Saturday, May 27, 2006

FAM hope to see results in 10 years !

I read with amusement - Star Sport on the 26th. May 2006 (Page S66) of the national team bearing fruits in 10 years !!
'The FAM,working hand-in-hand for the first time with the National Sports Council(NSC),
FEEL that they have got the right plan to put Malaysian football back on the right track for glory again.'
Come on you guys, WHAT glory are we talking about here ?? and you mean only now football has been included(by way of a MoU) as a core sports under the national agenda to qualify for a HUGE monetary boost ?
Footballing is not something 'NEW' as the FAM general secretary Datuk Dr. Ibrahim Saad said. It's been played from the earliest memories of our childhood lah,in schools right back from even the childhood days of your dads' lah... come onnnnlah !!!!
The deal of RM 5.5 million sure can't get these 30 odd boys in good shape and morale for long as complacency sets in from the word "Go". And why 10 years ? In our country , policies and mooted ideas change with every wave of elections(be it in local or at national level)
Then some nagging questions creeps up to me,"Can we actually make racehorses out of asses" ??? (NO pun intended !)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Probably the only recorded and printed dart term in the world!!
Shanghai fish was created in Malaysia.