Friday, April 30, 2021

My April 'ghost-writer'.

From: Owen Jones 
To: Anwar Ibrahim: 

Don’t talk cock. I am a stout defender of you but I am certainly not averse to giving you a piece of my mind if it is needed. First and foremost Anwar Ibrahim - Why were special privileges for Malays written into the Federal Constitution? 
It was simply because the Reid Commission which drafted it believed that the Malays were backward and needed particular attention for them to catch up with the rest. The British had not seen the Malays do hard work as they had seen the Indians and Chinese do.

The fact is Anwar Ibrahim there is racial and religious discrimination even in the most advanced societies. Why do you think the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘say no to racism’ campaigns are happening? It is because of racial discrimination. But what is worse is that in Malaysia - there is not only racial and religious discrimination but they are official policies. 
If a country has laws that promote racial discrimination that nation is labelled as one that has an APARTHEID policy. The truth is that the Reid Commission had included a moratorium on the ‘special privileges’ - they were to end in 1990. But the CC with a two-third majority in Parliament amended the Constitution to read as “for as long as deemed necessary” so that he and his cronies could continue the rape and plunder of the nation indefinitely. 

Please do not pretend that you do not know this Anwar Ibrahim. 
Yes there is racial discrimination by other communities. But this is at the individual level. It is not policy. But why is it happening? 
Those who studied in the English medium schools never saw their fellow students as anything else. But all this changed when the conniving chameleon Mahathir became PM. English went out and in came a racist brand of education clearly intended to segregate the people. What Mahathir started in the 1970s is what we see today and what most of us including Tommy Thomas have seen. It was so easy for TT to make a comparison because he worked with the crème de la crème in his legal profession and law firm. When he entered the civil service the disparity in standards shocked the life out of him. 

This is what the CC’s racist policies have brought about. Malays in high office and high positions who are there simply because they are Malay. When people are given positions by virtue of ‘special privilege’ and not out of merit for their knowledge, experience and intelligence then we know the nation is in trouble. 

Don’t forget Anwar Ibrahim that you were tried and jailed by an incompetent judiciary that was just acting on the instructions of its political masters. And pray tell me, Anwar Ibrahim, how many Malay lawyers defended you? Yes the bloated civil service is full of unqualified people who are otherwise unemployable outside. The mediocre education with low marks earning high grades has produced Malays holding certs that are not worth the paper they are printed on. Pray tell me Anwar Ibrahim, how many non-Malays are employed in the civil service? How many non-Malays are holding senior positions in the civil service? How many non-Malays are holding senior positions in GLCs? Why are the GLCs all such financial disasters? Why is it that only Malays can lead GLCs and govt depts? How could you expect TT not to talk about the Malays only when there is practically nobody else in the civil service? Isn’t the absence of non-Malays itself damning evidence of the prevailing racial discrimination in this country? TT has stated it as it is. 

The civil service and the GLCs are prime examples of the blind leading the blind or where mediocrity is the order of the day. Don’t try to defend the indefensible Anwar Ibrahim. The fact is that truth is often the most bitter pill. TT is a brave man to stand up for it. So, Anwar Ibrahim please do not lose the respect of non-Malays and right thinking Malays by attempting a puerile cover-up of the truth just to score some political brownie points. Anwar Ibrahim - today you have sown the seed of doubt as to your leadership qualities. Perhaps the MC is right after all - that you have no idea at all about what to do next - apart from theatrics that appeal to the gallery. I am truly disappointed. 


Posted as received via WhatsApp.

Okay, folks, here's  what I really think. This posting may actually be a Malaysian using a pseudonym of the Guardian's columnist's Owen Jones' pen name.  If only, for the life of me, some one can tell me what CC means, then perhaps I might get a clearer picture. 
As much as it may ruffle more then just a few feathers, mainly by those living in denial or are too young to have followed our "REAL" history, a lot of what this ghost writer writes about Anwar and his then "master" the MahaFiraun I concur, they both had a big hand in altering, amending and skewering the Federal Constitution with a Malay agenda uppermost in their list of priorities. That's a given. But let's not lose sleep over what we, the non-Malays have come to understand the true nature and lip-service of our politicians. We don't need a "mat salleh wannabe" or a poser to tell us what we already know of.  
Thank you.