Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poco-Poco anyone ?

Traces of Christianity and "soul worshiping" ( am still confused what this soul worshiping actually means !) in this dance huh ? Urgggghhh ?? Maybe it's because this dance is so popular in predominantly Muslim Indonesia and in Sabah and Sarawak where the majority who are swaying to the rhythm on the dance floor are Christians ? What an idiotic comment by the Perak MB ( here ) !

And by the way to be a true and righteous Muslim doesn't the Quran teach one to belief all prophets from Adam to Isa (Jesus ) ???? So Malaysians have a different "
edited" text of the Holy book as compared to Arabic text issit ?
Maybe belly-dancing will be banned next too !

Sheeeeech !

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

PKR...walk your talk now damnit !

The UKRC field fiasco

Yushaimi [2]

THE ball, excuse the pun, is firmly in Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's court.

At the Selangor State Assembly sitting next week, the State government will be cajoled to live up to the election promise made by Gombak MP Azmin Ali and Ulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib to give a piece of land, comprising a football field and a club house known as the Ulu Kelang Recreaction Club, "back" to the committee which has been managing the plot since 1958.

After promising to reverse former Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's decision in 2004 to gazette the five-odd acres of land as open space, managed by the State Secretary, the UKRC committee, headed by Andrew Gopal, has been waiting for almost three years now for the Pakatan Rakyat government to keep its promise.

Andrew and Co. who have been fighting the battle relentlessly, have their hopes high that parity will be restored with the State government reversing Dr Mohd Khir's seven-year-old decision. It is for a good reason that they are doing so — residents in the area take pride in upkeeping what must be among the last good football pitches in the Klang Valley.

They have not only lovingly tended to its upkeep, they have developed a sentimental affinity for the club and football field, sandwiched between blocks of houses and threatened to be taken away by development due to its prime location.

The committee has maintained the place by creating their own funds, chipping in and collectively taking care of the field, and managing them well. They have frequent resident gatherings and families hold receptions of diverse sorts there.

It is home to them.

"The Pakatan Rakyat government must keep its election promise. It must," Andrew tells me.

"You know how much the place means to all of us. Generations of residents have sentimental attachment to the place. It is wrong to take it away from us."

Saari, it seems, is going to table a motion to reverse Dr Mohd Khir's gazette and return the plot to the UKRC committee.

The land had been alienated to UKRC by the Selangor State government, via the then Kuala Lumpur Land Office, on July 12, 1958.

UKRC had even paid RM690 for the surveyor's cost in August the same year to get the Pejabat Tanah Kuala Lumpur, as it was known then, to gazette the said recreational land under the control of the club.

Dr Mohd Khir had in 2004 re-gazetted the plot as open space after attempts to build condominiums there had met with huge public outcry.

The Malay Mail was, along with residents there, at the forefront in campaigning against the development. Azmin and Saari had then promised that the UKRC land issue would be resolved if Pakatan Rakyat took over the State administration.

On July 25, 2008, the Selangor MB had verbally informed Saari that he was very keen to resolve the UKRC controversy.

Andrew claims Khalid had asked that the UKRC file an application to purchase the land from the State government at a nominal fee.

UKRC duly complied, and on Aug 4 the same year, wrote in. There was no reply from Khalid's office. UKRC wrote again on June 25 and Oct 20, 2009.

Again, silence. In November 2009, the area's Village Development and Security Committee, Kuala Ampang (JKKK), comprising mostly UKRC members, wrote to Khalid to resolve the issue.

The MB's office replied that the State had no objection to allow UKRC to continue using the open space, subject to the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council's (MPAJ) conditions.

The council, it seems, has never interfered in UKRC's business. "They know UKRC will go to The Malay Mail," jokes Andrew.

As the chronology goes, UKRC wrote again on March 15, 2010. Mum was still the word.

Tired of the inaction, UKRC and the residents had a meeting with Saari on March 7 this year, and expressed their disappointment at the unwillingness of the State government to assist its two representatives to keep to their election promise.

An ultimatum, says Andrew, was given to Saari to resolve the matter. Saari had told them that he would table the motion and get assemblymen to support his proposal to return the land to UKRC.

