Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sub judice?

Rocky vs NSTP + Kali-Hisham-CEO-Brenden
Blogger Ahirudin Attan, who runs Rocky's Bru and is the President of the National Press Club, will return to the High Court at Wisma Denmark tomorrow (9 am) to respond to the plaintiffs' claim of sub judice (with regards to comments left by posters in response to two of his postings made between the time he was served the writ to the hearing of the case last Thursday).

The people at Shearn, however, might have overlooked something very serious in the case.

It seems moNSTer blog, the NSTP's contribution towards the blogosphere, has been discussing the case quite actively. No prizes for guessing who the "commentors" in the NST's blog are rooting for.

Did someone say sub judice?

Click here for what NSTP has been up do in print. And here, too.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the case against 2 Malaysian Bloggers !!

The wheels of justice will be put into motion starting today!! And this morning I'm lighting a candle for 2 Malaysian bloggers !
Rocky of rockybru fame and Jeff Ooi of screenshots , both independent bloggers in Malaysia have been sued by a mainstream newspaper 'piggy-backing' 4 other individuals, for defamation and libel or so they say...!.
What happens after this morning's press conference scheduled for 11'clock by the bloggers is going to go down in blogging history and forever alter our 'obsolete' cyberlaws and that of laws everywhere in the blogging world ! All eyes are on Malaysia !
The entire blogging community NOT just here in Malaysia but the world over is rallying behind these 2 NOW very famous Malaysian bloggers, as this has already been dubbed by many a "David(s) and Goliath case".
To bloggers the world over..."stand tall and we invite you to walk with us as we walk with Rocky and Jeff and as ONE !!!
"Long live our bloggers and God bless "! Amen.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who killed Cock Robin ?...another "first" !

"Happy Maal Hijrah to all my muslim friends"

It is indeed trying times here in Malaysia, where we are once again creating another 'first' and as usual for all the wrong reasons ! We the "thinking" citizens and bloggers apologise to the rest of the world for drawing so much of cheap attention with this national stunt!

Imagine a mainstream newspaper The New Straits Times (NST) is actually suing two very popular and independent bloggers Ahirudin Attan@ Rocky and Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun, who collectively have a bigger readership, if not individually ! This cheap stunt was the work of one of five plaintiffs in a legal suit, who,I guess, jealous and afraid to go it alone dragged the NST, which employs him and 3 others into the fry, to make a grand 'killing' of these two bloggers! In my opinion I think the newspaper was a party solely to foot the huge impending legal costs for this suit !

And me thinks the masters (UMNO) that run this paper have got their hands tied behind thier backs and the share-holders have "no say" in this matter !

Newspapers should be the information tool for public opinion where the citizens can read , comment, criticize and/or compliment news and newsmakers alike and not to sue anyone for writting about the truth ! This is our right !, right ? It certainly goes against the very purpose of free speech and freedom to speak your mind and all those other international conventions, our country's highest lawmakers attended and proudly put their signatures on ! Ha ha ha !!!

In that light I think the NST( I have very dear and honest friends employed now,with this paper !) should never have been dragged into a personal fight by an individual against another individual, be it a blogger or a tax paying citizen !

On this end the NST has made 2 bloggers very famous, and whatever the out-come of this legal suit is, the reputation of the newspaper (if it does have any !) will be tainted as the bullying bad boy and these bloggers the 'heroes' of cyberworld !All because of one man's frustration and craze for power !

While this is "Visit Malaysia Year" we can now divert tourists and visitors to the High Court of Kuala Lumpur on the 25th. of January 2007 to show them what we are good at but not boasted or bragged about in the travel brochures - making another ..... "first" (read)!

To Rocky and Jeff... I am with TRUTH and.......Godspeed !!

STOP PRESS : My family and I take this opportunity to congratulate Datuk Syed Nadzri Syed Harun Al Jafree (NST Group Editor.) and his family on the bestowing of Datuk Setia Diraja Kedah in conjunction with the 79th birthday celebration of the Sultan of Kedah, today ! Syabas Datuk !

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rocky ! Rocky ! Rocky !

" It is any day better to stand erect with a broken and bandaged head than to crawl on one's belly in order to be able to save one's head."- Gandhi (1925) or

"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history"- Gandhi (1938) extracted from "Quotes of Gandhi" by Shalu Bhalla.
My brother, Rocky has been served with some court papers restraining him from blogging by 4 persons (behind a mainstream newspaper) who feel he talks too much..! Well... why not if it is honest and true ? You go on.... man !
Are we to be deprived of the truth ? Can we rely on the government run newspapers and electronic media alone ? The government of today brags of promises of democracy, freedom to practise of faiths, transperancy, freedom of speech and equality to all men....errhmm.
We the bloggers here in Malaysia and the whole world ( yes, the whole world, brother !) are closely following the oppression of Malaysian bloggers by the powers that be ! And thanks to the Malaysian government, Rocky, you are now WORLD FAMOUS in Malaysia !!!

And in closing this one by the great Gandhiji (1924) is very appropriate..
" For me every ruler is alien that defies public opinion"
Cheers ! And keep your head up Bro !

