Sunday, February 23, 2014

The millionaire servants of Malaysia.

Anti-graft task force finds RM20 million in police officer’s bank accounts

The six-month graft probe into 60 policemen believed to be involved in corruption and money laundering has made a shocking discovery – one senior officer had amassed RM20 million in several bank accounts, a senior Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officer said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the officer told The Malaysian Insider that the senior police officer could not account for the staggering amount in his possession.
"Investigations are still going on. There will be more exposes in the weeks to come," said the source.
The source said it could not be ruled out that there are more cops who had illegally amassed moveable and immovable assets worth millions of ringgit.
"The investigators were shocked to discover the massive amount from this senior cop, but we believe there is more to come," he said.
The 60 cops, the biggest number being investigated by the MACC simultaneously in recent times, are mostly high-ranking officers based nationwide.
The Malaysian Insider learnt that the task force comprises senior officials from the MACC, Bank Negara, the Inland Revenue Board, the National Registration Department, the Immigration Department, the Customs Department, the Securities Commission and the police.
The task force is being spearheaded by Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail. It was also recently enlarged as the probe deepens due to the technicalities involved.
The source said the task force was directly answerable to Gani whose officers are assisting in ensuring credible evidence is collected to secure convictions in the courts later.
The Malaysian Insider had reported on January 25 that a senior police officer, one of 60 cops under probe for graft, is among several policemen brokering deals with the MACC to assist in fingering more crooked cops in return for immunity from prosecution.
It was reported that the senior police officer and several others were prepared to name several other senior police officers in return for their freedom.
"Investigations have been going on for several months now and investigators have discovered about 30 senior police officers who are living beyond their means," an official had said then.
"Many of these senior police officers, who are based nationwide, were found to have at least RM1 million or more in their respective bank accounts. These officers did not even bother to hide their wealth or attempt to do so," the official had said.
In an earlier report, The Malaysian Insider had stated that a disgruntled policeman's complaint to the MACC marked the beginning of an investigation that has resulted in some 60 policemen being probed.
The policemen were  alleged to have collected bribes from operators of illegal businesses in the federal capital. The businesses ranged from illegal gaming cybercafes to massage parlours and vice dens.
Depending on the type of business, each operator paid between RM10,000 and RM50,000 a month to the policemen to avoid being raided and hassled.
Due to the MACC probe, a senior police officer with a "Datuk" honorific was transferred to the Bukit Aman police secretariat.
The Datuk was questioned by the MACC which discovered more than RM6 million stashed away in various accounts.
However, the MACC official had told The Malaysian Insider then that the RM6 million was merely the tip of the iceberg.
As investigations intensified, MACC had also seized luxury vehicles, such as a Range Rover Evoque (worth RM400,000), Nissan Skyline (RM388,000), Toyota Vellfire (RM450,000), BMW 7-series (RM800,000) and Mercedes-Benz E-class (RM400,000) from the suspects.
Besides properties and luxury vehicles, police had also seized a substantial amount of money, jewellery and gold from some of the policemen. – February 23, 2014.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"You talking to talking to me ?"

The Malaysian taxi driver is the front-liner to any visitor to our country. And 2014 is also, for the umpteen time "Visit Malaysia Year", no ? I have written about the these fleecing disgrace  more then once in this here blog already ( please do your own search on the blogpost-roll ). But the latest story by NAM ( read the story here ) is absolutely shocking and takes corruption to new heights ! 

This corruption and exploitation by these cash rich Middle Eastern Arabs has to be nibbed immediately. Or are we far too gone that it has become impossible and finally has become a "way of life" for us tax-paying Malaysians too ? Is it because these bandits from Middle East know of our every weakness in our government system that they can so easily manipulate, corrupt and put in place this "taxi" driver racket which firstly these rogue Arabs give a freaking rats ass as to our reputation as a favourite destination for all  travellers who come to enjoy our hospitality, climate, diverse cultures and religions ( this, I'm not sure anymore lah....ever since that Allah issue and the "ketuanan" shit by UMNO !)  and our simple way of life and contagious smiles ! 

Its a bad enough experience to control our own crooked taxi drivers and are yet to "arrest" the hundreds of complaints by tourist against the many wrongs of  these cheating and cut-throat taxi drivers. Did you know that we are the only country where, when after the insistence by you, to put the fare-meter on, the taxi driver will then ask you if you can direct him to YOUR destination !
Now we have an added burden of having to deal with Middle Eastern cab drivers who'd  liken to treat us real Malaysians like shit thinking we ARE tourists too !   

The resposibility  is in the issuance of such taxi permits by the authority. When the head in the ministry is corrupted and self-serving, we cannot blame the down-lines to be angels, can we ? These Middle Eastern or Arabs will do cart-wheels to make an extra buck. Remember these syndicates use "students" to drive cabs in the ever popular Arab Square area in Bukit Bintang, the pulse of the city. These Middle Eastern taxi drivers will never understand our way of life. For them it is survival for the fittest. They come here with big hopes and dreams to our land of milk and honey. They are from a region where killing and bombing their neighbour is their everyday way of life. 

Just what have we become into people ? Its hard to maintain our sanity in what's going on around us anymore. Prices of everything that you need as essentials has gone through the roof. The pm is maintaining his elegant silence and only Rosie knows where he is. The entire government is on "auto-pilot" and we're on a roller-coaster ride going downhill in neck-breaking speed and on rail-tracks with loose nuts and bolts. Cries of  the rakyat is falling on deaf ears. The parliament is a joke. The players even worse. 

We have become a famous "must visit" hub and safe haven for the "spring" political asylum seekers, drug traffickers, black money dealers, "martyrs" or  terrorists on-transit, religious militant cell-hideout and internet-scammers. And now these taxi driving Arabs ! 

Do we actually have to spend more money to advertise on VMY 2014 ? They are all already here for as long as you care to remember ! Can they give us a break please ? 

  *Special thanks to Danapal for the link. Cheers !
**As for the title of this post, you might still remember that famous line from the DeNiro classic "Taxi Driver".

Thursday, February 06, 2014

This is an acceptable Malaysian way of life, right ?

The emergence of so many so called "NGO's" has become so comical and literally has no real sting whatsoever. To rebutt an action or statement by either side of the political divide, a few morons are gathered together claiming instant status as an NGO and in the next morning  are at some police station to making a police report against the other. 
And one thing you gotta give them....they have convincing abbreviations in naming their NGO !

Just what the heck is wrong with our society ? We have a large group of people who do nothing else but the dirty work of their political master. These group also live ( you might prefer "parasite" ) doing whatever their "master" desires to lift his/her image for that one moment of glory and to demonise the other to gain brownie points. This group does not use their heads or stop to think but dutifully carry out their master's plan.  I don't even know if they actually get paid to do their mischief ! And when you point out their stupidity to them they remain unperturbed and respond like they are doing their country and king the highest of national service. This ( here ) latest gives a new meaning to decency and again I believe will also be the Malaysian way of life and not a "biadap" thing at all, no ?

A long time ago, one Home Minister came out proclaiming, taking to the streets protesting and burning of national flags or effigy of fellow men was not the Malaysian way of life and condemned protesters and even ordered the police to arrests such activists and groups who took to the streets. 

Today we have the same if not more of these protesters pretending to be NGO, only that all their actions are okayed by the current Home Minister and the police told to turn the other way.
We have crossed the threshold of  human decency and are beyond redemption. 
Right, my fellow Malaysians ?