Having been there on a number of occasions, I certainly know how much the club and field mean to them.

I have seen with my own eyes, as have many other colleagues of mine, how scores of residents would gather there whenever there was an occasion.

They flock there even to watch friendly football matches, like the few that I (and the likes of our group media advisor Datuk Ahirudin "Rocky" Attan and former sports editor Tony Mariadass) had taken part in against UKRC.

I hope Azmin, Saari and the State government keep the promise. It's wrong to take away these people's home.

YUSHAIMI YAHAYA is Editor-in-Chief of The Malay Mail. He carries ankle, knee and back injuries from his active field soccer days, and only indulges in the occasional game of futsal — preferably with players older than him. He is contactable at

Sunday, March 27, 2011

of "Masters" and "ungrateful" mongrels....

All's not quiet in the home-front ! But for once I must agree, the Minister in the PM's department Nazri Aziz is right, I "sokong" ! His warning to all BN component parties "black-mailing" UMNO is timely. After all does UMNO actually need these "rent seeking" excess baggages like shameless MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan and PBB to win elections ? Of course not ! Tell them to go to Hades !

These lapdogs leaders and Napoleons of the BN component parties are nothing but mere
!"pendatangs and pariahs" who suck-up to their "Master" UMNO for personal gratification and wealth. Finally Nazri has realised how much it costs to "maintain" these high living and expensive bitching "neglected wives" and warns with "divorce" proceedings ! ( read here )

UMNO does not need them....just cut these mongrels loose and UMNO can go alone with a little help from the champion of
"ketuanan Melayu" Perkasa ( though I hear that Ibrahim Ali is also holding Nazri at ransom ( see here), and emotional support from the old and irrelevant ex-premier and Nazri's former boss Tun Mahathir. Surely these 2 will come out to give their lives to save UMNO ( maybe not Nazri personally but UMNO) which is the God-sent party to rule the Malays and us "pendatangs" who are "squatting" in this country we call home !

Kick out the component parties Nazri, I
"sokong" you 100% and YOU don't need these "ungrateful" bitching wives to run this country that belongs only to the Malays. Who needs spineless parasites like MIC, MCA, PPP, Gerakan and PBB ? All you need is Najib's instant magic formula, the "1Malaysia" charm to win hearts !

By the way I hope you also close down the Chinese newspapers that
"misquoted" you again and you don't have to apologise to anyone, period ! You are their MASTER, remember ? So screw them all....or ask them to take the next "tongkang" or "rajula" back to China or India respectively !

Yes, "Massa" Nazri, way to go !

Saturday, March 26, 2011

the fat cat babbles...

The fastest way to contact the police to report a crime like a snatch theft or a fight you just witnessed in your neighbourhood is to rush to the nearest "mamak" stall which is also usually located at some strategic corner at the entrance of your housing area. You'd surely see either a couple of policemen on motor-bike patrol or a patrol car parked there having a meal. Not that they are going to immediately abandon their "roti canai" or "nasi lemak" and "teh-tarik" to rush back with you to the scene of the crime or problem, but you'll surely at least have made it your point to inform them as a law-abiding citizen of such on-goings in your neighbourhood, yes ?

That brings us back to what this caring hearted Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar (any relative of Hanif Omar ?) adviced his "fat cops" of their eating habits matched with their "packed and heavily over-loaded" work schedules to prevent heart related ailments. During the event health record books were also distributed to his personel to keep track of their eating habits and to update from time to time. ( read here )

Don't policemen have drills and fitness camps or "khursus" to attend on a regular basis ? Or do they only have to at the beginning of their careers and thereafter sit on their butts pushing pen at desks and in the comfort of an air-conditioned room in a "balai"? Maybe foot-patrolling for fatsos is a better idea then in a patrol car, right ? that poor mamak has an extra national service to do for the force. He'd probably should be engaged by the police contingent to sign in their "little record book" as to how many times a day the cop come revisiting his stall !