Saturday, January 13, 2007

815, Maxwell Road, Assam Kumbang, Taiping, Perak.

There was Kamal and Sharif @ Yape, at the start of the road, Hussain (this guy actually looked like a young Paul MacCartney!) and Nordin, across the road, in front of our house, the twins Dorai and Thava living next door to Kamal and Norman and Gee further round the bend and there was Kasi too, close to where my brother, Georgie and I lived. And during the school holidays my cousins, Benny and Martin, from Pokok Assam, will join us. We were all, the below 15 group, then.

At any point of time or day, anyone of us could walk into anyone of our neighbour's houses,( we never had any use for fences or gates or locked doors !!) help ourselves to the food in the kitchen, 'lepak' with the rest of the brothers or sisters, greet uncle or aunty in english (everyone spoke english back then !) and then head to the 'padang' to play football or kite or gasing or shoot with our "lastick" or catapult ( mind you, we made our own "lastick" and gasing (tops), from the, now near extinction, "tebusu tree") or marbles or just ran like mad kids all over, then when tired-out, head back home to bathe, eat, study (very little) and drop-off to sleep (hardly any family could afford a television set back then- remember we were kids of government servants !).

Not one of us actually noticed or emphasised our religious or ethnic background ! In short no one was even questioned or spoken to of our religious beliefs. But every family had an unspoken care and respect for all the kids on Maxwell Road.

It was a typical road, housing families whose parents worked with the government, and that was where I was brought up, in the formative years of my life, back in the 60's. The boys would be playing together, the girls will meet every day in the evenings to talk. And there were different groups doing different things together, not by race but by the age group they belonged !

Most of us walked to school together and we were never taught anything about unity in school because there was never a need to do so. Unity was ours for FREE ! We were all, only taught "moral" in our school !
Wherever you are, God bless the guys who lived and played on Maxwell Road !

Friday, January 12, 2007

Renovations, face-lift or make-over.....anyone?

Ahhh...this is so good...hmmm... and even as you read this post... YOU have been checked-in on my site meter, and here you don't have to pay a cent to surf, unlike old Samy's toll-metered, traffic jammed highways.....ahhahh.. yes, as you can see, my blogsite has had a major face-lift . Decorated with a site meter, linked to some really good blogs (beleive me !), has even been fitted with a 'stop press' link of ever changing hot and latest head-lines from Mysen News. And all this renovations/make-over to my blogspot, took place at my favorite watering hole, around 2 a.m. today ! That's really cool !

And you can now comment or read the comments by clicking 'comment' or without closing the page by clicking on the permanent link i.e. click on the time at the end of the post !

Hey, why am I telling you all this ? You probably know all about blogs already ,...but I must confess this is all so new to an old man like me and I'm really excited, you know !

And now a great big "THANK YOU" to Terrance V. Smith or more popularly known as T.V. Smith of Dua Sen blog fame, my site designer !

This must be mid-life crisis I'm experiencing or what ? Speaking of which, anyone heard whats brewing on in rocky's and jeff ooi's blogs ??

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Holding our kids at Ransom...again !

Who dictates the education system in our country and why do we have to disclose personal information( here ) to heads of schools ? Why do I have to pay to private companies ? Is not education a responsibility of the government too? Is someone else cashing-in on the innocents ?

I had the same questions when I went to pay my 10 year old daughters' school fees yesterday at her school in Old Klang Road.

Why do the Education Ministry people make Takaful Insurance (a private insurance company ) payment of RM1.50 per pupil mandatory ? Is not Takaful Malaysia a private entity ? And was this entity not the same body who decreed muslims from wishing/greeting other races during the various religious festivities ? Are they not ashamed to now go and collect millions of ringgits from school children of "other" races ? And why do we have to pay to Takaful in the first place when I have provided for my daughter with more than enough insurance coverage? Many a parent are too tired to question the PTA as they are afraid of adverse victimisation of their kids by teachers and heads of schools ( trust me... everything happens in Malaysia.. lets not pretend it does'nt...okay ??) !! That's why for my daughter's sake, I cannot mention here, the school or the head-master I spoke to !

Who in Takaful dictates the Education Ministry these terms and policies as mandatory ? As the head-master of my daughters school lamented to me "If you don't pay ah... I must pay from my own pocket...... you knowww... ahh? diswan is directive from the ministry lah...surely I kena... I must comply or else.... !"

Looks like someone in Takaful has a damn good grip of the Education Ministry...or someone in the Education Ministry has his hands well greased and pockets,well, lined !...nepotism.... cryonism........ ?? You tell me !

Wake-up Malaysia ... where is the clean and efficient government we have been bitching about ?? Grow-up Malaysia, 50 years on... and we are still reeking with corruption ?? Don't demand the rest of the world to shape-up! It is these little screw-ups by little "napoleons" that lead to total ruin in our 'once decent' system of governance !

Where is my elected representative? Where is that 'towering' kris weilding Education Minister ? Where is my clean and efficient PM ? Where is the opposition ?? Heeeeeelp me...!