Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...I still love you, Malaysia !

As we leave 2008 behind, let's reflect on this lovely song by my all-time favorite for your listening pleasure !

Wishing all Malaysians a very "Happy New Year" and Godbless !

Cheers !!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

12th Vigil-28-12-2008

This was the general theme for last night's candle-light vigil- the twelth !
Not a word !

As there was no permit for yesterday's gathering and the numerous road-blocks I had to manoeuvre before reaching the PJ Civic Centre car-park and with the NO show of any of the PKR state aduns or representatives in sight, coupled with the all present members of the special branch with camcorders rolling, all we could do was gather for about 40 minutes in silence but sang the "Negaraku" with pride and dispersed quietly, there is nothing I can write today !

The brave, caring and voting citizens for the abolishment of the ISA demands to know where the state representatives where and why no permit was applied ?

Watch-out for this space as for now, I am now pissed !

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seasons greetings to all !

Here's wishing all Malaysians, a Blessed Christmas and a Joyous New Year, wherever you are !

p.s. word of advice to all who are out celebrating. If you're drinking, don't drive. But if you insist on thinking it's "macho"... at least pray ! Think of your loved ones, okay ! Cheers !

Lots of love and kisses.
from the fish and fly !

11th. candle-light vigil (21-12-2008)

As we gathered for the 11th. candle-light vigil, declared and dedicated to the memory of a fellow vigilier, Syukree Hussain who has been with us until last Sunday's (14th. December 2008) vigil, prior to his sudden death by a heart-attack on the 17th. December 2008, Haris decided to do away with much speeches and urged all to "get-to-know" each other better today.....hence there will not be much introductions today.......

... except for this gentleman sitting extreme left, silently taking notes....hmmmm.....sb...?

...or this other solitary figure taking notes......sheeesh....don't they stick out like a sore thumb ??

....but with the exception of Penny aka "mother Teresa of Madagasgar", home for the Christmas hoildays, making her debut.....seen here with Bernard !

and also introducing "rasta" Rahmat Haron.....who took the mike to recite a poem in memory of Syukree ! God bless his soul !
Otherwise it was a perfectly ordinary candle-light vigil, just like any other Sunday night as everyone munched on chocolates and kisses, hugs and hand-shakes exchanged until it was time to go..........errhh..... fishing !

Thank you everyone for making a stand !
Cheers !

Monday, December 22, 2008

"Rais(ing)" to all the wrong occassions !

Quote:Datuk Seri Rais Yatim-“Remarkable shoe-throwing. It was the best show of retaliation for the US invasion of Iraq ".

I am shocked indeed that this Foreign Minister of ours, actually "
dispensed with diplomacy these abhorrent remarks at a dinner to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the United Nations" in reference to the recent ""Bush ducks shoes" thinggy ? I'm also surprised this report was not mentioned in any other dailies so you must read Frankie D'cruz's report here today ! Thank you Malay Mail......you're getting better by the day !

What an idiot...and I'm ashamed to even call him a Malaysian ! We citizens of civil society here in Malaysia do not advocate to insulting another or inspire others to okay such an demeaning act of throwing shoes ! This is not "on" Rais....and you shot those words through your arse, just because you were in Baghdad !

Guess you'd dance to a different tune when in the US, or even tomorrow when in Iran, right ? And guess you made the whole crowd falling-off their chairs with laughter, yes ? What hypocrisy man ! Maybe you should be a stand-up comic, poking fun of fellow dignitaries at dinners and social gatherings....BUT you forget the many Malaysians living, trading or studying in the US.

Bush maybe an ass-hole of the highest order.....but coming from you, Datuk Seri, where is your diplomacy and common courtesy ? And "apple-polishing" for the benefit of the host at another's expense at such top-level trade missions and dinners is definitely a no, no,...Rais !

Reading further down on the full story too of our now "has-been" and infamous botoxman's "broom" episode, you, Mr. Foreign Minister, will surely pay for your insolence and for your uncivilised behavior !

Shame on you !

Friday, December 19, 2008

retake on"give the kid a loaded gun, please"

A little over two and a half years ago I did this posting which I reproduce in toto below.

Strange is it not, that it is deemed a crime in Malaysia for kids to ride a bicycle around their own country promoting awarness, peace and high-lighting the plight of the marginalised ! These very same kids who are "not old enough" and taken advantage off, by "unscrupulous adults" of JERIT as declared by the Selangor police chief, were arrested recently at various police road-blocks along their route of "cycling for change" and detained in conditions that begs investigation, without food nor shelter from a thunderstorm in Rawang.

