Sunday, February 26, 2012

damnit...I'm marching ! (Updated@4pm)

UPDATES @ 4pm (same day): Maju Junction- Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman-26-2-2012

....the crowd very quickly started swelling after I arrived and sneaked onto this over-head pedestrian bridge (which incidentally was "out-of bounds" and undergoing repair work) to get a good view of the numbers for "statistics" argument sake I present to you the crowd build-up at 10:09 am

...and earlier on I countered Haris giving one of the many interviews today. Busy man, this wild man of politics.

...while a section of the crowd listened attentively to a poem recited with much passion and "drama" by a well known activist. No prizes for guessing who or what the poem was about !

...another section of the angry but disciplined protesters while Haris was alternating as "crowd control orderly"

our boys-in-blue, looked rather bored today but I must say they were really doing their job by being on stand-by, giving the tax-paying rakyat their constitutional right to peacefully assemble and demand for changes from a corrupt government who has no idea whatsoever on the dangers of "nuclear power or rare earth power plant melt-downs"...

...see anyone familiar here apart from Duke the "Whisperer" ?

....or here ? hmmm.....saw Danny "DelCarpo" posing like an arsonist ready to light up with his ciggy.....and in the back-ground a group of youngsters staged a "worst-case-scenario" by sending a clear message to all. If this "acting" does not help, God help Malaysia !

....this is the "anak bangsa" of Malaysians who today are so in touch with all the politics and corruption taking place in this country. The "old government" or the BN regime is loosing it's grip as these well educated youngsters who are absolutely internet savvy take to the streets with so much love for their country that they will not shy away or sit-on-their-asses at home, doing nothing when their own government tries to screw it's citizens. Building a rare earth plant or dumping toxic elements in our environment is a no-no by anyone least of all by an Australian company who is outlawed in their own country. Think Malaysians are suckers ? Think again.

.....again the "worst case scenario" close-up.....Malaysian choose life and health over money....

....and the masked "comedienne"....with his trade-mark smirk ! Is he an under-cover agent ? Hmmm..must check with our SB Loy or Shar "101" for verification.... favorite protester today with the best "message" and showing half a peace sign. Says it all like "in your face" Lynas...

...and peddling protesters too ride with a message...

or again another lesson to learn....on nuclear science. Capish ?

and last but definitely not the least, the future of our grand country.....todays kids mostly aged 8 and above. There's Eason, Charlene, Ryan, Tammy, Joey and Jaymee (L to R order).
This one's for you all kiddos !

Cheers all you wonderful folks for being there at Maju Junction Kuala Lumpur today and sharing in solidarity with our fellow Kuantanites and elsewhere where this protest is all day today, in opposing this evil scheme by the BN government for allowing an outlawed rare earth company like Lynas to build it processing plant here in our country.
And thank you folks too for sending a clear message to our numero uno PM Najib and his counter-part in Australia that we the tax-paying citizens of Malaysia will never allow anyone to use our fair country to be used as a dump-site for their nuclear waste for any amount of money.

We Malaysians, value our lives and our health and the future of our generations to come. So Lynas get out of Malaysia !

p.s. click on pic for larger view


I would rather be in Kuantan right now, but Maju Junction is just as good !
So here I go a marching !

Monday, February 20, 2012

Arab stink.

We write the names of our city streets in their language for their convenience and even built an Arab square with arches and all for them to gather in the heart of the city and we treat them like they are all millionaires.

We treat them with utmost respect because they are visitors to our fair country. We wish they take back pleasant memories of their stay in our beautiful Malaysia and that they will in turn tell their friends and visit us again and again. Their US dollar is a boost for our country's economy and their tourist dollars help put food on many tables. Many in the hospitality industry depend on their generosity to make a comfortable life for themselves and their families.

But we don't deserve this kind of shit for all the money in the world nor their bloody presence here. This vermin brought his Middle-ages thinking to our country. He took upon himself to be the high-priest of morals and assaulted our citizens with his barbaric act like they were his slaves. This "talibanised" Arab who'd not hesitate to hump a camel given half a chance, was also thinking he'd impose his medieval religious views on our citizens. We will not stand such social hypocrisy from this bloody low-life Arab. Read the rest of the story here .

What have our police done so far ? Have they made any arrests ? What about the foreign ministry ? I hear there was a recording of the attack , yes ? He has beaten 2 of our women folk and has fled the scene, without paying his hotel bills and maybe even fled the country. Are we going to sit by and allow this bullying women-battering moron get away ? Are we going to let strange narrow-minded foreigners to slap our citizens around and get away with it ? Let's hope justice is served for our people.

