Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheers to the New Year 2010 !
Remember: If you're paaaarteying tonight...please don't drive ! Hail for one of our ever infamous "taxis" home ! Otherwise get a designated and "sober" driver to take you home !
And thank you for the valuable input/comment one and all !
Godbless !

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

of "favoured" looters of the nation.

And why not a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the missing jet engines and the "squandering" of the RM100 billion of the rakyat's money by the great Tun, as claimed in a book by the Australian Barry Wain, Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz , huh ? (read here )

What is there to hide ? Have we the citizens no right to know the truth ? We demand to know why this act of treason ( the jet engines) by the certain "defenders of the nation" was not brought to the firing squad ? We demand to know why it took so long to investigate and only now it became "accidental" public knowledge ? And don't tell us we don't have a right to know everything and pray tell me too why was a high-ranking General dismissed BUT without loosing his retirement benefits, in the jet engines debacle, why ? What kind of punishment was that ? That is transparency ? This is justice for selling the sovereign's military hard-ware ? I have said it was treason ( here ) before and nobody should be spared the firing squad, so why the kid-gloves for this "favoured" thieves/bandits/looters/plunderers ?

After all the great Tun himself has openly promised to cooperate fully with the commission, yes ? And why not as demanded by us, the tax-paying citizens of the country, as it is an obvious and open secret the suspicious credibility of our judiciary as nothing but a stooge and subservient to their paymasters bidding, right ? Can these wrongs be "righted" in a fair and just manner, independently ? So go the RCI way !

So Mr. Minister-in-the-Prime-Minister' can stop saying it is "rubbish" and listen to the rakyat, please, just LISTEN ! That's the least you can do as a responsible minister, okay ? Let's see some real heads "rock and rolling" in 2010....and don't forget we are still waiting for up-dates ( if there IS any) on the PKFZ, Khir Toyo, Samy Velu, MCA, Altantuya, PI Bala,Teoh Beng Hock and numerous other crimes and "cock-ups" brought to !

Don't get into a frenzy only when it comes to "little" non-issues concerning the Opposition to distract our attention from the many and real shenanigan's of the BN. You owe us, "rakyat" , answers !

Over to you Mr. Minister, In-the-Prime-Minister's-Department !

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not a very pretty picture huh ?

Here's wishing you a Blessed Christmas and I'm really looking forward to the New Year.....hmmmm...cos that's when more trash will be unearthed, more arrests of "innocents" perhaps ? More accusations, finger-pointing, denials and suing of individuals will be brought out in the open, evil deeds and thoughts done in the past will be exposed, the nations' integrity will be once again dragged through shit, past "crocked" and dubious deals involving cronyism and nepotism will be challenged, sodomy, C4, toothless judiciary, corruption, memory loss, murder, robbery, rape of individuals and the nation, bail-outs, embezzlement, siphoning-off from tax-payers coffers and not to forget the many mismanagement by government servants and of tax-paying "citizens-funded" vehicles like cars, trucks, ships submarines, planes and jets will be sitting pretty on the tarmac without engines or parts et cetera cetera ceteraaaaa .....sighhhhh !
Pheeew....what an exciting country we live in while we "entertain" the whole world !

All in all it was an "grand" year sprinkled with both good and bad news and it's only going to get more EXPLOSIVE come the new year of 2010 BUT I'm expressing my sincere gratitude to the Almighty God/Allah for surviving 2009 !

Can't wait for 2010 ! And in the meantime I thank you one and all as I raise my glass to you and "scream" at the top of my voice........CHEERS !

*see the Christmas tree above ? No shiny lights or colour and imagine "barb-wire" for trimmings ! That's what we've become now ! Sigh !

Saturday, December 19, 2009

we are the CHAMPIONS my friend....(sing to Queens' hit )

We now all know that in Malaysia everyone can fly...or so goes the catchy tag-line of a "no frills" air-line company.......but how many can steal an entire jet engine worth RM50 million of the country's proud air force and sell it to buyers outside of the country ? This is high treason ! (read here and here and tv smith's skewered version here )

Yes Malaysia Boleh ! Only in Malaysia can such dubious "transactions" take place. And how, pray tell me, did this engine get past all those various exit points, really baffles me ! And this robbery took place in a high security air base by some who swore and pledged allegiance to sovereign and country ! And this is quietly being reported only now ! Hmmmmm....of course lah they'll say this case was still under investigation and blah,blah,blah ! Maybe they were too embarrassed to let the tax-paying citizens know the of such bloopers !! Shy lah !
And this, according to one Armed Forces chief Gen Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin is only the "tip of the iceberg" ! Hmmmm ! More to come ?

We have before lost an entire arsenal of deadly military weapons by men dressed-up as bogus officers from a military base to wage war against us, yes ? Perhaps next we will see only the periscope of a docked Scorpeon proudly sticking out of the water....not realising that the entire submarine below is missing.....but then again we won't know of that till a year later, will we ???

Malaysians.....truly we are CHAMPIONS !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Blast from the past !

