Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ptuuiiii !!

Aiyeoooooo....Indians again ah ? Why lah ? 

These group of Malaysians of remote Indian origins or now acceptable as "pariahs" ( as referred to in the Education ministry's approved school literature text book and yours truly too included !) and who are certainly  members of the now dead MIC are incurable masochists. Time and time again they have been humiliated and labelled as out-casts and yet they suck-up like hungry and mangy mongrels to 1UMNO  who feeds then scraps and breeds them to do their dirty job in brain-washing the other Malaysians of remote Indian origins . 

Like lowly beggars these fellars have no shame nor dignity. 

I cannot continue the rest of my intended post anymore after uploading that lowly P. Kamalanathan's picture here lah...just read here, here, here and here

Ptuuiiii !! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thinking outside the tank !

Wishful thinking:
How true and sad ! Sad because this 1Malaysia tag for a fish tank, located in Saloma MATIC centre along Jalan Ampang in the city is a far cry from the truth. 

Picture this: 
If one smart fish in this here tank decided to "take charge" and surround itself with thuggish and less intelligent fish specie, throws in some toll gates, demarcate each fish's boundary, let the crony thug fish bully the smaller fish by increasing taxes and fines for straying from its designated watery-space and high-jack the smaller fish's food supply and limiting fish-feed, declare water ownership as that smart species' birth right whilst depriving the original species any rights  and decided to play the specie-card (read race-card) to stay on top of the food chain.......then this aquarium won't be as blissful as it may seem, right ?  

In Reality : 
Yes we were once like these fish too, living in almost 'perfect and blissful" harmony but all that changed. It changed when that crafty old scheming excuse for a prime minister came into power that lasted 22 long years. This life of "blissful harmony" that is now but a mere lip-slogan engineered by Najib and his cohorts to artificially create a "shiok sendiri" or "feel-good" situation that never was there in the first place since that hateful Mahathir began his long rule which systemically and  spitefully was divided by hate of race and religion. Those dark years of rule by that Tun, who himself knew that being a non-Malay, could not afford to rule a secular and united Malaysia for fear of loosing his grip of the Malay majority  populace but nevertheless claimed ownership of this country by false means and belittling the Malay race in his "ace-up-his-sleeve" book, "The Malay Dilemma". He grudgingly pitted one race against the other using race and religion and manipulated and corrupted the entire administrative system from the judiciary to the police. 
The rest was (altered and bastardised ) history ! 

So we wait to change all this. Change is good. Any change from what is "In Reality" above is GOOD !

Shalom and enjoy the rest of this wet Sunday !

* click  on picture for better viewing.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

falling from bro to rogue...

Why would Soros' finance Global Perdana Peace Foundation, a body founded by this evil dictator Tun Mahathir who'd later send flotillas of medical aid and God knows what else, to the Palestinians, who would then throw stones at any given opportunity, at George Soros' own countrymen, the Israelites ? 

Soros is portrayed as a cunning and manipulative rogue or at least that was what we are lead to believe all these years by this Tun MahaFiruan. Sure, why not ? Soros is a private businessman with a keen Zionist-eye to reap profits, no ? And to succeed in business, you have to be one or both. Again he is a private businessman. He is allowed to do business with anyone anyway  he pleases with HIS own money, right ?

But what about our  infamous Tun, then a prime minister and a public figure ? Was he not pally-wally and with a scheme to manupilate this very Soros the businessman, before the Jew smelled a rat and got wiser ? And Soros went on to buy,buy, buy currencies all over the Asean region and bringing financial ruin to many countries ? It that what business was all about ? Can you blame him for being smarter then the Tun ? Surely anyone with such a shrewed eye for business will have much curses and enemies from all those who lost out to him, no ? 

And this former dictator and ex-premier was one of them sore losers who "gambled" and lost BUT with the rakyat's money. Now this MahaFiruan cannot redeem himself from his mistake but instead whines and hurls all sorts of lies and accusations at Soros, a man who turned out smarter and out-foxed the old racist and corrupt ex-premier who now has this to say...."A vote for the opposition is a vote for Soros, the rogue currency trader..( read all about it here )

Hahahahahahaha !        

Friday, October 05, 2012

Najib's 1Malaysia...taken for a "cab"-ride !

We are the CHAMPIONS........we have made it again - 1numero uno !
Read all about our disgraceful front-line promoters of 1Malaysia  here  !

If I had my way, I'd gleefully shove a live snake up their arses. That's how pissed off I get whenever I hear of stories of our country's most important front-line promoters engaged to impress tourists and woo visitors to Malaysia. And trust me, I've heard alot. 

You might argue that I'm wrong to paint them all with 1brush, but I'm certain there are good cabbies, yes but they are as rare as a hippo with a hernia, right ? These Malaysian cabbies are a shameless lot, without any honour or integrity but will readily brake in heavy traffic to pick up "white" foreign tourists anytime. 

I heard my foreign lady friend complain that the minute the cab driver heard her heavily accented Pinoy English one afternoon, he decided to say he was not familiar with the route but "will try" and secretly hoped this foreign lady too was not. Imagine a city cab driver who did not know how to get to Jalan Ipoh from KL Sentral station. She ended up paying RM23 for a usual RM6 to RM8 ride. Does any authority tests cab-drivers location knowledge before issuing them a permit ? And what about some cabbies not using the meters ? kaneeneh....!

Complain to the authorities I prompted her but she replied with a shrug "you kidding me ?...would I get my refund back for the difference ?". Opps.....we do have a "taxi" minister in the prime minister's department, no ? I secretly had to agree and pushed no further.

So there you go Malaysians. Just take a good look at the charts and don't forget to view the video too in the link. 
Sybas 1Malaysia....shame on you bad and rotten cabbies !