Nobody treats us Malaysians like shit.....especially foreigners who have been pampered and treated with warmth, respect and friendliness. We don't fcuking well need your money.
Capish ?

** p.s. Col. Henry, thanks for the leg-up !

Thursday, February 09, 2012

UKRC-Toyo's nightmare begins...

Have you ever been to the Ulu Klang Recreation Club ? Played football in their well groomed and maintained field or attended a social event at any of the club's function rooms ? I have been there a few times. A truly united and multi-racial Malaysians from this neighborhood mingle freely with one and all, and goes beyond all of the current bullshit slogans like 1this or 1that crap since the Muhibah days of old !

Membership is by being a resident in the vicinity and being approved by a committee. A committee that has the community in the Ulu Klang area at heart and are all volunteers. No politics or power in being a committee member here. A Recreation Club sitting on prime land, run by volunteer residents and with no ownership claim by any individual and given to the residents by the then District Officer way back in 1954 !

Until one former Chief Minister decided to
"gazette" the club's ownership ( this club was built on state land with a dollar-to-dollar match between the residents and the then 19954 government) and appointed the Local Council to over-see on behalf of the state. He was none other then that weasel and corrupt Javanese dentist turned Chief Minister.

Residents appointed president Andrew Gopal has been madly passionate about the legal status of the club ever since the club was gazetted by that Khir Toyo government and Andrew has held the helm steadily seeking ways to legitimise the status of this club as a
"residents" club without interference from the state. Numerous trips and fro the various government departments the residents and Andrew went trying to "de-gazette" the status of the clubs fate. One paper stood by the club, tirelessly reporting all that went on. Yes the Malay Mail has always been championing for justice for UKRC. It has been far too long that the status of this club has been in limbo since the gazette ! Andrew has official documents endorsed in government ledgers to prove that the club was indeed entrusted to the residents of the area by a District Officer back in 1954 and yet no signs of confirmation from the new PKR government that had promised justice for UKRC before the 2008 tsunami !

Andrew tells me that he and the residents attended a
"hearing" before some honorable select committee to hear of the "de-gazetting" of the status of the clubhouse and field recently but with a peculiar condition that they are NOT to be assisted by solicitors.(click on image below for larger view ) Will this committee present it's findings to the now PR Chief Minister Khalid of Selangor for his verdict in giving UKRC back to the residents of UK ? For sure that former "tempe" Toyo tried hard to finger the ownership of the prime land, no ? And with a few MCA "vultures" waiting in the sidelines with personal agendas of monetary gains too, yes ?

But for Khalid and all PR, the ball surely is in your court now. Stories of too many 2008 election promises have not been delivered seem to leap out of the closet and if the verdict from MB Khalid's office is not in favour of the residents of Ulu Klang area, the residents will have their day the next time they stroll near a ballot-box !

So listen up all you PR in Selangor, fcuk this up for the residents of UK and PR is fcuked in UK come the GE13 !

**go here for past UKRC news written by my dear Yushaimi Yahaya of the MalayMail.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I wish to confess that my posting on Jan 30th. shanghai fish: Ibrahim Ali's "after-life" ang pow along with all the comments from you readers was accidentally deleted due to an acute lack of computer "transfer" knowledge from a lap-top to an ipad.
Sorry folks.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Pot calling the kettle black

If DAP should distance itself from the "religious" PAS then MCA must be suckers for sleeping with the ultra-racist and corrupt UMNO ! Unless MCA themselves are equally as shitty as their "masters". ( Hey. ....what am I saying...of course they are ! ) How dare these UMNO lapdogs challenge DAP ? Don't they know that MCA is a race-based racist party ? Or MIC for that matter ? All parties in BN are racist parties. ( read here)

No race is mentioned in PR component parties, right ? Does that not tell you something ? And to add salt to the worm infected wound in BN there's Perkasa, the sneaky mouth-piece of UMNO. Yes, Perkasa the shit-stirrers of racists remarks and champions of the "ketuanan" Melayu
crap. Nobody has questioned the Malay rights issue. It is only made worse by these goons who demanded crutches where it was not needed. Now thanks to Perkasa, simple and ordinary Malays in UMNO are at a cross-road deciding between their ready rights and an evil and ex-premier's pet project called Perkasa !

And that porn-star president of MCA too should keep his filthy mouth shut and tell his "konchos" to disassociate from the very people who labelled the Chinese race as "pendatangs". And has he no balls to face up to that Ibrahim Ali who dished out "white" ang pow packets to elderly Chinese folks from
old folks homes at a Chinese New Year dinner hosted by Perkasa recently. Have the Chinese in MCA no pride in themselves anymore ? Shame on them !
Stupid and shameless MCA !