Why is this police chief so concern for the safety of these kids when the rest of the country is more concerned and anxious about the capture on ONE maniac and pervert predator who has been kidnapping, sexually abusing and even murdering little children in another part of the city for more then a year ? And this is not priority ONE, right, Mr. Police Chief ?

Children of any age need to be seen and not heard and it is the numero uno responsibility of every parent to make sure the environment is conducive for their growing-up, yes ? And when a parent signs a written consent allowing another adult to educate, guide and nurture their kid in the most favored and possible way, who gave this police chief the right to know what's best for the kids, huh ? Does this police chief even know where and what his kids are doing right now ?

Perhaps sending children, of objecting and reluctant parents, off to National Service must also be a calculated and preffered right of parents, yes....no ? Why Not ? Playing with guns is okay but cycling......no ?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Give the kid a loaded gun, please !!"

MY, my... I read with disapproval, and am TOTALLY against the idea of NS kids being given loaded guns to practise during their stint of 2, or is it 3 months. And that too, with an M16, which has a firing rate of 750-900 rounds of bullets per minute !

Have you seen the faces of some of the kids in the papers ?They are not even ready to decide for themselves IF they should go for NS..... mind you it's the government who decides on their behalf and how can they... IF... they were asked to decide if they were ready to handle an M16 going to say NO.. remember this is a training camp and kids, naturally don't want to be seen as "chicken' by their peers and fellow trainers !!

For gods sake this is not the Palestine or some gun-trotting nation where holding a weapon is a status symbol of power. If they really need to 'play' with guns, they can be encouraged to join the army or police forces after finishing their formal education AND when they are a little bit older and responsible !

Instead, teach them to understand and respect each others cultures and to live in harmony.... I'm being an idealist here but hey!! isn't that the first approach of NS ? To keep the kids separated or segregated for the first 17 years of their growing and learning years(in national or religious schools) and then try to achieve the impossible in 3 months !
Come on now... lets not be too quick to arm kids with guns or is there some profits to be gained by certain parties in the purchase of guns and bullets...Oh did I read somewhere that it costs 25cts. a bullet !!

I was once in a neighbour country and had the opportunity to be at a firing range...honestly just looking at the hundreds of various types of weapons laid out before me, made my stomach churn inside out!! Not because I was afraid.. but the thought of holding one of those guns in my hand and 'having the power to take the life of another with a single bullet' was not my idea of a peaceful world !And I was then 30 years old.Try giving flowers to one another instead !

Or better still, go and live for a year in another fellow Malaysians' home to learn about the other's religion, race and customs and it will be a whole lot damn cheaper!!!

My family and I will gladly open our house to anyone of these kids with the approval of their parents. And I mean KIDS!!

Cheers !

Thursday, December 18, 2008

In memory of Syukree Hussain-(17-12-2008)

Rest in peace brother Syukree Hussain (see here and photos of the "masked man" in my last posting below) )

Monday, December 15, 2008

10th candle-light vigil-(14-12-2008)