Or maybe the IGP wants his men to be fighting fit so that they'll be able to carry out their duties with frenzied gusto when needed like in the pic below which we have seen countless times :
What the police force of Malaysia needs today more then anything is not a pep talk on health but serious sessions on the simplest of human values. Simple values about doing an honest days work and with integrity and honesty. About the sins of corruption, bribery and respect for human life and about up-holding the laws of the land without fear and favour ! And not to be subservient to any politician's bidding but to carry out his duties with a clear conscience. And about reminding them who pays them their monthly salaries....the tax-paying rakyat !

But I guess the last paragraph above is the last thing on the IGP's mind, no ?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

sue, sue, sue everybody !

Yes, as the title suggests, in a corrupt country like ours, that must be the best way to teach some irresponsible scumbags a lesson !

A man is not guilty until proven so or so the adage goes, but just look at the way the media has played out so boldly and as their headlines too ! Is this responsible journalism ? And paedophiles and porn actors are protected specie only in a government equally as sinful and corrupt as the perpetrators !

Anwar was mentioned by name as the lead male with a foreign prostitute in a 17 minute video clip produced by somewhat frustrated and desperate persons of definitely questionable history, clumsily edited and in a black and white porno movie sneak-peek for journalists from selected medias.

Next thing you know the UMNO government was again abuzz with yet another ill-planned and "supposedly" juicy sex scandal only to be back-fired on their stupid faces as a devious and cunning scam unfolded to add to the many other sodomy related scams the UMNO government has conjured up since the old lying dictator and now irrelevant Tun orchestrated his first "sodomee" flick way back then !

Anwar could sue all the media both electronic and print that carried his name on the related video sex clip on their front pages, sue the 3 scheming Datuk Tees individually and collectively, sue the government, sue the police for protecting that paedophile ( I am surprised how this thamby fellow still carries a Datuk title ?), the actor and the producer collectively known as Datuk T (or Tiga 3Abduls, but with all due respect to the late P.Ramlee !), sue the hotel for allowing such a press conference to take place in it's premises, sue every hotel staff who so as much as snicker sheepishly whenever Anwar's name is mentioned, sue the MACC, sue the religious department or JAIS for not taking action on these sinners with counselling and showing these 3Abduls the path to righteousness and just for the heck of it sue Mahathir for his ill-gotten billions ! Why not ? In fact if he's not stupid, he should !

Go on Anwar.....just sue everyone ! PKR could use this timely "settlement millions" for the coming elections and at the same time bankrupt UMNO of their cash cow !

Then we will all live happily ever-after in Malaysia !
Amen !

Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Et tu....Maximus ? "

The Chinese had Wang Jingwei, the Americans had Aldrich Ames, the Romans had Brutus and Jesus had Judas Iscariot. Today the Christians in Malaysia have Maximus Ongkili.

This bumbling piece of shit is a disgrace to all Christians and to all Sabahans. Does he even not know Christians make the majority of the population in Sabah and Sarawak ? Does he even know that without Sabah and Sarawak there is no BN ? Does he also not know that Sabah and Sarawak are the "fixed deposits" for UMNO ? Or is he just a plain moron who is blinded by corrupt UMNO money into selling his religion ? ( read here )

Imagine this "traitor" telling Christians that
...."This is a government decision and we must accept it." What Max, you'd accept anything this government decides as gospel truth and accept it like a slave ?

What an idiot he must be ! No wonder this BN government is so arrogant and can bulldoze any law in the parliament when they have stooges like this to implement them. Who is advising this spineless "leader" to swallow this shit, anyway ? He does not have the intelligence to speak on our behalf. And there is no room to "negotiate" anything where religion is concerned as clearly stated in our Federal Constitution you moron, can you get that into your pea-brain head you.....Maximus Idioticus !

Does he even know Christian churches were built by the Portuguese and the Dutch here in the then Malaya long before Islam even came to our shores. So don't tell me Christianity has no footing or say in this country. Most churches in this country were built years and years before mosques were built. We have never had this "belittling" of the Christian religion by all the other prime ministers before that old and senile racist Tun came to power. Why ? All this while the "good-for-nothing" BN Christian members of parliament have not uttered a single word of protest while they allowed the UMNO bigots to savagely butcher and defile the confiscated Christian holy book. Only PAS a Muslim party has come out strongly to protest the Home Ministry's unnecessary actions of confiscation of the Bibles. Is Islam more universally tolerant in PAS then in UMNO ? Certainly I'd say yes !!

