Wednesday, December 26, 2012

when corruption is a very 'kosher' thinggy !

There should never be anything private about a public appointed position. Well at least where his "fortunes" are concerned. If one declared his assets before being appointed even dishonestly, then all fortunes in real time minus what was declared can be scrutinised and deduced by the public. That is what is expected off, in a first world and God-fearing system of government.

Of course one will  also defend his current "ballooned" assets with his sudden rise in public popularity but simple arithmetic of one's salary, extra benefits, travel claims and allowances would add-up and be deducted to the years of serving in public office, no ?  
So what's the big secret in Najib's administration that one must declare only to the prime minister ? When the head itself is rotten  surely one will use blackmail for "protection" from the head himself. That is typically BN culture. A culture that has been long riddled with corruption-to-the-core. 
Its a "you scratch my balls and I'll scratch your balls" scenario with a 64 dollar "deal or no deal" question thrown in for good measure, right ?

Corruption has always been in any politics but in a smaller scale pre-Mahathir era. This dictator and  "master-of-corruption" Tun Mahathir brought this "art" to greater heights and the word "mega" was coined to immortalise him. He single handedly raped our nation's coffers and amassed all  to himself and created monsters of his select cronnies. Today it is alleged his worth is in the region of about RM40 billion. This has never been proven and will never be. That makes him a corrupt tyrant who ruthlessly ruled for 22 long suffering years while abusing every law and silencing every enemy in his way with his ill-gotten wealth. Money was power and power was king ! 

In UMNO and BN, corruption is a very kosher thinggy, whether you're a Muslim or an infidel.  

And so we now have this moronic progeny of the Tun playing an old familiar song here.

Note : minors reading this blog-no apology/offense intended.
pic above is that of my favorite wild animal. It also translates as how we're being "screwed" daily by the government. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

there's a party on my street.....

 Jalan Kasipillay OFF Jalan Ipoh near Sentul is having its first ever "residents" Christmas street party on the famous bridge till midnight tonight. Of the over 10,000 residents living around the Putra Majestik, KLH,  condominiums about 300 braved the drizzled to be at the party.
 a section of the residents who are made-up of peoples from all over the world enjoying the day-long celebration as "1-one" ( without any sloganeering !) under tents watching the performances on an open-air stage. 
Organised by the Jalan Kasipillay Rukun-Tetanga community centre, some brave parents decided to discard their umbrellas and took to the streets to watch their kiddos doing .....what else but the "Oompa Gangnam Style". I bet you there's never been a day for the past 2 months where you didn't hear this song for 24 hours, right ?.....and its not about to stop anytime soon either ! young lass, I think her name was Melina Victor, even show-cased her solo talents playing  "Jingle bells", "Felize Navida" and "Can't take my eyes off you" on the saxaphone....nice, not great but very catchy and entertaining

 then came the resident carolers......belting out a string of Christmas carol and that was when I spotted the "spoiler" of the night  (picture below........)
a closer view....recognise this fellow anyone ? 

Nevertheless that silly "numero uno" didn't spoil the mood for some kiddies from shaking their booty... 

I have in my time seen a lot of partying but today for the first time I witness party "animals" dancing not only with hand bags over their shoulder but in the rain with umbrellas ! the   party got some residents from the African continent in a swinging mood despite the nagging on-off-on-off drizzle all night long.
Well, that was all I could handle of our street party for today. Remember I still got a lot of "hard" partying to do right to the run-up of the New Year, as has always been during this season to be jolly, so I made my way back home in a slightly heavier drizzle and  took one last shot from my balcony as can be seen below.
All I can say is it was a "good effort" by the organisers. But I do  hope and wish they don't have to politicise every event with that 1bullshit this or 1bullshit that.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

and the dish ran away with the spoon.....

Have you notice the sudden appearance of many like this particular road-sign ? At first glance you'd be forgiven if this road sign along the North-South Highway brings to mind of the mega "cow-gate" scandal.  Then after a little analytical calculations, it screams "COW ( as in the image ), DRIVE WITH CARE" ! And then you start to wonder....damn, the Road Transport was referring the image of the cow to YOU ! You are the cow so drive carefully !

