Wednesday, October 31, 2007

good cops..bad cops !

Just when you thought with "extra" police presence, it was safer to walk the streets of Kuala Lumpur...........all hope crushes will this story in the Malay Mail today!!(read here )

So 5 cops (read Government servants ) who have sworn allegiance to up-hold the "Rukunegara" of the country and to serve and protect the public from all things harmful and without fear or favor, have themselves turned crooks ! WHY....WHAT ? They were picked-out in an identification parade by the victim BUT police are "tight-lipped" of the results ! hmmm... I wonder WHY ? One of the suspects has had disciplinary problems and is currently suspended from active duties ! WHY and WHAT for ? The suspects whose remand order ended yesterday were released on bail ! Say WHAT ? But WHY ? And HOW come ?

Now the police are hot on the trail of the master-mind....a civilian and have yet to recover the RM50,000.00 ! Can you blame me for being "sick" after reading stories like this ? And more really disturbs me to know that they are out there on the streets.... on bail and free ! Too many times we have heard of tampering and/or intimidating of evidence and/or complainants !

We have seen the speed the police nabbed these suspects...... only to set them free again....but now let's see if "justice is served " for the poor victim ! In the meantime can somebody answer all of the above questions ???

Monday, October 29, 2007

de facto law minister !

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz- I am lost for words to describe him nor his "intelligence" !
So just go on and read lawyer Malik's add-on (bold) take- here or Rocky's joker of the day- here ! This minister is a permanent fixture in my "rogues' gallery" !
While Rocky wants to laugh...........I want to laugh and puke at the same time !

Friday, October 26, 2007

God will punish you, Datuk Bad and Rud Din !

Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai)

Another monkey-in-suit has open his filthy trap and insulted all physically challenged human-beings of this world ! (read here ) Are YOU...... yes, YOU people of Jerai and the rest of us Malaysians, going to vote for this foul-mouthed and poor excuse of a member of parliament in the next GE ?

Karpal irked Datuk Badruddin Amiruldin (BN-Jerai) when he remarked that there was little hope of seeing courtesy and good manners in the house......"The Jerai MP is notorious for using foul language".....An angry Badruddin shouted back at Karpal. "You are no better. Calling us (BN MPs) animals... you insult people. Now you are sitting in a wheel chair. God has punished you."

This is how our elected morons continue to speak in the august house...huh ? Shame, shame, shame...!!! And folks the list is growing in my "rogues' gallery !

Have a good week-end and reflect on the words this bad and rude representative from Jerai has for all of you, whose lives are spent in a wheel-chair ! Or you who has a "near and dear" one in a wheel-chair ! Ooooops...... almost must have sinned terribily, right?
God bless you !

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hidup Bangsa Malaysia !!

(this post is almost entirely"copied&pasted" from zorro's blog, folks ! Cheers !)

Event : Malam Bangsa Malaysia
Date : 3rd November, 2007
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : Room A, Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang.

There will be a norminal charge of RM10 per person to cover rental and refreshment costs.
The event can only accommodate 200 people and attendance is by invitation.
The organising team has also put together a forum entitled ‘One People, One Nation’ which is open to all who are registered to attend the get-together later that night.
The forum is scheduled to start at 5pm. Registration will start at 4.30pm.

Speakers for the forum are :
1. Dato Lim Chong Keat (pending confirmation)
2. Khoo Kay Peng (independent political analyst)
3. Malik Imtiaz Sarwar
4. Haris Ibrahim

You can read about the KL Bangsa Malaysia get-together here and here.
What you need to do to get an invitation
Firstly, as places are limited, please be sure that you can attend before you ask for the invitation.

If you are very sure that you can make it, please send an e-mail to
In your email, please provide the following details :
1. Name (as per IC) and IC number
2. Contact number
3. A little bit about yourself ( where you’re from, what you do ). Also tell us what your feelings are about the last fifty years of independance and what your hopes are for the coming fifty years. Also, share your thoughts on what you think needs to be done to make the aspiration of one people, one nation a reality in Malaysia.

All e-mails will be replied.
All particulars furnished will be treated with utmost confidence.
Meanwhile, please help to spread this event to bloggers, non-bloggers, students, uncles, aunties, activists, NGOs and any Malaysian! During dinner we will screen the award-winning Fahmi Reza's
Sepuluh Tahun Sebelum Merdeka. Fahmi has agreed to be at hand to interact with the participants.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All hail the hero !

