Friday, August 28, 2009


What has become of us ? 52 years on.....we have move forward but SOME IDIOTS are always dragging us into the abyss of the DARK AGES !! Just because these morons gets a "hard-on" at the sight of a little exposed flesh, yes ? SHAME on YOU.....YOU maniacs !!! (read here )
But living-off millions of ringgits as "alcohol and gambling" government taxes is okay, huh ? Damn you hypocrites !
Let the rakyat, yes, you so-called moral "police" of high values, let the matured and learned Muslim rakyat decide what they want to see, and stop dictating our lives ! We are hitting the head-lines around the world in the same breath as one would utter Afganistan, Iran and Iraq when it comes to religion ! Stop it !
You call this a democratic country ? Way to go..... 1Malaysia, right on !!!
Sheeeeesh !!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

into zorro's "fart chamber" you go....

UPDATES 28-8-2009 : here, here, here, here and here.
I've never done this before but now take special interest to strongly recommend this suspect/planted "mutt" on the left to "life-imprisonment" in zorro's infamous "fart chamber" ! Even if it is in this holy month of Ramadhan !

This guy is putting the very livelihood of hundreds and hundreds of families in the streets if he is going to have his way at enpowering mosque officials to arrest Muslims consuming,( read here ) and soon for serving, handling or storing alcohol.

Can you imagine the number of people and their innocent families affected, say to start with the arrest of employees of the 2 major breweries in Selangor ? Sheeesh ! Add that to the number of young waiters and waitresses employed in the many hotels, pubs, air-lines, restaurants, retail shops, coffee-houses and private clubs ? the private clubs where these very same affluent cigar-chomping monkeys lounge around after a long game of golf ?

What is the Menteri Besar of Selangor doing about it ? Khalid has forgotten his promise pre March 8, 2008 so soon ? He has the power to "dismantle" these goons who are riding on a high "moral" donkys, brandishing their wrath for alcohol in another "jihad" this holy month of Ramadhan. And must they act so pious only during the Ramadhan ? Or do you Mr. MB, too want to face the same consequences as the "not-so-good" doctor Hasan ? Think and act fast...NOW ! Go do more pressing issues like weeding-out and sacking the blood-sucking turn-coats and "frogs" from within your party.....that will keep you busy through-out this holy month !

Pakatan Rakyat had better watch it ! The rakyat won't tolerate these "talibanism" approach now and the next GE isn't far away. Don't be just 1 term loosers by coming on so strong with such dubious antics for personal gratifications in the name of championing the religion and collecting brownie points from the won't work if you put people "out of work" ! Get it Khalid ? Now go and clean-up your act and leash these mongrels before any damage is done ! Remember who you're messing with.....the rakyat, the very same rakyat who put you where you are now in the first place !!

And about the "caning" of that girl from Singapore......the whole world now knows about it ! So much attention has been drawn to Malaysia via you-tube damage and so much for our tourism plans for the future of the state especially tourist from the Middle East !

Monday, August 24, 2009


Introducing........... the MIC line-up today ! As a friend refers..... Monkeys In Confusion !
Samy.....Oh Samy !!! Why lah...oh why ???

see the (missing...) link here !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

what "golden child" of Permatang Pasir ?

"Rohaizat is our candidate and he is the best we have," say Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (read here )

Now this is indeed both sad and pathetic, yes ? Is there really no one else then ?

But on an encouraging note the DPM has vowed to make Permatang Pasir a "golden child" ( I am confused and curious as to how or what the DPM's terms and plans are !) if this BN candidate won this by-election(read here ), despite a smear campaign against his credibility as a legal practitioner is making it's round and that conclusive statement issued by the Malaysian Bar Council. ( here ) Nice....yes ? Hmmmm !!!

In the meantime I wish both the candidates the very best in their "walk-abouts" and let the simple but wise people of Permatang Pasir decide who they'd stake their votes with to represent them in the future !

Monday, August 17, 2009

Permatang Pasir Nomination Day (17-8-2009)

It was a very warm morning when I arrived at Bukit Mertajam for the nomination day of the Permatang Pasir by-election. Below are photos as seen through the lens of my camera. Some photos speak volumes while others just wished you were here to feel the pulse !
opps....I actually walked from the UMNO side of the gathering....everyone was polite and actually helped me get to the front of the assembly.....
MCA supporters posing with the rest of the BN gang....

When I got to the front I could see that there was a big gap between the 2 can be seen in this photo behind the police line....and that was where all the thunderous roaring and chanting came from...and we had to get there.... cos that's where the action was.....

