Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shame, shame...Assunta Hospital !

It really sickens me to know how a solemn oath taken by all doctors and "Florence Nightingales" has a price tag attached...!!(here)... Hippocrit's oath or hippocrite's oath huh ???

What is happening to the very meaning of decent living ? Must everything be equated to dollars and cents ? More so if it is an emergency and a matter of life and death....My heart goes out to the 21 year old son, Yek Yow Ngan, who must have pleaded with the Assunta Hospital staff to treat his critically injured mother...shame...shame...!! If only the staff concerned can put themselves in this young man's shoes now !

And even more shocking is the very nature of the accident...the road-bullies...Can you imagine the fear they put in a person (doesn't matter if it is a man or woman, young or old !) just for the sake of terrorising the victims ? And these cowards only pick on a lone victim when they are in a pack....no different from "mat-rempits". Just a bunch of spineless morons who get courage in numbers ! Oopss! this kind of scumbags have the blessings and encouragement from UMNO ,right ??... Sheeesh !!

Calling all decent Malaysians, come on people ...it is about time, we, the tax-paying and peace loving citizens start 'fighting back'... report any scene of road-bullying or packs of mat-rempits behaving untowardly in any public places...and let the police be notified immediately of the situation and location... the police must respond to all calls of the public and you must follow up with the police as to the out-come of your report. Make your presence felt and don't be taking this crap from no one...nobody's going to bully you again..maybe even put a reward out to nab these low lives !!

I am indeed very upset with the state of affairs in this country... looks like Malaysians have lost all morals and decency and we are thrown back into a barbaric era ! Can the authorities come down really really hard and weed out the perpetrators and give us the hope that there is still a chance to redeem our faith in the present government ??? I know it is a far fetched hope...but..........sigh !
*STOP PRESS- The Malay Mail, with the help of an anonymous businessman, is offering a reward of RM2,000.00 to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the road-bullies, responsible for the death of Yek Yow Ngan, 51, will also be putting cut-out posters for readers to post, in their papers daily until "justice is seemed, served "! (29-5-07 @9.35pm)

Friday, May 25, 2007

"wannabe whateveeeeer... this RELA " !

"Come, come...... Bangla " these were the words uttered by a member of People's Volunteer Corps or RELA, gesturing to board a vehicle (here)to an Indian National and tourist, who was on an filming assignment with a German production company, here in the city, recently. Fearing he was being kidnapped and not understanding the lingo and seeing the arrogant authority and the unlimited powers these hot shot "cop-wannabe" boys have been vested with, naturally the Indian panicked and was in a confused daze, right. (read here)

Disband this RELA, a loose body of thieving crooks masquarading as keepers of the law, with a fair percentage of them , having failed to gain entry into the regular uniform government forces for reasons only they would know, end up posing as "uninformed" uniformed personnel and doing a fantastic job in tarnishing negatively the image of this country !( read here)

Would any uniform authority, be it the police or Rela dared to stop "slippered and shabbily dressed white "tourists" walking the streets and demanding to see their identification papers ?? No, right ? So there is certainly gross discrimination against "darker skinned" (or to qoute a moron-in-suit, Minister, "lower class" ) tourist and judging them illegal...right ??

Why this double standards huh ?? Our men in uniform are always sucking-up to caucasians and Middle-easterners or even the Japanese ! Don't these lighter-skinned fellas dodge the authorities and are mixing freely and even overstaying our kind hospitality just because they know nobody is gonna check on them ? Hey, I've got nothing against anyone of lighter or darker skin..but can't help noticing the pattern here ! And for goodness sake don't paint me a bigot or racist...okay ?

Its always the Banglas, Indons, Myanmar,Filipinoes and Indians...No...Pakistanis are never stopped and checked..because they are of a fairer shade or dressed in their holy"jubbah" or even the Africans because of their sheer height,physical strength, fearless looks, if need be to be pitted against these puny RELA boys, right ??

