Wednesday, August 30, 2006

National Service- Holding Rakyats at ransom !

National Service Programme needs an additional RM9 million yearly! The increase is for the purchase of weapons and ammunitions !!

Imagine that kind of " money to blow" by kids, coming out of tax-payers pockets! Did I not also hint, in an earlier posting, 'if someone will profit from such dubious suggestions, arrangements and purchases'? did not take long, for the board of organisers, to hatch plans, that could make millionaires, overnight, all at the expense of the innocent citizens !
Incidently, tell me something...huh...what do these kids do with their issued uniforms, beret,belt, boots, sock, and the M16's, et cetera, et cetera, after their 3 months stint ?
Do they return these to the 'camp wardens' or are they allowed to keep, as souvenirs ? Meaning there's a constant on-going flow of "orders" for the same and from the same, by the organisers, right ??

Instead of purchasing the real mccoy, why not give these kids 'paint-ball' weapons ! least it will not be a burden, to us, tax-payers, and there won't be any major 'accidental' shootings in camps or worst still, we see an increase in toll rates !!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Marriage of the Year.....this ??"

I flip the pages of a daily tabloid and my heart sickens at headlines like "Suffering continues amid peace efforts"and "Children- victims of war" et cetera, et cetera et cetera...

And elsewhere, on some local celebrity page, we read about the millions of ringgits splashed for a wedding by a Dato' (mind you, he's an old hand at marriages, his second !! ) to a local diva. By now, I pretty sure, everyone knows the breakdown and costs of expenditure, to the said all honesty, I think I will be happy for the newly-weds....if.........(see para 4 ...)

By the way am I right to say that a "diva" is a famous person, well known, all over the civilised world ? I wonder why, we, so stupidly, refer our local artist/actors, who are known only in Malaysia, sometimes to a few Indonesians or Singaporeans or maybe, sometimes, be invited(for diplomatic reasons ,I beleive) to sing, at the Royal Albert Hall in London, be accorded the title "diva"?

Supposing...just supposing, all that money spent or splashed, had been channelled into, say, a few rumah yatims or shelter homes here in Malaysia , or even to the war ravaged, children of Timore Leste or Lebanon and Palestine or to the 'tsunami hit' orphans of Indonesia, my blessing and respect to this 'diva' and her hubby would have been intact and also, maybe, even a few broken-hearted 'romeos' who, would have had a crush, on this 'diva' prior, to the announcement of marriage, would not be considering suicide !
But what are they trying to prove or who are they showing-off to ? Are they trying to "ape" that much talked about Royal wedding in England many, many years ago, which ended in a bitter divorce and death of the other in an accident? "Touch-wood", I would never wish, such ill-will for this couple, honestly !

And my, my,...that very same television station pleading for funds and pledges for quake, flood, fire or any other natural disaster hit country, bragging of the coverage, this "marriage of the year"is seeking !

I would still say....supposssssssiiiinnnnggggg !!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Berkhidmat untuk Negara

In Johor Baru, two protesters who took part in an "illegal" street assembly were detained soon after it ended. Isn't 4 persons or more gathered in public 'illegal'? This was reported today in the Star.

How can a gathering of around 1,000 citizens, peacefully, carrying placards, expressing their concern for their safety and for the increase of police surveillance in their vicinity, be "taking the law in their own hands"?.... when its the police who are always complaining that, there is no co-operation and support from the tax-paying citizens ? And this included many former snatch-theft victims, appealing (though it should "be DEMANDING") for more police patrols, after an 18 year old, part-time student and salesgirl, Chang Shu Chen, was robbed and murdered in broad daylight !

For all the wrong reasons, the police are always on the defensive, if their laziness is high-lighted by anyone, most especially by law-abiding and tax-paying citizens !
For a cause such as this, it should be the police, who should be hauled up for questioning for "non-presence," by the citizens !!

Majulah Polis-" berkhidmat untuk negera"!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

"Randy-Dandy Jais Officers"

Jais officer charged with sex offences!!

I'm not laughing, I'm very angry! That was the caption in the papers yesterday, that had me asking,"Who in the blessed world gave this 21 year old 'misfit' the power to 'settle' issues with regards to khalwat ?
Ignorant,humilated and frightened that this young, 22 year old, woman in question may have been, but to be put her through the ordeal of satisfying the lust of one bloody officer as an inducement to let her off the hook...and it happened in the 'safest of places 'IN THE JAIS OFFICE ITSELF!!!... hmmm... ini sudah lebihlah!!! Shame on you !

Did I say just one officer ? Or has this been happening at all levels of the entire department, all along, and that it has never been brought out in public?
How can this 'sex maniac' conduct raids in the first place ? Correct me if I'm wrong, is it not a syariah rule that you need 4 persons of credible reputation as witnesses in a 'khalwat' to bring charges against the accused ?? And this 'maniac' is one of them.. huh ?

This same office also conducts raids at other entertaintment outlets through-out the country, where alcohol and skimpily dressed female(ladies.. No offence,please...with all due respect, just trying to make a comparison here !) patrons are clearly visible...right ? Now my assumption is ....'semuanya boleh kautimkan lah' with these randy officers!

It has happened before and these guardians of 'moral high' are in the limelight again. Re-think the whole agenda and idea of that Department please !
Do we, Malaysians in the first place, need this Department ?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

MY favorite watering-hole...!

Do you have a favourite watering-hole or joint you'd love to be, on any given day?
I have, and yes, these past 12 years or more, it's been The National Press Club or NPC for short !

I'm sure, if you are a blogger, by now you would have heard of this little club for journalist on the end of Jalan Tangsi, near the rear entrance to Bukit Aman.

It is a members' club and there are rules to abide to, and this place has seen many changes in the form of caterers, renovations and landscape.
But most of all, this place has seen it's fair share of 'regulars' who would come here to unwind and meet up with friends of other media, be it electronic or print,for a few pints, shoot some pool, throw some darts or croak a few songs on the karaoke machine, late in the evenings .

This place is also used by big corporations to hold 'media-nites' in appreciation for the good working relationship between them.

As for me I like this place because of its people who actually make-up to be decent friends over time. No pretence required!!
Now you know why I call it MY favourite watering-hole !

Let me hear of yours!