Friday, December 30, 2011

Latest: 7Malaysia !

Now if you think this is the number 1 that the prime minister Najib holds dearly in promoting then I think something 's gone awfully wrong. Maybe the contractor was stream-lining the numero uno to appease our FLOM who is so keen on all those aerobic exercises she indulges in or maybe that the contractor had run short of funds to "fatten" the all important number Malaysians especially in BN are so fixated with.

But my guess is, 7 is that "back-door" local bred chief minister's Zamri's favorite or lucky number. I really thought 7 was what I was actually looking at and never the number 1.

Well maybe Najib has never set foot on this island cos if he did, he would be so insulted and infuriated by this thamby for making such a mockery of Najib's all important 1this and 1that !

You tell me.....if I should be forgiven for saying it's a 7 !

Cheers and a "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to all !

**click on pic for larger view.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

with no CONSULTATION whatsoever...

The RAHMAN prophecy certainly rings true and nigh this Christmas. And Najib , being a beneficiary of a Christian missionary school education himself, will be the last Prime Minister from UMNO/BN. That's the way I am feeling already.

I attended a "rare" mass this evening and at the end of the mass a young priest read a short but crucial message from the Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur to a packed cathedral from all over the world and from all walks of life, regarding Datin Seri Zavirah Mohd Shaari, a Muslim, who has been appointed principle to the SMK Bukit Nanas Convent ( here ) ! I remind you, the key words stressed were " of grave and serious trampling of religious rights of privately owned schools" and as, in the title of this post.

PM Najib as usual will play dumb because he has no idea what his cabinet or Muhiyuddin is "cooking". And 1million Catholics have a date and "an axe to grind" with Najib and UMNO come the next General Election. Wonder if, in the same vein, what UMNO would do if a non-Malay is appointed perhaps, to be the next prime minister of Malaysia ?

This issue is certainly an added bonus for conversation at all open houses this Christmas ! Way to go Rahman....erhhh.... Najib ! Just like to wish you and the missus a Merry Christmas ! Take care of yourself, okay.

And read ( here ) what another Muslim "orang lama" blogger writes on this topic ! Brilliant !

p.s. the original school badge (right) was sent to me a few minutes ago. Thanks Lita.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

all the looney's men, stand up !

Who do you think is the most frustrated idiot in Penang today ?

Ever since the new government took the reins of power in Penang from Gerakan back in 2008, one man or rather one totally frustrated man with a despicable attitude or to put it in a "nutshell".......a local idiot who has made it a "jihad" to tarnish and attack whatever good the new government can do or is doing. His target is none other then Lim Guan Eng, the chief minister himself.

This simpleton must have had a very violent and deprived childhood to be so vile and uncouth. My first guess is, he must have lost out heavily on a lot of projects dished out on a platter to him by the previous government and is now facing lawsuits from uncompleted project which came to a halt when the new government scrapped all crony favoured contracts of the past government. and introduced a level playing field and transparency. Then again, he being who he is and bankrupt of ideas, need as much free publicity as he can garner to climb up the ranks in his puny political career in an equally dubious UMNO. He comes on as a strong runner-up only to that frog, Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa and the father of corruption and racism, the MahaTun if gauged with a "looney-meter" for absolute stupidity !

He is also the Komtar Traders Association vice-president apart from being the chairman of Pertubuhan Suara Anak-Anak Malaysia and a host of other silly NGO groups and is always surrounded with young and like-minded suspect "Malays" ( I'll give you the benefit to judge for yourselves) and an "untouchable" to the boys-in-blue.

He was one of two "Malays" ( the other being Perkasa Youth of Penang) who demanded former Bar Council president Ambiga's citizenship revoked ( here ) for spear-heading the July "Bersih" walk.

Again he was the rouge who chanted anti racial slur and disrupted traffic as usual after Friday prayers ( here ) while the cops looked the other way.

In July he caused a stir with bras and panties ( here ).

Then he made another stupid publicity stunt ala MG Pandithan ( here )

And now with this latest cheap and shitty stunt ( here ) we can confirm what this village idiot is made off and where he's heading to.....if not to the mental hospital, flushed into the sewers and out to the Jelutong river!

And this cretin is the "hired" product of UMNO, a party Najib claims as moderate, modern and unifying, yes ? With these type of crass creatures vying for party post to govern us, UMNO is doomed and Najib will be dumped come the next GE ! And the favour of who to vote next is nicely cut out for the Opposition. Go figure Mr. Prime Minister.

One thing's for sure, he's definitely somehow related to that old and senile ex-prime minister the Tun. I can see the resemblance somewhere or they could both be from the same "kampung" back in their native Kerala but I'd also bet my last ringgit, the old "paw-peh, paw-peh" geezer would say otherwise and that he cannot remember this particular village idiot from Adam.

