Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"...and the winder (for winner) is Vindy"

Farewell my dear friend Vivender Singh. You lived an honest life. In the few short  years of our friendship I have thoroughly enjoyed your bubbly company. Now it chokes me to think you have left us all, your friends here, in such a hurry. Why ?  Maybe you're needed elsewhere ?.....only you hold the answer to that question. In the end we'll always remember by your personalised tag-line "...and the winder (for winner) is Vindy" quote Tony G.
God bless you, Vindy my friend.....peace, wherever you are !

This blog will remain shut-down for the next 48 hours.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

to sing or not to sing.....I sudah pusing !

November 14th. 2013.
The Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, for a second time this year has called on non-Muslims in the state to not refer to God as Allah. ( here )

Now consider this....

November 16th. 2013
Selangor mufti Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid today said that non-Muslims in the state can sing the state anthem although it contained the word ‘Allah’.( here )

And on the same day this stupid moron from an NGO stole a few moments of the limelight by giving this toothless warning ( here ) now ? 
Hey what's going on ??? Whaahhhh.....this mufti guy really terror lah. Mohd  Tamyes is more powerful then the Sultan of Selangor ahh ? How can he over-ride the Sultan's call for the ban and tell the people its okay to sing the Selangor state anthem ahh ? 

Now if I can understand correctly, this Allah ban is only in the state of Selangor, right ? So we in KL and elsewhere can use Allah meh ?  And if the Sultan ( with all due respect to Tuanku ) is so into banning  the use of Allah by non-Muslims, I assume Negaraku will not be sung in the state of Selangor as it glorifies the infidel's Tuhan instead of Allah, no ?

And non-Muslims cannot sing the state anthem in Selangor but its ok to sing the Negaraku there while the Muslims can sing the state anthem but must hold back from singing the Negaraku, right ? Hmmmm......

All this is really confusing and I'm scratching my head for the past 2 days now. With this kind of contradicting exchanges between the sultan, the mufti and a ngo moron, I think I am more confused then the Malays themselves. Can somebody ask them to sit down together and come to a logical agreement before I go mad ? Maybe a double shot of malt will calm my jittery mind that's running on a fast track !

Wakakakakakakakaka.....enjoy what's left of the weekend, folks !  Cheers ! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stupid Indians, right ? after all the forked-tongue election promises by Najib and BN/UMNO of strengthening unity plus his 1this and 1that bullshit, UMNO under the guise of city hall have slapped the Hindu community right across their  face again ! 

What will it take for these stupid Indians to wake up from BN's bullshit ? Calling all Malaysians of Indian origins pariahs in the school text literature book Interlok insulting enough ? Was the cow-head issue not damning enough ? Again the slaughter of cows during Hari Raya Korban in schools witnessed by Hindus students not  insulting  enough ? Was the many deaths of Indians held in police custody not a strong signal enough ? Where the wanton demolition of Hindu temples here and in Selangor so frequently to make way to cash rich corporations to  build their condos and business centres not lesson enough ? Have the Indians no shame at all to be treated so lowly ? Don't they eat their food with a little pinch of salt ( there is an old Indian saying that you'd feel no shame if you ate your food without a pinch of salt...with all due respect and exception of high BP casualties ! ) ?
Now where are the deadwoods of  MIC like Samy Velu and G. Palanivelu or for that matter, that lowly servant of Muhiyuddin, Mr. Kamalanathan ? Still not letting go of the dpm's hand, issit ?  These MIC ass-licks have not the balls to defend the rights of their Hindu brethren as opposed to a likely boast after a few shots of whiskies in drinking parlours ! 

Youth  leader T. Mohan of the now considered defunct MIC, is issuing a very strong warning indeed  to Tengku Adnan ( here ) and the rest of MIC is not saying one word in support. But do you actually thinks Tg. Adnan gives a shit to this young turk's threat ? Heard it on the grapewine that the temple committee itself  is in the ride with some developer in view of pocketing a piece of this "goldmine" in the Golden Triangle. Self serving Pharisees, no ? Or is this some T. Mohan theatrics played out to earn some brownie points for his vp slot in the up-coming MIC elections ? This sounds so like a Tamil movie......the bravado part ! 

They say "you deserve the party you voted in"......and rightly so you morons, so deal with it you stupid Indians. And if and when you come to your senses or if you sober-up (whichever comes first ) from those decades old drunken stupor, kindly hand in your resignation and go to the ROS to de-register whatever shit you call MIC. 
And the same advice applies to those shit-heads in IPF, PPP, MIEF,  and some other PUKI too ! 

The second picture above is so typically comical ( of Zul Nordin who insulted Hindus saying their Hindu deities did not protecting their businesses during the great floods of KL ! ) and is just for laughs.  I too am a Malaysian of remote Indian origins and I squirm and shudder at the thought of being in place of that damn bald idiot in blue, kissing Zul with a stranglehold ! 
Yikes ! 

Sunday, November 03, 2013

In total denial of the truth.

A failed education system is what we have in place for the many morons this country is churning out yearly and tosses them out to deal in the real world. What we have is an entire generation of stoooopid idiots holding a fantastic certificate but in actual fact are plain morons. Read the shameful STAR story, aptly titled "How low can you go"  !!!
The BN government needs this many idiots to stay in power...That's why we have so many "government servants"  with such low knowledge in attending and addressing to the public in so many new departments specially created to accommodate these morons ! Politicians are to take the blame for the rot in our failed education system.....right from the time of Anwar during his tenure as Education Minister in collaboration with the MahaRacist Tun, up till now ! They prided themselves with quantity and not quality, hence the birth of morons that surrounds us all daily.   
Shocking is the "below mid-teens to 20% passing mark", but what saddens me most with this STAR story is it is only now this shitty confession is emerging from school teachers, invigilators and those marking exam papers conveniently  just before or upon their retirement. Have these educators no sense of responsibility earlier ? Were they afraid they'd loose their pension if they spoke up sooner ? Shame on these "whistle-blowers" as they ARE the reason this has been going on for so long. They have to live with this guilt the same way these morons have to deal with the daily struggles in the real world.  
I'm still shaking my head in disbelief as a story of that former crook Samy Velu comes to mind. How he proudly remarked in moronic glee at a school prize giving ceremony that it was all Yindians students' names and not the other races' names that were being called out to receive the various prizes for all which his equally stupid PA turned to him and whispered ...."YB, this is a Tamil school event, sir.......that's why all the recipients have Yindian names, sir "
Even Allah cannot help us ! We are stuck with stupid for life in our own country. How much lower we go now ? 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Deepavali !

Wish you and your near and dear ones a meaningful Deepavali. 

Try and go easy on the "sugar" stuff as advised by your very concerned prime minister. And more importantly be responsible when you hold that glass of drink in your hand. Drink as much water  as you possibly can. 

Me.....I'll just take my whiskey with some ale !  Thanks. 

Cheers to all of you. Drive safe.