 By now you're scratching your balding head and wondering, oh can that be when the entire highway is supposed to be fenced-up. So how did this cow jump over the fence and get on the highway. Was there some loop-holes that needed much mending in the fences just like in our government ? Or perhaps the owners of these strays should pay for these signages as punishment ! 

Elsewhere in the East coast near Kemaman another cruel prankster from the Transport Ministry or the Agricultural Ministry had the balls to literally poke fun of` Sharizat the cow or Rosie  herself with this life-size cut-out which reads- "CAUTION ! Animal Crossing."

Who says we Malaysians have no sense of humour ?

Saturday, December 01, 2012

bromancing into the carpetier's ear !

The week that had just passed brought more shit hitting the fan. Controversies after controversies is what BN is all about. But please dear reader, proceed with an open mind and don't just interpret everything you read as the gospel truth.

The revelations of a land grab scam gone sour between a "carpetier"  (you read it here first-a newly coined term for a crooked double-dealing carpet dealer, hahaha !) spilling the beans on the family of the prime minister. ( here) Some say this was a timely move to tarnish the "good name" of the prime minister, perhaps engineered by the many Brutus's surrounding Najib. Who would really know except one sneaky and cowardly private-eye who's feeling rejuvenated by all this "I told you so...and nobody believed me" and resurrecting Altantuya's  unsolved murder most foul. (here). Now this will also give credence to Najib not doing anything about  removing the school literature book labelling all Malaysians of remote Indian origins as "pariahs" displayed by the action of these two....hehehehe ! 
Then there's the same arrogant chief minister of Pahang infamous for his vulgar hand signals taking a wager, he'd cut his ear off and jump in the states biggest river if the Opposition's DAP were to oust BN-MCA's Liow Tiong Lai in Bentong in the next election. Just that thought alone gives every voter ( 43% Malays and 57% non Malays ) in Bentong an added  pleasure for getting rid of MCA in the next election. And then this village idiot will come out denying how the journalists "misquoted" him and that it was Liow's ear he was talking about and not his ! This one is totally believable. (here

 Here's the latest Up-date as at 2:08pm today. ( here)
ah huh....even before I can finish this post this moron has denied his challenge. Figure of speech konon,  hahahaha ! Then why take Karpal's "over my dead body" figure of speech and use that to incite hatered amongst the peoples UMNO ?? Bloody coward !

And the biggest nightmare is the story about an ex-IGP who's suddenly seem to be seen as "bromancing" ( term used by a rapper when campaigning for Obama recently ) with the Opposition. This corrupt musang opps... Musa who is also the brother of Jamalludin Hasan of  "Who wants to be a billionaire" fame, is the last person the Opposition should be seen with. 

This ex-PIG is the dirtiest of all cops. He was once an UMNO  lap-dog.You cannot trust this mongrel with your 88year old mother-in-law ! He holds many secrets of the past and current government. He'd know the deepest secrets of the PM. He'd also have a dossier on all of the BN politician's concealed misdeeds. That's his trump-card. Many a politician in UMNO would squirm in fear of exposure, at the thought of this corrupt ex-IGP's new-found friendship with Anwar and company. He would wish to be in the Opposition's favour just so that in the event the new government goes on a witch-hunt and bring to book  past "political criminals" like Mahathir et al, he'd escape punishment, right ? He could also ace-in on the missing pieces of the Altantuya puzzle. And that alone will bring beads of sweat pouring down Najib's collar, no ? (here)
The crux of this sordid affair would also mean the instant down-fall of the Opposition too. All  tax-paying citizens seeking change for better governance and who took to the many street protests in opposing the corrupt and racist BN regime would feel betrayed. So who's going to take the bait ?

And yet another ex-home minister is singing praises of  this ex-IGP and the police force.....with "Because as far as I know during my service and previous experience, police had done wonderful job in law enforcement, keeping law and order.
"And Musa has good track record, so leave it like that, let's not spoil it," said the Kota Tinggi MP.
Perhaps this ex-IGP has got this ex-minister by his balls....that is, Musa's got something "juicy" on Syed Albar....hmmmm.....

So it'll be another week of more shit-stirring at the close of the  general assembly as Indians or in UMNO-speak, "pariahs", continue to still RULE in UMNO !

Shalom !

Saturday, November 24, 2012

of incy wincy "hard-ons" and others !