A heart warming story of an individual who selflessly saves people he hardly goes the testimony of survivors ( read here and here) of this young wire man's brave deeds in the recent "Seagull Express II ferry fire, off the resort island of Tioman during the Hari Raya festivities.
S. Krishnamoorthy, 19, was said to have single-handedly saved 18 people. Good to know his "shinning example" has restored a renewed surge of faith in the young people of today, where mat-rempits rule !
But what bothers me most now is the fact that nothing has far as safety of passengers using these sloppily managed ferries to travel to the resorts and all the cheap talk of the authorities to come down hard following the fire ! I read in the papers in days following the tragedy, ferry operators (whether legal or otherwise !) STILL take full loads of holiday-makers, packed like cattle, without any life-jackets and throwing caution to the winds, at all island resorts all over Malaysia !! Is "safety-first and scrutiny of operating licenses" only confined to a particular port of accident ??
Such is the state of urgency in this here, land of ours, Malaysia..........everyone, most especially the politicians, jump like monkeys on a hot tin roof and come out with their best rehearsed-lines in giving their 2 cents worth of "idle" philosophy and then.......whooooooosh..... we are quickly coerced to focus our attention from this incident to other situations......and we, the "suffering and stupid citizens" eagerly look forward for more sensational drama played out by government servants in authorities and so-called "esteemed" members of the august house ! It is so easy to screw a tax-paying Malaysian !
But for now let us salute this local hero for his unselfish gesture of putting his life, in the face of danger, to save another !
Cheers S. Krishnamoorthy, I'll drink to your generous act of courage !

Friday, October 19, 2007

Real and present danger !

It's been 1 month and 2 days today since little Nurin's body was found in a sports bag or 1 day shy of 2 months since she was abducted near her Wangsa Maju house ! And in the Malay Mail today the police are still investigating and have yet to confirm any real suspect or suspects directly linked to the macabre and gruesome murder ! Some comfort.....huh ! Promises...promises...!

Which brings us to uneasily admit that "THIS SICKO OF A SCUM-BAG IS STILL FREE AND IS WALKING AMONGST US, TODAY" !! Doesn't it bother you to know that your kids are in a very clear and real danger every minute of the day ?
Fellow blogger, my dear Nuraina Samad has some really good advice and suggestions as to the setting-up of NurinAlert, fashioned after AmberAlert ( Amber stands for America's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response ) and my advice to everyone of you concerned, and most especially Shahrizat and her ministry, is to kick-start this project with genuine conviction and not half-hearted !
I, for one hope that this "bucket of shit" is captured and that the police are a department of substance (yeah right !... if any ?) and not just as usual hoping to divert our attention, yet again, to other trivial things, and for which they are now famous for ! Sheeesh !

Monday, October 15, 2007

How many more fools ??

It had all the ingredients for a perfect disaster.....long predicted on this blog, (see here ), not that I was praying and hoping for anything to happen.....but it is even harder to come to grips with the idiotic "fools" responsible for this tragedy !
Here, "fools" are in reference to the idiotic authorities who allow the blatant abuse and total lack of safety precautions implemented, coupled by corrupt government servants both in the state and federal levels !
Now if only these morons had been strict in enforcing the law instead of wasting tax-payers money on beautification or had read my blog and paid attention.
Now try and explain to the families of the dead that this accident was an act of God and that their life was fated to end this way !!!
To the rest of you in the boating business in the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia.......sleep well !

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now we've sent a man into orbit...what next ?

Yeees ! We are finally a "outer-space travelling nation" ! We are way up there in our region when it comes to being "first" ! I must say "kudos" to our angkasawan Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar are the envy of all and I'm proud you are a Malaysian !

Billions have been spent, yes, in the acquiring of Sukoi air crafts deal in contra for "palm-oil" and a promise of a space participant over an agreed period....all good for the image of the "Malaysia Boleh" tag-line .

So now what...? What do we do next ? When this "poster-boy looking" good doctor returns ? Is he going back to his orthopedic practise ? Or will he be starting a "space-programme "ala Malaysia" fashioned somewhere along the National Service program ? He would be "open" to opportunists cashing on him to make a quick "monetary" killing ! Or have the scheming started already ? Would he be awarded a "datukship"......surely we must accord him that at cannot get higher then where this doctor has been, right ! is befitting him ! Our very own man in space and a jolly dashing one too !

