Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Of Palaces and Protesters !

Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends !

Why should Zakaria Md Deros be made to pay a fine for not submitting building plans and not have that illegal construction, demolished and he be hauled to court and stripped of his "datukship"for being so arrogant and defiant to the Sultan ?

Shouldn't he be made an example so as to deter others from gross abuse of power now that they have got him for a scapegoat?
And to add to this fracas he still has a lot of supporters to disrupt the peaceful DAP-Lim Guan Eng-led demonstration at the illegal "palace". Were they hired/paid by someone to create a diversion ?

Wonder what the MPK and the self-proclaimed 'developed state status' MB are doing about the other "third world mentality" little Napoloens who are running fowl of the law OR are they actually thinking they ARE the law !

This is my country and I am so in love with !!!! Sighhh so help me God.......! Maaf, Zahir and Batin !

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Happy Deepavali Takafool Malaysia" !

Yes the morons are at work again !

Going through the posting on rocky's bru, wherein, being Muslim, it is against the syariat to wish your Hindu friends 'Happy Deepavali', I think this time, these idiots have gone over the edge to total stupidity !

To all those in the Syariah Department of Takafool Malaysia,, what is wrong with you morons, to come out with such a declaration? What were you thinking ?(if you can actually think ?) Have you guys got no brains ? Look around you fools, and can't you see this plural society that we live in ? What have your parents taught you from childhood -NOTHING ?

Damn you bigots, after all this years of living as Malaysians, YES, Takafool idiots...49 years as independent Malaysians......as in Malays, Indians, Chinese and a host of Indegenious Orang Asli , you have come to take this beautiful country to the Dark Ages in the name of Islam !
It is so sad and unfair that Takafool has decreed this, in the name of religion !

I am indeed grateful to bloggers that this kind of evil-preaching is exposed and condemmed even before it is accepted and practised as norm. Wake up Malaysians ! We don't have to take this shit lying down !

In the meantime, to all my Hindu friends "Happy Deepavali" and to my Muslim friends "Selamat Berbuka Puasa"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Islam or Bukan Islam ?

Now the system has got me really pissed-off and I am so sooooooo shocked !

What is the rational behind stating one's religion in the PMR question/answer sheet?
And worst still it says "Islam or Bukan Islam". Pray tell me, is this necessary, in this year and time, for these morons in the Education Ministry, our elected representitives, to segregate and identify young students by their religion ? Is this also the reason for the National Service to florish when these kids reach 17 ? If need be why not mention 'What type of muslim? e.g. "Sunni or Shi'te" ! Or why not state muslims, hindus, buddist or christians ??

Come on you idiots in the Education Ministry, STOP this bloody bigotry classification of innocent children who are barely 12 years old !Doesn't anyone respect each other anymore unless they are of a certain religion ?? My best pals are Muslims or Hindus or Buddist or Catholics.... and I don't even care if they were communist... they will be my friends. Try not to loose sight of the forest for the trees !!!

I was also made to understand, (I am yet to verify this !) the reason for such indentification is that, the passing marks for those who put down as 'Islam' are lower then those who are not !
Is'nt this the most ridiculous form of marking an exam paper ? How then, can those who are 'Islam' compete with those who are not ?Surely those who are not 'Islam' are superior in terms of intellect going by this rule ! Do they,those who put down as 'Islam', want to be inferior delibrately ? Surely NOT ! With all due respect, do the muslim parent know of this rule ? If I was such a parent, I'd be ashamed , that my child is not competing on a level field, because, I have to know my child scored marks or passed exams because he/she sacrificed,slogged and studied, not because the marks were lowered for him/her because he/she was a muslim !!

If this was true, stop this rot NOW, please, for God's sake!...... before we start regreting later, as is seen in the current state of affairs of this country !
Be proud to be Malaysian but MOST of all be a decent human being !

Keep holy the Ramadan and to all my Muslim friends...
" Selamat Berbuka Puasa " !

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Who wants to take the Rap ?

Does anyone know how I can get a hockey coaching license ? Just so I can also be on my way to Doha for a holiday with a bunch of losers, who masquarade as, hmmm... the national hockey team.

' German Paul Lissek joins high perfomance director Stephen van Huizen as the latest addition to the coaching staff.' I'm counting 9 so far...coaches and monitors, NOT the asses...oops...the hockey players, I mean..!
Is Paul going to help a team of under- achievers who are nothing short of morons, reach greater heights and continue wasting, good tax-payers, money ?? We've seen it all before, so what else is new ?

The national team already has 3 assistant coaches, under Wallace Tan. Not to mention the four-man panel set up to monitor the national team's Doha preparation, which is headed by, MHF deputy president, Laksamana Tan Sri Mohamed Anwar Mohamed Nor, amid a lot of confusion as to who appointed who, to do what ???

Even as I write , I can't help but wonder, how so many coaches and 'high perfomance' tacticians are going to dish-out orders and who is going to counter that order as each one of these coaches would think, theirs IS the best advice. ......and if things really get screwed,(and believe me, you... they will!! ) they can always point their finger, at the other fellow-coach !

As I have said in an earlier post, no amount of expertise or professionals, can change the attitude of this so called, national team. See.... just writing about the coaching staff alone can get my b/p up,what if I actually have to write about the players !

"You just can't make race-horses out of asses" !

To all those involved in this Doha project... "Happy Holidays"!