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak urged Malaysians to continue championing the rights of women and take the necessary steps to eliminate all forms of violence against women. 
He said Malaysia has a strong track record when it came to women’s rights and he was proud of the progress made so far in ensuring equality in the workforce and government.......(continued here
I want to ask him only one 1question. How can he brag about such claim when he cannot or dare not even reprimand/take to task, his own men who utter down-right filthy and uncouth sexist remarks against women (read here). And even more alarming is when one actually looks like a retarded toad. 
In UMNO such lewd innuendos seem to draw much laughter and encouragement from fellow party members both male and female when the person in the mischief is from the Opposition. And Najib thinks this is fair game, yes ?  And mind you there has been many such sexist and vulgar remarks hurled subtly at the fairer sex, irrespective of age or race. Bung Mokhtar was infamous for vulgar most foul on many occasions and the picture below, note the jubilant expressions of those surrounding this chief minister who was slam dunking one open palm on his other clenched fist. Amused ? 
Now Mr. Prime Minister, what were you saying about respecting and protecting women and their rights in your speech titled “Eliminating Violence Against Women” to mark the United Nation’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women tomorrow, on your latest 1Malaysia blog posting, sir ?

I leave you dear readers to refresh my memory and invite you to add the many misdemeanors of our so-called "respected" and elected representatives with an instant "hard-on".  Shoot. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mr. PM....please don't beg from "pariahs", sir !

Give us new mandate, Najib tells Indian community


Najib being greeted by residents during the national-level Deepavali gathering in Sungei Siput on Saturday. Najib being greeted by residents during the national-level  
Deepavali gathering in Sungei Siput on Saturday. 
SUNGAI SIPUT: The Government will intensify efforts to help the Indian community and the people should give it a new mandate, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.
You mean "pariahs" ( me included ) must vote for your BN before you intensify efforts Mr. PM ? What "efforts" have you taken in your education system about me being labelled a pariah in the "Interlok" school literature text-book, sir ? 
"We have done a lot for the Indian community but it is, however, still work-in-progress.
Yeah....right ! 55 years ( while everyone else is pensioning-off ), of work-in-progress and yet you allow your education system to brand me a "pendatang" and a "pariah".....nice one, oh mighty-one  !

"If given a new mandate, I assure that we will continue and intensify our efforts to help the community," he said at the national-level Deepavali celebration at Ladang Infoternak here on Saturday.
As usual "brokering" a "deal -or-no-deal" offer, Mr. Najib, sir ? Just what do you really think of us Malaysians of remote Indian origins.... bohkanas ??? As your former premier, the corrupt Tun Mahathir confessed... "better the devil you know.......", story ah ? 

He said the Government had allocated a lot of funds to help Indian students in pursuing their education at all levels.
"The Government has approved RM500mil for SJKT since 2009.
"We also gave out RM100 to each Indian students and will continue to do so next year," he said, adding that six Tamil schools had been approved for Johor, Perak, Selangor and Kedah.
But isn't that the responsibility of any government of the day, sir ? You and I must expect that and more even if PR became the government of the day, no ? Education, health care and safe and conducive environment for ALL  tax-paying citizens irrespective of cultural and religious back-grounds ? Didn't your father teach you that, sir ? Didn't you learn that at St. John's Institution too, sir ?  
"We have also given full scholarships to 100 students to continue their Masters and PhD," he added.
Same blah,blah,blah reply as the above comment.

Najib said that about 6,590 Indians were given citizenships through the MyDaftar programme in February.
So Mr. Prime Minister sir, you're actually thinking these 6,590 pariahs are going to vote for your BN, huh ? Nice thought sir, BUT I'm sorry to say you're wrong. As long as your education system reserves their  right to continue and  teach our young minds about caste, race and religious via "Interlok" and your constant reminder of instilling "FEAR" of a recurring May 13 and unleashing bullying thugs in blue uniforms to disrupt and arrest innocent citizens exercising their basic birth-rights in this country of can only bank your hope on those Indons and Banglas your EC has instantly "cooked-up" for you. I most certainly hope even these alien "mercenaries" you so hope on, won't sell you out for a better deal. 
He reiterated his hope to wrest back Sungai Siput from the Opposition.
Dream on sir.....just hang on to that dream. I too sincerely hope you can trust pariahs ( again yours truly included )