Because the Muslims in PAS are more steadfast in their belief of their Quran and are never threatened by influences from other religions. They are by far more honest in their sincere embracement of brothers of any and all other religion just like our prime ministers from the time of our founding father the Tunku but which ended when that sneaky and spiteful "Indian" dictator took over for 22 damn years undermining and destroyed the "unity" factor to "divide and rule by race and religion" of this then secular and multi-racial country in 1981 !

Sabah and Sarawak must show their disgust and displeasure of this BN government's actions and their "spineless" Christian ministers in the next GE or forever be doomed !

Sheeesh !

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hidup MIC or Hidup Melayu....brudder ?

Viewing this video clip got me all confused ! First there is this bunch of Malaysians of remote Indian origins screaming for Lim Guan Eng's head and they also shout "Hidup Islam" ! Fine I thought, it's their right to protest and let their voices be heard. I'm all for freedom of peaceful public assembly and letting your grouses be known ........ until they go in a frenzy punching the air with their "Hidup Melayu"! Now how did these Malaysian Indian Muslims suddenly become Melayu ? Looking at their skin texture, their speech and their features I could have sworn they look more like MIC members.

You view and decide for is comical when just before the end of the clip they suddenly become so "pussiefied" and drive off in a huff ......wonder what happened ??

*courtesy of Malaysiakini

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Porn star 's advice on the Holy Book !

It's shocking to read that the incorrigible ignorant idiot and the president of MCA (aka porn star in a widely publicised sex scandal video below ) Dr. Chua Soi Lek can come up with statements like the bible “be allowed to be circulated to churches with proper supervision.” (read here )

Video Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek sex DVD for... by videokl

Hey moron Ah Lek, we Christians don't need "supervision" in our churches ! In fact we don't need any interference from anyone who's absolutely no knowledge about our religion. I dare you Dr. Chua, to suggest to Najib that the Koran be printed and "supervised" by MCA and see how fast Perkasa would come to lynch you by your "randy" dick.

The Bible is in the Christian term the "word" of God or Allah or Yahweh or Deus or Ishwara or El or whatever else you want to call your "Maker" ! And we most certainly don't need any shitty advice from YOU. You Ah Lek, must just stick to being a fornicating leader of that lap-dog party MCA. A party that sucks-up unashamedly to UMNO as they scramble for left-over crumbs by you and your fellow mangy mongrels.

The Christians like all peace loving men of goodwill respect all other religions and are only demanding their rights to freely practise and worship their religion and as enshrined in our Federal Constitution and no bloody ingrate like you is telling us otherwise, getit Ah Lek ? And the Christians are fed-up of the constant interference by this lying UMNO government of depriving them that constitutional right ?

The Christians are observing 40days of the Lent season now before Good Friday and Easter, just as Muslims observe the 30 days of Puasa before the Hari Raya. Now would be a good time for the Najib administration to call for the general elections and the full fury of the Christians would clearly be reflected in the results of the GE. ( read here )

So go on Mr. Prime Minister, go on taunting us, the Christians and see what happens. Go on and make our day ! In the meantime I'd advice Najib to put a short leash and a couple of corks up this imbecile doctor's orifices !

The rakyat and the Christians are absolutely and totally fed-up with this administration already !

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Unmasking Male Y

There's been a lot of attention drawn to this mysterious character in the on-going Sodomy II trial over the letter Y. Just in case you are all wondering who's Male Y, here's a drawing of that dude who I am sure torn into Saiful's smelly 2 day's unwashed butt. And I bet you wouldn't recognise him even if he was standing face to face with you ! Here's Male Y for all of you curious speculators ! Duh :-)

Even that lying Saiful couldn't have know who buggered him ! What a butt-scam !

*p.s. thanks Vis !

Monday, March 07, 2011

fondled by BN ?

Surely Mr. PM you must have acquired a warped sense of humour since your recent visit Down-Under......"Non-Malays increasingly fond of BN" you say ? hahaha.....good one !

