Saturday, December 30, 2006

Of flag-poles and Poles !

Call me ignorant, but yes, can anyone please tell me how many support personnel accompany Datin Paduka Sharifah Mazlina Syed Abdul Kadir on her expeditions to all these poles she hikes and ski-sails "solo" and now has been honoured and immortalised in the nations postage stamps ?

And why does she have to be funded by the everyday' tax-payers' and not by private corporations like everybody else, for her expeditions with a portion of the sales of stamps and first-day covers ? Look here I'm not being critical or as some will label me "unpatriotic". But seriously I do certainly support any 'daring' and darling of an adventurer undertaking such a dangerous mission just to get our flag, the 'Jalur Gemilang', planted on a barren, god-forsaken sheet of ice where nobody else but fellow adventurers visit. So what are we actually gaining from all this ?

As the DPM said, the government supports anyone trying to boost the country's image !Maybe we should let our "masconaut"(a malaysian astronaut!!!) to float our Jalur Gemilang in space to infinity, when he is out there on his space-walk instead of playing 'chongkak' !

Pray tell me how is this so ? And is she on her own though-out the entire journey or as a little bird told me, she's got her medic, luggage-carrier, publicist/communicator and photographer tagging along her "solo" trip.... otherwise how else can she get all those beautiful shots of her ski-sailing the ice on her own..!!!

The government should really take a damn long look at their priorities and grant due recognition deservingly, and not to anyone embarking on ambitious 'record breaking' feats !

Just wondering-lah....... why that 'sailor' Datuk Azahar or that whatshisname 'English Channel' conqueror or even that Everest climbing duo where not given the same accolade-lah ......hmmmm, thats all..... to all my muslim friends and brothers "Selamat Aidiladha" and to all a very "Happy New Year"!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"

This certainly is a cost saving idea too..... this blog of mine! cos you can never say I didn't wish you this Christmas and the new year.

As long as you have been to this site....... "Merry Christmas and a very good New Year"to you !
And even as we celebrate this blessed occassion lets bring to our minds and hearts the less fortunate fellow Malaysians who are in great pain and misery in alot of states with heavy rain pouring everyday and flood-waters not letting up and to all those who have lost their loved ones in the floods.

It is times like these that we are put to our greatest test for genuine humanitarian help from those who lend a helping hand and it broke my heart when I read (here) there was looting and break-ins and hopefully an isolated incident where a rescue boat demanded money for ferrying a family of 9 stuck in the floods !

And that, fellow Malaysians....... we shall keep in our thoughts this Christmas !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Do'a for SUCCESS !

Helloooooo NSC, Doha was a success and you are happy with the results...huh ? (read NST report here and Bernama report here ). Just goes to show how easy it is to please director-general of NSC, Datuk Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

He should be held accountable of this shame !! 8 gold,17 silver and 17 bronze and that makes him so happy ?? You and I know what great sports facilities we have here in Malaysia, curtesy of the already, poor tax-paying citizens.

War ravaged countries with little or no 'world class facilities and ammenities' have produced better athletes than us ? How come Kazakhstan has 23 gold, 19 silver and 43 bronze and they are 4th in the medal tally?Or Iran has 11 gold, 15 silver and 22 bronze making them 6th and Malaysia is NO 10 !!! And this man expects the rest of us, to be "elated" like him while he brags Doha was a SUCCESS ! Helloooo......Datuk, we are number 10-LAH and we are soooooooo happy ???

As usual, we are always fed with lies by these poor excuse for officials and are told the same 'semuanya okay' spin to pacify us, lest we raise the question of 'how much ringgit' of the poor tax-paying citizens' or "public funds" was spent in total to entertain the "entire" entourage to Doha!! Stop it, shape-up or ship-out, all you free-loading excess baggage! We won't accept No. 10 to be a proud and "elated" nation!!! We are Malaysians... remember we have to be NO 1, so go... and make me proud! I'll not settle for anything less !!!

Sleep well, Datuk ! Say your prayers and "Good night" !

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Truely Malaysian Celebration ?

With great interest and renewed hope I read about our PM's wish (here) for next year's Merdeka Celebration as the nation turns 50 !

Indeed this is a very noble gesture coming straight from the man himself but on reading further I see him "instructing" the Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein to ensure racial unity be forged and nutured at the primary school level !

You gotta be kidding me,right?... this kris weilding, fire-breathing, wira melayu thinks he gives a damn about national unity ? Did an exemplary role model thinggy (with a dangerous weapon too !) for all the nations kids to see and exemplify !