Need I say more ? I rest my case !

Sunday, December 11, 2011

...what would have been " a-walk-in-the-park"

It should have been "a walk in the park" yesterday 10th. December 2011, was instead a gathering round some Christmas trees in the atrium of the KLCC, no thanks for the advice of the learned lawyers of the KLCC advisory body. Correct me if I am wrong, but should not an injunction from any court name the individual persons and not a loose gathering of people in an injunction ? Maybe there was no injunction in the first place but then who's going to know anyways, right ?

There were about a hundred donning tees in bright and "Bersih" colour and maybe a few hundreds more who were in muftis with streaks of yellow somewhere in the design, but nevertheless they were there in numbers and gave their support wholeheartedly. Below are some pictures of some light moments at the peaceful assembly of our rakyat for your viewing pleasure.

...the management decided that Saturday would be an ideal day to wash the lake-side walkway of the KLCC park. So barricades were put up to keep anyone from peacefully "loitering" around the area..... the crowd decided to mill around the Christmas trees and making a statement to the management of KLCC that nothing is going to stop our citizens from assemblying, meeting or gathering peacefully anywhere in OUR country.....

....most came to shop, meet and gather and sing songs as they pleased and I was glad to see a good mix of tax-paying citizens of this country spending some time away from their computers and out there.....

...this blogger even went to greet the security head with a warm hand-shake....

while our very own "mother teresa" of Madagascar beamed approvingly.....notice that yellow shopping-bag on her shoulder.

....ahhh.....cup die for ! And yellow cream topping too. All 300 cups specially made and distributed to all present here at KLCC by Dian Abdullah....for free ! I even saw some tourists happily helping themselves to some.

...this guy gobbled a whole cup cake and nearly choked....

....I did not ask these beautiful ladies ( left to right: Lita, Claire and Doreen) permission to publish their faces here. Hope they're not thinking of suing me when comments from lecherous dirty old men start coming in....

...2 not so angry birds.....going by the expression on their faces....

....with reference to the last "yellow" gathering in the KLCC park which ended in a "storm" by a certain over-bearing chaperon of yet another lovely young girl on facebook, I'm putting up this picture of this stunning young lass here and without her consent too. I hope she sues me ! Then at least I'll get to see her again....even if it is in court.

.....Kamal and his lovely family.....out to lend support to peacefully assemble anywhere they pleased.....

this "yellow" family even got a photo-op with Santa.....hey darling , get off of old Santa's lap, will you ? Good "perks" for Santa, no ?

....and last but not least.....Duke the Whisperer with Malaysia's No. 1 football fan !

Have a good Sunday....what ever's left of it !
Cheers !

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This government is walking on very very thin ice !

Who's bloody idea is this again ? Is it JAKIM or the police or the government of the day who's behind this new directive ? This is the last straw. Either they withdraw that damn "directive" immediately or face the wrath of the citizens come the next GE. Treat this as a FINAL warning BN. And don't give us that stupid "security" reasons shit again !

And I am still waiting what that MB Khalid of Selangor is doing about this ugly episode (here ). Get off your corporate-arse and "fix" this immediately MBKhalid or you too will know what will happen in the next GE too !

Back in November 2008 I did this very disturbing post prompted by a comment from one commentor, of zealots poking their filthy noses and messing religious festivities with their bigoted "conditions". Today they want particulars and addresses of the head of houses these carollers go to. Will these idiots never stop ! Again after 3 years I'm upset once more....sheeesh !!
Go and read my post from the past here .................

Anonymous said...

Unrelated – Stephen, may I ask if in your area the BEC leader have to get a police permit for “Christmas Carols” sung from house to house during Advent ?
Over here, we go around the blocks for 4 days the maximum in a group of 20 i.e., children and adults, dressed like Santa, carry a guitar and other smaller musical instruments. Never have loud speakers. How much of noise can we be making ? The police had last year asked for list of the Christmas songs, not enough that they want the lyrics also. Is this fair ? And the Government is calling USA racist !!

Yellow Rose of Texas

11/07/2008 09:24:00 AM

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some guys have all the luck.....

Who would spend RM 15 million for his marriage and yet have his face blurred on his wedding pictures ? The bride in question is none other then Syella Kamaruddin, a little know singer but has made the big time now with her marriage to this elusive VVIP recently. She became the second wife to this amorous retired civil servant, who also showered her with a RM5 million bungalow and an Audi R8 amongst others as goodies to seal the deal. ( follow the rest of the story in Bahasa Malaysia here )

But I am stumped numb understanding that if he was a high ranking and retired civil servant living off of the tax-payers generosity and on a retiree's pension, how could he afford such an excessively grandiose second marriage that's got all the trimmings of an English wedding ?