Just re-discovered this paper from my "time capsule" dated Wednesday 28th. October 1987 ! Very interesting read ! Hmmmmm....! Wonder how many of you remember ?
(click on picture for larger view )

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

is racism second nature to us ?

Even if it is a weak attempt for damage control coming from one who himself was in the middle of a controversies ..... I think it is good and I must agree with Nazri just this one time ! (read here and here )

Hey...for the great Tun who was instrumental in creating this monster "racist" module called BTN and to talk about history now is so "1989", man. He fashioned this BTN curriculum in the guise of patriotism of only Malays and not all Malaysians who were born here and to still hang on to the "Tanah Melayu" and the "ketuanan Melayu" is so totally passe' ! He said that when the history of Malaysia was discussed during the BTN courses , it would be mentioned that the country was once called "Tanah Melayu" !

Now what about the Orang Asli and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak ? Will they be rejected as Malaysians if they demanded otherwise ? Why stop at "Tanah Melayu" ....why not go back ( here ) in history up to Langkasuka, Chola and Srivijaya eras ?? Are these ethnic natives not the original sons of the soil ? Is it not "tanah asli" ? It is easy now for the retired Tun who in his time did his fair share of damage for 22 years in pitting each race with the "us" and "them" split and successfully kept this country on the brink of civil strife where unity was concerned, yes ? Reminders of May 13 is still vivid in everyone minds....thanks to the propaganda churned out before every general election !

Why do these participants need a lesson in "history" in these camps, anyways ? Are they such fools who have been taught wrong in schools ? Of course "history" as we know is always in the clutches of the ruling party....and in theirs alone to manipulate and distort as they please, right ?

So Nazri, for once you are right to tell all "racists" to back-off....and if there's a glimmer of hope yet left for you !

Friday, December 04, 2009

What's wrong with this picture ?

Picture with permission and courtesy of t.v. smith. (click here for better viewing of picture No. 7 and more)

Thursday, December 03, 2009

BT Express-Revisited.

Muhyiddin has defended the BTN courses. — File pic

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27I am one of the privileged few to have attended a local public university and learned the meaning of hate, thanks to the ever popular Biro Tata Negara.

All undergraduates were forced to attend this programme or else they would not be eligible for graduation.

The BTN under the Prime Minister’s Department brought in “intellectual” speakers who were supposed to enlighten the students about the meaning of being a Malaysian but instead it felt more like a communist propaganda camp brainwashing those attending about the importance of “Ketuanan Melayu”.

The camp would usually take place during the weekends. Students would have to register early in the morning and the programme would last the whole day.

The organisers were always on their guard, asking participants to show their student identification cards each time they entered the hall, fearing the presence of outsiders.

In the hall, students were asked to turn off their mobile phones.

During the lectures, questions were planted among the audience and the students were advised not to ask any other questions.

One speaker began with the history of Malaysia and how much the country had gone through, always emphasising the May 13 riots.

He stressed the point of how much the Malays had sacrificed and how the community should be united especially from outside threat — the Chinese community.

He said that the Chinese community were “the Jews of Asia” and were just itching to take over when Malays were disunited and broken.

The speaker also revealed a greater Chinese conspiracy where the Chinese Malaysians were working together with Singapore to topple the Malay government.

“Do you want to become like the Malays in Singapore?” he asked.

He also went so far as to criticise Malay girls for dating boys from other races.

He added that they should not be cheap and embarrass their families.

Once, a student told the speaker that as Muslims, we should also respect other races who are also Muslims.

“All Muslims are Malays so it does not matter if they are Chinese or Indians. If they are Muslims then they are Malays,” the speaker replied.

This is why I was relieved when I learned that the Selangor government had moved to ban its civil servants, employees of state subsidiaries and students at state-owned education institutions from attending any BTN courses with immediate effect.

However I believe racism in varsities does not end at BTN because classrooms have also become victims of ignorant scholars.

My friend was verbally abused during his sociology class when he did not agree with the points made by his lecturer.

“You must be DKK,” the lecturer told him.

“What is DKK?” he asked.

“You must be darah keturunan keling (descendents of Indians),” the lecturer said, pointing to his dark skin.

My Saudi friend was also shocked by the comments made by his lecturer in his Islamic civilisation class.

“We should save our Orang Asli from the Chinese people. They are like the Palestinians and the Chinese are Israel. We must fight the Jews,” the lecturer told his students.

The lecturer even failed one of his students in his oral exam when he quoted a Western scholar in his presentation.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are a Muslim and should only use Islamic scholars,” he scolded the student.

I was personally saddened when my Islamic law lecturer compared Christianity to Head & Shoulder’s 3 in 1 shampoo in referring to the religion’s Holy Trinity.

I feel that racism has been institutionalised in our country and that BTN is only the tip of the iceberg.

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin defended BTN yesterday and claimed that it was not racist but is line with the 1 Malaysia concept.

I have to humbly disagree and would like to suggest maybe the ministers should bring their overseas children home and let them have a taste of what BTN is.

What more can I say about BTN and the "designers" behind it ? The above article appeared in The Malaysian Insider.( for the comments section click here )