Did you also hear what he and a few "young and ambitious" up-starts said in their speeches at that same UMNO meeting ? Or was everyone fast asleep while they bragged about the greatness of their kind for no apparent reason.There was no necessity to touch on racial issues in the first place..let alone talk of the malay race! This is land of multi-ethnic, multi-religious,multi-cultural and multi-coloured nation living in almost perfect harmony! The rest of us citizens in this country are fully aware that only muslims and/or malays belong to UMNO ( we are not morons!).........or maybe that was for the televised live coverage bravado !

To get the desired results for unity at all levels of our society, you gotta clean at the top and if need be, remove or replace these shit-stirrers. I am still reeling from Hishamuddin's oooohh so recent theatricals at the UMNO meeting!! You think he is going to dance to a different tune now?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sending Donkeys to Doha !

Malaysian football is a damn joke!!(read Bernama report here ).And I am not at the least bit amused !!

And to think our esteemed Sports Minister has got designs to spend millions if not billions of hard-earned tax-payers money on this bunch of maggots who pose as footballers (not to mention the entourage of trainers, officials, therapists, politicians, machais, girlfriends, hangers-ons, make-up artists, parasites, relatives, orang kampongs et cetera et cetera...)

And another clown says we can only improve if our boys trains with the best (that was the reason we HAVE to train in that mega-ringgit sports complex amidst English footballers). Now are the English the best footballers?... I know that the best players are ALL in Brazil ! (oooops! we have to source for a sports complex in Sambaland !!!)

Scrape this dammed sport and let us use the money to finance an English language, sports channel on our local and free tv station, like RTM, giving 24 hours coverage on only sports to educate and entertain that poor kid in that remote kampong or estate, from anywhere in the world BUT here! (not on the other stations, where you have to pay to view! ) At least we will know where our hard-earned tax money is going to !

Are we sure we actually sent a MALAYSIAN team to Doha ?? Just looking at the list of players(correct me if I am wrong) I feel, we sent a 'Thai' and 10 Malays to represent our plural and diverse nation. With all due respect, I'm not a racist- but honestly, is that the composition reflecting our great Malaysia ? Now.... come to think of it, now the world will know of only 1 type of people who play such lousy football !

As I said in one of my earlier posting...."you just can't make race-horses out of asses "!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

(Datuk) Nicol David?

Surely, surely, this Malaysian world champion, not once but twice, deserves something more than just a pat on the back. Lesser people have been given a datukship. Let's make her, if we are really proud of her as the PM says here, the youngest Datuk.

At least she will bring back the shine and the pride to the title "Datuk".

"Special Committees"

"We will set-up a special committee to look into this matter !"...........Whoaaa... this is the most popular line used by all (almost all the time, by those who, when being interviewed, by the media) in the government (read any enforcement agency !) when they can't get a grasp of what went wrong OR they don't have the slightest clue whatsoever, of what is going on!!

Why in the first place are they, there for ? You see, by pronouncement of this phrase, they are stalling, in answering the curious (need more time to know 'what the hell, is going on' from their underlings), wasting more tax-payers money, and at the same time, buying time, to cover-up or to clean-up, the so-called 'good' name of that department (as if there is ANY !) and apart from looking stupid ! Not that, we , the humble tax-payers, don't know of this SOP(standard operating procedures) but all avenues are blocked (fire-walled ??) from persons probing further into the matter as there is a gag order from 'way up there' !

For every misdeed, crime or corruption, reported by the public, against a servant of the government,(again, read, any enforcement agency !) the public relations officer-in-charge of that department , dutifully announces, with the same response ! Why, are we, as citizens and tax-payers, deemed not entitled and/ or qualified enough, to judge and point out the mistakes of the government (read whatever you want !!) ??

Give us a break-lah ! Try some new lines-lah, or JUST set -up a special committee to create new catch-phrases, okay ??

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Farewell Fredo-my friend" !

This morning around 5.10 I had a very distressing call on my cell phone, from my friend Tony, and come to think of it, any call, that early in the morning, is never good news !

Yes , Tony called, between sobs, to say his brother, Fredo, passed away a few minutes earlier !Oh my God , this can't be... but I only saw him the other night, at the National Press Club, his usual self, maybe a little slow ( because he had been sick of late with swollen feet, but hey !... nothing too serious !), but still so full of witty remarks and crazy jokes and he was not even having his favorite shot of whiskey or mug of beer !

