Wednesday, December 26, 2012

when corruption is a very 'kosher' thinggy !

There should never be anything private about a public appointed position. Well at least where his "fortunes" are concerned. If one declared his assets before being appointed even dishonestly, then all fortunes in real time minus what was declared can be scrutinised and deduced by the public. That is what is expected off, in a first world and God-fearing system of government.

Of course one will  also defend his current "ballooned" assets with his sudden rise in public popularity but simple arithmetic of one's salary, extra benefits, travel claims and allowances would add-up and be deducted to the years of serving in public office, no ?  
So what's the big secret in Najib's administration that one must declare only to the prime minister ? When the head itself is rotten  surely one will use blackmail for "protection" from the head himself. That is typically BN culture. A culture that has been long riddled with corruption-to-the-core. 
Its a "you scratch my balls and I'll scratch your balls" scenario with a 64 dollar "deal or no deal" question thrown in for good measure, right ?

Corruption has always been in any politics but in a smaller scale pre-Mahathir era. This dictator and  "master-of-corruption" Tun Mahathir brought this "art" to greater heights and the word "mega" was coined to immortalise him. He single handedly raped our nation's coffers and amassed all  to himself and created monsters of his select cronnies. Today it is alleged his worth is in the region of about RM40 billion. This has never been proven and will never be. That makes him a corrupt tyrant who ruthlessly ruled for 22 long suffering years while abusing every law and silencing every enemy in his way with his ill-gotten wealth. Money was power and power was king ! 

In UMNO and BN, corruption is a very kosher thinggy, whether you're a Muslim or an infidel.  

And so we now have this moronic progeny of the Tun playing an old familiar song here.

Note : minors reading this blog-no apology/offense intended.
pic above is that of my favorite wild animal. It also translates as how we're being "screwed" daily by the government. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

there's a party on my street.....

 Jalan Kasipillay OFF Jalan Ipoh near Sentul is having its first ever "residents" Christmas street party on the famous bridge till midnight tonight. Of the over 10,000 residents living around the Putra Majestik, KLH,  condominiums about 300 braved the drizzled to be at the party.
 a section of the residents who are made-up of peoples from all over the world enjoying the day-long celebration as "1-one" ( without any sloganeering !) under tents watching the performances on an open-air stage. 
Organised by the Jalan Kasipillay Rukun-Tetanga community centre, some brave parents decided to discard their umbrellas and took to the streets to watch their kiddos doing .....what else but the "Oompa Gangnam Style". I bet you there's never been a day for the past 2 months where you didn't hear this song for 24 hours, right ?.....and its not about to stop anytime soon either ! young lass, I think her name was Melina Victor, even show-cased her solo talents playing  "Jingle bells", "Felize Navida" and "Can't take my eyes off you" on the saxaphone....nice, not great but very catchy and entertaining

 then came the resident carolers......belting out a string of Christmas carol and that was when I spotted the "spoiler" of the night  (picture below........)
a closer view....recognise this fellow anyone ? 

Nevertheless that silly "numero uno" didn't spoil the mood for some kiddies from shaking their booty... 

I have in my time seen a lot of partying but today for the first time I witness party "animals" dancing not only with hand bags over their shoulder but in the rain with umbrellas ! the   party got some residents from the African continent in a swinging mood despite the nagging on-off-on-off drizzle all night long.
Well, that was all I could handle of our street party for today. Remember I still got a lot of "hard" partying to do right to the run-up of the New Year, as has always been during this season to be jolly, so I made my way back home in a slightly heavier drizzle and  took one last shot from my balcony as can be seen below.
All I can say is it was a "good effort" by the organisers. But I do  hope and wish they don't have to politicise every event with that 1bullshit this or 1bullshit that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

and the dish ran away with the spoon.....

Have you notice the sudden appearance of many like this particular road-sign ? At first glance you'd be forgiven if this road sign along the North-South Highway brings to mind of the mega "cow-gate" scandal.  Then after a little analytical calculations, it screams "COW ( as in the image ), DRIVE WITH CARE" ! And then you start to wonder....damn, the Road Transport was referring the image of the cow to YOU ! You are the cow so drive carefully !

