friends and
tow-truck operators." V. Ramachandran, a hotelier from Port Dickson,
wishes he can carry a gun. Since that is unlikely to happen, the
38-year-old father of three is currently taking karate-do classes. "I have
been doing this for years. I give myself another two to three years to get a
black belt." Ramachandran, who frequently drives up North and East Coast
as part of the requirements of his job, can only depend on himself for
protection. "I really wish there are police beat bases along the highways.
If that is not possible, there should be regular police patrol. "This will
not only reduce crime but also ensure that everyone keep to the 110km speed
limit." Safety tips for motorists; CALL the highway company, call the police,
take down the robber's vehicle registration number (although it could be fake),
remember their physical description and try to use only the crowded rest and
service areas. And don't carry too much valuables or lots of cash.
Remember these basic tips when travelling along the highways. Yesterday,
Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (PLUS) issued a Press statement in response to the concern that there have been many robberies,assaults, kidnappings and even
murders on the highways, including the North-South Expressway. PLUS senior
manager of corporate communications Khalilah Mohd Talha said the company is
"working closely with the police on all aspects of safety along the
expressway". This include 24-hour patrolling along the mainline, rest
areas and lay-bys. "These efforts are also complemented by our PLUSRonda,
which have been appointed as the auxilliary police. Security guards are also
stationed at every rest area," she said. Khalilah advised motorists to do
the following: * Be aware of suspicious characters and immediately report
the matter toPLUSLINE at (03) 2692 0000 or to the police. This can be done
through PLUS's emergency telephones, located every 2km; * In the event of a
robbery, take note of the vehicle registration number and physical description of
the culprits. This will assist the police in their investigation; * Those
travelling alone should use the rest and service areas which are more popular
with motorists and are well-lit; * Avoid travelling with valuables or big
amounts of cash. The Sunday Mail could not get comments from other
highway concessionaires and the police despite several attempts. List of
reported cases. These are some of the crimes-along-highway cases highlighted in
The Malay Mail and the New Straits Times from 1991 to 2001:

1) NST - May 27, 2001: Customs officer Ibrahim Selamat, 42, travelling on the North-South Expressway with his family was shot dead at point-blank range when he stopped for a break at the Ladang Bikam lay-by near Bidor at about 5.30am. The gunman also took RM1,000 and some jewellery fromIbrahim's wife. 2) MM - April 20, 2001: A four-member family from Switzerland on vacation was waylaid by three men at the Karak Highway after they lost their way. They asked three men in a car at a traffic light for directions to the Karak Highway. The family was led to Bandar Baru Sentul, KualaLumpur, where they were robbed of RM2,900. 3) MM - April 14, 2001: A 32-year-old man was stabbed when two men, one armed with a pistol and the other, a knife, robbed him and his brother at the Rawang NSE Rest and Recreation area at 4.30am. 4) NST - April 12, 2001: Two robbers, one armed with a gun and the other a knife, robbed a family of three before escaping with more than RM50,000 in cash and valuables at the Rawang NSE Rest and Recreation area. The family - a woman and her two sons - pulled into the area about 4.30am were travelling to Ipoh. They also lost their Proton Wira to the robbers. 5) MM - March 6, 2001: A man lost his car to another man he stopped to help at Km257 of the NSE at Kuala Kangsar, Perak. The 46-year-old man, his family and a friend were heading for Penang at 11.30am when a car in front of them, using a false Singapore registration plate, skidded and crashed into the road divider. The robber drove off in the man's blue Proton Iswara with his
47-year-old wife, two teenage daughters and the friend in it. The robber let
his victims out before driving off. 6) NST - Feb 20, 2001: A 61-year-old
Singaporean man was robbed of his car, cash and valuables amounting to about
RM136,000 when five people in two cars intercepted his car along the NSE in
Malacca. 7) NST - Feb 2, 2001: Four men posing as policemen forced a
39-year-old hotel executive to stop his car along the NSE in Alor Gajah, Malacca,
and robbed him of his car, cash and other valuables worth about RM100,000.
8) MM - Dec 21, 2000: A group of men armed with M-16 assault rifles blocked an
armoured van carrying RM5 million collected from a resort inGenting Highlands.
They pumped the van with bullets, which was on its way to the Maybank headquarters in Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur, between 1pm and1.30pm. The van driver kept his cool and drove off, first to the hospital to send his injured colleague and then, to the bank. 9) MM - Sept 20, 2000: Former badminton star Razif Sidek lost his RM150,000 car after two men robbed his driver of his Honda Accord. The robbers drove the car off with the driver's nine-year-old daughter.Believed to be impersonating Road Transport Department officers, they dropped the girl off some 300 metres from the scene of the crime near theSeri Petaling interchange along the Kesas Highway. 10) MM - Aug 19, 1999: A couple driving along the Damansara-PuchongHighway (LDP) was robbed of RM40,000 after a man in a Proton Perdana,posing as a policeman, told them to stop using a loud-hailer. The robber was accompanied by three other passengers, armed with a gun and wearing vests with a police badge on the chest. 11) NST - July 20, 1999: A 36-year-old contractor lost RM30,000 to agroup of men posing as policemen when he was heading towards Kuala Pilah in Negri Sembilan. It was believed that he was flagged down by a man wearing a police uniform and standing beside a Toyota Camry car at theKesas Highway. 12) NST - June 22, 1999: Four men, one
armed with a pistol, robbed a petrol station supervisor of RM500 along the
LDP. 13) MM - June 16, 1999: A contractor lost RM70,000 to a gang specialising in puncturing the car tyres of their potential victims. The victim was on his way to Seremban when his car tyre went flat along the LDP. 14) NST - June 13, 1999: Police said five Mercedes Benz worth about RM2million were stolen in Klang and Seremban in early June. 15) NST - June 9, 1999: Members of the infamous Mamak Gang robbed acompany managing director of his Mercedes Benz on the Seremban-PedasExpressway in Rembau, Negri Sembilan. The victim said he was flagged downby a group of men travelling in a white Proton Wira. 16) NST - Nov 25, 1998: A 29-year-old marketing eecutive lost RM700 along the NSE near Bukit Tambun, Seberang Perai South, while on his way from Johor to Pendang, Kedah. He had stopped his vehicle at about 6.30am when three men in a car indicated that one of his rear tyres had punctured. The men approached the victim to "help" and pulled out a knife. 17) MM - Aug 18, 1998: Two contractors, whose car was intercepted by another car while on their way to Sepang on the Kesas Highway, lost RM32,000. 18) NST - May 31, 1997: Two men with parangs robbed a 64-year-old man ofa gold bracelet and a watch worth RM6,500 on the Ipoh-Lumut Highway. They had confronted him earlier as he was opening the gate to his house inTaman Silibin, Ipoh, in the middle of the night. 19) NST - Dec 20, 1996: A businessman was robbed of RM25,000 by threemen, one of whom was armed with a gun, at the Pasir Gudang highway. 20) MM - Aug 9, 1996: A contractor was robbed of RM25,000 when the cash kept in his car was stolen. It was believed that the money was taken from his car when he stopped at the rest area along the NSE near Nilai. 21) NST - June 9, 1996: Four men, one armed with a knife, escaped with seven envelopes containing cash after robbing a van driver along the NSEin Seremban, Negri Sembilan. 22) MM - Sept 13, 1995: Two men, on two motorcycles, robbed a housewif of her jewellery worth about RM1,500 while she was waiting inside a car along the LDP. 23) MM - May 5, 1995: A teacher was robbed of RM8,000, some jewelleryand his car after a road "accident" which took place at about 6.30am on May 3 near the Karak-Kuala Lumpur highway toll plaza. On his way to the workshop, he was robbed by one of the passengers in the car which hit his car from behind. 24) NST - March 27, 1993: Two gunmen hijacked a Haadyai-bound expressbus and took its 40 passengers for a 180km terror ride along the Pagoh to Kajang stretch of the NSE. The gunmen robbed the passengers, most of them Singaporeans, of RM150,000. 25) NST - July 14, 1992: Negri Sembilan police scored their biggest success against highway lorry hijackers with the arrest of eight men in Kajang. In one of the cases, according to police, the robbers who went about in a van, had hijacked a trailer lorry, carrying goods worth RM55,000, near the Senawang toll plaza along the Seremban-Air Keroh Highway. 26) NST - Aug 1, 1991: Three men, one armed with a pistol, staged a highway robbery near Shah Alam and fled with more than RM500,000 worth of jewellery. A goldsmith shop manager, who was driving the car, with three salesmen was forced to pull over at the Federal Highway. 27) NST - Jan 18, 1991: A get-rich quick scheme organiser reported that he was robbed of about RM300,000 in jewellery and RM50,000 in cash by four people who claimed to be policeman at the Ipoh-Changkat Jering Highway.