Fredo Gayondato or 'Dato' Fredo to everyone who knows him, will attest that this is one helluva guy to have in any party ! Always so quick with his jokes and a damn good entertainer, be it singing or stand-up, off-the-cuff, bar-room kinda comedy ! When I asked him what was the out-come of his last visit to the doctors he replied " You know ....these doctors always say I'm very generous and have a BIG heart "!( he actually had an enlarged heart ) Yes...Fred you are a big fella with a big heart..Bless you !

So now...... it hurts...... it really hurts, when you loose someone, who has becomes a 'habit' to you, but I guess God too is bored and depressed, up in heaven,seeing and knowing the mess we are creating here on his good earth, and he needs a really fine entertainer up there, to cheer him up!!!!

To his 2 boys,who also lost their dear mother about 4 months ago, my family and I wish them strength and courage to face the future as they still have the families of uncle Tony, and aunts for comfort and should they seek us, we are here !

Your time is over, here on earth, Fredo but you will always be in our hearts and midst, everytime we raise a glass or two !! Cheeeeers, God Bless and farewell my friend Fredo !!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

World Champions-us Malaysians!!!!

Malaysia must be holding the world record for the most number of world record attempts and entries in the world !

We are so obsessed with creating a name in the Guinness Book of World Records that we will stop at nothing to get a mention there !We even created our own Malaysian Book of Records, remember ?

Why or why is it so important that we strive to hold/set the record to have the most number of people playing "gasing" in media, building the tallest building, cooking the longest lemang, largest dodol, highest flag-pole, largest satay, longest bridge(crooked?), most corrupted councillors , first developed state, most number of people playing chongkak, most number of "solo" journeys (of course accompanied by a tv crew!) to the south pole ,north pole,...(climbing up the tallest flag-pole??) most number of people doing the 'line-dance' in one padang, most number of 'mat rempits' on one single night doing the 'willie' with a 'pebonceng'(or pillion rider!), most number of illegals, deported and returning the very next day with a new and assumed passport, legally and NOW....yesterday, most number of people attending a training session in CPR at one venue or location !!!

What do we expect to acheive by all this crap ? Can all this, change our mind-set when we still over- take on the 'emergency lane' on highways ? Or will it stop us spitting, throwing things like soiled baby's pampers, used tissues, et cetera, out of moving vehicles? Smoke in a 'No Smoking' zone especially in goverment buildings ?( most times the culprits are goverment servants themselves), Honking for no damn reason at the car in front of you if he drove a wee bit slow from the traffic light that just turned green ? "Think" in our ethnic language and curse the rest of the population or still classify each other by our religion or race when filling up all goverment/official forms ????

I remember one year when a foreign poll listed Malaysia as the No. 27 th. "most corrupted country" in the world ! And boy ..or boy ....were we so pissed-off........yes, everyone was, cos we were No. 27 ...... we cannot be 27th.......we have to be number one... yes,yes.. ...surely, we are Malaysia and as Malaysians we HAVE to be............. "numero uno" !! Now you tell me why we have to be number one for all the wrong reasons !!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of Palaces and Protesters !

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends !

Why should Zakaria Md Deros be made to pay a fine for not submitting building plans and not have that illegal construction, demolished and he be hauled to court and stripped of his "datukship"for being so arrogant and defiant to the Sultan ?

Shouldn't he be made an example so as to deter others from gross abuse of power now that they have got him for a scapegoat?
And to add to this fracas he still has a lot of supporters to disrupt the peaceful DAP-Lim Guan Eng-led demonstration at the illegal "palace". Were they hired/paid by someone to create a diversion ?

Wonder what the MPK and the self-proclaimed 'developed state status' MB are doing about the other "third world mentality" little Napoloens who are running fowl of the law OR are they actually thinking they ARE the law !

This is my country and I am so in love with !!!! Sighhh so help me God.......! Maaf, Zahir and Batin !

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Happy Deepavali Takafool Malaysia" !

Yes the morons are at work again !

Going through the posting on rocky's bru, wherein, being Muslim, it is against the syariat to wish your Hindu friends 'Happy Deepavali', I think this time, these idiots have gone over the edge to total stupidity !

To all those in the Syariah Department of Takafool Malaysia,, what is wrong with you morons, to come out with such a declaration? What were you thinking ?(if you can actually think ?) Have you guys got no brains ? Look around you fools, and can't you see this plural society that we live in ? What have your parents taught you from childhood -NOTHING ?