...with no way to go through this police barricade, we had to make an arduous journey through an orchard and even had to trespass into a private land.....a journey that took us a good 30 minutes through muddy and slippery terrain and barbed fences.....
....finally on the other side....this man on a wheelchair readily posed with his favorite poster.....
....and a section of the "kopiah" crowd.....but they too were very polite ....guess it must be the camera that got people to readily make way for me to pass through and an even more ready smile when I take aim to take a shot of them........these 2 little boys were given the marching orders by this cop for being inside the police barricade between the road and the nomination centre.....with jeers from the now warmed-up crowd....
....I couldn't resist this cutie......above....
or these fresh-faced youngsters who claim to be the "new generation of the Pakatan Rakyat.....
the sight of these Malaysians of Chinese origins carrying the PAS flag would have been unthinkable, say.....3 years ago , perhaps ?
....a little shade from the now hot morning......schools out already ?
...nor the sight of these 2 Malaysians of remote Indian origins ...bearing the PAS insignia.....
Mat Sabu...greeting the supporters....surely something ridiculous must have been exchanged between them, by the look on his face ....
and introducing Azli Idris, the only Malay in the Kuala Selangor DAP about that ?
....and this young man of African origins, too has a rightful place under the Malaysian sun.....
....and this young and well fed man......all belongs to the Malaysian race....!
....ahh....surely the most popular man, judging by the loudest cheers ever received this morning.....
ahhhh.....this is our very own...Speakers' Corner ! This guy went on and on...all morning and afternoon talking about 4 legged animals to their relationship to UMNO and so on and so forth.....never a dull moment from him !
...see that guy lazying in a hammock.....clever huh ?
and around 1something.....Haji Hadi leaves the nomination centre.....that's when the crowd started slowly dispersing.....but not before the ugliest incident of all.....the humiliating attack on PKR's Gobalakrishnan and then arrest with no apparent provocation while he stopped to greet the supporters...... and the PR crowd really got unruly, flustered and abusive on seeing him being trampled and kicked and............ and the rubbish left behind as the supporters made their way home......!
For more photos and story go here and here.

Cheers !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

let the show begin....again ! I'm not rich ! But I had plans, big plans IF only I had been related or had she been truly rich ! ( see here and here !) Hmmmm... life goes on as my hopes of riches are cruelly dashed and I yet remain poor.
So we're faced with another by-election soon in Permatang Pasir, yes ?

What gives folk, when the media (both print and electronic) are going to have a field day going at each others throats...or even lower their crotches at the many ceremahs nightly soon ! Plenty of "juicy" pot-shots will be taken and emotions will be running high ! It will be hard to stay calm and observe the bickering's and antics of all those who will be campaigning for their favorites, painting the "rosiest" of pictures of their candidates and making him/her almost a saint and feverishly digging "new" and sensational scandals ( does not matter if the accusations are hearsay nor the need to substantiated with documented proof !) of the opponent ! Yes, we seen and heard them all so many times before. After all by-elections ( and we've had that many already ) have been the single most entertaining event in our sorry lives as ordinary and frustrated tax-paying citizens of this country since 8 March 2008, yes ?

There's a brighter side to all this..... for instance, never have roads been paved, street-lights repaired and bridges built or up-graded, schools given face-lifts and drains cleared and contracts awarded to locals and local businesses flooded with orders in such lightning speed in every particular constituency as in a forth-coming by-election ! Sleepy hallows are suddenly "awakened" and photos of virtually unknown village simpletons are suddenly seen splashed in all the media, shaking hands or hugging in an emotionally-charged pose with some big-wig politician speaking in 3 or 4 different "mother-tongues" who wouldn't touch these poor souls even with a six-foot pole on any other given day, right ?

That's showtime folks ! ....just great showtime and the desperate need for that one deciding vote to change their lives (read the politician NOT that village moron !) and gleefully "future" fortunes to be amassed and YOU totally ignored, forever !

But I love the "sendiwarahs" of local politics and politicians and the many instances of witnessing BY-ELECTIONS.... or is it BUY-elections ?....."live" and in the thick of it !

So folks, where ever you are and if you are one of the eligible voters this time round in Permatang Pasir, vote wisely and with your heart over your conscience head, not just for yourself and for you today but for your kids and for their tomorrow ! Remember you will be responsible if you fcuk-up you children's future and don't go blaming no one, comprendo ? Sleep well and sleep on it !

Cheers !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is Mukriz the "light" at the end of the tunnel ?

"Malaysians should not be required to state their race in most official forms and documents....", said Umno Youth executive committee member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. (read the rest here )
Now this is what I have always waited to hear and I want to hear it echoed by the head honcho- the PM ! Now this is what I know will be an encouraging proposal if put to reality immediately ! And this is absolutely in-line with the now conveniently forgotten/ignored "Peoples' Declaration" bloggers demanded of political wannabes who gathered in consensus at a signing ceremony ( here ) at the then Bloghouse (now known as Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia) pre-March 8th 2008 !

Good for you Datuk Mukriz ! Make this a priority in your assent and shame the rest who have betrayed our trust in making this multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-coloured skined nation and mould it into one beautiful "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" ! Can you champion this to a reality, Mukriz ?

You have my attention !

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I am rich !!!....I am rich !!