Since when were the non-Malays
'spontaneous' in showing their fondness to BN, may I ask ? When t-shirts and RM100 bills are greased into their palms in happy hand-shakes and a sly wink or when each estate labourer's family gets a kilo of mutton and an electric rice-cooker in estate quarters with no electricity engineered by your servants in MCA and MIC ?

Come now Mr. Najib, they (the non-Malays) must be shameless monkeys with no self-pride to accept such when your goons are running amok labelling the Indians as pariahs and the Chinese as prostitutes and who are only your
"customers" in this here country of ours while at the same time screaming their heads off with that "ketuanan Melayu" crap ? It's no more a government for ALL now but to appease only one race, the Malay race, right ?

Don't get me wrong sir, I was old enough to understand your father's policies then and it did seem fair, but not anymore. Not since that old and senile dictator, the MahaTun took control of our lives, divided us by race and constantly instilled
"fear" of race riots for 22 damning years. Everything has changed since then !

Coming back to you now Mr. PM, surely you cannot gauge the success of a couple of buy-elections to come to this conclusion, can you, sir ? Remember you can finance by-elections as they are isolated and far apart. A general election is simultaneously nation-wide and your government will have to
"pawn" the country and wring the neck of the "golden goose" aka Petronas, to fund the entire nation's voters. And we're talking unimaginable mega-billions. Unless of course when we have cheap-skates beggars who can sell their soul or their mothers for a hundred bucks or less !

With so many of your party members churning out racists remarks on a daily basis in the media and your
fondness for that "racist mouth-piece" Perkasa, you have no idea the damage they have done to your utopian sloganeering of your 1Malaysia thinggy that it has become a national joke. Far from uniting the various races both here in the peninsular and in the east your own little napoleons have undermined your tag-line to champion their personal gratifications, if I may add !

By your own confident admission, I'd suggest you call for a GE immediately Mr. Prime Minister. It could work well for your parties, yes ? So go ahead and call for a general election soon, sir.

But in the meantime thank you for this good joke ! Good one Mr. Prime Minister, sir !

Saturday, March 05, 2011

the "untouchables"

Today I'll write about the many "untouchables" in our society.

You think just because there's a 2 inch thick report of
"alleged" allegations of corruption and abuse of power by the "brownie rajah" CM Taib handed over to the MACC, the dubiously voted and 4th. most influential man in the world,the head honcho of MACC is going to jump and book this plunderer of Sarawak ? Wrong ! ( read here )

Nobody can touch Taib. He has got the whole of Najib' 1administration by their
"balls" in his palm and one squeeze is enough to choke 1UMNO. That's how powerful this one man is. Corrupt to the core and an "untouchable". A man UMNO is so scared-shit off and depends solely on the seats from Sarawak to be delivered to BN to form this government and without them BN would be the opposition even as we speak, yes ?

Is Sabah and Sarawak also claimed as
"Tanah Melayu" ? When did all these land labellings begin anyway ? Before 2009 or 1957 ? I never heard of this back in the 60's and 70's. I've only heard of Federated states of Malaya ( Malaya being a Indian word for "mini Himalaya" as in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal)....not Melayu ! ( here )
And in the words of Oscar Wilde
"any fool can make history but it takes a genius to write it"!

This Taib is even more corruptly powerful then Najib and is only ranking in second place to the grand-father of corruption the great Tun. The world is watching the blatant abuses by this BN government everyday yet no court dares pin a solid case on these untouchables. They have each in their own time raped and plundered the nation's coffers and it is an open secret yet nobody can touch them. That's what happens when you have a corrupt judiciary system and equally corrupt police force in your pocket !

Third place goes collectively to the corrupt UMNO. A party as declared by Najib that will protect
"Putrajaya even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost.” because when Putrajaya falls.....all the president's men will fall in disgraced domino fashion as their ill-gotten fortunes will be seized and frozen and they'd be back walking on civvy street or behind bars !

And of course then comes the fourth place. A tie between MCA and MIC. Curiously MIC also is an
"untouchable" of the other kind as accordingly our education system. Even after much debates and protests from many concerned quarters, UMNO still moots the fictional book "Interlok" as recommended school literature wherein it acclaims that all Malaysians of remote Indian origins irrespective of religion are but pariahs or untouchables, right ?

Enjoy your week-end !