 "This is where Tun Sambathan and former MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu had represented the people. "We are confident and believed that Sungai Siput is prepare for a change when the time comes," he said.
So you do admit Sungei Siput must prepare for change, yes ? You forgetting Sungei Siput, by some strange "magic" of yours, is still in your BN state of Perak, sir. 
And so I guess your dad's old compadre Sammy also didn't bitch about the "Interlok" issue to you, huh ? Hmmm..either he's shit scared of your Perkasa boys or he is very happy to be classified a pariah ( as per your education system) I guess. But I am sure if Tun Sambathan  was still alive, we Malaysians of remote Indian origins would have seen the light of day a long time ago, just as many heads would have rolled in your education ministry re:"Interlok" issue.... and you, my dear Mr. Prime Minister won't have to stoop this low begging votes from pariahs.

Take care, and pleasant "dreams", sir. 

*parenthesis in red, mine.     
** click on STAR headline for link.

Monday, November 12, 2012

tested and verified ?

I was born a Catholic in Malaysia but I cannot/dare not lay claim to be living a good Christian life at that. I cannot quote any verse from the Bible although I did read some but I am very bad with numbers. I marvel at any "miracle" and will be happy for the believers yet prefer to be steadfast in my own beliefs. In other words I cannot be easily convinced or converted. To a Muslim I am an "infidel". I have no problem with that tag. To moderates and friends I'm a brother. And to you my dear reader, don't be too hasty and judge me a persona non grata Catholic....unless you are sinless.(the parable of Jesus and the prostitute against the "holy" pharisees comes to mind from somewhere in the Bible !) Otherwise I hope I can considered myself a Catholic.
The above images or apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary that appeared on the glass windows at the Subang Medical Center in Subang Jaya is the talk of the Catholic community at mass this morning and throughout the Catholic community in Malaysia. This "apparition" sighting has caused much chaos and traffic jams over the weekend around the Subang Jaya area inconveniencing plenty. Now news of this "miracle"  has also gone viral via social medias and some foreign news-portals have picked it up too. But the Catholic Church in Malaysia is withholding an official comment until the image is "tested" (I really don't know how  or what they're going to do the testing here) and verified by theologians and church authorities. 
See here and here for the full story. 

But of course you won't read about this "miracle" in your local daily like the Utusan Malaysia or Berita Harian until it "spins" out of control, right ? 

With all the "cooked-up" crap we read of in our main-stream dailies, from the recent Nurul's declaration (here) to Guan Eng's alleged "Christian state" (here) how are the Islamic authorities (especially the state religious body or JAIS ) going to handle this issue ? Will they be fearful of mass conversions and unnecessary persecution of innocents or are they going to be matured and civil about such sightings. A steadfast and secured believer of any religion needs not worry about out-side influences but an insecured and weak minded person will certainly go on the defensive, no ?

So my point is, will these so-called church theologians come clean or will they be "coerced  and compromised" to be politically correct in  this once secular but now Islamic country (as that corrupt and racist ex-premier Tun Mahathir had declared) on their observations and "tests" as to verify this "miracle" ?  

Will they say its a plot hatched by Guan Eng and company to pave and "christianise" the road to Putrajaya or will they say its a hoax by the hospital authorities to hasten the sick Catholics of the country to seek treatment here or will they say it was the genius stroke of fraud to hood-wink and convert the Muslims ? Whatever the outcome, I hope I can still be considered a Malaysian Catholic without prejudice.

Shalom ! 

Divali or Deepavali...Obama joins me to wish all.

Friday, November 09, 2012

Veteran's Day Special

This Sunday 11th. November is Remembrance Day or Armistice Day or Poppy Day or Memorial Day or Veterans Day. The photos above don't need any words and show of elderly citizens who once had served  protecting their country and are a proud and dignified lot.

So for this Sunday's Veteran's Day celebration, the government must slot a special performance by the one and only so-called "veteran's" team of 1Malaysia butt dancers in their program for all the world to see.


To all other soldiers (irrespective of rank) who have served the  King and nation with pride and honour,  I salute you and wish  you  
                             "A Happy Veteran's Day" 
                                   and "Thank you"

Friday, November 02, 2012

mother of all UMNO quotes !