Bernard kicked off the 10th. candle-light vigil with his take on the continuous presence of civil society at these vigils will eventually bring about change and the ultimate abolishment of the dreaded ISA in Malaysia.
Nat Tan, a political detainee himself was as usual among the crowd.....
....then the masked man complete with cape struck....
....met Stephen Grosse (Lita's dearest !) from Singapore for the first time today...
....again the reluctant Haris, who insisted he'd not speak today, took to the mike after much demands( mostly popular...) from the crowd......the good doctor (hic !) and partner....and ahhh....yes...Patricia(another first-timer) of "the english cottage" fame with her "donated" candle on the right background !
DelCapo's dedicates his candle-cup (his version) for the controversial and much harassed "Jerit" cyclist who are currently criss-crossing the country in the name of peace ! The last time any bunch of cyclist ever rode in a pack.......was when, then known, Malaya, was captured ....by the Japanese riding down from Siam during the second world war !
....the ever pleasant Lita showing a captured photo to a little supporter, with Vicky and Stephen looking on ..... yo !
aaahhh.....what a beaming smile from "chilli-padi" Ee Chai..... and she packs from Taiping too, with Lokeman looking on approvingly.... !
I swear I wrote this gentleman's name against this photo, but heck.....it's dissappeared ! But I do remember his son's name: little Arian age 4 (up-date 18-12-08) with blogger-daddy KV Soon of "random thoughts" - thank you sir !
opps.....looks like more names that I wrote has dissappeared when down-loading ! Let's see, of course that's regular Queenie and first-timer Bhavani.....yes ?
and yes, my memory serves me well....here's Adi and his partner Mimi (she's a first timer too !)
a section of the vigiliers !( names anyone ?)....
...and the masked-man, unmasked here .....Syukree Hussain an activist and a bahasa contributor to MalaysiaToday
and these brave and dashing men from Rasa whose names have also gone kaput, except that I remember Ramesh standing far right ! Apologies gentlemen.....some "bug" screwed my cell-phone memory card ! sheeesh !)
...Pat in the back-ground on her mobile, with Nat and Claire standing and seated on the tarmac are "the Whisperer" with young Nicole Renee Low !
....first timers Sharon Lam and Jing Pei.....but where is Gabrielle ????
....and finally Loong and Maria ,..... yes ?
So sorry folks, there's been a major "cock-up" with the memory card on my cell-phone camera, thus have to work with my "old" memory only...if I have got the names wrong, my apologies and yes, if you do remember your name, please comment and I'd make the changes on the photographs ! Once again, thank you for being there. Your presence was priceless !

Cheers and Godbless !

Saturday, December 13, 2008

no cheers today...Mr. IGP !

Of all the scumbags that scrounge the streets of Malaysia, snatch-thieves on motorbikes , or "mat- rempits" are the lowest life forms !

Yes I'm talking about the hundreds of snatch thefts reported daily and even more that go unreported !

What has the police done to curb this menace that happens everyday in the streets of Malaysia ? Everday you hear of victims of snatch-thefts in serious conditions in hospital and deaths in the newspaper..... You have done NOTHING.....zip...ziltch...zero, if you ask me ! I can bet my bottom ringgit, there is NO one in this country who does not know a person or persons who has been a victim or victims of a snatch-theft !

What can the policemen, sitting on their arses in their air-conditioned patrol cars, do if they see 2 vermins snatching someone's bag right in front of them ? Do you think they can apprehend these shit-heads on the motor-bike making a desperate escape weaving through traffic and narrow lanes (which are normally blocked by some inconsiderate moron's car parked there), giving these snatch-thieves another success point in their raid on innocents ?

Time and time again the frustrated and concerned joe-public has written and complained and suggested to the top cop morons ways to combat this menace and to send their beat-base personnel in twos, on motor-bikes around high snatch-thefts prone areas. Nay, instead they spend millions to purchase high powered patrol cars to catch crooks on the highways. What percentage is that compared to snatch-thefts in every city and town, huh ? Can somebody tell me ? No high powered police patrol car is ever going to get their crooks on a humble "kapchai" on the streets of traffic chocking Kuala Lumpur, Georgetown, Johor Baru, Ipoh, Klang or even Taiping ! No way, siree !

Again I say here, Mr. Top Cop, equip your men with high-powered "kapchais" and save the nation a bundle and the streets a safer place ! Don't try and educate us on the do's and don't's of safe passage. We know all there is to know, okay ? Place CCTV cameras in all places and areas where commuters gather, whether it is at the cross junction or bus-station, commuter stations or shopping areas AND link them directly to the nearest police station with "dedicated and honest" police personnel manning them 24hours/7days a week ! And these won't costs as much as your state-of -the -art vehicles which are almost always parked at "mamak" stalls 24/7 !

Mr. IGP, don't be ashamed to take advice from the public, in fact you should be honoured to get affirmative feed-back from the public, because they matter , yes ? They are the ones who pay your salaries every month, yes ?

The presence of your men, whether in muftis or in uniform are never "felt" in any place where the public are gathered like in traffic-lights, commuter stations, shopping complexes and bus terminals, but are always and surely "felt" at peaceful gatherings, rallies and candle-light vigils....why ? Have they nothing better to do ? Like cruising the streets ON MOTOR-BIKES, looking-out for snatch-theives or other law-breakers ? Is it not your duty to keep these places safe for the public from such vandalising scumbags on motor-bikes ??

Now you know why our good and holy out-going PM is pissed-off with the "corruption is king" tag-line, stuck to this country of ours !