 By now you're scratching your balding head and wondering, oh can that be when the entire highway is supposed to be fenced-up. So how did this cow jump over the fence and get on the highway. Was there some loop-holes that needed much mending in the fences just like in our government ? Or perhaps the owners of these strays should pay for these signages as punishment ! 

Elsewhere in the East coast near Kemaman another cruel prankster from the Transport Ministry or the Agricultural Ministry had the balls to literally poke fun of` Sharizat the cow or Rosie  herself with this life-size cut-out which reads- "CAUTION ! Animal Crossing."

Who says we Malaysians have no sense of humour ?

Saturday, December 01, 2012

bromancing into the carpetier's ear !

The week that had just passed brought more shit hitting the fan. Controversies after controversies is what BN is all about. But please dear reader, proceed with an open mind and don't just interpret everything you read as the gospel truth.

The revelations of a land grab scam gone sour between a "carpetier"  (you read it here first-a newly coined term for a crooked double-dealing carpet dealer, hahaha !) spilling the beans on the family of the prime minister. ( here) Some say this was a timely move to tarnish the "good name" of the prime minister, perhaps engineered by the many Brutus's surrounding Najib. Who would really know except one sneaky and cowardly private-eye who's feeling rejuvenated by all this "I told you so...and nobody believed me" and resurrecting Altantuya's  unsolved murder most foul. (here). Now this will also give credence to Najib not doing anything about  removing the school literature book labelling all Malaysians of remote Indian origins as "pariahs" displayed by the action of these two....hehehehe ! 
Then there's the same arrogant chief minister of Pahang infamous for his vulgar hand signals taking a wager, he'd cut his ear off and jump in the states biggest river if the Opposition's DAP were to oust BN-MCA's Liow Tiong Lai in Bentong in the next election. Just that thought alone gives every voter ( 43% Malays and 57% non Malays ) in Bentong an added  pleasure for getting rid of MCA in the next election. And then this village idiot will come out denying how the journalists "misquoted" him and that it was Liow's ear he was talking about and not his ! This one is totally believable. (here

 Here's the latest Up-date as at 2:08pm today. ( here)
ah huh....even before I can finish this post this moron has denied his challenge. Figure of speech konon,  hahahaha ! Then why take Karpal's "over my dead body" figure of speech and use that to incite hatered amongst the peoples UMNO ?? Bloody coward !

And the biggest nightmare is the story about an ex-IGP who's suddenly seem to be seen as "bromancing" ( term used by a rapper when campaigning for Obama recently ) with the Opposition. This corrupt musang opps... Musa who is also the brother of Jamalludin Hasan of  "Who wants to be a billionaire" fame, is the last person the Opposition should be seen with. 

This ex-PIG is the dirtiest of all cops. He was once an UMNO  lap-dog.You cannot trust this mongrel with your 88year old mother-in-law ! He holds many secrets of the past and current government. He'd know the deepest secrets of the PM. He'd also have a dossier on all of the BN politician's concealed misdeeds. That's his trump-card. Many a politician in UMNO would squirm in fear of exposure, at the thought of this corrupt ex-IGP's new-found friendship with Anwar and company. He would wish to be in the Opposition's favour just so that in the event the new government goes on a witch-hunt and bring to book  past "political criminals" like Mahathir et al, he'd escape punishment, right ? He could also ace-in on the missing pieces of the Altantuya puzzle. And that alone will bring beads of sweat pouring down Najib's collar, no ? (here)
The crux of this sordid affair would also mean the instant down-fall of the Opposition too. All  tax-paying citizens seeking change for better governance and who took to the many street protests in opposing the corrupt and racist BN regime would feel betrayed. So who's going to take the bait ?

And yet another ex-home minister is singing praises of  this ex-IGP and the police force.....with "Because as far as I know during my service and previous experience, police had done wonderful job in law enforcement, keeping law and order.
"And Musa has good track record, so leave it like that, let's not spoil it," said the Kota Tinggi MP.
Perhaps this ex-IGP has got this ex-minister by his balls....that is, Musa's got something "juicy" on Syed Albar....hmmmm.....

So it'll be another week of more shit-stirring at the close of the  general assembly as Indians or in UMNO-speak, "pariahs", continue to still RULE in UMNO !

Shalom !