....ooopps....somehow this last picture seemed to have escaped the orders of the censorship board so here it is folks......hmmm....but does he not remind you of someone very (un)popular until recently ?? No prizes for guessing who,okay ?

I'm humming to Rod Stewart's............ "some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain, some guys get all the breaks some guys do nothing but complain....." I do this post !
Sigh !

Monday, November 28, 2011

Double-speak !

Take a good look at Satan in the picture above.Focus on tongue is encouraged. (don't get any other ideas apart from what's written below.)

This is the tongue of a politician. With this tongue a politician will promise you mostly heaven and make all your problems look like they would be solved the minute you voted him in. With this tongue he would tell you the sweetest things you want to hear more so if he's got everything to lose if he lost an election. More so if his loss is blamed, in domino effect, the fall of the entire party and history, re-written. This is the double-speak tongue a politician of the BN will use at will. For nearly 54 years the lies and the double-speak has been churned out continuously that I want to puke everytime I hear one of them speak now.

BN a party that thrived on lies, nepotism, cronyism, corruption and savagery and even unleashed fear into the hearts of it's citizens should they vote otherwise. A party that thinks they have brain-washed the mind-sets of the rural folks into think they are the "saviors" to this country. This party is nearing extinction with it's crass behavior of its uncouth members, hundreds of scandals from robbing or siphoning public coffers of billions of tax-payers ringgits, absolute corruption to abuse of power by the authorities, raping the Judiciary and Police and spreading racism and to even murder. And we the rakyat are to be blamed time and again for being "sold" by this double-speak party.

Now take a look of just a few examples in the clips below.
Somehow I notice most of the video clips featuring Najib and that old racist , the Tun, have been "spammed" by cyber-troopers. Very timely too !

The buck stops here !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Penguin Walk re-visited .

Today I want to refresh your memory of that first Penguin Walk back on 26th. September 2007 !
Click here and have a read, but more ironically read the comments !

Now be prepared for the 2nd. walk this Tuesday @ 11:30am as the "penguins" come out in force again on the 29th. November 2011 ! A force to be reckoned with !

Thursday, November 17, 2011

of vultures and hyenas.

Try as I want to write something "nice" about our police force I come to a blank ! Never has the Malaysian police department been up to their nose in shitty and dirty corruption then at the present time !

These guardians of our lives and protectors of our neighbourhood and streets are the very crooks we tax-paying citizens have to fear most ! They have tarnished the good name of law and order they so solemnly swore to up-hold without fear or favour ! Of course you might argue there are some good cops still and I'm not being fair to paint them all in one brush, no ? But the facts and there's just too many of them, far out-weighs whatever good a few cops can do or have done. There is no redemption in sight and all credibility is eroded. Finito !

Police brutality and deaths in the once very sacred hollow of their stations are common occurrence. Bribes and threats go hand-in-hand. Laziness and greed are qualities bred with years of service. Serving and sucking-up to the affluent is business as usual. Denying the lowly educated and poor is also okay in a days work. Cover-ups and
"fixing" a wrong can also be bargained for the right price. In fact I could go on and on but then again is there anything I know you don't know yourself already ?

Famous and over-used line is.....
"we are investigating, so don't speculate or you could be charged for spreading rumours" or "we have set up a special committee to look into that" is bullshit meant for kampung folks ! Sorry we don't buy that shit anymore !

Such is the SOP of our officers-in-blue and the rakyat is pissed off beyond belief and have not one thing nice to say of them. Poor excuse for human beings, that's what they are. A police force that will immediately spring into action when their political masters say
'go'... a force that is like a blood-hound chained in a cage without food and water for a month. A well fed force that will deploy hundreds and use their mighty water cannon and tear-gas to arrest at will once their political masters say 'arrest them' ! A force that has no respect for the very hand ( read you and me-as tax-payers ) that feeds them monthly with a fat salary from our blood and sweat earned ringgits.

I am so damn angry, so bloody pissed off with these morons-in-blue after I read this ( here ) ! Talk about making a police report about a robbery in a police station by a policeman who was guarding evidence taken from another bunch of bandits, the MACC of Malaysia by his fellow policemen thieves....ptuii !!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This just about sums it up !

The 2-storey out-house
thanks JW !

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the price of a pariah's vote......!