This is a very disturbing trend which has to be addressed immediately. Genuine tourists being harassed by nincompoos in uniform in an otherwise beautiful country,sheesh... lest word gets out to their country of origin and we tend to suffer a great loss of foreign visitors and businesses... yes ?

I have travelled a fair bit to many parts of the world but have never been, in any country, subjected to produce my ID or passport by any cop or men in uniform when walking the streets of that strange land ! The only time I had to, where at entry/exit points....and I am dark skinned !

My stand on this RELA is resolute and final.. they are 'excess baggage' and MUST be disbanded for the sake of our beloved country !

*The hyena is a cunning and champion scavenger and is always on top of the food chain ! Don't bother asking it's relevance to this post !

Cheers !

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ahoy there Captain !!..... Cutty Sark's burning !!

Take a good look at this photo, folks...cos you'd never be able to see this ship...dubbed the "Ferrari of the open seas" and with so much of sea-faring history- here- and stories of life and death and mystries and secrets on-board and adventures in the high seas and even famous enough to have a whiskey branded after it, and docked here as a tourists' attraction in Greenwich, London.

Yesterday a fire destroyed this beauty and we will never see it in its original glory...I had that rare opportunity, on a very cold morning, back in 2005, to see this 138 years old clipper , together with my 2 favorite girls (pictured), up-close !
God bless Cutty Sark and thanks for the memories !

Saturday, May 19, 2007

OK,Thank you. I have to catch a flight "!

"We are apologising to all women.OK. Thank you, I have to catch a flight"....with that Datuk Bung (or is it "Dung") Mokhtar Radin left, along with the other "close-one-eye" moron Datuk Mohd Said Yusof were both left off the hook and pardoned by our Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil.(here)
And we the rest of the thinking, tax-paying citizenery are expected to forget, forgive and move on..is that it ??
Hellooooo....people, these two "morons-in-suits" have insulted my King, the PM,the DPM the Sultans and all other persons wives, mothers, sisters and daughters and Bung Mokhtar has the bleeding cheek to say that one line apology in a hurry or "half-baked apology" and everything is OK ??? Wake up people ! Has the PM said anything about sacking these two worms who , not for the first time, have attracted so much negative attention to themselves and they are still allowed into the 'august' house as if they are "wiras" ? Have't we got any pride left ??
I am insulted and ashamed that the Minister in question has accepted this apology....Noooo... they are not forgiven... if that was their text of apology..No way ! Sack them ! And they are still not sure if they had actually insulted Fong Po Kuan ?? Just because she is an Opposition does not make her a lesser woman...and if those ladies in the Parliament are not going to be supportive of Miss Fong and demand from these two vermins to apologise directly to her...then I too shall loose respect of them as these two have . Yes these two have not an iota of decency in them to have uttered those words and then playing to the gallery for publicity !!!
Here we are , represented by morons who, by their sheer position itself as elected parliamentarians, if wisely and sincerely played can help change our lives to betterment and upgrade our living standards.... but nooo.... in parliament they likened to talk like idiots, insult all human beings (read women and other races), dabble in corruption, arrogance personified and hijack businesses to cronnys and indulge in being racists, bigots and hippocrites.
Be sincere in your apology, you pathetic fools ! You deserve to be sacked and be stripped off of your new ill-gotten wealth thats made you so arrogant and stupid and to the rest of us , stop pretending and get real....I'm no saint but at least I won't die pretending or trying to be one...! Amen.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Dear Mr. Mayor, sir...

City Hall has allocated RM 21.5 million for 50 CCTV's and 225 "intergrated transport information system electronic display boards" (read here )
May I address this personal appeal to our good Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan

Dear Sir,
With all due respect, don't you think, given the current snatch thieves, pick-pockets,sex fiends and other "mat rempit" crimes which are almost everyday recurrance in your city, surveillance on the city streets and public places like train and bus stations should be the top priority on your "to do" list ? Everyone should be assured of a safe and pleasant journey within your city's limits sir, most especially the tax-paying inner city-dwellers or commuters who come into the city and are dependant on the not too great public transport services provided, on a daily basis. Have you actually been on the ground, unannounced and without your entourage of escorts, to actually see and feel how it is, in all the corners of your city ?

