Wednesday, October 07, 2020

So who's your daddy?

Just who is actually running our country, right now? Is it Muhiyuddin Yassin, the kleptocratic Najib Razak, Ismail Sabri and/or Anwar Ibrahim....or is this country cruising on "auto-pilot"? And if there is anything to remember this year 2020 for, it will certainly NOT be for that old racist's failed and blurred "vision" but may be remembered as perhaps the year we had 3 prime ministers. That is if Anwar, the bookie, even comes in close with his claim of 130 numbers plucked from thin air. Which in turn then begs Moo to reciprocate Anwar's bluff with his 92 members?

Everyday we, the ordinary tax-paying and voting citizens are asking this same question. Everyday we yearn for some strange voice or someone who is well connected to some one up there, to tell us something new. Nothing! Each new day brings us closer to the brink of an abyss we're not sure of, or if we should take that next step and find out if indeed that was our last step to doom. That's how uncertain our journey is. 

We don't know what tomorrow would bring after yesterday's all time high of 691 new cases of Covid19 and nobody knows the gravity of shit we are all in! This pandemic is taking its toll on families and households in ways that are absolutely new. Some pretentious wannabes say this is the new norm, but who actually knows what was the normal in the first place? We the common citizens of this country have grown accustomed to their crooked agendas and adapted ourselves to the many  changes these past 20 years have shown, both in politics and in our environment that we no longer know what was norm and what's the new norm, right? 

I'm losing hair, patience, trust and faith in the half-baked politicians from both sides of the divide for their lies and bullshit and I am so not looking forward for a better tomorrow either. Tell me something I don't already know instead. Sheeesh!