The "Interlok" book is still in the syllabus of secondary schools and the label of "pariah" and "pendatangs" is still validly stuck on me and all other Malaysians of remote Indian origins. That being the adamant view of the Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, the price of a pariah's vote is worth a bottle of whisky....not even a Black Label but the not so famous Famous Grouse ! ( read here )

Bribing is second nature in BN. Corruption is a way of life in BN. And government servants who are paid with the rakyat's tax ringgits are but pawns in the BN game plan, can be bought with a bottle of whisky ? Great smoking thunders roll as it's raining Deepavali hampers in Batu Pahat as UMNO desperately tries to win the hearts of an "outcast" minority for their votes to stay in power and continue buggering us for the next 50 years !

These gifts are first bought with tax-payers money and secondly any form of bribery is a sin in God/Allah's eyes. So what is the Muslim DPM trying to convey here ? It's not a sin to offer or receive bribes as long as it is seen to be coming from their "masters" in UMNO ? And the bribing of a very noble profession like teachers is the moral thing to do, Mr. Muhyiddin Yassin ? And this other village simpleton from Batu Pahat MP Mohd Puad Zarkashi thinks he's got the "pariahs" by their balls to vote for them ? Can you think of anything cheaper then this stunt ?

Damn will these "pendatangs" be if they can be insulted as cheap drunkards and still suck-up to these bigots and vote them in, in the next general elections ! Damn too will they be if they cannot see through the corrupt laden manoeuvrings of UMNO and demand that totally discriminating "Interlok" crap they call literature to be removed immediately !

Wake up bloody Malaysians of remote Indian is the time to hit back. Hit these racists hard and what better way then to out-vote and kick them out of Putrajaya for good and maybe......just maybe you'd get your place in the sun, as equals with dignity and respect as you stand amongst all Malaysians, proudly as Malaysians !

As for me....I like my 12 year old single malt straight with one cube of ice please......

Cheeers !

Saturday, October 29, 2011

nambikai ??.....what's that Mr. PM ?

Before 2008, nearly 80% of the Indians in the country had backed the ruling party and their votes were considered a “fixed deposit”. Right up to the Ijok by-election in Selangor in April 2007, the Indian voters still believed in the Government

It all changed with the Hindraf protest seven months after the Ijok polls.

The Indians gathered in their thousands in the capital and protested against marginalisation, discrimination and loss of jobs. They lost their nambikai in the Government. In its place was disenchantment, disillusionment and disbelief in anything that the Government did or said.


Losing "nambikai" is easy but winning it back is hard...translated as “trust, confidence or hope” is a frequently-used Tamil word by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak during his Deepavali rounds recently.

For the record Mr. Prime Minister, screw MIC, MCA or Gerakan....they are history !

But Mr. PM sir, how can you get the "nambikai" of these people when your battle cry is "even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost, brothers and sisters, whatever happens, we must defend Putrajaya” crap and allow all those keris-waving, mouth-frothing, cow-head dragging, racists mongrels of your government to roam the streets with their venom contrary to your fraudulent 1Malaysia sloganeering ?

What are you actually trying to tell us Malaysians of remote Indian origins ? That you want us to trust your government when you cannot muzzle the Perkasa mutts who spew nothing but hatred and disunity that runs contrary to all your claims of fairness and goodness for all Malaysians ? Can you give us 13 good reasons why we must continue to trust your BN government ? A government that bows low to a bunch of aging racists known as Perkasa ?

You spoke with a forked tongue when you promised "reforms". Tell us now what has been done so far ? Are you waiting for the outcome of the GE 13 before you will decide IF you want to make the changes, if any ? Win or lose, you should do it now as what your tag-line says, "People first .... Performance now" !

I'm sorry you're way off-track in tackling pressing issues back home. Nothing is ever going to change in your UMNO government. The corruption and bigotry is here to stay ! The only thing that WILL change is when your lose your grip on the nation and allow PR to run the show. God knows how this country will be then. But the culverts of Putrajaya will be prime spots to house the likes of the coward Ibrahim Ali, "black-eye" ex-IGP, an old and senile ex-premier and hundreds of others.

In the meantime enjoy your extended holiday in Perth. I hear the "real estate" along the Swan River is really hot !

Friday, October 28, 2011

Shocking state of denial !

You saw the clip below this posting about the state of human trafficking of refugees or asylum seekers and forced labour atrocities that is happening here in Malaysia.

Now listen to the artful denial by our head honco in government ! (here )

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011

more sex please , we're Malaysians ! ( pt.2 )

Saturday October 22, 2011

PETALING JAYA: The Obedient Wives Club (OWC) stirred up fresh controversy when its founder claimed that spiritually, a man can have sex with all his wives simultaneously.
Here we go again......sigh ! Sex, sex and more sex ! What a way to run a country ! Sex seem to be uppermost in her list of priorities in this trying times ! (see my earlier post here )

founder Hatijah Aam, who is also the author of the controversial book Seks Islam Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia (Sex in Islam Wage War Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World), said that when a man reached the highest spiritual level, “he can appear in multiple apparitions and have sex with his wives even though they are in separate locations”.
...yaaah...right you pervert ! He'd be out there masturbating thinking of his many wives !