Damn you bigots, after all this years of living as Malaysians, YES, Takafool idiots...49 years as independent in Malays, Indians, Chinese and a host of Indegenious Orang Asli , you have come to take this beautiful country to the Dark Ages in the name of Islam !
It is so sad and unfair that Takafool has decreed this, in the name of religion !

I am indeed grateful to bloggers that this kind of evil-preaching is exposed and condemmed even before it is accepted and practised as norm. Wake up Malaysians ! We don't have to take this shit lying down !

In the meantime, to all my Hindu friends "Happy Deepavali" and to my Muslim friends "Selamat Berbuka Puasa"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Islam or Bukan Islam ?

Now the system has got me really pissed-off and I am so sooooooo shocked !

What is the rational behind stating one's religion in the PMR question/answer sheet?
And worst still it says "Islam or Bukan Islam". Pray tell me, is this necessary, in this year and time, for these morons in the Education Ministry, our elected representitives, to segregate and identify young students by their religion ? Is this also the reason for the National Service to florish when these kids reach 17 ? If need be why not mention 'What type of muslim? e.g. "Sunni or Shi'te" ! Or why not state muslims, hindus, buddist or christians ??

Come on you idiots in the Education Ministry, STOP this bloody bigotry classification of innocent children who are barely 12 years old !Doesn't anyone respect each other anymore unless they are of a certain religion ?? My best pals are Muslims or Hindus or Buddist or Catholics.... and I don't even care if they were communist... they will be my friends. Try not to loose sight of the forest for the trees !!!

I was also made to understand, (I am yet to verify this !) the reason for such indentification is that, the passing marks for those who put down as 'Islam' are lower then those who are not !
Is'nt this the most ridiculous form of marking an exam paper ? How then, can those who are 'Islam' compete with those who are not ?Surely those who are not 'Islam' are superior in terms of intellect going by this rule ! Do they,those who put down as 'Islam', want to be inferior delibrately ? Surely NOT ! With all due respect, do the muslim parent know of this rule ? If I was such a parent, I'd be ashamed , that my child is not competing on a level field, because, I have to know my child scored marks or passed exams because he/she sacrificed,slogged and studied, not because the marks were lowered for him/her because he/she was a muslim !!

If this was true, stop this rot NOW, please, for God's sake!...... before we start regreting later, as is seen in the current state of affairs of this country !
Be proud to be Malaysian but MOST of all be a decent human being !

Keep holy the Ramadan and to all my Muslim friends...
" Selamat Berbuka Puasa " !

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who wants to take the Rap ?

Does anyone know how I can get a hockey coaching license ? Just so I can also be on my way to Doha for a holiday with a bunch of losers, who masquarade as, hmmm... the national hockey team.

' German Paul Lissek joins high perfomance director Stephen van Huizen as the latest addition to the coaching staff.' I'm counting 9 so far...coaches and monitors, NOT the asses...oops...the hockey players, I mean..!
Is Paul going to help a team of under- achievers who are nothing short of morons, reach greater heights and continue wasting, good tax-payers, money ?? We've seen it all before, so what else is new ?

The national team already has 3 assistant coaches, under Wallace Tan. Not to mention the four-man panel set up to monitor the national team's Doha preparation, which is headed by, MHF deputy president, Laksamana Tan Sri Mohamed Anwar Mohamed Nor, amid a lot of confusion as to who appointed who, to do what ???

Even as I write , I can't help but wonder, how so many coaches and 'high perfomance' tacticians are going to dish-out orders and who is going to counter that order as each one of these coaches would think, theirs IS the best advice. ......and if things really get screwed,(and believe me, you... they will!! ) they can always point their finger, at the other fellow-coach !

As I have said in an earlier post, no amount of expertise or professionals, can change the attitude of this so called, national team. See.... just writing about the coaching staff alone can get my b/p up,what if I actually have to write about the players !

"You just can't make race-horses out of asses" !

To all those involved in this Doha project... "Happy Holidays"!

Monday, September 25, 2006

"Monkeys in suits"

No wonder our laws and rules are so easily ammended, bent or broken !

A minister in the Prime Minister's Department, has earned the name of "Speedy Gonzales" for running thru 84 page of replies, without giving any other MP's, a chance to seek clarification on the rubbish that was spewing, from his mouth. Yes, this same minister is also notorious for his racial slur, in parliament, not too long ago!

Fellow Malaysians, where did we go wrong ? Was it at the election booth ? Was it because we saw some potential 'qualities' in him ? Were we swayed, by his sweet promises, before election ?A young, honest and fair politician, who would champion our cause for equality and justice, regardless of our ethnic background, religion or the color of our skin ?