Honestly sir, the crime rate in the city has entered to a new and appalling level. And if there is any relief for commuters in the city, you should double ...no triple the installation of CCTV's (hopefully in working condition !) at all stategic places and not just the tourist infested places,and please do stop wasting money on things like plastic tree trunks and monkey-cups (as that at the Dataran) and artificial waterfalls to impress the tourist and visitors who'd breeze in and leave after a few days.Indeed it is nice to see the many tiny lights-bulbs drapping the canopy of old trees along prominent streets for the night viewing pleasure of the many tourist here, and I'm not against all this beautification projects... but look Mr. Mayor sir, ..you forget....we live here !
And the point I'm raising here is , sir... We, the city-dwellers and commuters to the city, must feel safe and happy living and/or working here ! Simple as that ! Everyday crimes are commited and the perpetrators are getting brasher by the day in the absolute confidence and knowledge that they cannot be identified nor are there any police or security personel present. Why ?? Lack of funds ??Where are the CCTV recordings of crimes ? Or is it our "Malaysian" way to only impress the visitors...?Just walk into any police station and check the number of "daily crimes" reported and times(x) that by three...only a third actually make a police report of crimes that happen...most don't even bother to report because they know they will only be given the run-around by the powers that be and may end up banging their heads against the wall..eerrrhh.. artificial tree-trunk !!!
Good night Mr. Mayor and pleasant dreams .
Thank you.
Stephen Francis.

p.s. If you have the time sir, please read this 13 year olds' take on the same subject here .

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rogue's Gallery.

Take a good look at these three faces...you'd probably be seeing them more often on my blog from now on and as far as I'm concerned these three are jointly tops in my "rogue's gallery"( Introductions NOT needed ..read here !)
The one in the middle has still to answer the main-stream media (if permissible by the top...heh..heh...!) when he arrives home to Malaysia from the US (here) or has he already been secretly sneaked-in ???...and the two on both flanks.....just looking at the "close -one -eye" moron on the right, is funny enough(thanks to photo-shop!) while the other with the stupid smirk on the left (read here and zorro's take here) has got the "you and you.. can't touch me" look !
Am waiting for up-dates now.... and in the meantime get acquainted with these faces....folks ! Cheers !

Sunday, May 13, 2007

"Happy Mother's Day "

'She showed the world that not all is lost, as there is hope yet... the humanitarian and advocate for the poor, dying, sick, orphaned and helpless'..! ( documentary and part from the book "Something Beautiful for God" by Malcolm Muggeridge )

And to all who have not spoken to your mother in a while...call her now and wish her "Happy Mother's Day"...and as John Lennon sings....."Mother you had me...but I never had you......." !

But seriously...... to the rest of you who have lost your mothers.....call your mother-in-law....!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Mali....mali cepat beli....ada chip-sale "!

Oh dear, we have lost RM225 million in revenue between January 2000 to April 2007, due to the "pirated" sale of imitation goods sold in the country. Can you believe that...so laments ( surprised !) the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal !!( here)

Now that you have read the link, for arguement's sake divide that amount by 5 or 25% and you get 45 or roughly RM45 million which has been shoved/pushed into/lined to grease somebody's hands to look the other way...and this I assume is the going percentage or "kopi duit" paid to authorities all over the country by the smugglers or their "taikos" to bring in the much sought-after contraband goods and encourage a hive of smuggling of goods (hence tax-unpaid_. Hey,... this is just a consevative figure !...but I'm sure you're doing some adding or subtracting in you head...right ? Or are you telling me the many ' Entry' and 'Exit' points in Malaysia are absolutely corrupt -free ?