“I am a rich man, I am powerful, good-looking, wealthy... So what can I do? My son has also asked me - Pa, is it...? (I tell him) Look, you are my son.
“It doesn’t bother me, I am popular... you know, I have film star status here. A celebrity... not a local one but Hollywood level... there is nothing I can do if they want to follow me,” he said.

Pheeeweeet, you da man Nazri ! the full story here  and for an UPDATE read this story here !

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ptuuiiii !!

Aiyeoooooo....Indians again ah ? Why lah ? 

These group of Malaysians of remote Indian origins or now acceptable as "pariahs" ( as referred to in the Education ministry's approved school literature text book and yours truly too included !) and who are certainly  members of the now dead MIC are incurable masochists. Time and time again they have been humiliated and labelled as out-casts and yet they suck-up like hungry and mangy mongrels to 1UMNO  who feeds then scraps and breeds them to do their dirty job in brain-washing the other Malaysians of remote Indian origins . 

Like lowly beggars these fellars have no shame nor dignity. 

I cannot continue the rest of my intended post anymore after uploading that lowly P. Kamalanathan's picture here lah...just read here, here, here and here

Ptuuiiii !! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thinking outside the tank !

Wishful thinking:
How true and sad ! Sad because this 1Malaysia tag for a fish tank, located in Saloma MATIC centre along Jalan Ampang in the city is a far cry from the truth. 

Picture this: 
If one smart fish in this here tank decided to "take charge" and surround itself with thuggish and less intelligent fish specie, throws in some toll gates, demarcate each fish's boundary, let the crony thug fish bully the smaller fish by increasing taxes and fines for straying from its designated watery-space and high-jack the smaller fish's food supply and limiting fish-feed, declare water ownership as that smart species' birth right whilst depriving the original species any rights  and decided to play the specie-card (read race-card) to stay on top of the food chain.......then this aquarium won't be as blissful as it may seem, right ?  

In Reality : 
Yes we were once like these fish too, living in almost 'perfect and blissful" harmony but all that changed. It changed when that crafty old scheming excuse for a prime minister came into power that lasted 22 long years. This life of "blissful harmony" that is now but a mere lip-slogan engineered by Najib and his cohorts to artificially create a "shiok sendiri" or "feel-good" situation that never was there in the first place since that hateful Mahathir began his long rule which systemically and  spitefully was divided by hate of race and religion. Those dark years of rule by that Tun, who himself knew that being a non-Malay, could not afford to rule a secular and united Malaysia for fear of loosing his grip of the Malay majority  populace but nevertheless claimed ownership of this country by false means and belittling the Malay race in his "ace-up-his-sleeve" book, "The Malay Dilemma". He grudgingly pitted one race against the other using race and religion and manipulated and corrupted the entire administrative system from the judiciary to the police. 
The rest was (altered and bastardised ) history ! 

So we wait to change all this. Change is good. Any change from what is "In Reality" above is GOOD !

Shalom and enjoy the rest of this wet Sunday !

* click  on picture for better viewing.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

falling from bro to rogue...

Why would Soros' finance Global Perdana Peace Foundation, a body founded by this evil dictator Tun Mahathir who'd later send flotillas of medical aid and God knows what else, to the Palestinians, who would then throw stones at any given opportunity, at George Soros' own countrymen, the Israelites ? 

Soros is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative rogue or at least that was what we are lead to believe all these years by this Tun MahaFiruan. Sure, why not ? Soros is a private businessman with a keen Zionist-eye to reap profits, no ? And to succeed in business, you have to be one or both. Again he is a private businessman. He is allowed to do business with anyone anyway  he pleases with HIS own money, right ?

But what about our  infamous Tun, then a prime minister and a public figure ? Was he not pally-wally and with a scheme to manupilate this very Soros the businessman, before the Jew smelled a rat and got wiser ? And Soros went on to buy,buy, buy currencies all over the Asean region and bringing financial ruin to many countries ? It that what business was all about ? Can you blame him for being smarter then the Tun ? Surely anyone with such a shrewed eye for business will have much curses and enemies from all those who lost out to him, no ? 

And this former dictator and ex-premier was one of them sore losers who "gambled" and lost BUT with the rakyat's money. Now this MahaFiruan cannot redeem himself from his mistake but instead whines and hurls all sorts of lies and accusations at Soros, a man who turned out smarter and out-foxed the old racist and corrupt ex-premier who now has this to say...."A vote for the opposition is a vote for Soros, the rogue currency trader..( read all about it here )

Hahahahahahaha !        