Grow up, all you ministers, and stop this arrogant attitude now, and don't forget, who put you there and what you are supposed to do! Yes , minister , SERVE the rakyat, justly and take time to listen to the silent whisper of your heart, during this holy month.
But most of all, minister, be HUMBLE !

It is very shameful to watch the prime news of the parliament, on the television, with your kids who are curious for explaination, as to the antics and behaviour of certain elected members of parliament.

That's when we feel we want to do a 'speedy gonzales' to our own kids !!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Feng Shui for UMNO !

Is the kris symbol in UMNO's party flag, the reason for disputes and instabilities, throughout the party's 60 years of existence ?
Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, has proposed, the party should think of changing the symbol to a coin !!

I couldn't agree with him more ! Money is the only thing, those in power, within any political party are rooting for, and you know, with that, comes the power to buy oneself, 5 years of power and so as then to buy, another 5 years of power and yet again to buy another 5 years of power, and so on and so on !!!

Because, as Datuk Seri Adnan says, "a coin symbolises economy and it shows UMNO's effort to eradicate money politics".
You can only fight money with money... and economy, he is talking about here, should be read as power !

More importantly, maybe they should first, change the abbreviation of UMNO to something in Bahasa Melayu and not retain this english version , THEN, perhaps, something would change if, our local heros, change, from within themselves, to serve king, country and rakyat first !

If all else fails......... get a feng-shui master !

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shocking....but I blame, the Enforcement Authority !

Strip the permits, suspend their licenses,cancell their PSV license and drag them to court like dogs, sorry,... dogs are beautiful and decent animals...haul them to court like buckets of s*** !!

That's what has to be done to these unscrupulous taxi drivers and their well dressed, touts! Shame on them for tarnishing, my beautiful nation's image ! I am sure they are, or must be foreigners posing, as Malaysians . If so, they must be jailed, caned and deported upon their term of sentence and at the same time, cancell the permit and summons the person, who the permits were, issued to !

And have the tourism minister, wrangle out of this situation, saying, 'semuanya ok' ! And don't tell me it happens all over the world, damnit!... I DON'T LIVE, ALL OVER THE WORLD ..... I LIVE HERE, IN MALAYSIA, MY HOME, OKAY !!

I was so ashamed of this episode, when my foreign friends, queried me, after read the report, in one english daily this morning, and I had to resort to this "foreigner" story to save the "Malaysian" face.

I'm very upset to write anymore... good night !

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

National Service- Holding Rakyats at ransom !

National Service Programme needs an additional RM9 million yearly! The increase is for the purchase of weapons and ammunitions !!

Imagine that kind of " money to blow" by kids, coming out of tax-payers pockets! Did I not also hint, in an earlier posting, 'if someone will profit from such dubious suggestions, arrangements and purchases'? did not take long, for the board of organisers, to hatch plans, that could make millionaires, overnight, all at the expense of the innocent citizens !
Incidently, tell me something...huh...what do these kids do with their issued uniforms, beret,belt, boots, sock, and the M16's, et cetera, et cetera, after their 3 months stint ?
Do they return these to the 'camp wardens' or are they allowed to keep, as souvenirs ? Meaning there's a constant on-going flow of "orders" for the same and from the same, by the organisers, right ??

Instead of purchasing the real mccoy, why not give these kids 'paint-ball' weapons ! least it will not be a burden, to us, tax-payers, and there won't be any major 'accidental' shootings in camps or worst still, we see an increase in toll rates !!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Marriage of the Year.....this ??"

I flip the pages of a daily tabloid and my heart sickens at headlines like "Suffering continues amid peace efforts"and "Children- victims of war" et cetera, et cetera et cetera...

And elsewhere, on some local celebrity page, we read about the millions of ringgits splashed for a wedding by a Dato' (mind you, he's an old hand at marriages, his second !! ) to a local diva. By now, I pretty sure, everyone knows the breakdown and costs of expenditure, to the said all honesty, I think I will be happy for the newly-weds....if.........(see para 4 ...)

By the way am I right to say that a "diva" is a famous person, well known, all over the civilised world ? I wonder why, we, so stupidly, refer our local artist/actors, who are known only in Malaysia, sometimes to a few Indonesians or Singaporeans or maybe, sometimes, be invited(for diplomatic reasons ,I beleive) to sing, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, be accorded the title "diva"?