“We never said that a man can have an orgy with all his wives on the same bed.

Ohhhhh what a spoilt-sport this woman turns out to be, coming out with this new defensive denial ! Just when I was contemplating conversion ......sigh !

“That is not allowed.

And why not....everything else screams of pure lustful sex, no ?

“What we meant is when a man has reached the highest spiritual level, he will be granted the ability to have sex with his wives spiritually,” she said.

For God's sake get real woman ! Which planet are you from ?

“This is how men who were at war in the past satisfied their needs,” she said at a press conference here yesterday from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, via Skype.

Hey moron.....those babarians raped every child, women and camel they laid their eyes on !

The club is going ahead with the global launch of the controversial sex guide despite protests from women's groups.Hatijah said the book would soon be launched globally in countries where OWCs have already been set up, including Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Britain and France.

This sex starved "prostitute's" ( I'm using her term from an earlier declaration on why women need to be prostitutes in bed when satisfying their husbands ) making the Kamasutra look like a Mills & Boon romance novel, yes ?

However, the club does not intend to launch the book in Malaysia.

This "brain-drain" of launching her book elsewhere is most encouraged....we have a country to run !

“The book was meant to be circulated among our members only.

Members ?......forgot to mention sex starved cult members, aye ? Are our women that hard-up of sex ? What am I missing here ?

“We knew that the public's reaction to the book would be negative because they do not understand the concept,” said Hatijah, who is also the wife of late Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Muhammad.

What concept my dear horny Hatijah ? The concept of plain wanton sex cloaked as a religious act ? If multi-partner sex orgies was religious all porno stars will surely go to heaven....and your late and randy hubby will surely be still having "spiritual sex" from his grave....ahah !

Women's groups like Sisters in Islam, All Women's Action Society and the Women's Aid Organisation described the book as a cheap publicity stunt designed to raise the profile of the club.

Hatijah defended the importance of the detailed sex guide on grounds that sex is God's gift to married couples and they should be educated on the ways to approach it.

And orgies are the devils creation which I'd happily and readily partake in....woot woot !

“Sex is the main reason people get married. And in a way, the climax is like heaven on earth,” said Hatijah. WAS the main reason you got married you nympho ! Just what is this woman smoking, huh ? I'd like some too !

She also explained that like praying, sex between married couples was also a pious act.

“So, why can't we teach people how to do that in a pure way?” she asked.

Somebody hold her's a gang-bang !

Sunday, October 16, 2011 arse !

To think some Malaysians will go to great lengths and spend millions of ringgits just to ferry medical aid, food, clothing, blankets and hope to faraway places like Bosnia and Palestine just so these foreigners who are total strangers could lead a better life. Humanity, that's the oft used word for it, yes ?

And in our own backyard or rather five-foot-ways, fellow Malaysians live like this ! Ain't that a shame ? What happened to
"humanity" ? Tell me honestly if this exclusive report in the MalayMail does not need to be addressed by all ? Then I'll say we have a doomed country where fellow "benevolent" citizens who will only go to where "lime-light" is assured. No bravado or danger is required or present here. Just plain humanity and love is needed here.

Caring Malaysians huh ? Damn......the hypocrites !

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

more sex please , we're Malaysians !

This country thrives on sex. Anything and everything circles around sex. Sex is such a great seller of news in our country that anything remotely "sexual" hits the papers/blogs before you can blink your eye-lid. Whether it is heterosexual or homosexual or perverted sex, who gives a shit ? The more sordid the better and the bigger the "player" the juicier the news. Sex is a campaign "ceremah" hit topic !

Our politicians, at any given time, are engaged in some kind of sex either physically or verbally somewhere. Even in the august house sex and sexual discrimination ( that animal Dung errhh....Bung comes to mind !) is always a popular and laughing matter ! No, the judiciary too has it's fair share of carnal knowledge in chambers. The police and prisons personnel "negotiate" their share of "forced sex" ( ask those pretty ladies who have been "propositioned" at road-blocks and police stations or the many sexy female illegal "dolls" holed up in detention centres....but of cause "brotherhood" is a strong bond and denial is instant, cos no "victim" wants to walk on thin ice fingering these "predators" for fear of back-lash, right ? Sex is the most sought after medium in transactions or to "buy" favours in businesses with the authorities apart from that obvious cash inducement. What are we thinking of Malaysians ?? Sexual favours are most welcomed here. Fornication is cool and easy for those in "POWER" !