Friday, October 05, 2012

Najib's 1Malaysia...taken for a "cab"-ride !

We are the CHAMPIONS........we have made it again - 1numero uno !
Read all about our disgraceful front-line promoters of 1Malaysia  here  !

If I had my way, I'd gleefully shove a live snake up their arses. That's how pissed off I get whenever I hear of stories of our country's most important front-line promoters engaged to impress tourists and woo visitors to Malaysia. And trust me, I've heard alot. 

You might argue that I'm wrong to paint them all with 1brush, but I'm certain there are good cabbies, yes but they are as rare as a hippo with a hernia, right ? These Malaysian cabbies are a shameless lot, without any honour or integrity but will readily brake in heavy traffic to pick up "white" foreign tourists anytime. 

I heard my foreign lady friend complain that the minute the cab driver heard her heavily accented Pinoy English one afternoon, he decided to say he was not familiar with the route but "will try" and secretly hoped this foreign lady too was not. Imagine a city cab driver who did not know how to get to Jalan Ipoh from KL Sentral station. She ended up paying RM23 for a usual RM6 to RM8 ride. Does any authority tests cab-drivers location knowledge before issuing them a permit ? And what about some cabbies not using the meters ? kaneeneh....!

Complain to the authorities I prompted her but she replied with a shrug "you kidding me ?...would I get my refund back for the difference ?". Opps.....we do have a "taxi" minister in the prime minister's department, no ? I secretly had to agree and pushed no further.

So there you go Malaysians. Just take a good look at the charts and don't forget to view the video too in the link. 
Sybas 1Malaysia....shame on you bad and rotten cabbies !  

Monday, September 24, 2012

a bridge too far !

I'm sure you would have driven around Putrajaya and admired most of all the many splendorous monoliths, buildings and bridges. Bridges that linked one side of the lake to the other. Millions if not billions have been spent ! After-all it was one man's utopian dream to build mega-buildings using tax-payers money to leave a mark of his 22 years of ruthlessly dictatorship and in power.

Many a contractor became an over-night millionaire by being a part of this mega-project. Millions of tax-payers money were spent, to some foolishly to others as a need to keep up with the rest of the developed countries. Putrajaya  was even labelled a "white elephant" by critics and some even called it "Banglacity", perhaps referring to the hundreds of Bangladeshis who worked there and spent their off days roaming the almost deserted city. 

I must admit the architecture and spacious road planning is commendable, but what caught my eye is this bridge in the photos above. You will notice that this bridge has no road connected nor tarmac and ends abruptly with both sides hanging on air. It is ridiculous to think why on earth this bridge was even built in the first place. It does not "connect" to any side and thick under-growth on one side with huge cables dangling with no real purpose. 

Does anybody really cared if we have here an "abandoned" project by an absconded contractor ? I'm sure somebody has the answers or is answerable. Or maybe nobody cared because they were diverted to looked at all those other humongous buildings around or maybe, just maybe this huge bridge looked perfectly okay from a distance, no ?   

Now the question of why, who, what and how and it demands  answers. Who's accountable ? Tun Mahathir ?  Ain't that a shame ?

*click on pictures for larger view.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Who's minding the kids ?

Time: @ 3:05am
Location: Changkat Alor, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. ( to be continued.....later)

Okay folks, here's the story....How does it feel when you are "emotionally" blackmailed by kids as young as your own kids ? Children who have to go to school the next morning need a good sleep for at least 8-10 hours. And here in the pictures above are wide-eyed kids who tug at your sleeves and heart begging you to buy single stalks of roses for RM10 each so that they can go home to sleep at 4 in the morning and then off to school at 6-30 am.

Crooked syndicates engage these innocent and stateless Myanmar children who carry a UNCHR card and pay them pittance to peddle flowers to  drunken patrons both tourists and locals, in bars and restaurants along the Changkat area these days. Just as you would have noticed handicapped Chinese adults crawling on their all-fours in busy wet markets in and around the Klang valley, these syndicates have a "tight" operation living off of helpless foreigners. It is these scums in syndicates who thrive on the plight of the unfortunate foreigner who came to this country looking for greener pastures or have themselves been victims of civil strife in their own countries. 