Supposing...just supposing, all that money spent or splashed, had been channelled into, say, a few rumah yatims or shelter homes here in Malaysia , or even to the war ravaged, children of Timore Leste or Lebanon and Palestine or to the 'tsunami hit' orphans of Indonesia, my blessing and respect to this 'diva' and her hubby would have been intact and also, maybe, even a few broken-hearted 'romeos' who, would have had a crush, on this 'diva' prior, to the announcement of marriage, would not be considering suicide !
But what are they trying to prove or who are they showing-off to ? Are they trying to "ape" that much talked about Royal wedding in England many, many years ago, which ended in a bitter divorce and death of the other in an accident? "Touch-wood", I would never wish, such ill-will for this couple, honestly !

And my, my,...that very same television station pleading for funds and pledges for quake, flood, fire or any other natural disaster hit country, bragging of the coverage, this "marriage of the year"is seeking !

I would still say....supposssssssiiiinnnnggggg !!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Berkhidmat untuk Negara

In Johor Baru, two protesters who took part in an "illegal" street assembly were detained soon after it ended. Isn't 4 persons or more gathered in public 'illegal'? This was reported today in the Star.

How can a gathering of around 1,000 citizens, peacefully, carrying placards, expressing their concern for their safety and for the increase of police surveillance in their vicinity, be "taking the law in their own hands"?.... when its the police who are always complaining that, there is no co-operation and support from the tax-paying citizens ? And this included many former snatch-theft victims, appealing (though it should "be DEMANDING") for more police patrols, after an 18 year old, part-time student and salesgirl, Chang Shu Chen, was robbed and murdered in broad daylight !

For all the wrong reasons, the police are always on the defensive, if their laziness is high-lighted by anyone, most especially by law-abiding and tax-paying citizens !
For a cause such as this, it should be the police, who should be hauled up for questioning for "non-presence," by the citizens !!

Majulah Polis-" berkhidmat untuk negera"!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

"Randy-Dandy Jais Officers"

Jais officer charged with sex offences!!

I'm not laughing, I'm very angry! That was the caption in the papers yesterday, that had me asking,"Who in the blessed world gave this 21 year old 'misfit' the power to 'settle' issues with regards to khalwat ?
Ignorant,humilated and frightened that this young, 22 year old, woman in question may have been, but to be put her through the ordeal of satisfying the lust of one bloody officer as an inducement to let her off the hook...and it happened in the 'safest of places 'IN THE JAIS OFFICE ITSELF!!!... hmmm... ini sudah lebihlah!!! Shame on you !

Did I say just one officer ? Or has this been happening at all levels of the entire department, all along, and that it has never been brought out in public?
How can this 'sex maniac' conduct raids in the first place ? Correct me if I'm wrong, is it not a syariah rule that you need 4 persons of credible reputation as witnesses in a 'khalwat' to bring charges against the accused ?? And this 'maniac' is one of them.. huh ?

This same office also conducts raids at other entertaintment outlets through-out the country, where alcohol and skimpily dressed female(ladies.. No offence,please...with all due respect, just trying to make a comparison here !) patrons are clearly visible...right ? Now my assumption is ....'semuanya boleh kautimkan lah' with these randy officers!

It has happened before and these guardians of 'moral high' are in the limelight again. Re-think the whole agenda and idea of that Department please !
Do we, Malaysians in the first place, need this Department ?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

MY favorite watering-hole...!

Do you have a favourite watering-hole or joint you'd love to be, on any given day?
I have, and yes, these past 12 years or more, it's been The National Press Club or NPC for short !

I'm sure, if you are a blogger, by now you would have heard of this little club for journalist on the end of Jalan Tangsi, near the rear entrance to Bukit Aman.

It is a members' club and there are rules to abide to, and this place has seen many changes in the form of caterers, renovations and landscape.
But most of all, this place has seen it's fair share of 'regulars' who would come here to unwind and meet up with friends of other media, be it electronic or print,for a few pints, shoot some pool, throw some darts or croak a few songs on the karaoke machine, late in the evenings .

This place is also used by big corporations to hold 'media-nites' in appreciation for the good working relationship between them.

As for me I like this place because of its people who actually make-up to be decent friends over time. No pretence required!!
Now you know why I call it MY favourite watering-hole !

Let me hear of yours!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Letting off *&#$^% steam !

I have to blatantly use this *&*%$*# language in this post as this is the ONLY way I can express myself today !
You, on the other hand, are allowed the use of any other adjective to replace the &*%*#%, so as to not offend anyone. I beg of you, forgive me for these here *#$&@ explicits.

This very popular tourist attraction called Cinatown or Petaling Street or PS by our locals,nestling in the old and historical part of Kuala Lumpur!