(Courtesy of the Malay Mail and New Straits Times archives)

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Little Yin found. That was the glaring SMS I received from Yushaimi Yahya, the editor of the Malay Mail (mind you ,the Malay Mail was the only paper that really cared !). After 14 days of being listed "missing" Muhammad Nazrin or Yin ,as he is affectionately known, is safe and well, at the time of this posting, is at the Dang Wangi Police Station.
There are a lot of good Malaysians out there praying for this family and I "Thank God" for reuniting him with his family. Thank you all for your prayers !
Who says there are no good and happy endings !!

Whip 'em up real good !

It would be most appropriate for a school principle to exercise caution, proper understanding and the urge before yeilding the cane on pupils ? More so if that 'student' was actually a teacher !( read here )
It may sound hilarious but the teacher in question is not laughing as she claims, she had been embarrassed in front of her charges and is seeking redress for the incident ! Will there be any investigation by the Education Ministry in the first place as the newly transferred (two weeks old) school-head had apologised to the young teacher in question, for 'mistaking her identity'. Now may I suggest an absolute 'win-win' solution to this whole matter ? Yes, this 'cane-worshiping' school-head, whom I personally and highly recommend is to be transferred to the Malaysian Parliament with immediate effect...where her fetishes can be put to great if not better her hearts content all those little "monkeys-in-suits" hurling abuses, calling idiotic names at each other (not that the name not befits them !) and behaving/protesting worst then 10 year olds !
It is a circus everytime the parliament meets and to think WE (the decent, tax-paying, joe/mat/thamby/pangyau!! ) are resposible for this cheap show which is being played out and viewed by thousands all over the country during prime-time news !! Can anyone tell me what the criteria is, to belong to the back-benchers club?? These are the 'chimps' who are most 'wild' they have not been "broken" or house-trained (a term one would use loosely, to tame a wild horse !) Very soon our so-called parliamentarians would be 'apeing' their counter-parts from less civilised countries like Taiwan and Korea...right?
So there you go... with one stroke (a few tabs of the keyboard, actually !) I have resolved and concluded the "investigations" and action that has to be taken, of this over zealous new school-head and her love for canes !
To all Malaysians of the Sikh and Hindu faiths and also to the Singalese race I wish you and your families a "Very Happy Vasakhi", "Varusa Parupoo " and "Subhalluth Avuruddhak Veva " respectively. Godbless !

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Breast fondling Beast !