Whatever the skeptics say, we won't be sending another cosmonaut or astronaut or "can-or-not" to space in the near future, due to the very, very high costs involved..... so for now I'll raise a glass of my favorite drink and pray for Dr. SMS's highly educational space experience and safe return..... curiously, would he be paraded from school to school, giving talks/lectures to our future generation of budding space-enthusiasts ?? He must teach them early to harness their interest of his "out-of-the-world" expierence !
Cheers to Dr. Sheikh and to all "A Blessed Ramadan " and peace to all men of goodwill !
*photo courtesy of tv smith.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Is Pak Lah reading my blog ?

Why do I get a funny feeling Pak Lah has been secretly reading my blog-site, huh ?? Hmmm...listen people, a lot of fellow bloggers and I have been repeatedly harping on these very issues in many a post...and today, the good Hadari PM has finally awoken from his deep slumber and is mouthing the exact adjectives I have been exhaustively posting in many a post here and elsewhere !

Good man, this PM of ours (read the full NST report here ), finally making some sense and soon the entire cabinet will parrot these brave words.....“We do not want to pretend and say that everything is okay. We do not want to be in a state of denial. Tell the truth, even if it is painful.".....and... He criticised those who were trapped in the mindset of turning everything into a racial or religious issue.

Well done, my good and holy PM , thank you for those strong and refreshing words and I sincerely pray in this holy month of Ramadan, these strong words don't just remain mere words but are actually put into motion and reality, starting with your cabinet !

I did give fair warning to all hypocrites, pretenders, plunderers and parasites their day of reckoning will come....didn't I ? So there you warned !

Friday, October 05, 2007

Remake of "thriller" and others !

I was browsing through "youtube" and guess what...chanced upon this old classic...guess the 'MalayMale' had this posted on his blog a long long time ago but then again, hey ! why not...made me laugh off my ass over and's good therapy.....better still if you'd pump-up the volume and dance to it !!!

Exclusively for your viewing pleasure....and have a nice week-end's been a depressing week for most of us with all the crap floating out of mouths of our good politicians.....! Take a break from it all....sit back and...enjoy !

Cheers !

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"Bootylicious" gives Malaysia the boot !

Even the Arabs would stage walk-outs and kick you in the arse if belly-dancers were told to conform to dress-codes or "cover-ups" as is the case of our "holier-than-thou" moral up-holders of Malaysia !!
And that is why Beyonce has told the organisers to shove their 1st. November show, in a place where the sun don't shine and opted to perform in the world's most populated muslim country-Indonesia ! (read here and here ! )
Where are we heading and what is wrong with our authorities ?? Why the hypocrisy over this girl's art on stage ? And mind you, all those hypocrites involved would have ogled and salivated at her dancing and skimpy dressing almost everyday on the Astro entertainment channel, before coming to this decision, right ?
Just because Gwen Stefani complied to that silly "cover-up" ruling..... they thought they won and were right in their decision.........well, morons you are so.... so wrong and this girl, who doesn't even have to go by her surname (that's how famous she is !) has cancelled her show in Kuala Lumpur....hahaha !!! Shame, shame, shame on Malaysia for being so narrow-minded ! Can we not be dragged into the dark ages again and again ??
The organisers are in a dilemma.....though tickets were not sold yet, but what a shame....another loss of a great world-class entertainer who by-passes Malaysia just because of a very small group in authority (read perverts !) decided her show will lead our youth to moral decadence and increase sex crimes in the arse...where have you clowns been ? Or is this also a "political mileage" move, favoring someone ??.... just speculating ! With or without Beyonce, more heinous sex crimes have triple-folded, you idiots ! We, the right-minded Malaysians must stand up to these "bigots" and tell them we are matured enough and don't need anyone to decide on our behalf, whats good for us and what's not ! Enough is enough ! Sheesh are these perverts walking around with perpetual hard-ons ??
I was told Gwen Stefani was in awe and envy, whilst she was performing here last (all covered-up !) at the sight of our audience...... cos the audience came dressed like how she normally dressed in the telly ! Malaysia's loss is Indonesia's gain indeed......and that, people, is a great shame !
Try explaining that to your 10 or 19 year old she won't be going for the Beyonce concert in Kuala Lumpur !