As there is such a high tax on tobacco and liquer, it will still be cheaper to pay a fraction to the actual cost to bring them in and still reap huge profits...as based against the actual market price...right ? And here the good Minister is launching a campaign to "educate" traders and appeals for their cooperations in curbing this unhealthy activity !...he..he...he...(aiiya !!..it should read" the government servants manning the entry points to this country" lah....Mr. Minister !)

So all these years, we in Malaysia did not know of the 'contrabrand' trade in Petaling Street, or popularly known as PS Boutique, (blessings, face-lift and beautification of the entire street by city-hall ) notorious for selling very popular brand names in clothings, handbags, shoes along with VCD and DVD and not to mention classic watches ! And now cigerettes contribute more then 50% of the smuggled goods make-up....hellooooo Mr. Minister... 'wakey-wakey' from your deep slumber lah..( read my earlier post here lah !)

Don't...(with an astonished blink of the eye,).. say there is rampant sale of pirated goods being sold here in Malaysia NOW...it has always been here and we'd be bleeding pretenders and fakes ourselves if we continue to live in this mode of denial ! Stop it...stop pretending like this is news to you, Mr. Minister...you knew and we ALL know it....so lets just move on, okay....! afterall who benefits from all this corruption...hhuh ? if not the crooked trade-profiteers it would be some crony of the administration...no ?

Sit anywhere to eat in the country today and you'd have peddlers (mostly cheap-labour foreigners employed/engaged by local employers) approaching you to parade their wares..be it DVD'c, torchlights, hand-phones or pens..and business has been so good here in the Klang Valley that these 'businesses' even occupy up-market and expensive plazas and shop-lots to exihibit their wide range of contrabrand goods ! Ready market for the Middle Easterners, Europeans and heck..... the WORLD lah !

We should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under (dubious) records for the most number of pirated goods displayed under one roof- see Petaling Street ! Heh...heh...heh..how about that ? No more "Malaysia Boleh" ....it's.... "Malaysia Bangun-lah" !

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Minister Apologises !

It is indeed good to know that there are people who have the decency to apologise when pressured by the demanding "little man-in -the-street"...one such case is a Minister, who was said to have uttered derogatory racial remarks on a dark-skinned Malaysian student of Indian origin, that she was of a 'lower class' as compared to another fairer-skinned student in the same room, to be of a 'higher class', in jest, at a lunch gathering organised by the Malaysian Consulate, last week in LA for about 40 Malaysian students !

Nevertheless, with increasing on-line demands and public out-cry, Jamaludin Jarjis has indeed regretted and apologised for his remarks, to one Ms. Sheena Moorthy ,the student he had offended in LA, a few days later in Boston, at a gathering of a few hundred Malaysian students(read Rocky's take here). For this JJ,... I say syabas !...although the damage has been done, and that's my view.
Well, just as we all know what it takes for a man to talk "macho", is sure takes a "real" man to admit to his mistakes and publicly offer his apology.....hmmmmm now.....closer to home...about those 'mistruths' that we read in the papers ( here ) and controlled by the powers that be....... I wonder when we can actually see the real man in Kalimullah ......sigh !

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sack the racist Minister !

This is the "towering" Malaysian and who is also the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Mr. Jamaludin Jarjis (or is it "Najis"?) who recently uttered derogatory remarks against all 'dark skinned' Malaysians of Indian origin and that too, in a land where every spoken word has to be "politically correct" ! Below I reproduce the letter from Malaysiakini, written by a Dr. Sheela Moorthy...and surf here too for more....!