We are all too familiar with these faces who grace the pages of fortune magazines here and the world over. (read here for the "mind-blowing" story)

Now who could this fabulously rich widow from Port Dickson be ??? Maybe I am related to this widow ? You know, looking back, I do remember vaguely that I did have a rich relative there, but have lost contact since....must try and contact her and see if she's indeed the one and claim I'm related !! There is a remote possibility I could be her relative ! What is she going to do with all that money by herself anyways, huh ? Surely she'll need someone to help spend all that money, right ? So why not me ? And more so because I am related and that to, to the richest woman in the world !
Yabadabadooooo !!!! Richer then beyond your wildest dreams and that of all those 3 faces up there ! Yippeeee !
My oh my...the last time we heard of any such super rich persons was the "infamous" philanthropist and self-proclaimed Lebanese "billionaire" and now widower Elie Youssef Najem . And if her claims were true, that will make Bill Gates look like a pauper !

And to think that all the time RM160 billion is in the vaults of our local bank ? Pheeeewiiit ! We are a rich nation ! That's why we can weathered any crisis the rest of the world can't , yes ?.....and I am now going to be "vulgarly" rich !

Now gotta go and get that little old "book" where I used to keep all those old telephone numbers and start making some calls ! Wish me luck ! And IF I'm related to this're never gonna hear from me again !!!

Ciao !

Saturday, August 01, 2009

AMI- 2 golfers and a blogger !

It could have been just an ordinary day like in any other weekend....but no turned out to be the most messiest Saturday of all !First the damn traffic crawl.....hmmm took me 2 freaking hours to get from Happy Gardens Off Jalan Kuchai to Megamall....a distance of about 4 kilometers ! Then the traffic diversion....all traffic from Klang, PJ and Subang Jaya and Old Klang Road or coming from the south or the west were channelled into 1 lane leading to Brickfields ! Sheeesh !!!

I refused to move any further from Brickfields...I decided I'd park my car and get on the monorail to Maharajaleela station. I'd rather walk in the sweltering heat then burn good oil to further damage the ozone !

Below are photographs of what I saw on my walk to the Selangor Padang where the city centre was at a virtual stand-still and looked hauntingly surreal. What has become of Malaysia ? We are always reminded that these protest and marches are NOT the Malaysian way ! Bullshit ! I say....IF we indeed had an ideal system would there be so many taking to the streets ? Instead of blaming the simple folks who had made this arduous journey from as far away as Kelantan and Kedah just to be a part of a walk or march in frustrated protest of a law that is deemed draconian or "zalim"....then somebody up there, better sit up and pay attention .......something IS very wrong with the system !

The rest of march their divine RIGHT to assemble and voice their opinion as human beings in this here great God's land ! I walked from Maharajaleela Station through Central Market to Dayabumi station and saw pocket of people making their way to Jalan Kinabalu near Masjid Negara......

...and saw to my right, an almost deserted road towards the Selangor Padang save for the now familiar sight of these heavy machinery.....compliments of the PDRM.....

more and more people were flowing out from the Dayabumi building towards the Masjid Negara

....then the first salvo of tear-gas hit the streets and some shot near the entrance of the Dayabumi to keep the people from spilling out in the streets....

Nizar the ousted MB of Perak was spotted at the junction of the Abdul Samad Building accessing the situation....

...and from the junction of the Selangor Padang near the great flag-pole more tear-gas was fired on the streets to keep the people off the streets...... welcome to the Kuala Lumpur "war-zone" now the air was reeking with the tear-gas and my eyes was beginning to tear uncontrollably and my face was stinging with irritation.....from the hazy tear-gas filled environment....

...while these "friends" were comfortably numb to the effects of what they were dispensing.....

...and from the ledges of the Bukit Aman Building......some grand-stand observers.....

....while the marchers ran helter-skelter on the "independence" field......

.....more people running like cornered cats.....from the putrid air all around ... is sad to see one being cornered and blasted with chemical laced water and tear-gas....but run they did as one cannot face the might and arsenal ensemble of the PDRM....

click on the picture to see how old this man is....and had to flee the area.....very sad , indeed !

...some members of the PDRM were even at hand to direct the many "runners" to a safe passage.....but to the curses of the many who only brushed-off their unwarranted "help"....

...this old man sizing-up the height he has to jump to safety to escape the onslaught of the mighty PDRM's water- cannons and dizzying tear-gas.....

.....but with a little help from "some" ....this old man was safely assisted this old pachik thankful for that extra "helping-hand" ???

...and along comes an "angel" helping an old lady down the same pathway....does anyone care if they were old anymore ??? Yes....I guess,some of course do.....

......and the "angel" went on taking more photos..... of the PDRM armoury...

....what's this landing for ? refuelling or replenishment for aerial bombardment of tear-gas ? Have they got "landing"rights ?..... must have been tough for these tired child and women-folk, as they take a break after making a defiant statement that all is NOT right with the system.....

And that was how an almost ordinary day was screwed.......and no thanks to the PDRM for the senseless closure of roads to "frustrate " the general populace !