Have you ever had the *%^$&# exprience to walk thru this #&*$^# street ? Ever noticed how ^&*$%# rude these *&%^$* traders are ? And if you were to stroll down this *#%&*@ street with a foreign friend of yours ,ever notice how %*&#$@ angry these *^&%$# traders and their #&*%& assistants get, if you, advised your foreign friend,in terms of negotiation, to help secure a bargain ? We, Malaysians, according to these *#$&#* traders, are seen, to spoil the market for these &*%$* traders in making a %*&#$ killing in the fleecing of these gullible tourist/foreigners with %#$&* fake goods!!

Why are we jumping in defence of these *&^%$#^&%*# ???..when we, Malaysia ,as a country, are reported in a foreign press that we are RUDE!!
Of course we ARE *&#$% rude , and I can $%*&# well affirm this by just casually walking down this &*&%$# Petaling Street!

And now I hear, the Banglas are back! (Look here ,with all due respect, I've got nothing against any one race or religion on this good earth!) But in #$*&@ Cinatown you should see the #*&%* arrogance displayed by these Banglas(Probably knowing that their #&*%^ actions will be backed by the &*&%$ thugs running this *&%^$# joint) who,when talking to me, actually imimate with a funny foreign accent, assuming I, the %*&#$@ foreigner, hoping and thinking, he, the #$@*& local !! Oh.... the*&%&*$# gall of it all !!

Again I ask these *&*&%$# so called authorities.What the %&#$@* are they doing about all that #*&%&* contrabrand products that is OH.. so publicly displayed for sale??Should't the #$*&$ authorities clean this &*#$% place up and arrest these #*&@ fake traders ? Should we warn these tourist/foreigners about buying only "ORI"?? And why is the &*&%$#* government telling us over and over in the various media to buy only #$*&^ ORI.. whatever that means in Bahasa Malaysia ?

Me thinks the %#&*$#* authorities think,WE... &*&$%# morons!!!

Stop preaching what you &*&$%# well won't practise Or as it is nowadays fashionably spoken on most of the blogs........ Walk the#*&%* Talk, brudder!! (this line has to be spoken with a rap-drawl fashion) that feels so #&*&#$% good already, letting off steam to calm my nerves... heh..heh!!

Good day and Cheers Brudders !!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Excuses.excuses... and excuses !!

There has been much tension over the recent murder of a discipline teacher near my "taman" by 2 snatch thieves last Sunday morning @ 7 and an even more daring robbery the very next morning(Monday) by 2 guys on a motor-cycle, who, whilst trying to grab her handbag containing an astounding RM2,000.00, cut the wrist of the woman, on her way to the market, some 400 meters from where the murder took place the morning before.(incidently this lady only moved into this taman about a week before and I'm still wondering as to why she was carrying such a large sum of money or then again maybe that was what she thought the living standards was ,here in Happy Gardens !!)

On Tuesday morning, as I was driving towards the market, I saw (and honestly I could'nt believe my eyes !) 2 guys in police uniform, actually standing at the junction not far from the place of the 2 incidences! My or my......What does that tell you?

Does it take a murder and an assualt before we see the presence of uniformed personel patrolling our streets, and that too, at a rather predictable time ?Come on lah it looks so phoney.....!

I called the police headquarters that evening and talked to an officer, offering him suggestions as to help curb this social disease called mugging or snatch theft or whatever you want to call, and you know what ?.... his response was the same as before. Not enough manpower ! What is being done about it ?Stop giving this same excuse to us, private and tax-paying citizens.We're tired of hearing this same old excuse.Try something else.

Anytime you want to contact the police ,it will be easier to drive to the nearest 'mamak' stall and there you can see these personel having their food. And when I told that officer about that he said "they must eat too lah sir!" Why is the officer always ready to cover-up for the laziness of his charges ! Even when he does'nt even know that his charges are sitting in 'mamak' stalls most of the time.

Malaysians, all of us in particular, we must learn to accept any remark or critism hurled at us with positive tones and admit we can err as humans and can shrink in our responsibilities, and only then we can be able to sort our short-commings constructively.We can't always scream "Malaysia Boleh" and pretend to get by in life, now, can we ? Get real, all you people in the government, remember your duty towards the public and the solemn oath you took when you lifted up your right hand when you were first employed to be government servants. To serve God ,king and public. THATS US !!

