Monday, September 25, 2006

"Monkeys in suits"

No wonder our laws and rules are so easily ammended, bent or broken !

A minister in the Prime Minister's Department, has earned the name of "Speedy Gonzales" for running thru 84 page of replies, without giving any other MP's, a chance to seek clarification on the rubbish that was spewing, from his mouth. Yes, this same minister is also notorious for his racial slur, in parliament, not too long ago!

Fellow Malaysians, where did we go wrong ? Was it at the election booth ? Was it because we saw some potential 'qualities' in him ? Were we swayed, by his sweet promises, before election ?A young, honest and fair politician, who would champion our cause for equality and justice, regardless of our ethnic background, religion or the color of our skin ?

Grow up, all you ministers, and stop this arrogant attitude now, and don't forget, who put you there and what you are supposed to do! Yes , minister , SERVE the rakyat, justly and take time to listen to the silent whisper of your heart, during this holy month.
But most of all, minister, be HUMBLE !

It is very shameful to watch the prime news of the parliament, on the television, with your kids who are curious for explaination, as to the antics and behaviour of certain elected members of parliament.

That's when we feel we want to do a 'speedy gonzales' to our own kids !!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Feng Shui for UMNO !

Is the kris symbol in UMNO's party flag, the reason for disputes and instabilities, throughout the party's 60 years of existence ?
Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob, has proposed, the party should think of changing the symbol to a coin !!

I couldn't agree with him more ! Money is the only thing, those in power, within any political party are rooting for, and you know, with that, comes the power to buy oneself, 5 years of power and so as then to buy, another 5 years of power and yet again to buy another 5 years of power, and so on and so on !!!

Because, as Datuk Seri Adnan says, "a coin symbolises economy and it shows UMNO's effort to eradicate money politics".
You can only fight money with money... and economy, he is talking about here, should be read as power !

More importantly, maybe they should first, change the abbreviation of UMNO to something in Bahasa Melayu and not retain this english version , THEN, perhaps, something would change if, our local heros, change, from within themselves, to serve king, country and rakyat first !

If all else fails......... get a feng-shui master !

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Shocking....but I blame, the Enforcement Authority !

Strip the permits, suspend their licenses,cancell their PSV license and drag them to court like dogs, sorry,... dogs are beautiful and decent animals...haul them to court like buckets of s*** !!

That's what has to be done to these unscrupulous taxi drivers and their well dressed, touts! Shame on them for tarnishing, my beautiful nation's image ! I am sure they are, or must be foreigners posing, as Malaysians . If so, they must be jailed, caned and deported upon their term of sentence and at the same time, cancell the permit and summons the person, who the permits were, issued to !

And have the tourism minister, wrangle out of this situation, saying, 'semuanya ok' ! And don't tell me it happens all over the world, damnit!... I DON'T LIVE, ALL OVER THE WORLD ..... I LIVE HERE, IN MALAYSIA, MY HOME, OKAY !!

I was so ashamed of this episode, when my foreign friends, queried me, after read the report, in one english daily this morning, and I had to resort to this "foreigner" story to save the "Malaysian" face.

I'm very upset to write anymore... good night !