Do we have to put up with the daily grinding of the "pelvis against pelvis or sometimes butt" to run this country ? It is so shameful to read day after day about who humped who and and who was caught humping where with whom ! Get a life people, there's more to just sexual rompings. We gotta run a country here, not talking about someone else's sex life or preferences and endlessly harping on sex hoping the real and present problem, of putting food on the table and improving our lives and neighbour-hoods, will go away ! Damn ! It was even rumoured that our prime minister knew the sexual preferences of one dead Mongolian model. But that is all hearsay, no ?

So there you go people, get a life and stop bitching about who our leaders are screwing right now. The fact is even while you are thinking about it, you ARE being screwed-blind by our politicians as they take you for a ride to nowhere ! There are a hundred things you can do, but lets start with getting rid of these holier-then-thou hypocrites and sex-mongers who double as politicians and clean up this sex-starved government. If it is possible let's castrate this scourge from our lives and start voting-in people with the rakyat's interest foremost and with the highest respect for every citizen regardless of race or religion, on their road to fame and greatness !

p.s. One sicko friend remarked jokingly that if yours truly were caught screwing on camera in some private room, tomorow's papers/blogs will scream "Munir caught fcuking......again" ! Poor Munir, but that was said in jest surely..... yours truly is certainly better looking, yes ?

Friday, October 07, 2011

Bridget....oh Bridget !

I heard the 2012 Budget speech by our "cool" prime minister who spoke at length of "goodies, goodies and more goodies" and if this is not a "buy election" speech then I don't know what it is ! Some points really irked me bad so go and read the full text of his speech here.

I was somewhat perplexed when he started the speech and at point no.5
After 53 budgets, 10 Five Year Development Plans, three Outline Perspective Plans, all under the umbrella of the New Economic Policy, 1971-1990, National Development Policy, 1991-2000 and the National Vision Policy, 2001-2010, today we continue our journey together towards becoming a developed and high-income nation......and then later on Subsidies he slyly injects subsidies, incentives and assistance totaling RM33.2bil will still be continued......huh ?....what can I say huh, to his administration guided by the philosophy of 1Malaysia “People's First, Performance Now.”...subsidies or to put it bluntly "crutches" for a nation even after 54 years ? Man oh man, is this ever going to stop ?

And for government servants he has promised an additional half-month bonus and RM500 for pensioners....hmmm...timely I'd say and let me see, Najib clearly needs the comforting knowledge of at least knowing he's got his servants voting for his party, or will they ? Never mind about intergrity and dedication in job ethics when they perform in their duties towards the tax-paying rakyat ....just keep them happy, at any cost and be assured of their vote, sir ?

And at the mention of heritage tourism development in Taiping in the Northern Corridor I protest and want to go ballistic. Just leave my town alone. I don't want your goons to touch the picturesque and majestic beauty of my Lake Gardens and it's lovely canopy of 150 year old trees that dips its branches of shoots lightly on the waters of the lakes to be replaced by plastic red, yellow, purple and blue palm trees and what-not just like what that moron Toyo did in his
"eye-city" and Shah Alam municipality ! Just leave it be. Everyone knows the ageless beauty and heritage rich Taiping without any "tempe"-lift, okay ? Just let it be......comprendo ?

My last point is of the RM90million allocation for the provision of basic necessities for the 190,000 Orang Asli nationwide with the majority residing in Pahang and Perak. Hello...Mr. PM, what about our Orang Asal in Sabah and Sarawak ? Nothing for them ? Are they not included in our national budget ? No deal for them because they are not the original people of Malaysia ? This RM90 million works out to about RM 473.00 per Orang Asli. That's all ? And that is IF they are getting any real money at all while some sneaky "napoleon" clasps and rubs his palms in glee ! Poor chaps......our original natives of this land will always be kept below poverty lines and in the foot-hills far from civilisation lest they know their rights and start demanding their share of the spoils !

As for the title of this post...that was what I thought I saw on Reena's fb this morning.....hahahaha !
Have a nice week-end folks....I know I won't as I heard the price of cigarettes have gone up too ! Damn you Bridget !
......sigh !

Saturday, October 01, 2011

scumbags in our civil society !

Why should Guan Eng apologise for running down a fellow chief minister of the Johor state with regards to the high crime rate as compared to Penang state ? Johore is notorious for broad-daylight criminal activities, no ?

Frankly all chief ministers should be ashamed of themselves if they cannot give an order to the police in their respective state to do their job as guardians of the law and instill in their dumb heads who actually pays their salaries each month. And more importantly it is the police who are the real shameless free-loaders who collect their wages monthly of the tax-payers hard earned ringgits and sit on their ass waiting for directives from their UMNO masters to disrupt and make arrests at any civil society activity as long as it has not got the BN's blessing, right ?