Apology demanded from racist minister Dr Sheela Moorthy May 2, 07 2:52pm

I am a Malaysian currently living in the USA. I am supporting the education of my sister who is enrolled at CalPoly, California. The reason I am writing this letter is to express my disgust and anger regarding comments passed by the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Jamaludin Jarjis during a working visit to California recently. He was present at a gathering organised by the Malaysian Consulate for the students to meet him. The purpose of this meeting was for them to address any concerns or queries they had. Being away from home, we all know that we love to meet our fellow-countrymen regardless of what color or creed they may be. And being brought up in the true Malaysian way, we were thought to respect each other and look beyond the shallowness of skin color. This was not the case with our minister. He made several derogatory remarks about Indians in general, about how they were brought in as 'buruh kasar' and at one point asked my sister about how many Indians were in her batch of students. My sister answered him saying there were two of them. The other Indian student was fair-skinned and was actually sitting at the same table as the minister.
He did not realize that this student was also an Indian and went on saying that he must be a 'high class’ Indian and then pointed at my sister and said that she must be a ‘low class’ Indian as she was darker skinned. I am appalled that we have people like this sitting at the helm and trying to run a multi-racial country. I urge all Malaysian to stand together and voice out against weeds like this who give our country a bad image. I demand an apology from him and I want him to take responsibility for his words and I believe that malaysiakini is one of the venues to voice my dissatisfaction.

And with that ladies and gentlemen, after 50 years as an independent nation, all Malaysians, that means you too !... you decide what punishment, if indeed is necessary for a scum like this... !

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Detained for 4 months in Brussels !

How helpful are our "servants of the government" attached in foreign missions if and when Malaysians land in trouble in a strange foreign land ? Zero, I say, going by the way our government servants are handling this rather unique case in Belgium. Go buy a copy and read or read here !

Do you think, if you were arrested by the police of a foreign government in a foreign country, our boys will come running and help you...think again, as these people will be too busy partying and having a holiday there, rather then moving their fat arse to help you! Remember the case of one such Malaysian, who some time ago flew from the Carribean to London to have his passport stamped but was then given the run around by incompetant government servants based in London, who would not lift a finger to help him despite the knowledge of his plight and his pleas to get things done right ? Always "belum jumpa fail", "belum dapat arahan" or "Pegawai pergi kursus/cuti/cuti beranak/cuti tahun/balik kampong" or "encik, balik lain minggu, boleh?"... and when you do come the next week, it is the same story again....thats the SOP of our government servants who are paid salaries by the tax-payers (i.e. you and I ) work, here and abroad !!

Back to this case , an officer (read government servant) in the Malaysian mission in Belgium, was alerted by the Belgium counter-parts of the arrest of this Malaysian lady only 2 weeks ago ( though she was arrested on 26th. December 2006) but the Malaysian mission did not bother to inform the family in Malaysia and only confessed to that news when a relative called the mission in Belgium last Friday after the victim sounding frantic and distraught herself called her nephew here in Malaysia. And to make matters worst, the Malaysian Embassy does not know the reason for the arrest...heh...heh...guess they forgot to ask !

"Tetap dan Berpencen", "Berkhidmat untuk Negara" and the ever popular "Malaysia Boleh" !!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Be Grateful !

For a family who is in the brink of starvation and suicide comtempletations, my wish this Labour day cum Vesak day to all Malaysians is "Don't be too quick to judge but learn first to be grateful"...

Yes, I'm talking about the 'convieniently' forgotten ( if not for this paper- here ) and out-casted, unemployable Mynamar family whose lives took to an even more tragic turn and were themselves locked-up and subjected to endless hours of questioning by our famous"gestapo" styled police and separated from their own children, all because of being 'ignorant' !

We all took the 'moral high road' in being suspicious of the family's intentions and thus concured to mete out judgement of them being crooks, as opposed to our brag of being "caring Malaysians"! Not once did we stop to think otherwise....of course there were some with hearts ! But the rest of us flowed with the tide of being 'ungrateful'....and NOW the family has totally refused any form of help from Yin's family (both cash and food !) and had only one wish from Yin's family...that is...."the least they could have done was visited us when we were remanded for four days...it's not about the money...just giving us words of encouragement.......that would have been enough!!" ....and Yin's family had thousands of words of comfort from hundreds of "caring Malaysians" in their hour of gloom !!!!!!

As I choke on the Mynamar family's wishful words.... you go and have a "Happy Vesak Day and to my wife who today, two scores and three years ago, literally sent her mum into Labour".... happy birthday darling !