Whatever  the reason for their being in our country, should not the authorities do something about child labour ? It's always a busy stretch, this Changkat area. In fact this is the new Bangsar. And the police patrol this area in their cars every few hours daily. And they are blind ! Can you turn a blind eye to this children ? You now it's way past midnight and you see angelic little faces in neat and clean clothing and speaking decent English selling flowers to total strangers, and you still think it's okay for them to be out on the streets ? If perhaps it was your own child. Think ! And we have heard of corrupt old "pharaohs" sending flotillas laden with goodies to far-away places to save lives and yet wouldn't lift a finger to right the lives of displaced children in our own back yard. What a shame !

My friend KP would have spent about RM100 just buying those flowers and giving to the waitresses, just so these children can go back to their homes in Ampang about 8 kilometers away. He just couldn't bear the thought of kids working so late for so little. One kid even told us that she had to sell all the flowers ( sometimes as many as fifty ) allocated to her daily or she would have to face the wrath of the syndicate. But more often they say it was their mother who makes them go out and sell and sell these flowers to protect the syndicate. I do believe that is so.

See that evasive shifty-eyed fellow on the first picture ? That's Mohamad Hussein the care-taker to these girls daily. He's like the "mandore" who reports to the syndicate. 

Sleep tight and pleasant dreams Malaysians .....whilst these little children peddle their bouquets to enrich their syndicates till the wee hours of the morning. Good 9.                    

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hollywood, Bollywood, Pinewood and Mallywood

Desperate times demand desperate actions ! In this case "actions" should be read as "spins".
Have you noticed the latest high-lights in main stream media and pro-UMNO blogs the use of race and religion to create hatred and prejudices between the various races ? And certainly a temporary diversion from all their own on-going ills and problems within BN.

We have had a local movie producer,
Datuk Shuhaimi Baba ( fyi: incidently she is also the daughter of Ghafar Baba, who "fell from grace and favour" with that corrupt puppet-master and racist extraordinaire Mahathir and the former dead-wood Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia ) distorting the historical facts of that much used "fear-factor" and of slyly insinuating and reminding of racial clash between the races back in May 1969 and now as Tanda Putra. The review of this movie also subtly skirts on the crucial question of DAP's stalwart Lim Kit Siang "alleged pissing" on the the Malaysian flag in front of the then Chief Minister's house.

Then again the recent world-wide protests by Muslims condemning an idiotic, in poor taste, low budget, third rate, fictitious and unknown producers ( my personal review) of a Hollywood movie Innocence of Muslims, that insults and portrays the prophet Mohamad - peace be upon him - as a womaniser and a fool thus sparking fury and hatred in the hearts of good and ordinary Muslims everywhere including Malaysia, against any American.

UMNO's biggest fear today is losing Putrajaya to the Opposition and with their corrupt-ridden mega-ringgit scandals and the unsolved crimes against the ordinary Malaysian, defeat is inevitable.

So how do they counter that imminent fall ? Easy, just sow the seed of hatred against the non-Malays in the hearts of the ordinary Malays in the Opposition by using religion (as has been done time after time in previous elections ) to break away from the Opposition pact in religious frenzy to join BN. It has always been UMNO's hope that PAS would become an ally and to first break away from PR, due to religious favour over national administrative policies and priorities.

So UMNO again systematically engineers and exploits this stand (as has been done time after time in previous elections ) to pit the religion angle to anger the ordinary Malays in the Opposition. But for UMNO to think that the Malays in the Opposition especially in PAS would fall for that, is the biggest mistake and move so far. UMNO arrogant as always, still thinks the Malays in the Opposition are an ill-informed lot. They will have to probably re-think their strategy again. Sorry UMNO, it's pathetic you still think your manipulative ways will work and you have totally lost the plot.

And with todays "instant" social mediums available at your finger-tips, the ordinary Malays in the Opposition are not biting or buying your more bigoted views anymore. They can still read about all the atrocities you in UMNO ( for 54 long and dammed years !) have done and will readily demand for change no matter what you say or write. As for Sabah and Sarawak, even if UMNO dreamed of holding on their "fixed-deposit", they can forget about it and should wake up and apologise to all East Malaysians.

Happy Malaysia day to all true "Malaysian first" citizens.
I salute you ! Cheers