So if CM Lim Guan Eng had indeed criticised the alarming state of criminal activities in Johor, at least he's got balls to criticise his fellow CMs instead of covering their asses in a
"adik-beradik" fashion.

This country has gone crazy where crime is concerned as snatch-thieves, muggers, burglars and mat-rempits boldly RULE the streets in any given state and town ! Shouldn't the police be blamed entirely for all the mess ?? I certainly will put the blame squarely on the totally lazy attitude of these trigger-happy government servants in blue who abuse their powers absolutely and throw the blame on uncooperative citizens for not "tipping" them off to solve petty and neighbourhood crimes effectively. Seeing why we need to live in a gated or
"caged" neighbourhood explains, yes ?

But if it concerns a big-shot
"datuk" or any BN napoleon living in a fancy address who lodges a police report, you can be sure these boys-in-blue will come running instantly to the doorsteps to take reports or round up a few suspects immediately and throw the book on them and complete the investigations within a day or so and case solved and closed.

Funny how we have all read so many times and on so many different months and years apart in the papers of a certain
"mamak" gang being completely wiped-out. And year after year they have wiped-out the same gang and closed the case. Mamak gang has clones, perhaps ?

Now back to that
"bad-mouthing" remarks of Guan Eng.....chief ministers, like all other government servants should be given incentives and rewards for daring to finger a fellow chief minister without fear and favour. That is the only way to go in a civil society as they too are duty-bound and answerable to the tax-paying citizens as only in a civilised state can the citizens be free to walk the streets without fear of snatch-thieves, muggers and mat-rempits.

Way to go Guan Eng.... the citizens and especially the tourists in Penang are more free to venture out further without fear of these scumbag snatch-thieves,muggers and mat-rempits any time of day ! The police in Penang are maybe a bit more "citizen conscious" and patrol the streets then their counter-parts everywhere else who are hiding behind bushes to catch speeding motorists and cell-phone using drivers to
"negotiate" their offenses !

And that is a crying shame and the glaring truth folks, trust me !

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Land of the 60,000 "living" dead voters !

statement by EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar that "the errors were due to negligence of the clerks." hahahaha !

The EC, with cooperation from the National Registration Department (NRD), removed the names of 69,293 dead voters and 1,068 others stripped of their citizenship from the electoral roll between July and Sept 15.

EC secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria, disclosing this in a statement yesterday, also said the collaborative effort was mounted to clean up the roll as continuous preparation to face the next general election.

The EC is also in the midst of investigating the status of 50,000 other voters in the electoral roll to ensure that mistakes are not made in removing names.

"The investigation requires the EC to refer (to) and get confirmation from various authorities including the NRD, armed forces and the police concerning the voter's citizenship status and identity card number, as well as their status in the forces and police," he said.

He stressed that the removal of names and investigation of the status of voters has been due to sustained pressure from the rakyat.

**courtesy of tumpang sekole...?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

hudud law....ok for you, moron ?

I commented at Reggie Lee's cartoon on fb : This hudud law is not a law of civilised men but a "Dark Age" law. You see, with this law, corruption is impossible to prove beyond reasonable doubt ! You need 4 credible witnesses. Try getting 1 ! hahaha !

The reply to my comment read: Rasuah tidak termasuk dalam hudud. Itu dipanggil hukuman takzir. Pemerintah akan putuskan hukuman yang wajar termasuk penjara. Hudud adalah bagi kesalahan mencuri merompak dan zina. Harap fahami dulu sebelum mengkritik.
(Goggle translate :Corruption is not included in hudud. Takzir penalties were called. The government will decide the appropriate punishment, including imprisonment. Hudud is for a theft to robbery and adultery. Please understand before criticizing.)

See the above answer is the reason why this "hudud" is totally useless to implement in a secular government like ours as hudud laws seem to only target petty offenses while the law turns a blind eye to the real scourge like corruption in our current government and allows the perpetrators to get away scott-free ! So who needs a society with our Muslim brethren with arms or fingers or pricks missing from petty snatch-thieving "mat-rempits" to randy dandy romeos and shaming and stoning in public those who were caught enjoying a pint or two of that wonderful golden ale and wagered on sports like Toto, Magnum and DaMaChai while the thousands of corrupt crimes committed in high places from the dictatorial era of the old Tun for 22 over long years still continue to enjoy the spoils of their ill-gotten wealth humming to the tune of "Can't touch these".... then I say, screw you PAS and screw you too, shit-stirrer par excellence, the now irrelevant and former PM, the MahaTun !!!

