Sunday, December 06, 2015

The fugly Malaysian.- Letter of the day.

Odin TajuĂ©: In your pathetic attempt at saving your skin, you have put Malaysian women in very poor light by using your sex-sodden, putrefying brain to fabricate the utterly incredulous notion that, in Malaysia, a woman's smile is an invitation to follow her.
I feel sorry for Malaysian women who are studying or working in New Zealand as well as those in Malaysia.
You have shoved yourself deep into the mass of your excreta you deposited outside Ms Tania Billingsley's home by cooking up lies that only morons such as yourself would believe.
You are completely out of your depth in New Zealand or in any society even a little more advanced than that found in the rat-hole from whence you come.
You being there is like a peasant at a banquet table occupied by royalties. I am using the word ‘peasant' in its figurative sense and not in its literal one.u
You are a total insult to Malaysia. You reflect on those who have chosen you for your position. You reflect on those who have protected you, flown you to and fro and to and fro, and expended money paid as taxes by very many decent, hardworking Malaysians.
Doubtless all your fares and travel expenses have been and are paid for with such money. Doubtless all your legal fees have been and are paid for with such money.
You are only a warrant officer II - of the rank and file and not of officer level - and, therefore, would not be earning enough to be able to afford a Queen Counsel's fee.
You, Rizalman, are an excellent example of product of Umno's alleged duplicity, incompetency, thievery, and sundry other malfeasances and malpractices.
Source: Malaysiakini

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Taking to the streets at night ?

This Bersih 4 that's scheduled for this month end may see new tactics deployed by the powers that be to deter citizens from coming out in full force. For the first time, this protest is going to be held at night. It is going to be a whole new experience for everyone.

Strange things happen in the night. Stranger things can happen under cover of darkness. Agent provocateurs will be everywhere to create mischief. Who's going to know what hit you if you cannot see where it's coming from ? And fear-factor tactics will be played up to the nines.

I guess ample time has been spent by the organizers to ensure safety and briefings on what-to-do in situations.

My advice is stay safe and in groups. And in brightly lit places too. Do stay away from dark alleys.

God bless Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

John Weinthal-rest well my good friend !

John Weinthal.
UP-DATE 14-1-2015: Ever ready to have the last word, John wrote this a few years back, ready to be sent  at the appropriate time.Well, whether the time was appropriate or not, yesterday in hospital John struggled to breathe for the last time.  He had a peaceful and quiet end, not alone
This is what he wrote:
"Hello.  I died today.A good, mainly fun life - travel and some adventures.I loved life in the UK for 18 years and in Malaysia since 2004.My timing was almost always right from birth, through missing wars, entering journalism and writing, and living a life of cars and the auto industry.My declining years from age 71 have not been as much fun.My greatest privilege was knowing so many wonderful achieving friends of all kinds.  I loved all of you."
This note was, most surprising, handwritten.  You will all know John did not handwrite.  His typewriter initially, and then keyboard, were his communicating tools before he discovered Skype.
(Received as email today from John !)

I am still coming to terms with the really sad news of the passing of my dear friend, JW ! 

I first met John Weinthal  and his best friend Tengku Alang in 2001 or thereabouts at the NPC. A member of the NPC Malaysia, John was a seasoned scribe who had worked with a great many papers and magazines from dreary old England to Down-under. 

John can be a really chatty fellow too if the occasion permits.His heavy Aussie slang made me a little uncomfortable in the beginning   and at times and I had to force myself to laugh at his jokes. But as time went by and the knocking of chilled ambers got more frequent I got to understand him a lot better. But the man JW was a very private person never telling anyone if he was hurting inside or in need for a smoke.  

One can never have a better companion then Tengku Alang. It was Alang who actually broke the shocking news to me. Alang told me John took his last breath before he went over to the other side with his wife standing by his bedside.....peacefully !

 Like Alang, I too will miss you old chap ! Fare thee well and rest in peace John ! I shall raise my whiskey glass high in your honour, brother ! Cheers !

Dear John left us at 1.30pm. on Tuesday the 13th. January 2015.     

 That's John alright ! ( pic grabbed from JW's facebook page )

 Ahhh.....a rare shot of John with Alang standing behind. ( pic grabbed from JW's facebook page )

John with AirAsia cap, is standing directly behind yours truly - NPC Goodwill Tour to Sabah (June 2008)