I read and had to re-read this article(here) in disbelief as to the trust-worthiness of our guardians in an emergency...ohhh....boy ! This nightmare is happening again !
How can this gross and vile attitude permeate from these very people whose sacred responsibility lies in taking care of the helpless patient or victim of an accident... ??
And even more despicable is an accomplice who enjoys a good laugh at the lewd antics of a colleague ! Where have all the morals gone ?
From now on, I would view with suspicion at all ambulance with wailing sirens blasting in a similiar situation, right...yes of course I'd be dead suspicious of 'what goes on in an ambulance from now on'... and I should not be thought of as paronoid! Why shouldn't I reserve the right to think so...even if the damn authorities claim that this is an isolated case ? There is no bleeding excuse for this type of behavior at any level of public service. Now what's the name of that ambulance service provider, again?......while you are at it, wonder why so many cases of patients die enroute to the hospital...huhhh...were they "silenced" ? Was there an act of crime commited aboard the moving vehicle and that the "patient" had put up a fight..? Not properly sedated ? Afraid the 'groggy' patient might "spill the beans" on them ....eerh ....?? I'm just toying with these ideas and scenarios for the rest of you who are dying and who dread to "picture this" ! No more hand-phones with cameras for these sickos on duty, please ! The authorities always very casually dismiss this as " awwhhh..this is only one case lah"....but hey !.....stop this rot now ! Why should there be even ONE case...huh ??
You know, we were 'once' a beautiful Malaysia, where friendliness, love and respect earned us a reputation as the country where the most wonderful and mild- mannered people lived !! I want that feeling again ! I'm not going to put up with this crap and I'm sick of this daily crimes ! Sheesh...did I say 'sick'... opps... oh no...please do not call for an ambulance for me ...I'll walk ...thanks !

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Have you seen this boy ?

I beg you all Malaysians , help this boy be reunited with his family. Today is day 6 and Shamsul Ghazali Shamsudin of Chemor,Perak is scouring the streets (here) of Kuala Lumpur desperate in the hope of finding his son who went missing while shopping with his family in Sogo ( a department store in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman ).
At a time like this , alot of crazy thoughts would come into the minds of the parents, like what is little Muhammad Nazrin or Yin as he is affectionately called, eating, who is keeping him, is he safe , is he sleeping on the streets,is he still in our country or has he been taken out of this country ( it is quiet easy to come in and out of this country......ask all those who are here illegally...go on ask any Bangla, Myamar, Indian or Indon how many times he's come and gone out undetected... it is sickening but its true... and yes... call me a liar and being unpatriotic..But that is the real deal... folks !!) , has anybody done the worst to these days of crazyness in our once safe country,which even I shudder to write about but you try and picture it !
What would my first reaction be when I see a child alone, maybe crying and lost ? I would coax the child to tell me if he is lost and that if he remembers any telephone numbers of his family , if not then I'd alert the security personel of that establishment and make sure the kid's predicament is publicly announced over the PA system and if no one appears then a police report of the child's whereabouts (as in this case Sogo) and then follow up with the police to ensure that child is properly cared for before, and maybe say a little prayer for his reunion with his family !
But the above scenario is not to be in this little boy's case.....PLEASE TRY AND KEEP A LOOK-OUT... ALL YOU CARING MALAYSIANS...! Even a few of Shamsul's collegues have taken leave from the bank to help distribute flyers in the city urging the public's help to locate this helpless child !
I also heard the shopping complex management has no CCTV footage of the the incident at the material time and location and also at all exit/entry points of the complex, which does not help the police much to work with and which so leaves us to believe maybe, little Yin is still somewhere in the complex, perhaps ? A stream of "worst case scenario" flashes through my mind !
Today almost all shopping complexes in and around the city is manned by "foreigners"-right from the cleaners to security personnel and No... I not saying or pointing a finger on anyone ...but give it a thought, please.... we have heard many stories of children abducted, sodomised, threatened and maimed physically and mentally, just so to be used for begging purposes by some scumbags for their daily financial support for drugs or supplement their's frightening but it is REAL !
This holy week of Lent, I pray for the safety and safe return of little Yin to his emotionally distraught mum and dad. God bless this family please !
You in the meantime pray for little Yin and help pass the word around... Thanks and Godbless!