In the words of pasquale...."no cheers today"!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you Pak Lah ....thank you !

Make haste ,my good PM, your days are numbered !

Yes, now that Pak Lah has tabled the "Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission" for the first reading so let's hear the protests from within the ruling party,(read here ) which I'm sure won't go done well for those who are saturated in corruption ! As he admits the Anti-Corruption Agency is toothless and ineffective and the new version be seen as more independent and with greater accountability .

It is also to educate civil servants and members of the public on corruption and it's negative impact on public and private sector administrations as well as on the society as a whole !

My....oh my....our out-going holy PM is stirring from his slumber ! Who do you think is going to honestly implement this to the letter ?? The in-coming PM ? Tell me how do you plan to clean the already "corrupt-to-the-core" system with what little time you have , Sir ? Frankly I am more shocked that you are shocked by the "Malaysia harmed by "corruption is king" reputation (read here) ! Why must you be Pak Lah ? For your information this country has been in this shitty state for as long as I can remember....decades before you came into power. And you did nothing when my faith was renewed with you taking over and that you'd do "something", my once-upon-a-time fairy-tale Prime Minister !..... Something !

But alas, it was the same.... maximum abuse and corruption in the police force, the judiciary ( incidentally what happen to the Lingam case huh....in abeyance ?), arrests in the name of "national security" and lawlessness of "mat rempits" as endorsed, protected and patronised by your SIL against the ordinary tax-paying citizens, brazen and rampant snatch thefts, religious bigots, racism and illegal immigrants convergence and in the government and public sectors, corrupt, arrogant, foul-mouthed and insolent "war-lords and ministers" as is in your cabinet, were created and that ,Sir, shot this country's fame in the world map to dizzying heights up the charts! Where have you been , Sir ?

Have you not seen the writings on the wall all these years then ? What is even more depressing now is the many uncertain and unsettled vendettas the product of your succession will unleash !

Never had we, people of civil society, lived in a more interesting and controversial period of our lives as in the present ! And I must say thank you for the exciting entertaintment you provided us, my gentle and holy Prime Minister !
Thank you !

Monday, December 08, 2008

"Amero"... the new money.....is this true ?

9th. candle-light vigil (7-12-2008)

This was the 9th. candle-light vigil for the abolishment of the ISA. The weather was almost perfect and the people once again came from far and near......sacrificing the comfort of a lazy Sunday evening's much needed rest to be here at the PJ Civic Centre to make this a better place for their kids.... or are they wrong to be here ? ....rays of hope or blessings from above or just freak photography ? Nicole Renee Low, 11, in a green "No Holds Barred" t-shirt with her candle...... Bernard with Peng of "peng's thots" fame..... and whom I met for the first time today.....hmmmmm.......interesting !
Pet took the mike....seems like a guitar was missing or you could have surely heard some Dylan numbers... Claire as usual with here version of the candle.....and her twinkling mistletoe earrings ! Ravichandran brought his 3 kids aged 11, 6 and 3 ! And the little one could actually mutter "mansuhkan ISA" shyly.... more faces I have yet to know...... Physically challenged and a regular face at these vigils, gutsy KK Lim from Shah Alam found a comfortable place to "hold" his candle.... Gus and Queenie giving their million-dollar smiles (after about 2 shots and demanded which photo I should post ).......talk about vanity ! Mathias, Pet and Lokeman......in deep conversation.... introducing Jennifer........who is also the SIL of the fisherman..... regulars Boom, Rodi and Lillian.......looking lovely and beaming..... new faces have been flooding these vigils together with their kids too week after week......surely all these lovely people can't be wrong being here, right ? another section of people I have yet to be formally introduced, but then heck, who needs intros.....will make it a point to pluck up courage and introduce myself to them next week ! and these section too..... ......from Sungei Siput, Perak.....relatives of Haris, I hear....
There you go folks...the crowd was definitely getting bigger and bigger every week as the message rings LOUD AND CLEAR.....civil society does NOT need the ISA, abolish the ISA and release all in detention and try them in our civil courts and if it warrants punishment....then charge them and jail them ........that's the message !

And when you look at the crowd every week.....do you think they look "dangerous"....... they are just ordinary and concerned tax-paying citizens who have this dream of a better future for their kids......yours and mine included !

Hope to see you there next week ! Cheers and have a nice and fruitful week ahead !