Arrogance and complancency gets the better of you after a while and we have to beg for your services to keep our neighbour-hood safe and secured ,yes.. yeah, right!So stop giving excuses and feel honestly justified when you collect your pay-checkstarting right now, go kick some asses, please, starting with your underlings!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Give the kid a loaded gun, please !!"

MY, my... I read with disapproval,and am TOTALLY against the idea of NS kids being given loaded guns to practise during their stint of 2, or is it 3 months. And that too, with an M16, which has a firing rate of 750-900 rounds of bullets per minute !

Have you seen the faces of some of the kids in the papers ?They are not even ready to decide for themselves IF they should go for NS..... mind you it's the government who decides on their behalf and how can they... IF... they were asked to decide if they were ready to handle an M16 going to say NO.. remember this is a training camp and kids, naturally don't want to be seen as "chicken' by their peers and fellow trainers !!

For gods sake this is not the Palestine or some gun-trotting nation where holding a weapon is a status symbol of power. If they really need to 'play' with guns, they can be encouraged to join the army or police forces after finishing their formal education AND when they are a little bit older and responsible !

Instead, teach them to understand and respect each others cultures and to live in harmony.... I'm being an idealist here but hey!! isn't that the first approach of NS ? To keep the kids saperated or segregated for the first 17 years of their growing and learning years(in national or religious schools) and then try to acheive the impossible in 3 months !
Come on now... lets not be too quick to arm kids with guns or is there some profits to be gained by certain parties in the purchase of guns and bullets...Oh did I read somewhere that it costs 25cts. a bullet !!

I was once in a neighbour country and had the opportunity to be at a firing range...honestly just looking at the hundreds of various types of weapons laid out before me, made my stomach churn inside out!! Not because I was afraid.. but the thought of holding one of those guns in my hand and 'having the power to take the life of another with a single bullet' was not my idea of a peaceful world !And I was then 30 years old.Try giving flowers to one another instead !

Or better still, go and live for a year in another fellow Malaysians' home to learn about the other's religion, race and customs and it will be a whole lot damn cheaper!!!
My family and I will gladly open our house to anyone of these kids with the approval of their parents.
And I mean KIDS!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Get tough with errant developers-PM

On page 2 of the Sun today(Friday June 2) was the above mentioned heading.
'The authorities should take strict action against errant developers instead of merely issue warnings which are normally ignored by them'. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said yesterday. He adds ' some developers would do whatever they want if they did not have to face the music'. ( when asked to comment on the landslide at Kampung Pasir, Hulu Klang.)
Well these are strong words, yes and developers beware !

But what about the PM using these same words to the persons who approved these projects,from the persons who signed the 'go-ahead' to these developers,the state executive councillors who 'consented' to approving these projects, the many approving bodies who 'part-took' to these buildings to be erected,the architechs and engineers of the state who with a stroke of a pen willingly signed away the lives of four members of a family ?

Oh.. I forgot they were merely Indonesia squatters illegally living in the area!And forget about the flattened long-houses and the 232 misplaced people(mostly Indonesians!) yae... Too bad! Right..???

Ya... right! these abovementioned persons in paragraph 2 are the real culprits who work hand-in-glove with these developers( did I say, some..??) "who would do whatever they wanted if they did not have to face the music"!!

Lets see some finger-pointing and heads rolling at the right places, first and if all else fails ..then there's always someone with a finger pointing skywards... "Act of God"!!!
Cheers and goodnight !

Saturday, May 27, 2006

FAM hope to see results in 10 years !

I read with amusement - Star Sport on the 26th. May 2006 (Page S66) of the national team bearing fruits in 10 years !!
'The FAM,working hand-in-hand for the first time with the National Sports Council(NSC),
FEEL that they have got the right plan to put Malaysian football back on the right track for glory again.'
Come on you guys, WHAT glory are we talking about here ?? and you mean only now football has been included(by way of a MoU) as a core sports under the national agenda to qualify for a HUGE monetary boost ?
Footballing is not something 'NEW' as the FAM general secretary Datuk Dr. Ibrahim Saad said. It's been played from the earliest memories of our childhood lah,in schools right back from even the childhood days of your dads' lah... come onnnnlah !!!!
The deal of RM 5.5 million sure can't get these 30 odd boys in good shape and morale for long as complacency sets in from the word "Go". And why 10 years ? In our country , policies and mooted ideas change with every wave of elections(be it in local or at national level)
Then some nagging questions creeps up to me,"Can we actually make racehorses out of asses" ??? (NO pun intended !)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Probably the only recorded and printed dart term in the world!!
Shanghai fish was created in Malaysia.