Hudud is seen to justify the means of a few who want to play God/Allah over the lesser of Muslims mortals as non-Muslims or "infidels" like me have absolute immunity from persecution under that same hudud in a syariah court, no ? See I do not even use capital letters for this hudud or syariah because it is not a law this country was founded upon long before our independence from the English but with all due respect to the Prophet, only a recently adopted old Arabic "desert ruling" fashioned by a few mullahs influencing our Islamic scholars aka "juara-kampungs" with their "bogeyman's" deterrent and nothing else ! We here live in a plural and modern society. So PAS, stick your hudud in Arabia and keep it there !

Let's continue to stick to good ole English Common Law because like it or not morons, every law and even our Federal Constitution in this country is borrowed/copied/fashioned/translated after our former colonial masters' English Laws. If we intend to "localise" anything let's first find a word for that English acronym UMNO first !

We had nothing original to work with from then, because we were built with such a good mixture of diverse cultures, customs and religious back-grounds, so there with it !

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Knight of the Legion of Honour

Knight of the Legion of Honour.....that's what it says ! ( read the rest of the story here ! )

Congratulations Ambiga !

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks but no thanks Mr. Prime Minister !

So today I think I will remove the above 2 images that have been sitting in prayer for close to 4 years on my side-bar !

But first I want to ask some silly questions. What happens to all those still awaiting their day in court but are still in "Rumah Tumpangan Kamunting" ? Does this also mean they will be freed without a case immediately ? What about the charges ? Will they be dropped too or transferred to the 2 new laws ? What about the 2 NEW laws to be enacted after the ISA 1960 repeal ? Will they be the ISA in a new packaging ? Why 2 laws to replace 1 draconian law ? Is the EO completely being repealed or is there another "prawn underneath the noddle" (do your own translation in Bahasa please ! ) gift ? And what about the section 27 of Police Act 1967 over-ruling the Federal Constitution ? Can meh or just talk only ??

Now that the Prime Minister has announced ( here ) of "conditional" gifts of changes which are yet to be tabled in Parliament read very carefully below of what we bargained for all from those many many times many of us held lit-candles in silent prayer at peaceful assemblies but were chased and some manhandled and arrested by Najib's bullyboys-in-blue ;

>The Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960 will be repealed.

- In its place, two new laws will be enacted to safeguard peace and order the detention period will be reduced and can only be extended by the courts, except in cases involving terrorism.

>Three remaining emergency proclamations to be lifted are:

- Emergency 1969, Emergency 1966 (Sarawak) and Emergency 1977 (Kelantan).

>Banishment Act 1959 will also be repealed.

>The annual license renewal requirement for newspapers and publications will be replaced with a one-off permit by reviewing the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.

>Reviewing the Restricted Residence Act 1933.

>Allowing greater freedom to assemble by reviewing Section 27 of the Police Act 1967 by taking into consideration Article 10 of the Federal Constitution which guarantees every citizen with the right to freedom of speech and assembly

See folks, we certainly welcome any "gift" Najib is offering the rakyat on this auspicious day with thanks. Sure it does make this day brighter. We Malaysians are a decent lot with decent values and manners. But remember nothing is certain yet as the august house has not passed as law. And we also know who the real puppet-masters are of this government. PM Najib certainly has got may Brutuses' and mongrels within UMNO he fails to see or that Ibrahim Ali and the old and senile Tun. And what about all those pro-ISA hounds ? Will they be let loose now to protest and object ?

Another interesting look here at what RPK has to say about what Najib thinks about ISA and our colonial masters, the British ! ( here ) see, I too hereby want to re-think my first para promise. Nawww.....I think I still want to keep those 2 images on my side-bar until I am absolutely certain we are given a gift with no conditions and counter or substituted laws.

Thanks Najib but no thanks. You still won't get my vote ! And so too from the hundreds and thousands of others in civil society who get cramps in their stomach with diarrhea thinking of all the mega-corruptions and abuses your cabinet and administration dabbles in on a daily basis for the past 54 years which you again failed to address or prioritise !

Happy Malaysia Day !

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Is this what my little "baby" learns in school ??

In a Form 2 text book.

Hi ! Some time ago I came across a pro-abortion article in a seemingly innocent English Workbook for Form 2 students. I doubt that we have exhausted all topics for sample articles; this is most assuredly an attempt to desensitize young people (as young as 14 years old !! ) to the horrors of abortion. I want to highlight 2 sentences:

1. "Her dad took her to the clinic the next day to have her abortion done."

2. "The abortion went like clockwork and without any difficulties and Mary came out of the clinic as healthy as before."

The first sentence is a tragedy, the second a bloody lie.

Have a look at the 3 images and take note of type and publisher. Parents especially now more than ever, need to be vigilant of what their children are being taught !

NOTE : The above post was sent to me by my dear friend Vis.
Click on images for larger view !